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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2010 1:00am-1:30am EST

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and build up the foreign exchange reserves i guess have it is in the south korean capital with more details on the gathering. will self korean the president the norm back you said that he's him all good songs and your president should be bridged over this is that of course tensions are running very high between china and the us is so cool to the currency war and the related question of global trade imbalances have dominated discussions about face isolde g twenty coming into the summit the u.s. was meeting the challenge pointing the finger at beijing accusing us of keeping its you one on sufficiently close a piece exports without the expense of competitive countries name of the united kingdom how do you think weighs in on that debate for its part china says the currency appreciation is a domestic issue only on the batter of trade imbalances that washington has and so tend to be good school which is a much china but also like germany and japan and also them to decrease there were
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lines all next call with them to spend more were telling but this of course an attempt to redress the imbalance and they need the u.s. is over not massive trade deficit but that hasn't been on that jacki is it also led to accusations of double standards is all this is a point of the finger right back out of bed with saying it drives the dollar down on low interest rates and of course a that's a criticism chris should we don't last week with the announcement of a second round of quantitative easing efforts of the printing of money yes six hundred billion us until it is injected into the american economy to a shop or system from developing countries where we say from big economies like in germany so a lot of it's use it to a few and frankly i'm joined by you david sure from the stand foundation to help us make our way through many thanks for joining us and we can not set this international factory and their currency manipulation making the trip on the dollar
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has any real headway yet been made on the top the suburbs. well that's certainly the question on everyone's mind here in this room at the international media center i think the main pressure being felt by leaders is going to be to show and deliver some kind of agreement and measure on this and we haven't seen any hints of what that will be but that's at the top of the entire agenda the u.s. is going to be disappointed in the final communique which betting against they are not going to get any promises from bigots who just like china and germany it's a cop this is right this is the challenge for any you know major multilateral forum like this is to take an agenda a framework from the definition of the problem towards prompting action on the problem you know a year ago in the pittsburgh summit there was this new framework for strong sustainable and balanced growth and now the struggle is to go from that shared
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definition of the problem to ok what's going to spur us to actually reduce those imbalances and with all the talk about china frankly i don't know if we're talking enough about germany you raised the question before about domestic consumption and it seems to me that the message from the german government is the name of the game is exports and we don't see any reason to to boost our consumer demand and you know i think that raises a question of whether we are even on that same page in terms of seeing the problem as we see it that it would have to see what it could really functions to last you start thinking off today right me like i'm moving towards increased protectionism. i don't see that is urgent or immediate terms rather obviously it's always a concern and there's a history of it in difficult economic times but. there's been
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a lot less so trade project protectionism just. in these last couple of years that was spear so i don't think that that is a main worry. having said that if there's no rebalancing and if the imbalances continue to chip in the same direction and. eventually in the account deficit countries then you know debt becomes unsustainable and that does threaten over time the system and most of the big show coming into this summit will by the numbers meant only the fed the second round of wants to be easing six and you would think with all this how would you gauge good reaction. i think there's an awful lot of irony if not hypocrisy in the chinese reaction to pot calling the kettle black after all china has been. buying up u.s. treasury debt constantly month in month out in huge volumes with the exact purpose
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of keeping keeping their currency keeping their currency ok david shore from the sound foundation many thanks for joining us here on r.t. to stay with us here on all see as we continue. to progress throughout this into the twenty summits here in salt. meanwhile joe so then from the trend research group says another financial crisis is just around the corner brought on by washington. look at the united states is doing we said this with all the people were talking about the elections of the midterm elections november second we said no no watch what happens november third and we'll see what the federal reserve does and what they're doing is they're devaluing the dollar is everyone knows they're driving commodity prices through the roof because most of them are based on dollars go back to november second gold was trading at one thousand three hundred fifty
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four dollars an ounce today one thousand four hundred eight dollars an ounce everybody should prepare we've been saying this since the beginning of the year watch for the crash of twenty two and the crash is happening in not in slow motion in a high speed in front of everyone. well russia's finance minister alexei kudrin has warned that if some countries keep trying to obtain competitive advantages artificially keeping their currencies know it could lead to a surge of protectionism we can watch our full interview at nine thirty g.m.t. but here's a preview for you. i don't wish to help but i think this problem may get worse if some countries will strengthen for example the ruble by weakening their own currencies and trying to gain competitive advantage of course it can force other countries to use different defense measures tariffs or import restrictions so
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we need to find a common path without mis balancing the interests of different countries. n.g.o.s working with palestinians are supposed to provide a vital help to the people but israel says they're only provoking trouble as a result the israeli interior ministry has been withdrawing work permits for aid workers critics say anyone who sympathizes with palestinians is being branded a terrorist. they're the visitors israel doesn't want activists from around the world who come here to photograph and protest palestinian suffering will most of the n.g.o.s only bring more fuel to the conflict make it much more harder to solve the conflict bring more hate to the conflict and they have huge he kidnapped human right which is why from the beginning of the year
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the israeli ministry of interior started withdrawing work permits from international n.g.o.s oxfam save the children and medicine some pontiff have all been affected everybody who voices a pro to the interview anybody who supports justice propels the ends and palestinian refugee is is an enemy of israel and says pro quo a terrorist i simply don't buy it and i don't think there's evidence that some volunteers say they have no choice but to do their work illegally emily's origins of palestinian but she can't live here because she can't get a visa for a while she managed to evade the israeli authorities by leaving and returning every three months and lying to them that she lived in jerusalem but they eventually cautioned on and have given her one month to get out the more visas you have in your passport the harder it gets. anything from initially it was more being
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overwhelmed and really understanding you know which borders to you is how to speak you know how to talk to the soldiers what to say what not to say n.g.o.s monitor is an israeli organization that tracks non-governmental organizations working in the area its staff won't speak on camera but they haven't shied away from writing on the net. this website accuses several charities working in the west bank and gaza of having links with terrorist organizations here it says that the palestinian children's welfare fund owns a hate filled with site dedicated to the glorification of jihad and the denunciation of israel there has been no evidence whatsoever no cases that anyone's heard of a people in n.g.o.s committing any kind of violent storms on stones and grenades i'm on idea of soldiers and was helping them you see a blonde girl from switzerland who i don't know were eighty mormeck spin in gaza
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for six months and plans to stay six more he's a volunteer with the international solidarity movement which israel claims has terrorist links they therefore won't cross into the west bank he's a human rights groups that are credible throughout the world and yet they are being stopped from entering many times in the un report richard falk was stopped from entering so this stretches up to the united nations for many n.g.o.s the challenge remains how to draw attention to the work they do without getting kicked out of the country many israelis continue to question the work they doing in the first place. r.t. israel. there's still plenty to come for you this hour in the program including. it's dangerous and it's expensive so why do many georgians still continue to choose cigarettes over bread that's coming up later. there are claims that last month's yemen bomb scare was all part of a publicist
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a stunt by american intelligence and security services to sway public opinion before the midterm elections explosives were found inside toner cartages on two cargo planes heading to the u.s. now some reports suggest there weren't in fact any bombs on board to investigative journalist when my. u.s. customs stories like this popping up before but who's going to the polls. well i think we have to look back at past instance for example the underwear bomber flying to detroit from amsterdam who was allowed to basically board the plane no questions asked we had the times square fizzle bomber where something fizzled in times square in the and the guy was sitting there waiting to take off at kennedy airport and when the federal agents came in he said i've been expecting you know what took you so long i mean here's another case now we're being told that this u.p.s. cargo flight was either going to blow up over new jersey new york maybe upstate new
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york maybe pennsylvania and maybe canada it seems like once again we've gotten one of these stories that may have been engineered prior to the election we're always sitting here in washington waiting for october surprises before major elections and this may have been another october surprise i think we've seen skepticism from the government of god or from yemen from the united arab emirates i think we're going to have to wait to see if there's any some real smoking gun evidence that comes out right now it's all very anecdotal and can conjecture all at this point. well that now to some other international news for you in brief. iraqi leaders have ended eight months of political stalemate by supporting the reappointment of nuri al maliki as prime minister but a sunni led by his main rival walked out of the parliamentary session in protest before the vote they claimed other political blocs were not keeping
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a promise to vote on the power sharing agreement analysts say the action and the lines are new government is likely to be. an attack on an anti-terrorist police headquarters in pakistan's largest city corruption has left twenty dead in the east one hundred injured taliban fighters who claimed responsibility exchanged fire with offices of the criminal investigation department growing it detonated when you massive car bomb it comes a day after the same unit arrested several wanted militants in the city the blast took place in the rush hour stones commercial capital. the death toll from the cholera outbreak in haiti has risen to seven hundred twenty four as aid workers fight to contain the spread of the disease in the temple thousands of people are being treated in hospitals across the country there are fears the epidemic will spread further into the water supply becoming contaminated
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after last month's american millions now said to be at risk. not bad skin yet to teeth and unpleasant odor just some of the telltale signs of the hold tobacco has on people according to the world health organization regular smokers are shortening their lives by some fifteen years. these are really good in georgia the strength of the addiction means choosing fags over food. no smoking no way they know about the dangers they say it is too expensive yet many georgians choose to smoke social pressure and economic problems notwithstanding like many naive took up the habit in her teens credibility my father left cigarettes on the table i was curious but picked one up and have been smoking since that day she says smoking never interfered with her day to day activities and she
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doesn't intend to give up anytime soon. have my salary goes on cigarettes but i don't want to quit it's the only pleasure in my life i can afford. a study conducted by the tobacco control alliance showed that almost forty percent of all georgians including children and the elderly are smokers and tobacco n.g.o.s say the number of youngsters taking up smoking has more than doubled over the past five years every pack of cigarettes sold in georgia there is the clear message smoking is bad for you for good mature aging so long cancer to heart disease the warnings are all there get so many georgians continue to light up even if they do have to choose between buying food or about the smokes. is one of those who would like to quit but says he simply can't he gets through four packs a day despite having undergone
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a coronary bypass two years ago. i wake up and immediately have a cigarette even money or money cigarettes brett. lee knows his health problems stem from smoking but says he was powerless to change so why do georgians continue to indulge in this harmful habit some believe there are several factors at play around fifty percent of our. business in georgia. part of. why we have. them. because in a. huge. country the tobacco control alliance is trying to work with the government on strict to control of tobacco sales and advertising in the country but for now coffee and cigarettes remain a favorite pastime for many georgians even goes tbilisi georgia. well
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a tender you got some good news for foreign gold miners we understand oh yes russia plans to lift some restrictions surrounding gold mining meaning foreign companies can exploit deposits of two hundred tonnes up from fifty more details on this later in the program but first it's the g twenty summit in south korea has struggled to reach agreement on key issues which could affect the recovery of the global economy politicians fail to find common ground on currency devaluations as well as trade imbalances. or poles on the divisions. reports of raised voices behind closed doors contrasts sharply with the image of unity two years ago then the leaders of the g twenty stood united in their efforts to avoid an acid crash turning into a global depression now member countries are divided on key issues the last g. twenty meeting pledge not to pursue currency wars since then the u.s.
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and around six hundred billion dollars of stimulus to drive down the dollar this conflict problem leads to a more volatility of the. currency market. i think it's a very of a bet for the world economy even former us federal reserve chairman alan greenspan stepped into the fray saying that the u.s. should not devalue its currency the move has divided emerging markets brazil condemning russia welcoming a new wave of capital inflows russia could actually benefit from that i mean it's in a different situation to the other say so-called bric countries russia has not had a substantial amount of capital inflows in the last couple of years in fact quite the opposite flaws in the last two years of total almost two hundred billion so it actually could do it reversing some of that in taking some money back a proposal from the head of the world bank for a new reserve currency met with silence in contrast with a desire in two thousand and eight to create
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a new world financial order on trade the g twenty is also struggling to get the world's leading manufacturers not just to sell goods but to buy them as well along with china germany opposed the u.s. suggestion of targets for cutting exist trade imbalances one ray of hope however is that all leaders did agree to avoid protectionism. michael have jenkins business r.t. . during a meeting with russian president from british prime minister david cameron vale that many english have. police have shown an interest in skolkovo a member of the british delegation to the g twenty summit said that despite their own desire to develop a similar project a host of companies are ready to invest in the high tech project. opec has increased its full cost of global oil demand for the next two years it sees an increase of one point six percent this year slightly higher than before the main reason is rising energy consumption in the developed countries above all in germany
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and the u.s. lifted its forecast for the coming year one point four percent. and you both say pipeline will give russia a broader choice of oil transit routes the new route bypasses belarus and ukraine via the baltic sea the choice of all transport routes has also been increased by a new pipeline eastern russia to the pacific and a new seaport in the northwest of the country. time not see how the markets are before making asian stocks a low on a gloomy outlook from cisco systems and fresh european debt fears amid speculation the debt ridden island may need a bailout to avoid bankruptcy in the case in hand saying of both down around one percent. and here in russia markets finished in the red on thursday racing virtually all the games masons beginning with the week chance at the top of the cent lower my sixth go over a percent bank as well as telecoms with the biggest losers falling over two and two point five percent respectively. to precious metals now and good news for foreign
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gold miners russia could leave some restrictions on gold mining in the country the natural resources ministry plans to lift the threshold for state owned deposits of copper and gold it means foreign companies will be able to exploit deposits of up to two hundred tons before they declared a strategic reserve risk that previous threshold was just fifty tons that made gold mining in russia impressed school for foreign companies as the head of a vocal gold to mccutcheon explains. you start with something smaller sort of becomes big now what does the government come by and say all we have a commission has to decide whether you can have it or not and you say wait a minute i've already spent you know one hundred million dollars on this thing and now you're going to tell me i don't own it. so by having that risk removed. just the risk of the unknown whatever happens to be the fewer there are the better and by having the barrier is that the two hundred tons it helps remove
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a lot of those risks unused a mercedes benz vans they will start to assemble its cars here in russia the russian colleague company has also at the time of the group to stop production of sake. most affordable in the savings french yes that was made i think as this latest car they evolve fails to meet the expected demand. shop for now but you can always find most stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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this is just a parliament building in birmingham. but then the books sixty five years ago. this was the final target now minus two major offensive from the main army. its country became the symbol on the form of financial cinema. the big three were nazi germany. the forum in r r g.
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if. if you will soon from focused impressions. starts on t. . so many years of past cities on the prisoners. are still a lot. as well as good fortune. though so many years of past. summer hoping to find new saviors. others shape their executioners longing for justice.
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though so many years of past and memory is still alive as well as hope and hate. i am.
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the international association of russian language and literature teachers will host a world festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs well. become a participant of the world festival of russian language and really exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website. in the russian capital that this is. the headline. the g. twenty summit unfolds with china and the. allegations of currency manipulation threatening to undermine international trade. on one to charity human
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rights groups in israel are being forced underground as their permits are withdrawn accusations pointing to. a washington reporter. intelligence services to influence voters before the mid-term elections. coming up next our special report looks at the operation which free to europe bringing with it before the nazis. berlin.


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