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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2010 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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mean and it was. a welcome to the moscow jewish community center. this complex has been a special box for about one hundred twenty five thousand people from russians to ex-pats people come here to worship enjoy jewish museum and to payments a religious education to come back to school so celebrated and anniversary this year. for centuries the jewish community sees its much mistakes sets in motion eventually dishonest governments sporadically encourage jewish immigration and making two million jews fled russia the tween eighteen and nineteen twenty. times has now changed ever since the fall of the soviet union many are returning to strongly sign yet of a startling revival of jewish life here. there
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are two restaurants here one car should be of a dairy and people come here and eat typical jewish food such as bread or you cannot take the entire meal home now warn the lovely gesture that the complex office is that you're given a discount voucher for the same amount so for example while mine was the same day he was one hundred and one years old but they party. for. the potential food we see here is a representation of a sense of success every month no members join and enjoy the facilities ranging from the social events to the various restaurants. to place an important role inside the seven story mostly jewish community center it's a diverse cuisine that is a fault of the many centuries shaped by jewish. and jewish festival and traditions the buzzword of. various dishes but all feeds are strictly kosher kosher cuisine is
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very healthy and tastes good at the same time and it proved to be popular to be regularly organized banquets enough holes of fully booked for more than a thousand guests at a time. and when it comes to alcohol or even the surprises of jewish stuff it's both pretty and. now the practicing jewish population so they can live here as part of a thriving community. of several american a listers have recently visited the russian capital adding to its biber posse same position and it has been the incentive for me to d.j. set up event the bullets nights i do this for the love for you know not for anything this i do this because i love music. so for me it's not anything to do with anything other than i love to dance i love to see people love music i love the
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lights i love the singing everything so this is just purely straight up for discounted to dance the famous rufus performance as a sort of a revival of the old brand for some fans can respect which comes from the beginning of the nineteenth century. and the celebrity couple demi moore and ashton kutcher have come to moscow but not just to see the city's sights the famous hollywood couple hosted several charity events to support their foundation which and swimmin a child slavery and human trafficking. stretching across two city blocks the jewish center also includes a library and fitness center all built with donations from abroad and the local community. play services a jewish woman circle bar mitzvah sunday hebrew school for a large range of activities organized. for jewish ex-pats responding to moscow they are taken aback. the mounts of the pants off so i can lean back here a year and
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a half ago for work obviously i was surprised to see all those your synagogues to see it all how much is happening you know how many people come to holidays and every time i'm here i'm surprised how many people actually show up here it's really amazing it's a big thing so because everyone comes together there's food there's drinks celebration music it's a nice way to kind of feel like you're at home when you're very very far away from your family. budgets the impressive synagogue which is the focus of the venue on busy holidays the synagogue is just they have three seventy's a day and also the rabbi offers various privates all good cos his all jewish culture history and current practices for many people it's not just a religion it's a complete way of life from acute sense of head office full support for a range of pull with various levels. today over one hundred twenty thousand people are involved in the international mosco jewish center running the entire complex
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it's a huge job for dozens of people that brings us to this week's guest. list in the same so tell me how did you end up here in well we've been living here for the past four years we moved here right about a few months after we got married. and at the time we were offered the position to come help with the growing jewish expected unity here in moscow. i'm not sure. in the synagogue well we run a jewish community for english speakers there are those that are russian english speakers those that are you know more speakers than the others and it's really a home for those that want to feel more westernized amongst the russian community and those that are less familiar it's more of a beginner's and we run here shot programs holiday programs children's programs adult programs sunday school and we try to make judaism fun for the english
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speaking jewish community here in moscow i think is that any conflict will you know religious tension between the other religions here in russia. no i actually think that the other places in the world can learn what's going on here from the unity of the different religions here in moscow the chief rabbi and the priest actually all get along very well and sit on the boards together and discuss the issues that matter is managed to solve them in a very fascinating way that keeps the community. it's one thing you know it's really apparent is how large the jewish community actually is today yet it's actually keeps on growing every event that we do there are always new faces and there's always more and more people joining and that are thirsty for what we're doing. now a final question do you like living in i love living in moscow people here are alive people are excited people are. always looking for new things that are going
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on and i think that when people there are people that are living in moscow and i deal with the ex-pats the jewish ex-pats people are really alive when they come to a program they want to be here want to be there they're excited they're meeting new people and there's a great opportunity and people are really enjoying living here and enjoying our programs that we offer. some sort of. welcome or to meet you for your work here in. the jewish community pays a lot of attention to educating children on a wide range of jewish tradition as culture and history as a silly hebrew school in moscow where kids from four to thirteen years old and various educational and entertaining programs it students in each of these three age groups explored just education of hands on experience on jewish holidays and master hebrew skills of reading writing. various projects for both
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children and adults are also part of the communities activities drama classes and speech of performances for the younger members a part of the sunday school curriculum they also help children understand the reasons behind the various states studying the jewish cultural calendar in an interactive way. and from fear to sue using jewish music concerts or from the films in moscow on various occasions both religious and non-religious songs are performed by various guests. using music as a form of expression russian and international musicians celebrate the culture which is thousands of years old. you'll find everything you need here. in the jewish center gift shop. nowhere in the world to see any country see the jewish community of this size reviving from essentially nothing. in the last few here is the number of distinct jewish
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communities in russia the swells more than two hundred from eighty seven. and similar senses most featuring the first two schools to a great looking to hades popping pills across the country. the shop has everything regarding jewish culture from the. oldest skullcaps there are also a wide range of english and russian speaking books and even very simply is and games to go. stamps. you can see a little display of the federation of jewish communities in russia fifteen years ago it was not a single shooter school in all of russia today over fifteen thousand students attended the jewish ex-pat scene thrives on a busy social calendar today it's a kosher pizza or a friend this is just a every where it's called gifts and we are in pieces against the delicious and
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our business life in a punishing made food really only coming out to just news and worship wesley coming to socialize to meet friends it's really it's a cultural thing every just and cultural experience been a great pleasure. children and adults of all ages come together socialize learn about jewish religious practices and chats about ex-pat life in moscow although having its fabulous past seems to have opened its arms to religious diversity and all those still learning and in its infancy i'm short supposed to sign a fully integrated multicultural mosque a very nice person it's a. first off the bush family my time is up us all we have from the international moscow jury send south ossetian to same time next week the moment scouse adventures and tell them for me and the rest the same guy but out of.
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a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. nursing homes and noone to suffer no to the end of the land. it was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon.
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whole story smaug states my business trade troubles and moves to the asia pacific summit in japan after world leaders failed to agree on concrete makes twenty as well as major economic issues that he does have also got some territorial disputes some cheap attention to. because of those all good trades exposed to be suspected of tricking people into having their kidneys removed and so on comes after years of
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ignored claims with. organs harvested in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. on the embers heating up here in russia following this summer's extraordinary heat wave and it's fueling talks about global warming claims again temperatures should be dipping below freezing in central areas right now but they're not getting simple take between cells to see it's. still school autonomy this saturday night either big football weekend obviously you're right cabins in the have a chance to clinch the russian title that's on sunday and of those got plenty going on today as well. hello and welcome to the schools program here on t.v. they have. practically secure themselves a spot in the russian prime elite next season with a three one win at terry. supposed to tell claims of the season ending up with
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the big grand prix ahead of fellow title contenders lewis hamilton and fernando alonso. and also a top boys stage of the third consonantal hockey league season and we'll bring you our weekly highlights if the goals goal or section. the massive weekend of premier league action has begun and in case of a winner of a title holders are being mosco still have a chance of your old league football next season that game in the late stages right now or been coming back from two down to tied at two these so it's two all into dying minutes there christiane the ball sack and paul girls told the visitors. elsewhere along here were able to salvage a pointed to i'm the host open just five minutes. of gets filed in the box and for most part a command of. the penalty kick about twenty minutes after there is stop back on the visitors alone free kick you want to go ball of comes up with it. into the top left
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cool enough one won the final school line is sitting on twenty six points tied with one car and courteous of it a four second from bottom. and the girls need terry where entertaining that has an opening in this one as well thirteen minutes in a quick count and zone with a beautiful girl to put terry by one but on she were able to equalize just the minutes mates a young man that would have on a set base. now six minutes before. the second yellow called for that foul in. and it was much easier for the visitors from their own sun check to aim for and dream the sixty s. and he made a difference right away to want to this craft he had and told another one a few minutes later what a final score of three you want to. and in england meant stay united had to come back from two goals down to salvage a joint feel a park in the premier league
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a great second half and that was ashley young and marc albrighton putting balia two up before substitute federico by chance of pulled one back and then you might see a village going to bed with a cool night into the equaliser elsewhere gareth bale had a brace sand on police chance to score this. fool two three gold is drawn today while in the late game when stoke and little paul it's snail mail as well so far. now real madrid will have to make do without manager sam were on the touchline for a while as the galactic seek to stand beaten in the premier league is banned for two games for using quote inappropriate language the suspension the rising after marino told referee progress for america to go to hell during last wednesday's coupe of the rematch with more c.f. the forty seven year old was duly jacketed from the game over so his side beat it magical in the dream the last weekend that's ryall eighth winning ten from the
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start of the season they currently see a point in front of champions barcelona. now the stakes are high in formula one with the season ending up with darpa grand prix due to decide the driver's champion four man could win it all on sunday including sebastian battell who is in the driving seat for the race after clinching the pole position incented a school of firing the red bull driver person of the quickest time ahead of title chasers former champion lewis hamilton was second fastest while current overall leader fernando alonso of ferrari came third patel's teammate mark webber also stays in the hunt for the title following a fifth place finish in qualifying and this is the first time in f one history that four men competed for the title in the final race of the season. in the afternoon the late evening in the practice we didn't look too good and we were not one hundred percent happy but i think we made a big step today which allowed us to do to fight for the polar think it was very close with lewis especially and in the end i think if we would have done two runs
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who have been probably the better choice but i was surprised how much the circuit round up force india but nonetheless you know we went out last and we did it so a very good job today by everyone the whole team and as i said it was a tight session so we're looking forward to tomorrow and see what happens. talking tennis now robin sort of thing is through to the final of the paris must result are a top three set against local favorite michelle low draw the trial of a native russia's legalize of a day earlier but was unable to get further although the french men are forced to tie breaks in this match seven six seven five and seven six the sort of thing this will take on either roger federer or gelman feast or battling it out in the other semifinal with better account as set down after losing it seven six. another super before once was produced by adam bland on the greens on saturday the local favorite stretching his australian masters lead to three shots before the final round
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defending champion tiger woods meanwhile had another tough day made in cologne. and weather conditions the world number twos form progressively getting worse on the day he will need to recover from a nine shot deficit if he is to win his first title of the year blount who is in the process of completing the p.g.a. qualifying school meanwhile showed he has done his homework and the australian top ten with danielle gold here as well as andhra stolz closest to him. now let's move stateside now where the mavericks where the bigger and better team in texas against the visiting seven to six is on friday dallas securing a ninety nine to ninety when despite main man dirk nowitzki being hampered by injury now jason katims made a legendary kariya out of spreading the ball around the dallas mass not you know he is eleven thousand area and sist here chipped in sixteen points despite
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a minor and called off with shawn marion adding just as many including the sponsor . those efforts helping the mabs nail down a fifty five pool to advantage at health time reserve j.j. barea have a bigger game down the established stars though nineteen points for him ninety nine to ninety the finals for dallas to an eighteen fairly old late twenty eight of their loss over the seventy six hours. the big boxing bout coming up later on saturday with w.b. a welterweight champion many by cal going up against antonino margarito for the vacant w.b.c. super welterweight crown the cowboys stadium with a big event schedule featuring this ballot and also the n.f.l. super bowl in the early twenty eleven margarito come in and add the one hundred fifty pound weight limit that's five more than the smaller pac-man bodies the filipino who is favorite talk to making a career out of winning the big fights mexico mexican margherita is preparing for his second bounce insane the tourist prepping scandal in january two thousand and
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nine thirty two year old was then bad from fighting in the united states but got a special license from taxes for this one. euro hockey two are now where russia suffer the fest a loss of the going down to sweden in the second game of the car yellow in finland three to the final score there bjorn mélanie with the winner midway through the second period and in the other game posts crushed the czech republic five zero. now finally we've reached the halfway stage of the kontinental hockey league season and with this year being regarded as the best so far there is no end of highlights to recap here is alway clique h.-l. goals galore.
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that's it for the moment i'll bring you more in a couple of hours time and that's. for the
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full story we've got it from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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which brightened. a song from found stupid. stunts on t.v. dot com. tonight on r t the prisoners who are tackling trade troubles moved to the asia pacific summit in japan after world leaders failed to agree on concrete measures at the g twenty. cost of always organ trade is exposed at least nine zero suspected of tricking people into having their kidneys removed and sold it comes after years of ignored claims the serbs have had their organs harvested in one thousand nine
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hundred ninety s. poor. shifting ocean currents temperatures going up and down what's happening to the planet's climate and to what is this world coming to which right answer the question later in the program. nine pm something tonight here in moscow you're watching r.t. i'm kevin aware of our top story now after failing to find a remedy for currency maneuvering and trade troubles of the g. twenty some of the world leaders of headed to japan now and while economic strife tops the list of the summit of pacific rim nations as well the leaders also have some territorial disputes need attention tessa ricin is at the apec meeting. free and open trade and investment has always been one of the main goals of the twenty one of member states but this year.


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