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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the g. twenty made it strong that risk is still a real consensus and the last one on to the system every much so i think. didn't become a global government of course but i think from meeting to meeting the more and more of the day to ideas and. ideas. becoming program for example or something for a date it measures so i think that the very useful thing that. showed that idea g. twenty meeting it's quite fruitful and what that school steps could the g. twenty take to or by selling my wells economy and trade. in the number of. discussions of course one is relates to the global sustainable and balanced growth and of course here there's a focus on the budget deficit for the using budget deficit reducing government
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debts. consoling. the main key economic figures i think that is quite important on the other hand there's of course the reform of the national monetary fund and other parts of import misused creating the financial stability or special in full financial security in which includes the increasing capital and liquidity adequate still the banks include the creation of the reste manage a month for a larger financial institutions and we should include the creation of a new more efficient scheme for more. financial markets fell between the focus of this is so seen plenty going on during the so-called currency war within that balancing outside labels. trade imbalance is big
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a problem do you think these two issues are. definitely creates this conflict creates additional problem leads to a mobile that suits the old the. change more of a currency market. i think this is the as of the best for the world economy and about i think that is the direct result of the crisis. we should go for the worse than the situation for many countries and reduced consumption and reduce the wealth of the world so. we released it i don't think that these are trying to resolve the c.d.c. or. measure of like for example americans are proposers will be implemented the so many differences in approach between chinese japanese americans europeans and the merging markets so i think but but i hope that with the growth of the whole of the melbourne discussion of the east view these e.c.
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will not be as accurate as it is now how many developing countries you know the road interest at the moment to. implement a joint moment she stuck to g. among these emerging. i think the answer is yes about i think this should happen within the four g. twenty mechanism because there's no reason for any specific group developed convery of or emerging markets to create their own models to bring their own ideas less their greed. train to the rest of the. world nations german chancellor angela merkel we've seen something to think protectionism as being among one of the biggest challenges to face the global economy what do you make of that and what would you someone just being among the biggest. it's always i mean crisis always leads to more protection and that's the number one i would say so from this point of view there's nothing unusual. that recent rise as
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a lead to the same situation either in the currency field or in the trade field yes i think be also used to liberalize the decor the myth the liberalized the world trade to liberalize the world economy i think that that the correct way to proceed now what do you make of the us this recent announcement over the weekend six hundred billion dollar round of wants to be think how safe and how will it continue to affect even think about it in the common i agree that it's probably had to stop . the government supporting measures where they call them in is it's too early and i think the russian government would you substantially support but also continue this program and i think i think we will see a little bit more of our own support for the next year or so before really because i mean stop to conform with government assistance i think it's quite important and how has the will got us months till the stimulus kids says economy
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specifically well i think. being a part of the global economy a russian economy is offensive depends on the. on the merc on the cloth and there's also from this point if you i think because i grow thin in america we see the better for russia so here we are in the same boat i think focusing on inflation our activity state at the rocks and governments you can cling to see what's still full calling for inflation in the coming year. i think what the what was there already and also by the russian government so for me. why it's really stick i think the government succeeded in bringing inflation to be a record lowest level and i think it will continue to be used. to the level of other developed nations within the next three four years the timing and now it's going to dip. the film an old film the house was that kind of sounds american now
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has been altered what do you think it would take an even come through to me to multi-currency with that i think that will happen i don't know how we can. we for example be insisting that to be included in this growth of at least for the purpose of original currency i think. i mean be a very big debts of america more than in a very negative dollar among the volatility over the leading governed city i mean. everybody to the conclusion that this should be a currency buster and i think the going to happen in the future will the head of the world bank recently suggested reintroducing gold and i think it's a currency from its look to make it fun. to say. not very much believe in this but but but we should consider it if i don't i don't i'm not ready to give any. based
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on any analysis of this in your opinion that might create financing help the economy recover from the recent months. of discussions on the general when the russian president mr medvedev met the group of international business and i think there's a big concern that prices affect of first of all small or medium sized business and without the support of the government encouraging the bank for example for micro financing will be difficult to. build up. some of the business of the reports which is so i think is the one of the one of the serious that we should be on the agenda in so. your opinion well in the banking system. so we.
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small and medium sized in the face. i think it is definitely a quite a difficult decision for the bank because. financing this to me is considered to be maurice good company what will this cause the day is that some kind of the. special encouragement for the bank or rather a special scheme and russian presence sets that in the rush of a number of all four schemes west set for example through russian bank of development through the large banks when the government provide substantial supports. for all through the special program a full financing as in these i think brought so the results and i think those programs will be continued on the day coast in presidents of prostitutes and in fact many thanks for joining us here on earth thank you.
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for some this is just a parliament building in me and. then. sixty five years ago. was the final target. to move through from some from the army. as country became the symbol on the floor of the financial system. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall in berlin on r.g.p. . the moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothing. thousands wounded.
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then noon to suffer to end. it was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. many more will be come. children in common get on in the future. holidaymaker them wouldn't dare to swim so deep. a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die if nothing was in anonymous me. they are not to lists they are
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researchers. and feel worse on land than in deep water. for your commitments are comfortable shuttle bus full teaching to those. just a few hours from certain urgent focused and scary comes current affairs. on the move. craters. scorching soil and toward there are included. a photo with the wilds of the lunar rover for free. download feel. official antti application to i phone all i pod touch from the i
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choose our store. life on the go. video on demand ati's minefield costs an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com. if. you would be soon which brightened. soon from phones to freshen it's. nice for instance on t.v. dot com. they faced it this is not a production but more of. a fortunate let me show you first step
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is what you showed us a quick retreat speaks of they have no idea about the hardships to be faced. by one it businesses it all took two minutes and for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two most of. the true nineteen forty five don't on t.v. dot com. our main headlines this week the russian and american presidents promised security to each other and the world meeting on the sidelines of the asia pacific summit in japan. after much under rhetoric between china and the u.s. the summit of the world's richest nations in seoul ends with an agreement to stand
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back from waging current simple was. a suspected organ trafficking network under investigation and course of this concern the region is becoming a major problem for organized crime. a russian newspaper and covers all details of this summer's moscow and washington spy scandal saying it was a top intelligence officer who blew his own people cover. all the sporting highlights now with you. thanks for joining us this is sports today i'm you know neal and bees are a headline to many drawls not enough when season premier league holders rubin finally exit this season's title race after they share the spoils with moscow on something. tough on the trying the autumn tests continue in the rugby union
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world of a whole slew of southern hemisphere sides screaming their way around the british. let it snow the winter sports season is now underway with the opening slalom world cup stage taking center stage and. there will be no three in a row celebrations for rubin's footballers this season after the men could only draw with moscow on saturday putting them out of the title equation the hosts will open the scoring in this one hundred per hour to actually find twenty three minutes and then double the rule being told is half a dozen minutes later former german international captain karami with the final touch you're an uphill task then for the visitors but they give themselves hope right after the break christian noboa the month volleying home the ecuadorian wasn't finished yet picking his spots of purply twenty five minutes from time but
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it was not enough to to hide things with end up leaving the championship a two horse race between leaders and eight on siesta. elsewhere on the day relegation seeded alarm you were able to salvage a point that seat of the hosts making inroads after just five minutes yet to meet for recall gets up ended in the box and former spartak moscow man arch in zuba well he does the rest twenty minutes after the restart though come the visitors at ruth's one football paying dividends thanks to the calmness of the worthy of. one one the final score a lot of you remain second from bottom in the dreaded drop zone. finally there was an old caucasus clash in grozny with direct entertaining goal of a warm again going the way of the hosts the diet of doing it all and so fifteen minutes in but slack marking and trekked penalty area lard anji to equalise with their very next meaningful attack on glenda making it one one then six minutes
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before half time trek were dealt a blow to bank receiving his second yellow thinking it's tough on us for men or women for the men in white but this is truly cup lising on their advantage in the sixty second to fly zone with the header before two thousand and three moments later david sariah three one. there's a local in the final of the parts mobsters for the second year running feet moving into the ultimate row and after stunning world number two roger federer for a memorable victory the frenchman cloying the first set away from federer on a seven six scoreline. previously only taken a total of one set at the swiss maestro in five previous matches that express sought to continue that form by securing the second also on a tie break but brilliance from old face recovering from the four want to see the final set see a support seven six six seven seven six victory meaning it's an muster series decider for. robben sibling awaits next the swede seeing off mike
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a little drug thirty year old drugs for until wrong with showing him the championship back to which got the danco coming to an end up the hands of all action so during no sign of trouble at first low drug taking the opener seven six the rest of the match though belonged to his opponent twenty six still struggling fending off three match points in the final set to take it six seven seven five seven six. david haye has shown he can walk the talk in the boxing ring once again the thirty year old easily defeating a limpid gold medalist and fellow londoner all the horison truett in his w b a have you with well him after he was a no mood to drag out proceedings winning by technical knockout in manchester his thirty nine year old opponent was dying for an eight current in the third round before a further flurry of haye punching force the referee to end proceedings in the same round harston when he entered the park over eighteen kilos heavier than haye but
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that meant little in the end the winners longstanding feud with the klitschko brothers could not translate into a blockbuster fight with flooding here or the telly or both of the world champions now a few weight divisions guarding money think a little longer to prove that he's disappeared pfizer to ontario market research in the world which runs texas boxing dominates to secure a unanimous twenty this is in stores one hundred twenty one await one eighteen one ten one hundred nineteen two one zero nine two filipino so the vacant w.b.c. super while to a title has a new owner. next to his w b o well through a cross in the trophy. all right let's head back pitch sidebar for a look at how the second weekend of rugby unions often international ship dop world champion south africa remain unbeaten on their tour of britain and ireland but only just the springboks fighting back so hard a team needs to watch north lived up to the hype the two tries honest has to be
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well james sandwich that effort with another your very very strong arming from him will swell they're up by thirteen points at one stage but boxer often used in the same sentence on scene with again south african tell us money victor must feel celebrating his national record one hundred thirty with the try to soften up by four following this twenty nine twenty five how would event. in the end the world champions relieved the welsh left the room yet with feet seconds to try a new system. his players on the other hand will have woken up some in the morning with a huge smile on their faces the two thousand and three world champion standing up previously very informed astraea side at twickenham flying winger chris ashton stealing the show with two tries this is second regarded as one of the best ever stories seen in london thirty five eighteen how it would end up
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a record breaking win for an england team over the wall base also on the day new zealand thrust scotland but our lands were too good for summer i to the slopes of finland we go where the slalom season has begun ever present podium climber marley's shilled clinching the first world cup gold of the year the austrian two thousand and seven zero eight global champion posting a time of fifty five point nine seconds for second run which combined with her previous attempt was enough for the overall top finish german ria research was second with tonya tynan the lighting the home crowd in for this. let's turn our attention finally to the kontinental hockey league where the hof term mark in the season is upon us so what better time to cast an eye over the pick of the action from the first few months of key a child in year three. thanks
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alan. thank. you you. thank. i'm
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. worried.
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some great efforts there. i'll see you soon. wealthy british style. is not on the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. . holidaymaker who wouldn't dare to swim so deep. a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die if not soon within an arm's reach. they are not to lists they are researchers. and feel worse on land than in deep water.
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the. us president barack obama you should russian president dmitri medvedev that be a start treaty ratification is a top priority this came on the sidelines of the apec summit as the two leaders met in a bilateral meeting. after much angry rhetoric between china and the u.s. the summit of the world's richest nations or so when the agreement to stand back
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from waging currency towards. suspected trafficking network under investigation because of a concern inches from the major organized. russian newspaper uncovers more details of this summer's washington spy scandal saying it was a top intelligence officer and blew his own people's cover. one pm here in the russian capital and mrs arty's weekly news review first it was the only country ever to be hit by an atomic attack japan seems an appropriate place to aspire to a nuclear free world where on the sidelines of the apec summit in yokohama since medvedev and the bomber reiterated plans to slash their country's nuclear arsenals and.


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