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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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facing the blame was always going to land with the governing party. congressman dennis kucinich joins me today to talk of the elections the federal reserve and the start treaty congressman good to see you as always thank you so i recently saw you on the o'reilly factor and of course you were asked about the elections and the results of the elections and you sad that the results are an indication that quote the american people are impatient is it that or is it an indication that americans aren't ready aren't willing to accept the policies that democrats are pushing through especially when broad democrats like yourself the policies that i wanted had been enacted we have a full employment economy we would have our children going to school to wishing for it we would have a universal pre-kindergarten we would have health care for all we wouldn't have any
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questions about this solvency of social security we would have america back to work we would be out of iraq and afghanistan those were the policies i was promoting that none of that happened you might not well because i believe that the popular mandate which the president of united states had. right from the moment of his inauguration in january of two thousand and nine was squandered. and instead of a program for immediate action to put the country back on its feet economically we had a temporizing we had more concern expressed over the fate of wall street and the bonuses for wall street than we did on saving jobs and main street and the wages and main street look the things in this country right now the economy is very unstable people are worried about losing their jobs their health care their pensions their retirement security why wouldn't there be
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a revolt but if we if we look at the results again and you can't help but think that this is a reflection of the health care bill that president obama pushed through you know i was covering some of the local debates and folks who voted in members who voted for the health care bill were demonized you know even if they consider voting for it and they didn't in the end they were looked down upon you almost didn't vote for the health care bill because it didn't include the public option i mean isn't this an indication you know america's youth are not interested not ready or just doesn't care that americans don't think that a we needed a public option and b. it was the right thing to even even push the health care bill to writing this was the major piece of legislation that obama was able to to push through fifty million americans without any health care at all i did want reform only within the context of a for profit system which is what president obama ultimately decided that he wanted to push for the fact of the matter is people are losing their homes because they can't afford to pay their medical bills where and where else in the world does that
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happen except in the united states of america because we have a for profit system so i want to change that system now to say that the referendum is some kind of the election with some kind of referendum on liberal economics be very interesting if we had liberal economics what we have was a wall street dictated bailout was wall street dictating the terms of reform was wall street getting their banks taken care of and main street losing jobs. income dropping losing homes and that kind of situation with so much fear people are going to hold the party in power responsible which is what they did but doesn't it shock you that with all these problems i mean the problems are all the same home foreclosures record unemployment rates millions of people without health insurance razor all clearly problems why do we have such different solutions to them
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or the proposal because with the data the level of analysis this election is basically misplaced i'll tell you why because you have to look at the economics. the structure of our system is wrong it doesn't work anymore for the average working person that american economic system when it comes to delivering food to the practical aspirations of americans is falling apart look the economic system itself is the problem and the whether it's a democrat or republican in charge of it look it's a faulty vehicle right now we have to change the structure of our economy or people are there just being dealt out of the economy what he would expect people to do with their man well if that's so then are we going to have a political situation or do we already where you either have to be uber conservative or uber liberal in order to get elected that there's just there's no room for moderates anymore because like you said you know when you try to please
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everyone you're going to end up pleasing nobody not give you give you another possibility that if neither the democrats nor the republicans are able to deliver you're going to look at a new opening in american politics is that we're going to where he party no it's not the tea party was i think a popular response to the insufficiencies of of governments not responding not non-response or limited response to the economic crisis that was affecting main street. the tea party movement is born out of a lot of people for gray davis thing it was the left side to get something out of the grass so you know government didn't really do enough not even didn't that they did something they didn't do enough to stimulate the economy the two major parties here have a responsibility to the american people and if they fail to deliver you know them or kratz. have faith failed to deliver in two thousand. and nine and two
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thousand and ten and if the republicans fail to deliver in two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve i think there's tidal forces that are move one way one year and another way another time those title fortunes are going to wash both parties out just watched you know watch for that to happen because people are not going to tolerate excuse making i predict that america will necessarily go through a kind of paris where we change our relationship with the world where we pull in our troops where we don't have this approach of wars in iraq and afghanistan we bring our troops home we start to take care of things here at home we look at the structure of our economy see how it's working for people i think that america has is going to have to go through a restructuring because frankly the way the economy set up right now it is against working people it is against the middle class well speaking of the economy the
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federal reserve initiating round two of quantitative easing and basically the argument here is that the federal reserve had to do what the federal government could have done and should have done but could you guys couldn't do that because of the gridlock because of the partisanship in washington d.c. would you agree with this assertion first of all we need to explain to people that the federal reserve creates money out of nothing it's a phenomenon called quantitative easing that's the lingo. they create money out of nothing they created they predict six hundred billion dollars and they give it to the banks who are then expected to somehow stimulate the economy the fed shouldn't be doing it the u.s. government should be investing in the creation of jobs to fit the fed helped the banks with that but they didn't help main street that there's no jobs there's no
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direct relationship between the fed printing six hundred billion dollars giving it to banks and jobs being created the federal reserve's not accountable congress can't even find out about its internal workings well speaking of that both you and congressman ron paul have been calling on more oversight of the federal reserve even an audit of the fact that this is an this has been a long drawn out asked by you to i mean is it going anywhere or will it go anywhere why are more people sort of concerned about what happens behind closed doors and one of the most powerful institutions here in america well for almost one hundred years now for ninety eight years the federal reserve has been a law unto itself it's been a black box which directs monetary policy in america for the benefit of a few at the expense of the minute. we could have we could have great wealth in america but the wealth it celebrates to the top and one of the celebrates the top the fed helps that happen the fed looked the other way when the subprime crisis was
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building when banks were were securitizing their mortgages and then going along with investments that were pyramiding the value of these securities ations when the bottom dropped out and people couldn't pay back their loans. the taxpayers got stuck with the bill the federal reserve knew what was going on they didn't do anything about it because their responsibility. it is to wall street and to the banks the problem here is they also have a responsibility to maximize employment they have a zero interest and there are economists working for the fed who believe that a certain amount of unemployment is necessary for the proper functioning of the economy well they have jobs they can say that but we have people with college degrees people with ph d.'s who can't find work that's something drastically wrong in an economy when that's going on congressman you have been very adamant about improving u.s. russia relations yes you've been at the forefront of that at least in congress the
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start treaty was signed by both president obama and president in theater back in april it still has not been ratified why not well i think the fact that we had this highly contested election going on probably had something to do with it and i hope what does that mean in the future i mean that's a very good point because a lot of the opposition as we saw to this treaty came from the republican party so does that mean that you know what sort of debt in the water now not necessarily i mean i think the. the old thinking about russia has changed in the congress. has it it has. you know for the first time last year russia caucus was created and it was created for the purpose of building u.s. russia relations so i think that the start treaty. in the next senate. should
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have an opportunity for a hearing and for a positive vote it would be absolutely wrong for anyone to try to demonize russia at a time when we need russia's cooperation in order to limit the amount of nuclear weapons that are present in the world congressman thanks so much always an interesting conversation thank you very much. those so many years of time some former prisoners are still a lot. as well this is for sure. those so many years of
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in india in. the us the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly the top western coast coromandel. close. to go and. the hotels treat. top stories from r.t. tonight leaders of the world's twenty richest nations are putting their heads together in seoul as they brainstorm a financial revival but the threat of currency wars is casting a shadow over the summit with some countries being seen to use exchange rates to keep themselves afloat at a cost to the others. a new twist in the transatlantic spice going to days of newspaper reveals it claims to trade eleven russian agents in the u.s.
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this summer a russian daily sides a former foreign intelligence service employee known as. call. britain is joining other europeans outcry over deep cuts to jobs and benefits with the biggest display yet of public anger tens of thousands of students descended on london against a massive hike in university fees while more bodies poured into the e.u. bureaucracy at the same time. twenty two forty five moscow time the tally has got the sport. hello and welcome to these schools of date on our t.v. thanks for joining us and here is the top news this hour. version racing's long time fall of the russian comic model buys a significant stake in the formula one team. bowl to play for screw down leaders in needs to assure
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a frantic last night in the russian premier league. and also scary statistics tiger woods go down to the season with a list for the first time in fourteen years bobby also monsters defending champion he's aiming to get back to winning ways this week in melbourne. and we begin with the big news that virgin racing have secured their place on the formula one grade until twenty fourteen after a long time russian bought those became majority owners the team will be rebranded as most of. them and the new car is set to be launched here in moscow the team's new body the ship is headed by russian told get resent and racing driver and hugo i find his deals main goal is furthering russian involvement in africa want to head of the russian grand prix which is due to make its bow on the calendar in twenty fourteen as of knowledge team a glock and lucas degrassi remain because even the drivers for the next season but somewhere along the line model bring along homegrown talent that if they're off the
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job became the first russian driver to compete in formula one of the season but his future after in the war is still in doubt. meanwhile a massive weekend away saying the current formula one championship with fernando llosa seeking to become only the fifth man in history to weigh in three world titles the spaniards in the driving seat for the race but three other men can still claim the crown including the two thousand and eight champion lewis hamilton the mclaren driver however has already switched his attention to the off season. it will. be a million different things that the. last year i went to the mountains of the specifics of those most of the rubbish and so when i did much for any of the hold to that it was the best for the whole lot so the parents didn't say to trade so the cross country ski. hiking up the mountain in the hope this year might be up to speed with the. let's move to football now and the game in st petersburg that could
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define the russian premier league season but it wasn't a happy outing for home sides in needs with a tabletop was stunned three won by fellow title contenders to moscow on wednesday victory would have handed sinitta the title with three games to go wild so scott had to win to stay in contention and that's exactly what happened the muscovites handing zinny only their second defeat of the season bug love opened for the visitors off the food in minutes with that lone ranger gaffer and martins always then capitalized on a guilty plea howard by you know off with thirty four minutes on the clock. already to me a lot but half time and that eight minutes after the break good work from vaudeville up again puts a to do bit away for girl number three to me didn't have a consolation through alexandra and i seen that in stoppage time but of the night the family belonged to the moscow club. overall says khan's
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wayne sees them rise to second and into the automatic champions league spot ahead of the reigning champions ravine because on side and both spar cox occupied the europa league berths with looking mighty of just outside the euro qualifying zone on goal difference. as well spartak moscow they're still in contention for the champions league top sixteen while having to hang on for those europa league spots and on sunday the right and winds need all three points when they entertain the struggling korea side of spartacus well it's on top of the. league with eighteen goals and the brazilian probably wanted to make himself easy to big for a header with his new blog and look they have a lack of motivation after the loss of their practically out of the title race while creating just a point above the relegation zone so motivation is not a problem for them and it doesn't get any easier for spartak will be upcoming made we game against him all see. now probably the most anticipated clash of the english
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premier league season to date also occurred on wednesday evening the battle of manchester city versus united's one of eight top flight fixtures on the knights while a huge build up the game itself didn't live up to its nil nil the final score of the average united remain second all points behind leaders chelsea with c.t. in fourth place chelsea themselves won a west london against a full on one nail michel's with a win at stamford bridge liverpool could have finished the night she's right outside the top box and developed lucky to escape with guns with a point also wins for aston villa blackburn and would be still unable to move to within just a point of man united. moving to the hardwood now where it's taken a while bud says sky have finally recorded the first victory in europe the i'm a man coming good to see all of group d. leaders. from slovenia and also revive their slim qualifying hopes in the process.
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reports. it was a must win game for it says scott as they found themselves in the boredom of group d. after the first free games while i lean big game to mosco as group leaders and war and beat him in the euro league the season and the army man made their intentions clear right from the off they were foolish concentrated in the fans and dominated for bones as a result says scott conceded only five points in the first quarter we need twenty two for if the home side then kept increasing their lead to see over field goal percentage and they were up by twenty in the second quarter but after that me great inconsistency of this guy showed up and that i would be a war able to cut the deficit this free points of from the slovenian scott began to seven points halfway through the final quarter but say skiles leaders kept their composure helping them to wean these game john gordon what they key figure in the
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court yet again with fifteen points and nine rebounds. we needed a win and we came out and play well and. something we haven't had only. played out a payment of good deferment has a big force difficult you have a lot of the same system for five years and then a couple of players and. key players just at that and then obviously the coach with a new system everything completely different so it takes a while to change and understand their philosophy but we're trying we're working hard every day and you know like i said hopefully this is stuff for us to get better to sixty five to fifty five for the final score that say sky get their first year early queen and a new coach to your share each but there are still seeking their best form and need to improve their game if they are to get to the last sixteen of base competition but instead r t. now the twenty third of november two thousand and nine is
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a day that will stay with. the russian bobsled a race that was left clinging for her life following a high speed collision during a training run in germany but now almost a year and thirty operations later the athlete can finally start focusing on the future the twenty two year old was speaking to r.t. on wednesday in front of us physical recovery as well in track there's just one part of the rehab process psychologists are also spending a lot of time with her it was feared parts of it would lose a leg during surgery but she is now expected to make a full recovery three time synchronized swimming olympic champion. and also the executive director of the russian olympic committee were on hand to offer their support just as well if you keys at the moment because i'm really into the recovery process of course it's tiring but going from doctor's office to another is most difficult but the fact that i'm getting tired means that there is something to look forward to and it's kind of a rush. to sneak in
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a who's the head of the athletes commission along with the olympic committee of russia will obviously continue to support we're actually planning to hold several auctions where the proceeds will go to athletes like eva but preventing such accidents from happening is equally important. and then golf for tiger woods can do the season without a win for the first time since nineteen ninety six to prevented the former world number one needs to defend his title at the last as this week however tiger is off to a slow stand in melbourne only managing a modest two on the par sixty nine on the opening day that leaves him tied for seventeenth place tell me another hot favorite in australia also trying to leave a generally disappointing year behind to see above the spaniard couldn't live up to his billing on thursday calling a two zero vote seventy three four joined the sixty seventh meanwhile three local heroes adam black and danielle go into and alistair of. the grounds of sixty five
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for a share of the early lead at six under. and that sport for the moment you can always get more at are two that com slash sports and coming up after this is the weather then the main headlines at the top of the hour so stay with us. a moment when the world has changed forever.
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thousands pounced to nothingness. thousands wounded. first. to suffer to enter the land. that was the first but probably not the landstuhl military uses of this weapon. many more will be come. chill the common get on in the future. the motion would be so much brighter if you knew about sound from finest impressions. from starts on t.v. don't come.
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news today. flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing
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from the streets of canada. showing corporations to rule the day. on our team tonight leaders of the world's twenty richest nations brainstorm economic recovery at the summit but a showdown over column c. is expected to take center stage. seared growth beyond the crisis that's the main theme here in seoul where the g twenty has kicked off join me and he said now wait for the latest. plus traitor in the ranks as the newspaper reveals who it claims
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blew the cover of the russian agents deported from the u.s. this summer. and we report on the claims that the yemen mail bomb plot was simply a hoax by intelligence services. very good evening from moscow if you just joined us. here now i'm kevin owen in r t with our top story and the g. twenty leaders are in south korea all trying to get their countries back in the good financial health but each keeping an eye on the currency war that threatens to overshadow the summit the heads of the world's biggest economies are keen to stop nations using their exchange rates to keep their own countries afloat at the expense of the others now is following the gathering for us in seoul shared recovery be.


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