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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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thank you. thank you for finding time to speak with us what real economic results does russia want to see after the summit. the first of all the world has entered a new stage of fighting the crisis well most countries already show an economic growth it is still there and stable. you must be very careful about discontinuing economy support measures demand still needs to be supported so there is this continuation of anti christ as measures will be a prolonged process what are the less we're looking for ways to create private demand but we expect private demand to break through with different methods are being used including selective support of central banks and others it is very hard to find the best solution but joint efforts by countries have been fruitful so we hope that the whole world is not going to fold back to new problems. and
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what kind of proposals concrete proposals will we see from russia. you sure at this summit will sum up the results of preparing certain measures such as financial regulations for markets aimed at preventing more bubbles from bursting and major companies from going bankrupt banks will be orders from now on to confirm to the basal three regulations and so on speaking of the i.m.f. reforms this summit will see the results of new quota distribution and discussion of new roles that international institutions should play in order to save countries from new crisis as there will be a discussion on how to create a security network that would give countries secure access to credits russia has propositions on almost all of these matters to a great extent they are coordinated with bric countries and most of the cheap twenty so in these discussions we are in a position of consensus with other countries those matters concerned. and see
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exchange rates financial regulation and architecture and energy prices and most of those months has positioned is very similar to those of other countries. with the chinese government. the u.s. just poured six hundred billion dollars into their economy do you think america is exporting its crisis abroad. and if. you don't wish to we shouldn't put it this harshly now i think. at the first station the federal reserve took the brunt of the crisis as you see it in other countries by create insufficient demand. at that stage the fed played the decisive role as did the european central bank. those two institutions played the critical role that asked for this stage discretion must be used well taken action on the world market i wouldn't call it a crisis expert right away although this money can have a very different effect on different countries no doubt it will help the usa and
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the usa will remain the driver of the global economy however with that easy money flowing into developing markets may boost asset prices so some countries may experience certain difficulties but i wouldn't say that such measures are go into drove us all into another price as the reason that thank you. so much for that. let's talk about china they control their currency raising production and exports germany is also a leader of exports do you think one could call this economic egoism. well speaking of china it really is pursuing a somewhat different economic policy and now it is notorious for its lack of flexibility we say that within common coordinated efforts courses must be more flexible this is what we must aspire to i can see though that we must move towards this as fast as possible if china devaluates its currency now the world may not
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benefit from it that much the world isn't going to and as much as china is going to lose china is also a driver of growth these days so i think the flexible rate policy should be implemented gradually. today i detect certain minor displays if i go to isn't on the part of some states if. the u.s. criticizes china for devaluing the wand but are practically doing the same thing with the dollar russia has reacted i think we can say calmly to this is this because russia doesn't want to tell other countries what to do is that the reason. you see at the moment russia isn't bothered much by these problems we're not suffering much from this policy now although in the medium and long term perspective we do hope that china adopt some more flexible policy. today neither the policy of the us not the policy of china can hurt us much which is why i would take a moderate position and always seek compromises and common consensus within the g
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twenty we occasionally act as an intermediary both within break and the g twenty in the search for consensus with russia says it as one of its roles as well with the story of them still. but there's still a lot of talk of the currency war intensifying in that case will russia get involved and will it have a choice. probably more with the best thing for those problems can get worse such a possibility exists and is widely discussed today. if some countries keep trying to tame competitive advantages by also officially keeping their currencies low this may lead to other protective measures being used so just tariff regulation and export bans we will see a wave of protectionism. so we need to find a path that we will all be able to follow without seriously infringing on the balance of interests of all countries we should not please some countries at the
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expense of others this is why we think we should be considering ways of increasing flexibility of exchange rates there have been propositions here to determine exchange rates to call into the current balance of payments and to impose maximum limits on the balance of payments well we haven't been able to implement that policy at this summit instructions have been given to finance ministries to consider these measures before the next summit the decision has been made to work on this matter and to hone that mechanism although the measures themselves were not to implemented at this summit second are responsible economic policy which shouldn't lead to currency wars like this one must provide limitations on budget deficit and foreign debt like the maastricht treaty. now we need to develop similar criteria for the world economy which is something we discussed two years ago during the crisis most likely today we will agree on the roadmap the schedule of developing social regulations those are just first steps which will eventually lead
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to a situation when there will be no imbalances that have to be corrected by way of currency wars. second we should limit currency wars themselves with those limitations on the balances of surplus payments these measures are under way now but most likely they will be ready by the next summit of the will to live from seven. but two years ago leaders also propose to fight protectionism and in fact it got worse i guess. it is. there that you would well we agreed in toronto but we would all refrain from any additional protectionist measures as far as i know there has been little protectionist activity since toronto what you are talking about must have occurred before toronto when some countries were taking measures to save themselves. right now countries refrain from protectionism although we all realize that some extreme measures are
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needed to make sure such protectionist barriers to not appear again when you think about a year to follow. them during a meeting of the finance ministers ahead of the g twenty the bric countries strengthen their role in the i.m.f. what does that mean for russia. to suggest we must always cooled an untold position with the bric countries on the other hand brics position including that in the i.m.f. will grow much stronger after the quarter of distribution that is to be approved by leaders at this summit. absolute proof bric countries will get into the top ten biggest time of shareholders russia will be the month india the eighth brazil the tenth and china the third biggest shareholder that means that our share in our contribution in iraq to citizens will grow to just under fifteen percent which is close to the book in stake which is usually fifteen percent or so russia's role in
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i.m.f. decision making has definitely grown bigger. than our system of the. presidency or rather the president of the world bank robert zoellick recently proposed reforming the world's currency system strengthening the role of gold what do you think about that idea is that a reality. for most of the time you would i think there is no coming back to the gold standard. in today's world it isn't possible to peg any currency to gold or any other mental or resource whatsoever this is obsolete now. what we're discussing now is just the opposite with how to make those exchange rates more flexible. meaning that they're not back to any national resources like gold. became to look forward and it is forced to pull on how much of a chance is there that we could see countries the world's economic powers switched
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to a multi currency reserve. by me to go but is a i think in future as the economy globalized as the need to create a certain basket of world currencies he's going to rise it's going to be many years before we get there though look at the more wood in which you will get it thank you very much for your time. this is just a parliament building in. that. sixty five years ago. it was the final target the last major offensive for the man army. scout became the symbol on the smaller size are sitting. on the fig tree
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they wanted to says it all to news and for any army the life of a using them is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. to truth one nine hundred forty five dot com. the g. twenty summit unfolds with china and the us slamming each other with allegations of currency manipulation threatening to undermine international trade. on one to charity human rights groups in israel are being forced underground that permits are withdrawn accusations of supporting terrorism. also a washington reporter claims that began in the mail bomb was simply
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a hoax by intelligence services when both before ten elections. more news in fifteen minutes from the next sport when the tide. hello and welcome to these schools of date on our t.v. thanks for joining us and here is the top news this hour. the virgin racing's long time fall of the russian comic model buys a significant stake in the formula one team. both to play for down leaders in needs to assure a frantic last night in the russian premier league. and also scary statistics tiger woods go down to the season when lewis for the first time in fourteen years bobby also monsters defending champion is aiming to get back to winning ways this week in
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melbourne. and we begin with the big news that virgin racing have secured their place on the formula one grade until twenty fourteen after a long time russian bought those became majority owners the team will be rebranded as most of a racing next season and a new car is set to be launched here in moscow the team's new bob the ship is headed by russian told get resent and racing driver and you know i find his deals main girl is furthering russian involvement in africa want to head of the russian grand prix which is due to make its bow on the calendar in twenty fourteen as of knowledge team a glock and lucas degrassi remain because even the joy of us for the next season but somewhere along the line model we bring along home grown talent without a bit of it all became the first russian driver to compete in formula one of the season but his future after in the war is still in doubt. meanwhile a massive weekend away saying the current formula one championship with fernando llosa seeking to become only the fifth man in history to weigh in three world
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titles the spaniards in the driving seat for the race but three other men can still claim the crown including the two thousand and eight champion lewis hamilton the mclaren driver however has already switched his attention to the off season. for the winter. to be a million different things i could do but. last year i went to the mountains with some of those most of the absolute rubbish and so when i did my training out there for the whole two months and it was the best friend i've had in my whole life so i plan to do the same things high altitude training so cross country ski. hiking up the mountain and i hope this year i might be able to smoke what down. let's move to football now and the game in st petersburg that could define the russian premier league season but it wasn't a happy outing for home sides in needs with a tabletop was stunned three won by fellow title contenders to moscow on wednesday victory would have handed the need for the title with three games to go wild so
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scott had to win to stay in contention and that's exactly what happened the muscovites handing zinni only their second defeat of the season bug love opened for the visitors off the food in minutes with that lone ranger afeard martins always then capitalized on a girl keeping hollar by you know with thirty four minutes on the clock. so already to the lot but half time and that eight minutes after the break good work from bob a lot of gamp would say you do been away for girl number three to me didn't have a consolation through alexander i see not in stoppage time but of the night the family belonged to the moscow club. overall says because wayne sees them rise to second and into the automatic champions league spot ahead of the reigning champions rubin because on side and both spar cox occupy the europa league berths would look mighty of just outside the euro qualifying zone on goal
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difference. as was part of mosco they're still in contention for the champions league top sixteen while having to hang on for those europa league spots and on sunday the red and whites need all three points when they entertain the struggling korea seven out of sparks well it's on top of the premier league with eighteen goals on the brazilian probably wanted to make himself easy to big for a had to with his new blog and look he has smiled a lack motivation after the loss of three they're practically out of the title race while creating just a point above the relegation zone so motivation is not a problem for them and it doesn't get any easier for spartak will be upcoming made we game against him all see. now probably the most anticipated clash of the english premier league season to date also occurred on wednesday evening the battle of manchester city versus united's one of eight top flight fixtures on the night. well a huge build up by the game itself didn't live up to its nail the final score of
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the average united remain second all points behind leaders chelsea with c.t.e. in fourth place chelsea themselves won a west london against a full on. with a win at stamford bridge liverpool could have finished the night's right outside the top box and up lucky to escape with them with a point also wins for aston villa blood but all signals will be to nail to move to within just a point of man united. moving to the hardwood now where it's taken a while bob says scott have finally recorded the first victory in europe the on the man coming good to see all of group d. leaders. from slovenia and also revive their slim call of fine hopes in the process . reports. it was a must win game for it says scott as they found themselves in the boredom of group d. after the first free games well i lean big to mosco as group leaders and war and beat him in the euro league this season and the army man made their intentions clear
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right from the off they were foolish concentrated in the fans and dominated for bones as a result says scott conceded only five points in the first quarter we need tween t two for if the home side then kept increasing their lead to see over field goal percentage and they were up by twenty in the second quarter but after the big break in consistency of this guy showed up and that i would be a war able to cut the deficit is three points or from this lenience god the gap to seven points halfway for the final quarter but say it's because leaders kept their composure helping them to wean these john gordon what they key figure in the courts yet again with fifteen points and nine rebounds. we need a win and we came out and play well and you know. something we haven't gone. to the plate of attainment of good to feel that has
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a big force is difficult when you have a lot of the same system for five years and then a couple of players and. key players just at that and then obviously the coach with the new system everything completely different so it takes a while to change and understand their philosophy but we're trying we're working hard every day and you know like i said hopefully this is stuff for us to get better to sixty five to fifty five for the final score that say sky get their first year early queen and a new coach to cover your share each but there are still seeking their best form and need to improve their game if they are to get to the last sixteen of base competition but here's our tea. now the twenty third of november two thousand and nine is a day that will stay with. the russian bobsled a race that was left clinging for her life following a high speed coalition during a training run in germany but now almost a year and thirty operations later the athlete can finally start focusing on the
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future the twenty two year old was speaking to r.t. on wednesday in support of his physical recovery is well on track there's just one part of the rehab process psychologists are also spending a lot of time with her it was feared parts of it would lose a leg during surgery but she is now expected to make a full recovery three time synchronized swimming olympic champion. and also the executive director of the russian olympic committee were on hand to offer their support. but if it's easy at the moment because i'm really into the recovery process of course it's tiring but going from doctor's office to another is most difficult but the fact that i'm getting tired means that there is something to look forward to and it's kind of the rush. who's the head of the athletes commission along with the olympic committee of russia will obviously continue to support we're actually planning to hold several auctions where the proceeds will go to athletes like it but preventing such accidents from happening is equally important.
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and in golf a tiger woods can do the season without a win for the first time since nineteen ninety six to prevented the former world number one needs to defend his title of the last as this week however tiger is off to a slow stand in melbourne only managing a modest two on the par sixty nine on the opening day that leaves him tied for seventeenth place tell me another hot favorite in australia also trying to leave a generally disappointing year behind to see above the spaniard couldn't live up to his billing on thursday calling eight to seventy three four joined the sixty seventh meanwhile three local heroes adam black and danielle go into and alistair of. the grounds of sixty five for a share of the early lead at six under. and that sport for the moment you can always get more authority that com slash sports and coming up after this is the
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weather then the main headlines at the top of the hour so stay with us. culture is that so much i'm afraid we're going to make a lot of people a variant of what makes a person powerful and influential maybe it is a combination of numerous factors and forbes magazine sixty most powerful. though so many years of past some former prisoners shot are still along. as well as the good fortune of. those so many years of past. summer
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hoping to find the same. others take their executioners longing for justice. those so many years of past. memory is still a mind. as well as a whole country. machine
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would be soo much brighter if you knew about sun moon from plants to impression. he starts on t.v. don't come. talking continues at the g twenty summit here in seoul this wildly descents half second day of negotiations on the table currencies global trade imbalances and clubbing protectionist. anybody who supports justice for palestinians and palestinian refugee is is an enemy of israel and since pro quo
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terrorists human rights groups in israel are being forced underground as their permits are withdrawn and accusations of supporting terrorism. and they know it's unhealthy and costly for jordan smokers choose to stick to the habit with some prefer to spend their money on cigarettes instead of food. mrs arty broadcasting live from the heart of the russian capital welcome to the program the g. twenty summit of the world's leading economies is in its second day with serious tensions between china and the united states threatening global trade growth the two countries accuse each other of manipulating currency rates to make exports cheaper.


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