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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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lay the ground for the big working session that's coming up on the second day president medvedev met with british prime minister david cameron there the dialogue very positive both saying they see eye to eye on many of the top priorities of the g. twenty and of course the top top priority is the economy and you can't talk that without china president medvedev did meet with president hu jintao and there they most likely spoke about the u.s. fiscal policy which the world is not very happy about right now the u.s. of course demanding and pushing very hard leon china to revalue its currency while at the same time pumping six hundred billion dollars into its own economy of course devaluing the dollar so an air of property certainly called out on the you asked by china and other countries like germany to talk more about this joining me is don kirk who is a journalist and author he's also a reporter for the christian science monitor thanks for being with us let's talk about these currency wars the u.s. demanding of china what it itself doesn't want to do what's that all about well the
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u.s. is not getting very far as you pointed out with china or with russia or with brazil or india or any of the other major powers the us has a terrific problem with its trillion dollar trade deficit how do you get around this problem the u.s. also has a trillion dollar budget deficit what are you going to do. the u.s. solution stopgap solution is to sell treasury six hundred billion dollars worth of treasury bonds which is a fancy way of printing more money and this goes on world markets and the dollar's appreciates more so the chinese position is well you're depreciating the dollar why should we really value the renminbi the chinese currency which the u.s. keeps on insisting on so it's really a standoff nobody today is talking about a consensus they're not going to reach a consensus on currency here but they are going to talk about is the need to redress global imbalances they're going to have a lot of fun playing with words like that but after they've done all that after the wordplay is. done and gone there will be no deal year that really counts right on
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her going to have to leave it there thank you very much for your input and your course again the high. priority at this g. twenty summit whether they find a consensus or not is going to be those currency wars the high stakes battle for the world's exchange rate the offenses and defenses over the box. reporting for us their full coverage of course to come throughout the rest of the day here on out so get really obvious one of russia's leading political journalists he told me that there are ways for china and russia to protect their trade from american dollar fluctuations. we've seen something very dangerous in the global economy and that is the financial sector dominating over industries basically what we see now is americans pumping these dollars to the financial sector once again ignoring the industries of the american position is totally explicable a country we argue with the americans the more so as we all depends on the states
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given the framework will be international financial system i would emphasize the initiatives at least the idea which is being discussed between russia and china and that is to switch into yuan and rubles in the bilateral trade now the chinese russian buy a little trade is not as huge as chinese so this will not will not kill the u.s. dollar that is to say we do have alternative options to switch into national currencies will that resolve all of our problems it will not and that's the whole purpose of the g twenty is to actually meet and discuss things and they sincerely hope that there will be not yet another set of slogans of following these summits but a deeper mutual understanding understanding. of it's the latest twist in the summer's big spy scandal a russian newspaper says it discovered the identity of the man who exposed eleven russian agents working in the u.s. the commissar daily claims it was a former foreign intelligence service employee but so far there's been no further
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official comment on the goalpost going off reports. community newspaper claims to have held its own investigation and the see that almost should've bought a call from an officer of the russian foreign intelligence service was a double agent and it was him responsible for blowing the cover on his colleagues in the united states last summer which resulted basically in the biggest spy scandal between moscow and washington since the cold war era the newspaper says that before this scandal erupted paula should walk off was offered a promotion by russian authorities which she rejected possibly because he had to take a lie detector test which could have revealed his activities as a double agent and also reportedly several months before the scandal should walk off the daughter who left russia to the united states. and also all this could put to him that she might have known that something was about to happen in june american authorities announced that they were arrested
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a group of people suspected of being secret or russian agents who worked in the united states undercover for years in some cases for decades and they've all been arrested or found guilty by a u.s. court of being unregistered foreign agents and deported from the united states to russia in exchange for four people who are serving time here after having been found guilty of being foreign spies back then this summer everybody was talking about on a chopper and one of the people in that group deported from the united states a very successful young businesswoman everybody started calling her the russian james bond girl and she really got most of the media attention now became a sun newspaper and is now also focusing on the one of the members of that group of deported from the united states this man has already been deemed a super agent and this is mikhail wishing who a left of the soviet union back in the nineteen sixty's first to spain and then to
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latin america. he became a photographer and it became known under the name of one. traveled to the united states became acquainted with lots of politicians and other officials and this man reportedly denied to being a russian agent up to the very end and it was actually. who presented to the secret materials proving there. was a russian agent and it was only very in that he actually said it is a real mean to the investigation so some really interesting details are now emerging despite the fact that the scandal itself erupted just several months ago i . can offer reporting for us coming up at a few minutes of the program fueling the military machine a decade of war and desertion is leaving the u.s. army stretched thin right now so recruiters are accused of exploiting war heroes memories to find more for the front line report for you coming up also. russia
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braces into the formula one world with the country's first super carmaker buying a stake in a formula one t.v. . well a pig news story the mother melbourne sent from yemen intercepted in the u.k. by last month spread panic around the world but now reports have surfaced suggesting they were bombs at all but simply a hoax by intelligence services to claim good from a foil attack officials and said the packages were addressed to chicago synagogues investigative journalist wayne madsen gave me his take about what's going on right now. well i think we have to look back at past instance for example the underwear bomber flying to detroit from amsterdam who was allowed to basically board the plane no questions asked we had the times square physical bomber where something fizzled in times square and the and the guy was sitting there waiting to take off at kennedy airport and when the federal agents came in he said i've been expecting
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you know what took you so long i mean here's another case now we're being told that this u.p.s. cargo flight was either going to blow up over new jersey new york maybe upstate new york maybe pennsylvania and maybe canada it seems like once again we've gotten one of these stories that may have been engineered prior to the election we're always sitting here in washington waiting for october surprises before major elections and this may have been another october surprise but i think the other incident interesting thing with this bomb that was supposedly found at east midlands airport prime minister david cameron was not informed for sixteen hours that this was such a major terrorist incident why did not he and the cobra team meet immediately to discuss this why did they wait sixteen hours this thing started to sound like the fake infamous shampoo bombs from flights from britain to the united states which only resulted in a lot of airport security people obtaining
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a lot of very expensive liquor from the duty free shops when the passengers were not allowed to board the planes with it when this all could tell through the day i was on shift most of it was that when i was watching the other news channels. to get on to this story the old job very very quickly got a lot of coverage to it didn't they what do we know about these counter allegations these people saying that this didn't happen that the senses to the story if you like what is the prove what why did they know any more than anyone else. well i think people don't you know there's always a very quick reaction to jump on to all these terrorist related stories obviously. maybe that some governments and some intelligence agencies have cried wolf one too many times so i think when we're seeing skepticism and cynicism about these reports i think it's because they've inundated the public with so many of these false flag stories people may have started to be getting wise to him and maybe some people in the intelligence community are starting to leak the truth to
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blogs and things like that but why is this story going to go just then we can hear a lot more on it. i don't think so they're now in the united arab emirates is now looking at the incident with the crash of a u.p.s. plane in dubai we were first told that that was there was no terrorism involved but they're looking at that. but i think we've seen skepticism from the government of god or from yemen from the united arab emirates i think we're going to have to wait to see if there is any some real smoking gun evidence that comes out right now it's all very anecdotal and can conjecture all at this point investigative judge is way with me but earlier on in the program. russian journalist told they should have brought him out of a coma the reporter was savagely beaten in moscow last week but his wife says he's still a long way from making a full recovery dozens of cash and support has been gathering in central moscow. reports. protesters have been gathering throughout russia's capital demanding
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a couple of things first of all they want greater protections for journalists secondly they want to have a speedy and thorough investigation into the savage beating of reporter and blogger oleg caution now he was severely beaten just steps outside his apartment building early saturday morning and witnesses say that two men were standing outside currently waiting for him and one of the alleged was holding a bouquet of flowers which concealed a rod that was relator used to beat caution for more than a minute he suffered severe head injuries and broken bones including a leg and an upper and lower job he has now awakened from his medically induced coma we're told that he can answer yes and no questions that he knows his name that he remembers what happens to him i would doctors are saying that they don't think that he has any severe brain damage but it's too early to tell if there are any
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they going to be the long term effects were still early in the investigation but so far this case has been transferred to the country's top investigators they have a very good track record and they have experience with dealing with high profile cases so far forty people have been interviewed but so far a suspect list has not been released so i should have been as a correspondent covering that story today if you'd like fun of more about it talking about our web page as well our home page our to you don't call mole story the unfortunate story coming out of you know called also tonight as israel battles international pressure to turn down its controversial west bank wall seems that other means of finding ways to exploit the situation and cash in on what's happening there again the stories of we don't come tonight. so what you do with them put them up behind you for something from diamond studded kitchen utensils and limited edition sports cars find out what their super rich especially school millionaires bad writing. it's veterans day in the u.s.
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of the military is hoping to boost its numbers by capitalizing on public commotion for war heroes army video games and parades are among the tools aimed at young people from poor neighborhoods as recruiters try to fill their quota of the lower enlisted one veteran who says he couldn't take any more war that others should have to. autumn in new york. believes red and yellow reminders that seasons change green becomes obsolete for people to meet sergeant sure row first name out this u.s. army all formerly and now there are vets who are anti military i'm one of them you know there are vets who are anti american specifically because of what they experienced and i'm one of them he keeps moving forward as a college student and activist trying to create change because he can't turn back time i listed i was eighteen years old i was homeless living in
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a tent i was in fact selling psychedelic mushrooms to make money to survive and was subsequently given the given the choice to be there in the store or face prosecution it wasn't a choice in his eyes but for mathis this decision was i resisted those orders when he was deployed to serve in iraq when i came to that conclusion that personal conclusion that we were actually not just we hadn't just made a mistake but we were and continue to be in violation of the law to wage the war in iraq that i said it is imperative that i not go the math this took the military head on resistance even if more quiet is becoming more common since two thousand for the number of soldiers who have gone a wall in the u.s. army has gone up two hundred thirty four percent according to an army report i would say it's inextricably linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan to repeat deployments to even abuse within the military realities perhaps not told to. young
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people when they enlist but use a lot of different underhanded tactics to recruit youth and to the military. here you can see for some of those after we already n.b.a. basketball game behind me the west point military academy drill team is performing because it's military appreciation night sponsored by the u.s. army now it's also student rewards night were students as young as grade school had been given free tickets to the game. so it was also a recruiting opportunity it is what we like to call this kind of community relations if. it is to compete with putting events as well as outside a souped up humvee welcomes kids from this poor new york suburb off their bus in the prairie off of hopelessness virtual reality and video games market flying drones going into battle and firing weapons you know they don't have. you know
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feeling suicidal again today video game inside g.i. johnny draws a crowd and the future soldier trainer game as it's called you just showed you draws a new recruit who recently enlisted. every shot around them. the math this is nothing this young man knows will prepare him they say your travel the world and you'll meet interesting people. is really going to be basically. these promises are sold but something's missing you know they never address the brutality they they always leave it out they just they just say oh you know what the military is like you know you've. played some shoot em up video game one time but war isn't a game and the u.s. military experience doesn't fit into a half time show and looking from a veteran on the other side of it this was a mile across a jacket to a soldier about to embark time almost stand still i was on the do something but
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season. it will change in time and its soldiers will keep marching on the war and mr r. t. new york. will do some brief a powerful explosions rocked pakistan's largest city killing fifteen wounding barely one hundred others it destroyed a police building in karachi it happened close to the heavily fortified u.s. embassy the emergency crews are now searching for survivors in the rubble witnesses say the crater left by the blast suggests it may have been a car bomb. iraqi leaders have agreed to create a unity government after eight months of political standoff nuri al maliki will serve as prime minister for another term under the new deal which includes parties from the sheer sunni and kurdish sides to go see a should have been ongoing since elections in march failed to produce a decisive result it's hoped the deal will help stabilize the country's fragile security situation. russia said to double up on its stake in the world of formula one moscow based super car maker model she has bought a share of british f one team virgin racing with a russian grand prix soon to be added to the racing calendar seemed interest in the
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country's on the right artist tom barton has more on what bush is driving ambition . seem to have rather exploded onto the scene let's start with the man behind the company or one of the co-owners of the company nicholai from menko a huge figure within russian racing a distinguished russian race driver and also the host of the russian version of the television motor show top gear this company the russie of which here is a clone or. a super car maker it's revealed already some very high performance cars and next year iran's waiting with bated breath because it does announce that early next year it will unveil its first f one car already under stock under construction in the u.k. the company itself wants to build commercial cars as well as super cars but now it has moved further into that glamorous sport of air war by buying a large stake no figures mentioned yet but possibly not
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a controlling stake for certainly according to reports a large stake in the furch and racing team in britain which makes it all the formula one team so its cars are going to be on the track sooner rather than later and they will mostly how they do their name itself what they're going to give it to see a virgin racing mind to track it if you want to see itself is a an informal version of the russian name so we've got the rio virgin racing which might attract a bit of humor from some pundits but before we start making jokes let's see how they do on the track. the republican victories in the u.s. we lines vote to the growing. unemployment of politically. well democrat congressman is taking it on the chin he spoke to us much of the party's problems.
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congressman dennis kucinich joins me today to talk of the elections the federal reserve and the start treaty congressman good to see you as always thank you so i recently saw you on the riley factor and of course you were asked about the elections and the results of the elections and you sad that the results are an indication that quote the american people are impatient is it that or is it an
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indication that americans aren't ready aren't willing to accept the policies that democrats are pushing to especially democrats like yourself the policies that i wanted to have a full employment economy we would have our children going to school tuition free we would have a universal pre-kindergarten we would have health care for all we wouldn't have any questions about this solvency of social security we would have america back to work . we would be out of iraq and afghanistan those are the policies i was promoting that none of that happened. why not well because i believe that the popular mandate which the president of the united states had. right from the moment of his inauguration in january of two thousand and nine was squandered. and instead of a program for immediate action to put the country back on its feet.
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we had a temper we had more concern expressed over the fate of wall street and the bonuses for wall street than we did. saving jobs and main street and wages and main street look the things in this country right now the economy is very unstable people are worried about losing their jobs or health care or their pensions or retirement security why would there be a revolt but if we if we look at the results again and you can't help but think that this is a reflection of the health care bill that president obama pushed through you know i was covering some of the local debates and folks who voted members who voted for the health care bill were demonized you know even if they consider voting for it and they didn't in the end they were looked down upon you almost didn't vote for the health care bill because it didn't include the public option i mean isn't this an indication to you that america's youth are not interested not ready or just
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doesn't care that americans don't think that eight we needed a public option and b. it was the right thing to even even push the health care bill through i mean this was the major piece of legislation that obama was able to push through fifty million americans without any health care at all i didn't want reform only within the context of before profit system which is what president obama ultimately decided that he wanted to push for the fact of the matter is people are losing their homes because they can't afford to pay their medical bills where and where else in the world does that happen except in the united states of america because we have a for profit system so i want to change that system now to say that the referendum is some kind of the election was some kind of referendum on liberal economics be very interesting if we had liberal economics what we have was a wall street dictated bailout was wall street dictating the terms of reform. wars wall street getting their banks taken care of and main street losing jobs income
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dropping losing homes and that kind of situation with so much fear people are going to hold the party in power responsible which is what they did both you and congressman ron paul have been calling on more oversight of the federal reserve even an audit of the fact that this is an this has been all along the drawn out effort by you to i mean is it going anywhere or will it go anywhere why are more people sort of concerned about what happens behind closed doors in one of the most powerful institutions here in america well for almost one hundred years now for ninety eight years the federal reserve has been a long unto itself it's been a black box which directs monetary policy in america for the benefit of a few at the expense of the minute. we could have you know we could have great wealth in america but the wealth accelerates to the top and one of the accelerates the top the fed helps that happen the fed looked the other way when the subprime
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crisis was building when banks were were securitizing their mortgages and then going along with investments that were pyramiding the value of these securitizations when the bottom dropped out and people couldn't pay back their loans. the taxpayers got stuck with the bill the federal reserve knew what was going on they did not do anything about it because their responsibility. is to wall street and to the banks the problem here is they also have a responsibility to maximize employment they have a zero interest and there are economists working for the fed who believe that a certain amount of unemployment is necessary for the proper functioning of the economy well they have jobs they can say that but we have people with college degrees people with ph d.'s who can't find work that's something drastically wrong in an economy when that's going on congressman you have. been very adamant about improving u.s. russia relations yes you've been at the forefront of that at least in congress the
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start treaty was signed by both president obama and president in theater back in april it still has not been ratified why not well i think the fact that we had this . contested election going on probably had something to do with it now what does that mean in the future i mean that's a very good point because a lot of the opposition as we saw to this treaty came from the republican party so does that mean that you know what sort of debt in the water no not necessarily i mean i think the. the old thinking about russia has changed in the congress. it has. you know for the first time last year russia carcass was created and it was created for the purpose of building u.s. russia relations so i think that the start treaty. in the next senate should
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have an opportunity for a hearing and for a positive vote it would be absolutely wrong for anyone to try to demonize russia at a time when we need russia's cooperation in order to limit the amount of nuclear weapons that are present in the world congressman thanks so much always an interesting conversation thank you very much.
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the official. from the. video. and. the international. leaders of the world's richest nations are putting their heads together in seoul is the. revival but the threat is casting a shadow over some countries. to keep themselves afloat to the.
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russian side to form a fallen intelligence. was simply a hoax. but officials in. the u.s. . programs continue next the second world war secrets the spent decades hidden at the bottom of the black sea looks at what they might tell us about the twentieth century's most brutal conflict. with the bags packed and supplies loaded the year's main event is about to kick off .


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