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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EST

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the global financial crisis happened two years ago and so all the table if they're going to be talking about free trade agreements said opening up their economies further this has this is the very reason for the existence of a pact to begin with but of course all this is easier said than done coming on the back of the g. twenty where the fear of protectionism was hanging over the heads of the leaders now this is going to be much more of a child as they have to talk about concrete plans pro-create the steps they're going to be discussing existing free trade agreements there are pockets of these agreements within the pacific countries members of apec the u.s. is pushing for a agreement that twenty one members of this is going to be a bit difficult because having all twenty one members talk about the give and take the pros and cons of opening up their economies is going to be a bit difficult if there's good for example in japan wants to export more course to the world while the u.s. wants more access to its agriculture industry which is a bit of a sensitive industry here in japan as the leaders come here with the responsibility
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of contributing to the growth the good of the global economy getting out of the quagmire that they find themselves in but also they have the concerns of their local electorate in mind and other issues concerning trade we know that asia pacific economic cooperation the members are very powerful in terms of their clout economically they make up more than half of the g.d.p. of the world obama just gave a speech this morning and he says that age is really an important partner for the u.s. and other issues that they're talking about would be labor security they're talking about sharing of innovation and technology they're talking about protecting intellectual property all these are very important terms of trade and economic development the u.s. and japan had already met and also the leaders of the russia pad and china had signed an agreement to build a chemical plant and that has already been done this morning and later today there will be a bilateral talks between russia president. dimitri medvedev and the japanese prime
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minister not to kind of we're expecting them to talk about territorial issues us specifically the issue with the karylle islands now this again comes on the back of the twenty now the currency war is one of the issues that have been talked about and this still needs to be ironed out by the countries involved in this be a package for him so let's look at the package followed by my colleague and me so now we from that you can twenty. the world after the war the weapon currency. the fallout trade imbalance the world's paying i mean the world is paying the price for the asset bubbles that are being blown throughout the emerging markets and this high stakes battle for global exchanges it's china versus the u.s. on the western front the fed pumping six hundred billion bucks into the american economy the value of the dollar while slamming china are not readily revaluing if you want on the eastern front the chinese position is well you're depreciating the
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dollar why shouldn't we really value the remove the chinese currency which the u.s. is doing so it's really a standoff one that smacks of double standards it's absolutely true that the united states of late has made don't mess to clean self-serving policy that was shortsighted and that did not consider the rest of the world and this set up the sole summit but despite global outrage with u.s. fiscal policy they got more of a high level silent treatment than any kind of fight right now it's the world against the united states and in terms of an agreement to deal with the currency war nun's going to happen there is no interest coming from china or germany the two other key players to solve this problem not interested or protecting interest. and that was before the session even started obama might have guessed there would be no compromising china wasn't budging and germany and export giant. it's right
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not to surrender its strength by spending more abroad u.s. calls to help economic recovery and much of europe seems to be sitting back and watching how this will all play out i think they're trying to be defensive and that's a weak position right now russia sees itself as a mediator and hopes multi-currency reserves place currency wars. i believe that the threat of a currency war breaking out will significantly decrease following the g twenty summit we have reasons to be more optimistic about the future the group of twenty did agree to develop early warning indicators to prevent economic turmoil and gradually move on currency the question now is not enough to prevent this cas class from getting out of control. i was r.t. correspondent on the way reporting that. the us wanted to use the g twenty to pressure china but how to explain its own actions instead that's what's leading
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global currency analysts rommany told r.t. the us was really looking for the g. twenty to be a forum to continue to pressure china and to have you know more unified front against china and asian currencies current account surplus countries. from from the rest of the world and what it actually ended up turning into was that the u.s. had to go in there and the tables were turned that the u.s. actually had to explain its own behavior to a whole host of countries and the chinese i think were pretty adept at turning this around and there were a lot of other countries who didn't mind actually turning the tables a little bit on the u.s. and saying ok well why don't you guys explain what you're doing with with the fed before and your country before you start kind of throwing stones at us. well that's plenty more still to come in the program including. the book of capitalism. at this point socialist ideas are seeing
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a revival across the world to find capitalists very shaken by the moment. a lot of this summer's sweltering heat temperatures in russia are breaking records again several regions including the capital are experiencing extremely warm weather on who this time of the year. joins us more now on that from moscow arena how are you out there is it really that woman outside. well in fact yes kerry usually with pulling out our winter coats right now but something is definitely are right in the weather department in fact it's not just most cooler muscovites have been enjoying several very very warm days no need for code soreheads but if we were to go down to the south of russia in fact we could enjoy swimming and sunbathing to the fullest degree it's that hot out there and of course this is not something that russians are historically used to and if we were to go back to let's see one thousand nine hundred forty one during the world war two period fuel was freezing
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in tanks of course people were people were need deeper in snow blizzards basically the usual winter things that were happening in the vendor and we don't have to go that far in time is a matter of fact just let's say ten years ago same story again snow would be out here people could ice skate on the moscow river you could not do that right now maybe swimming its course if you like that kind of cold. water right now but obviously something is going on and winter is in no hurry to arrive in fact in some places in the western part of russia trees are starting to build again they can grab the grass is still green and bears are not hibernating roaming around looking for food to eat birds are not flying south so some. things going on something that people are not used to and definitely winter is in no hurry to arrive at this moment. as a result what's all the experts saying about the cause of all this then these
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weather changes. well actually the experts are sort of separated into three groups want of them is saying that of course the manmade pollution is to blame we don't have to go back far to remember the british petroleum disaster in the next approved gulf of course that has affected the loop current in the gulf and that is one of the intrinsic parts of the gulf stream and if that is affected of course obviously temperatures and not just northern america but in europe are going to be affected as well and as a matter of fact something is going on in the world in fact everything that's been happening for the last year year and a half as far as weather is concerned actually looks more like something out of a hollywood blockbuster be a puck about the apocalypse rather than something that we're usually used to for example snow in australia and in south america you don't get to hear much about that at least you didn't know about this year you have suffered from severe
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flooding at this past spring and of course like you mentioned earlier it's sweltering heat in moscow people dying from overheating fires raging all of that because of the weather of course the other other scientists are saying that it's all up it's all because of the sun so the sun flares are to blame and yet of course there's a third group of scientists were saying this has been going on for millions of years and we should just relax and enjoy the warm weather while we can. carry the debate rages on that thank you our teacher into the sky reporting live from the russian capital. well you can always find more on that and other stories on our website that's come. at seventy nine in the world of wedding turned bloody find out why and what you suppose with some peace to have their lives. one group tend to treasure the. food the joy shoes of beating the drum beating themselves this web site called.
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news from some. more news today volunteers once again fled. from these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations to rule the day . now in times of economic downturn those who promise equality for all and once more gaining ground the age old debate between socialism and capitalism is coming to the fore again as our tease for half this report that seems to be winning the argument . mr gorbachev tear down this wall
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i these images have come to symbolize the end of the called who are. scenes of the berlin wall falling were beamed across the world as the historic moment when the west beat the soviet union and capitalism formula defeated project communism. years later the camera showed the other angle the economic collapse brought by capitalism victory the us mark said as world freedom day with the us government means when they say they celebrated our freedom day with the fall of the berlin wall what they really need is the freedom of us corporations to be able to plunder exploit and really do what they please within the borders that they weren't able to initially begin to. say. what i say and isn't that something they said saddam would cling to power and now that the
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status he was hanging on to berlin seems to my all the word for what you're seeing here in the ages of american soldiers and iraqis declaring virtual victory over the statue of saddam hussein beamed to viewers worldwide. it was staged as a spontaneous outpouring of iraqis inspired by the american soldiers who came to liberate them that was we found out soon afterward the organized by the u.s. army so the symbols are really hatched by messengers coming out often of the pentagon and the white house and the state department and these symbols some insist are used to indicate that washington's agenda is the only. agenda and those are these the symbols of victory for the u.s. government so all over the world that if you oppose united states you are targeted from the rock and we will never take we can throw you. socialism despite being declared dead has seen
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a revival in governments in countries all over the world. united states talked about the overthrow of the soviet union and the coming down of the berlin wall as the end of socialism and it's absolutely not true a system of capitalism is in the k. at this point there are pieces of the berlin wall all over the world what came following the historic moment was this bali hood era of freedom now marked by economic collapse and list war two decades after the fall of the berlin wall some argue the u.s. empire is also in plotting its influence waning in the face of rising world powers several of them with distinctive socialist leanings jan hospice r.t. washington d.c. but it's not only in developing countries that socialist policies are getting vocal vice presidential candidate in the two thousand and eight u.s. election here explains why he feels america also needs socialism. well we believe that in a world and particularly in
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a country where there's so much wealth and it's primarily appropriated by a small few people to the detriment of millions and millions hundreds of millions of people the vast majority of people who are either at abject poverty or at least don't see the full rewards of their labor that socialism the system in which the needs of people can be met by production and in fact the production of society in the way society organ as organized is one hundred percent directed towards the broad needs of the people which are not better now whether it's health care whether it's education access to jobs and so on this is why we believe socialism is the answer to the current economic woes that exist under the capitalist system that are particularly pronounced now during this economic crisis without some of the international news in brief they sell he has made in the field for over one hundred sixty million dollars to five hundred ranking haiti which is now claimed seven hundred twenty three aid agencies are battling to contain the then they come in that will spread even further after the water supply was contaminated last month
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millions are now said to be at risk more than eleven thousand cases have been confirmed since it began last month. seven people have been charged in connection with international organ trafficking in kosovo the group is thought of the twenty foreign nationals into the region and organs for transplant making false promises of payment a former senior health official was among those charged trafficking eventually took place through a clinic in the capital a further two people have been listed as wanted by interpol. muslims from around the world are arriving in mecca is there a new hudgins due to start two days time pilgrimage draws millions of worshippers to saudi arabia's new cities of mecca and medina the first friday prayers have been held before the official name of the judge which will last several days the rituals of the five pillars of islam which must be performed at least once by all the
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leaders that have the health and the means to do so. now violence continues to rage in afghanistan and they just attack a major nato base in the east of the country was targeted by militants eleven of the attackers were killed before they managed to enter the site and that the rising tide of unrest the us is preventing it stay there for another four years as our terms and she contributor explains washington's strategy to increase its military presence in the region it's hardly a surprise. it was a bad idea from the outset to set up an artificial deadline for the us forces withdraw from afghanistan so it didn't come as a surprise when recently their washington trio the u.s. state department chief the pentagon chief and the u.s. joint chiefs of staff and now the deadline will be postponed for another four years it has been long suspected but now it's official. but the credit for the extension
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of the u.s. forces was drawl to general petraeus and the u.s. commander in afghanistan the whole idea of the artificial deadline for the u.s. pullout cut both ways on the other side it was a good idea to provide the sense of urgency for the abdullah leadership to clean up their act together and to take full responsibility for the future of the country starting from providing the security all across afghanistan but since there is no leadership in afghanistan regarding the afghan government which is completely paralyzed by the corruption and incompetence while soaked in drug trafficking business no doubt it was a smashing tactical success for general betray us to. call the us counter-narcotics offensive in afghanistan as. initiative
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only afghani yourself that well coming up in two hours time here nazi special report looks at the red on the operation which freed europe with its the form of the nazis. were so this is just a parliament building in. sixty five so it. was the final target. a major concern for the army. its country became the symbol on the side of the sanctions sitting. on the victory . speech or. the small. business news is next i was shot. and i welcome to visit the program hey are you with me charlayne with folly russian prime minister vladimir putin is to hold talks about carrying count or cup or
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soften sophia topping the agenda is energy cooperation in primarily the construction of the south stream gas pipeline intended to pump russian gas to europe under the black sea and agreement for allow the creation of a joint stock company to oversee the production of the book area section by the end of the year and joining me now is discussed this a further i'm not glad to be joined by alexander and the czar of the chief alice at mashable thank you very much for joining us now the talks expected to be the last step towards the soft construction how important is this visit to the south stream but it is important but i would say it is crucial. for sure it's not a foreigner is there the technical feasibility start actually of the project is not done yet and i think the main purpose of the visit of russian delegation to bulgaria is actually to form. the legal entity in order to perform.
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these peace abilities started for the project also some are the deuce are expected and probably although it was a title project probably it would not be the most important one after the so we have seen other high level meetings on south stream the other countries have on the sidelines. and other deals being be made now is the case that in both garrett it is absolutely i think so. although. our prime minister vladimir putin is probably the most important person to do bigger and to discuss our stream i think that some thought the meetings between gazprom and bulgarians i will follow ok so in the past has been pairs of non-cooperation between garia and russia do you think that all of today's visit will be full steam ahead. in terms of south stream construction probably not the point is that there is a. competition project there to book a gas pipeline and bulgaria is crucial country for both of these projects so
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probably bulgaria. keep up waiting to make a final decision to make. actually to make this decision to preference out from project. export is likely to give a discount to book area. to discount the price of gas for bulgaria by five to seven percent next to three years now if south stream does go ahead this will mean that the gas transit through ukraine will fall by haps by as much as fifty percent so one of the consequences likely to be. well everybody understands that if south stream will be built no modernization of ukrainian gas system all of that so i think it is the it is a crucial question actually for ukraine although it's not participating in the negotiations and i think there are just just in ourselves from both the built and nobody's additional training that gets publicists and will be there or opposite the
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book it will be beautiful non of this new gas pipelines will be in this case modernization of ukrainian guest system becomes crucial in your opinion then what is your opinion on the south stream gas pipeline project is it a crucial one needs to happen well the first point there is i don't think it's i cannot mcleish and so i don't think in terms of economy we need these pipelines although it's infrastructure project it will help the economy not only off russia but other countries i think that the most. easy way. to build to modernize ukraine and gas pump system so in terms of the leading. points there i think solves. stream is to become absolutely independent for russia from our transit countries and these probably the four of current leaders
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ok alex sanz mazhar of the gas and oil analyst at metropolitan you very much for talking with us today. now several world leaders including russia's president medvedev have gone straight from the g twenty summit in seoul jacka home of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit but business summit has already brought some deals among them the signing of a contract between russia and china to construct a fertilizer plant in russia's tatarstan the first major facility in the region for the last twenty years or more of the world's largest of this type the project is worth one billion dollars and will involve china's national chemical engineering cooperation departments visually heavy industry subjects and russia's state owned a more me pick some of it will be seen as another attempt to settle global financial issues like pushing for free trade after the g twenty failed to agree how to boost the world economy. clearly there is a very ambitious agenda for trade liberalization in the region and i think one of
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the important issues will be the degree to which countries follow and deliver on the commitments that they have with respect to this liberalization. another issue i think will be the issue of investments in the region. the possibility to again facilitate the flow of investment across countries that will be important i think and we balancing the world economy as well because really we're talking about the most important region probably in terms of growth for the world economy. time i'll see how the markets are performing in here moscow the board says that both forming around zero point five percent in early trading for this day of losses here on friday but energy may just put its biggest drug trade which is continuing today as rosneft just finding more than six. sorry i want to story for you now a new data shows russia's economy slowed in the third quarter g.d.p.
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rose two point seven percent year on year after expanding five point two percent in the courts up until june this some of the worst drought in fifty years hit crops and forced money factories to cut production finance minister says the heatwave will cost the country no point eight percentage points of growth this year. that is your update now but you can always find more stories on our website. you.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on our teeth. holidaymakers i wouldn't dare to swim so deep. the tourists would be scared of such cold water. and would never die it's
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not within arm's reach. they are not tourists they are researchers. and soon were some land. in the deep water. which brightened. about soon from fungus to pressure. the top teams don't come.
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but let's talk about the headlines around the country is making up for the world's economy at the asia pacific summit in japan seeking to promote free trade in the region. despite its declared death socialism appears to be making
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a comeback in countries across the world many experts predicting the decay of capitalism. and weather extremes experienced on every continent triggering wiring something approaching an attic apocalypse and the search for something to do it. up next to his interview show spotlights going to all of us speaks to us on the presidential envoy to north caucuses federal district. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on our.


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