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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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up top in japan these tests are silly it was their. there at the apec summit that will be the talks between the russian president dmitry medvedev and a u.s. president barack obama happened on the sidelines it was the first talk of the a second day of the summit and yes at the top of the agenda on the table is the ratification of the new start treaty now a president obama has a reiterated his commitment to the russian president that he is going to make sure that the treaty gets done at the lame duck session of the u.s. congress i reiterated my commitment. to start tweeting. during the lame duck session. or order this would reduce the nuclear long range missiles of the two countries by thirty percent it and it would allow the two countries to check on the stockpiles of each other two presidents brought this up today but they said that they will hammer out the details of the nato summit upcoming nato summit next week in this that we believe that russia nature of relations have improved it's beneficial for sides right now working on
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a number of issues including the so-called european anti missile shield with exchange ideas as to what could be done here and will discuss this at the summit apart from that we've been working together in a productive way and will continue to do so this being the apec summit trade and economy is a very important topic at the year two presidents discuss the ascension of russia to the world trade organization the bit of russia to join the w t o no president obama has said that russia has a full support of the u.s. and he said actually said the russia belongs to w t o he spoke with the russian side they said that they expected this to happen at the earliest this spring two thousand and eleven. recently we've made serious progress in terms of russia's decision to the this is an achievement by the american president and his team who lived up to all the agreements reached during my visit to washington i hope this
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process will continue and brush it will soon. access to the positive results i thought of the start treaty ratification so it is very important that this is making ahead remaking the progress and the commitment is coming from the us a president on this matter. america's chief negotiator for the original start treaty of one thousand nine hundred one the warns against letting the new deal with the what should but says it is a crucial turning point right now on that not ratify it would send the wrong signal to the well us russian arms control is a critical part or critical component of dissuading other members of the international community to not go nuclear and if we can't get a modest arms control agreement ratified are we giving talking points to augmentin a shot in tehran what impact are we having on on pakistan.
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on india and on other would be nuclear powers in the in the greater middle east it has to be viewed as a as a massive setback in what i consider to be the kind of fundamental security problem of our of our day which is the spread of nuclear weapons to fragile we and sometimes rogue states and potentially on to terrorists and finally i'll just simply say this i don't think frankly that the reset policy can survive the non ratification of start if we can't ratify this treaty we are going to send a signal of come on i believe of almost total incompetence to the rest of the international community. it was a fringe meeting between individual nations which seemed to seal most of the progress of the. pacific summit the only other main result committed to free trade
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in the final declaration becomes agreed not to introduce any new trade barriers over the next three years and that mirrors this we've seen in the g twenty summit in seoul to where leaders agreed that currency will help crisis recovery than they fell to adopt any action plan anyway and this is no reports. the world at war the weapon currency. the fallout trade imbalance the world's paying i mean the world is paying the price for the asset bubbles that are being blown throughout the emerging markets and this high stakes battle for global exchanges it's china versus the u.s. on the western front the fed pumping six hundred billion bucks into the american economy devaluing the dollar while slamming china for not readily revaluing its you want on the eastern front the chinese position is well you're depreciating the dollar and large and we really value the removal of the chinese currency which the us keeps on insisting on so it's really
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a standoff one that smacks of double standards it's absolutely true that the united states of late has made don't mess to clean self-serving policy that was shortsighted and that did not consider the rest of the world and this set up the sole summit but despite global outrage with u.s. fiscal policy they got more of a high level silent treatment than any kind of fight right now it's the world against the united states and in terms of an agreement to deal with the currency war nun's going to happen there is no interest coming from china or germany the two other key players to solve this problem not interested or protecting interest. and that was before the session even started obama might have guessed there would be no compromising china wasn't budging and german. the export giant defends its right not to surrender its strength by spending more abroad to appease u.s. calls to help economic recovery much of europe seems to be sitting back and
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watching how this will all play out no one is willing to budge on the fundamentals not china not germany not the united states most certainly the group also agreed to develop early warning indicators to prevent economic turmoil but the question now is that enough to prevent this cash class from getting out of control and he's now a r t from seoul south korea. the us had wanted to use the g twenty to pressure china but ended up having to expand its own actions instead this would lead to global currency on this. told us. the u.s. was really looking for the g. twenty to be a forum to continue to pressure china and to have you know more unified front against china asian currencies current account surplus countries. from from the rest of the world and what it actually ended up turning into was that the u.s. had to go in there. the tables were turned that the u.s.
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actually had to explain its own behavior to a whole host of countries of the chinese i think we're pretty adept at turning this around and there were a lot of other countries who didn't mind actually turning the tables a little bit on the us and saying ok well why don't you guys explain what you're doing with the fed before your currency before you start kind of throwing stones at us. there's been no shortage of opinions on george w. bush's presidency but in a few minutes of the program tonight we look at what the man himself first to say about his tenure confessions and denials the ex-president was detail his regrets over invading iraq justifying talk show methods. first time going into muslim village. i got beat up. while growing hatred of christians is the one thing israel's hardline muslims and jews agree on the victims of violence told their story in the few minutes. the us is desperately trying to
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revive the stalled mideast peace talks by entice it now israel to extend its construction moratorium in occupied palestinian territories washington's put on the table twenty stealth fighter jets were three billion dollars the pledge to fight any international resolutions against israel in exchange it wants israel to hold construction in the west bank for three months with the us promise not to ask to prolong it any further palestinians are criticizing the plan meantime saying the proposed freeze will not apply to east jerusalem the recent round of u.s. brokered peace talks became stuck three weeks after they began after israel referred. commitment to continue building settlements in palestinian areas we thought where the hero from the council in jerusalem which represents jewish settlements she says a bomber is just trying to mend his reputation after his recent electoral. it's an interesting fact after obama's midterm loss where he sees that americans are very upset with his domestic policy and it doesn't look like it's going to get better
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anytime soon then he's got to go off shore as it were and figure out how to make some kind of success of his of his regime of his presidency somewhere else and that's where we are right now. after years of official denial the e.u. is finally taking action over claims of organ trafficking in kosovo at least seven people including a high ranking health official have been charged with luring foreign nationals to remove their kidneys for transplant one suspects linked to the cost of the liberation army which is accused of selling the body parts of captured serbs during the yugoslav war r.t. sort of adverse to get. it was a war with a legacy of atrocities among the more shocking claims the alleged murders and harvesting of the organs of serbian war prisoners by members of the cause of a liberation army it's alleged to have happened in a place that became known as the yellow house in one thousand nine hundred nineteen
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are so the military technical agreement was signed q four and the two forces promise to secure the safety of all people living in kosovo regardless of their ethnicity but after the serbian forces left ninety percent of the kidnappings happened the allegations were made in a book by former u.n. war crimes prosecutor carla del ponte say but the case never made it to courts because of a lack of evidence now they returned to the public attention in the wake of an investigation into another organ trafficking case in kosovo. the team focused on the private clinic medical. the indictment relating to the. medical cases currently. with. pristina district court. we're waiting. confirmation hearing what we can say is that the two indictments were filed on fifteen twenty five october and there are five or defendants charged with
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very various counts of our organized crime illegal trafficking of organs misuse of public office there are also charges of wrong for use of the medical profession although it's not yet officially being made public the indictment has been leaks the group are accused of removing the organs of people's poor they have been persuaded by the lure of money being offered around twenty thousand dollars for a kidney part of the leaked documents seen by a dirty also reveals that many of these people were never paid r.t. discovered that two days he's been indicted and have been working at medicaid before it closed and now working at a private clinic medical just next door to the place they're accused of having performed the illegal operations so we went to confront your america about we just tried to speak to america and they want to talk to us we were asking them about the
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two employees who are supposedly still working there despite having been involved in the medical case here's a guy where that was shut down you can see the proximity is extremely close another of the men indicted in the medicals case has possible links to yellow house after a war crimes tribunal witness claimed he was at the house the new investigation stares at painful memories for those who are still trying to discover the truth about what really happened in the yellow house case and where their missing family members are now. after the war me myself my husband and our three children were living in casa he went out one day and was taken away for questioning he never came back. the scars of course of aids past still evident today and there are concerns that cause a very is becoming an easy breeding ground for organized crime those who still wonder how their family members suffered say the truth of what happened cannot be
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allowed to remain buried sara furthur r.t. cause of a. more on that horrific long running story on our website r.t. dot com also on tonight if you take a look at our home page share how looking shifty can get us stopped at security at israeli further developed i scan it says i'll be gone for the background what come up with their online tonight for airplay sounds a lot of straight talk maybe a runaway check in the very front seats of a polling seventy seven so you can fit inside to about the world but you have to get work on your boarding pass online tonight. at r.t. dot com.
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more the main stories of the week from us the moscow washington spy scandal took an unexpected turn this last week when it was revealed that the ten russian agents were sold out by their own boss a russian newspaper named him as colonel shot of a cough who's now a party under f.b.i. protection piskun off takes up the story this summer spy story between the u.s. and russia just a few months after dropping out of headlines around the world the biggest spy scandal between moscow and washington since the cold war iraq is back in the drama of this whole situation is that the agents were turned in by their boss. he's been named as. head of the american department of russia's foreign intelligence service neither his first name or photograph have been found to journalists from the moscow beast committed news people who have held their own investigation clean he is behind blowing his colleagues cover in the united states yes. everyone we spoke to
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agreed that this was the biggest failure in the history of the foreign intelligence service some of the agents worked undercover for decades in. given away just like all sell. their findings have been confirmed by the president on friday dmitry medvedev said he knew who the traitor was from the thursday of the scandal it was june when american authorities announced the captured ten people suspected of being russian secret agents all were found guilty by a u.s. court and deported in exchange for four men serving time in russia themselves convicted of being foreign spies it was never going to stay out of the news for long the story instantly made headlines and especially since the russian president's first official trip to the u.s. had just come to an end it's not credible to back off russia to the united states just a few days before the meeting if the visit and according to some reports are few months before that he was offered a promotion at work which could have seen him subjected to
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a lie detector test and vet some believe is why he we jetted the job offer instead he turned the other way may turning in his associates the media quickly found its favorite among the group of deported agents young rich and beautiful on a chapman was deemed the russian james bond girl but did see flashes draw focus away from the real super agent in the group me coalition corps was still in the shadows just as he had been for the past four decades. that is true this is an amazing story it doesn't only have a trainer but a true hero as well as the two absolute opposites i'm talking about with some coffee and his fantastic story. he left the soviet union in the nineteen sixties first to spain and then to south america working as a photographer he eventually married and moved to the us changing his name to one it said he continues we denied being a russian agent until colonels are well presented secret documents that he then
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revealed his true identity but intelligence experts seem naming and shaming russian operatives was probably not in the prime target. because was probably a us agent for a long time him self and i'm sure this whole story was instigated by the american secret service the two presidents are working to restart relations and some people are obviously against the timing of the scandal was picked perfectly it puts another name in the frame for the russian intelligence service that's still trying to establish how a massive decades long secret operation could fall port so easily seemingly at the hands of one man igor is going off moscow. george w. bush broke his silence on his turbulent presidency this last week his newly published memoir same defend the most controversial decisions of his time in office and confessing to some of the blunders would seal this reputation in the book decision points bush's knowledge is what he calls
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a sickening feeling that he authorized the u.s. invasion of iraq based on television's however bush justifies the use of waterboarding terror suspects as a legitimate form of interrogation which in his view was useful in breaking up terror plots former cia officer read mcgovern believes that by justifying torture bush's white house got caught in a web of lies. well number one it saved no lies in itself is a big lie the proof is in the putting it creates more terrorists secondly it could ever be justified torture is one of those techniques or one of those things is or was intrinsically wrong just like slavery or or genocide all was always wrong or george bush is saying is that some lawyer city hired to give him the correct answer said you know you could go ahead and waterboard people
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waterboarding being universally recognized everywhere but in the white house as torture is you don't get to disengage psychologically from a dependency such as alcohol without help this business about the almighty intervening and his turning himself over to the almighty is in the extreme he needed professional help and when he listen to the almighty tell him to invade iraq well that's where it gets really ridiculous it's not the almighty that i know about. former cia officer robert govern talking to his son r t there with his views well for generations the u.s. has considered itself the example for others to follow in the next hour of the program tonight we asked people stateside where they think the real power now lives . this is america and everybody who has looked up to us for how much longer will the resident gauges of tell you about who is influence and.
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more big news of the week britain saw its biggest show of anger yet against the massive cuts the country faces to plug its debts this week tens of thousands of students to send it on london against plans to treble their college fees they burnt banners broke windows and hurled objects at the police more than fifty were arrested the harsh budget cuts coincided the dispute over paying to run the european union which is in line to get even more money from member states next year i spoke to david campbell bannerman in the week he's a british member of the european parliament he told me why he thinks britain would be better off spending the money back. when you look at where the money's going i mean the m.e.p. expenses account has gone up by eighty five percent that's for entertainment you're getting film prizes there's money going on the hunting as states and private golf clubs you know it's a huge waste of money there's no excuse for any increase in the budget in fact it should be out so we can as posted about this stupor nine percent increase as being
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great cut relative to six percent that's what the european parliament here wanted a six percent increase which is outrageous really but to be honest this is not true it hasn't actually been agreed it's no it's called is only by the actual chief negotiator here every negotiation about after power but he has called this three point nine percent claim as being dishonest and the president of the european union says it's an opinion not a decision so i mean to be honest we don't know where we are at the budget could be far more than two point nine percent it could go up towards six per. in theory so we really are left in limbo here but there's no excuse for this kind of increase. israel is plagued by religious conflicts but it's not always between jews and muslims they appear to have been united against what they see as a common threat targeting christians because of their faith as artie's paullus lire reports of violence is on the rise things that david ortiz lives dangerously
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a christian pastor among religious jews in the west bank city of i will he's received death threats for trying to convert jews and muslims to his faith my first time going into a muslim village. i got beat up we were giving our bibles someone hated ortiz enough to drop off a package at his house thinking it had a candy inside his fifteen year old son opened it the pipe bomb nearly killed him in the blew him through the kitchen. and made a hole. in this choice most of the thrusts were in this way but the back fire destroyed the refrigerator and everything back it took three years for israeli police to catch the perpetrator a religious jew ject title who lived in a nearby israeli settlement he'd already killed two arabs places he's very proud. of he begun a favor by trying to cut off. across the west bank the story for palestinian
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christians is as bleak and the threat comes from both extremists jews and muslims bethlehem the believed birthplace of christ once boasted a population of eighty five percent christian today less than ten percent live here this woman is afraid to show her face she used to go to mantra square and teach about jesus but all that ended after her house was nearly burned down i didn't feel like i've been known to this nice anymore i feel like i'm strange and given the opportunity she says she wouldn't think twice about leaving the explosion of muslims. you know you feel you feel controlling everywhere every thing my granddaughter i have to memorize. but abu sada ignores the threats he's one of a growing number of muslims who converted to christianity in recent years one hour as a fighter with arafat i hated christians just as much as i hated jews i was going on
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around your i'm looking for their own through anger and into their homes or putting out their cars because i believed christians our spouses were christianity can search alongside islam and judaism here these two palestinian brothers have no problem we consolingly christian faith with living in a jewish state they volunteered to join the country's army saying they feel as israeli as the jewish and arab counterparts. everything i have for this army because in the end this is my country but it's not without its problems. of the each time i go home in uniform someone will call it me traitor and things like that it doesn't influence me. but in recent months attacks against christians and christian sites have increased at the beginning of november this hundred year old church was burned by right wing israelis who broke some of the windows and threw molotov cocktails inside it's no wonder that christians here are feeling under fire
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for you see our team to be slim. if you want to start on this channel with treasure hunting the deep blue sea is rescale our sun can ships interesting program coming up if you've not seen some from us and it's here tonight on our team from with me kevin owen right now about the headlines shortly thanks for choosing it's for you want to use.
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this is just a parliament building in the end. but there are. sixty five years ago. this was the final target i'm going to my major offensive for the army. it's. the truth became the symbol on the floor of the financial cinema. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall of moon on r.g.p. . a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded.
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this is. a review of the way the top stories have made the headlines. remains a top priority for the us came during fringe talks between two. of
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the world's richest economies agreed with the currency conflict but the sole summit failed to come up with. global trade and. other news from the week an investigation into trafficking networks of the way it's bringing the spotlight on to other. russian newspaper reveals who it claims exposed the ten spies in the spy scandal. for to say. special reports about the treasures. and supplies looted the years main event is about to kick on.


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