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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2010 4:00am-4:29am EST

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made in china the apac and g. twenty summits leave the world with a feeling that the asian state is now in the driving seat of the global economy.
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with republicans in the u.s. congress urging spending cuts in every field education and health care are likely targets but not it seems the fans of imperial ambitions. hope for the home was our team needs one dr moscow has made it her quest to help the less fortunate some of whom have no one else to turn to. and on the business desk russian roadways is looking for a foreign partner to build a national high speed rail way network across of russia but investors want government guarantees i'll have that and much more in twenty minutes time. watching our new live from moscow i'm marina joshua the program the center stage of world economy and politics is shifting to asia pacific region that's the view of russia. foreign minister sergey lavrov he was speaking in china at
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a meeting of ministers of three merging powers russia india and china part of a powerful blog known as bric which is hoping to change the economic landscape of the planet so who is already leaving the dominant power as of today behind artist s r cillian. from a pile of ruins right after the second world war to an economic powerhouse second only to the us all in the span of a single lifetime major pan asia economic miracle. and go you but nowadays the land of the rising sun is becoming a rising discontent. the unemployment rate itself is. five percent but. the quality of the jokes. are being cut. even when companies hire new people.
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on the condition. without social security the social benefits economic growth is on a standstill and export the engine of its economy are hurt by a soaring him pushing them to take their business elsewhere. we'll be doing you should we be increasing production we would be equal parts for the us use by overseas he's referring to china also known as the factory of the world with a major chunk of every manufactured art of today either fully or partly made in china i'm here in the heart of the largest chinatown. there been four generations of chinese that moved to japan and they've been greatly from the rise of this country economically but ironically the original country they have left has now overtaken their adoptive home to become the second largest economy in the world which means japan is now chasing the pack rather than leading it. japan you're
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quite right still seniors stuck in the mud struggling to generate. growth beyond us to the sluggish. level. and i'm not sure either of those things are going to change or many would say we're witnessing the beginning of china's era its economic clout is undeniable at the recently concluded g. twenty and apec summit barack obama repeatedly demanded that china lets the you want appreciate seeing below chinese currency is hurting u.s. exports chinese president hu jintao remained unmoved china gets the last word that's the new reality in asia if not the whole world. r.t. yokohama japan. still quite a con this hour here in r.t. including. at the. sundown as an imperialist power. republicans seem eager to throw countless piles of dollars at us
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the fans mostly at the cost of social benefits. and investigation into a cost of organ trafficking at work brings the spotlight on to claims that hundreds of service had their body parts moved and sold during the war. military assistance is what's on the table as a lebanese prime minister is coming to moscow saad hariri is expected to meet with his counterpart vladimir putin during the two day visit i had of his trip are to talk to the lebanese prime premiere on relations between the two countries as well as international issues such as russia's role in the middle east peace process and watch the full interview in about twenty minutes here in r.t. but here's a preview. therefore i think russia could play a very important role does mean your friends in the arab world we need to use our relations with russia in order to communicate the arab stance and think through the
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international community because it is very unnerving to see the justice done by israel to palestinians as well as to lebanon and syria we can no longer ignore that israel is trying to impose its own agenda it keeps using lands daily unfortunately the world is not doing anything about it literally relations with russia are very important to us and we would like these relations to be economically beneficial as well also like to find out how russia could assist lebanon and equipping the army and security forces in this respect we are going to propose some ideas that are russian friends. eastern members of nato will benefit from its partnership with russia has ation secretary general has sat. in an interview to a german newspaper address fogh rasmussen also stated that russia nato cooperation is the best protection for the alliance members the secretary general was optimistic about joint work on missile the fans in europe which will be
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a key issue at the nato summit in lisbon this week which russia will attend from the moscow state university of international relations is positive about russia nato joint project but says moscow shouldn't forget its other allies. i believe should the mentum be retained in russia need to relations should russia formally because. all the defense many of these issues will be sorted out by themselves given the level of mutual trust between the two and russia will increase significantly should they have joint missile defense which of course russia will need not to compromise any of its existing. blog relationships such as to its. relationship with china russia will only become. as objectively as some of the world's most effective militarily countries blogs.
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choice key political analyst from macarthur foundation. republicans cold to slash spending across the board seems to have gone down well with voters in the us midterm elections where the economy in ruins politicians say there will be cuts in education and health care but there is one multibillion dollar area that they won't touch. with the u.s. debt in the trillions in the economy still. it's no surprise politicians in washington are calling for this solution it's across the board spending cuts and in fact it was the rallying cry for middle ground that cable channel talks john midterm election nightmare when you get right down to the details she really made here american you can say reality is not what i i say. it looks a lot more clear that across the board cuts really exclude a fifty eight percent chunk of the budget and i mean that life has turned to spending would you cut defense across the board as well as the most exact figure do you do not cut defense that how can politicians afford not to touch the six hundred
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billion dollars a year elephant in the discretionary room. that rises to over a trillion dollars depending on what you factor into what you're calling defense minutes a politician democratic or republican or a particular session of congress begins to really to significantly cut spending there's an immediate outcry and those congressional districts that are impacted. i'm sure it's political and hey being a superpower doesn't come cheap it's a question of maintaining ready to have a capability to project force in other words it costs a lot of money to support it it's our empire we have an empire we have half a million of our troops in other people's countries all over the world. maybe the spending isn't that big of a deal when you put it like that sounds like a huge giant number in terms of u.s. dollars but we have a fourteen trillion dollar economy but here is what else is quickly approaching
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fourteen trillion dollars the u.s. debt get the u.s. continues to demand spending almost as much on defense as the rest of the world combined so it relies on other countries to pay for this countries like china to fund u.s. debt or another words to fund u.s. defense america's storing all these dollars in iraq and iraq afghanistan in japan in its bases around the world that's what the deficit is and that's what the u.s. isn't talking about of the federal american politicians would rather sidestep the issue i know that it's a good approach toward or protect defense at the cost of programs americans count on such as social security some high profile players are drawing attention to what actually resembles reality comedians for one. america is like a family that spends way more than they bring in and dad to give up that big stupid boat. and you know what america's stupid boat is it's our empire oh yeah and
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former budget director is a republican president. and the. sundown as an imperialist power and we can't have credit card imperialism we can't be the policemen of the world because we can't afford it we're going to cut defense drastically but with the will on capitol hill looking more like this do you do you do not cut defense and the president overseeing this astronomical defense driven debt what does this really mean for the country it means that mr obama is trying to turn the united states into a third world country just as george bush did and just as clinton did there's just as reagan did so there's been a constant movement of the united states to run up foreign debt without any ability to pay or even without any intention to pay and when that credit card is maxed out that tough talk we're hearing now that you're going to be falling on differential ceilings and more and lyster are t. new york and there are always more stories on our website r t dot com and here is
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a quick preview of what my cats are i. think while forecasters predict the coldest winter russia has ever seen there is no sign of it yet but moscow is experiencing record breaking warm the damn birth dates. that seem to be popular at first sight when what you read gordon was presented with this bulgarian out of train trip to the country joins the labrador and tigers in the past all that and more. fresh claims of organ trafficking in costs of all have revived sinister allegations made against the region soldiers during the war seven people have been charged was luring foreign nationals to the region and harvesting their organs for sale one
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suspect is lengths to the cost of a liberation army accused of trafficking the organs of captured serbs ten years ago the indictment is a starkest revelation of the extent of organized crime in the country since cost of a declared independence day greece in allegations claims this no good night's crime group including ducks his and a high level health official were involved in organ trafficking and as the investigation continues there are now growing concerns that with political instability and a weak justice system close of a could be becoming a breeding ground for criminal activity organ trafficking on fortunately exists in other parts of the world but the people who want it it's basically a big business or course the people who do it to don't do it on an ethnic basis but do it because there is a lot of money in it and the opportunity to sort of top. environment which has been existing impossible for pretty much the last ten years is of course something that
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they would welcome the allegations focus on the medical private clinic and first surfaced he is a gay forcing the census to close shockingly r.t. have discovered that two things named in the indictment have continued to work ever since as another health center you're a medical and just next door to where the alleged crimes took place so we went to confront your america about. we just tried to speak to your america they want to talk to us who are asking them about the two employees who are supposedly still working there despite having been involved in the medical fears ago where you can see the proximity is extremely close the indictments have shed a harsh spotlight on organized crime in kosovo both its government and western countries cuse of turning a blind eye to the lawlessness has been growing ever since it declared independence from serbia three years ago there are also many who accuse the ruling authorities
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of miscarriages of justice that date back to the wall being drawn between medicare's and the yellow house case the alleged murder and harvesting of organs of serbian war prisoners by members of the cost of a liberation army but there was insufficient evidence to bring that case to court my husband was taken just after the war ended despite surveillance having been promised security regardless of ethnicity never came back the families of kidnapped and killed people in carson have been fighting the red tape in the un mission in concert. for a long time but so far was out in new result the biggest problem is that those who are killing and kidnapping people on course have changed their soldier uniforms for this use of m.p.'s. overnight with the help of international institutions the focus is now falling on whether the territory is up to fighting organized crime
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and say many can still say clearly because the abuses of the past there for. also take a look at some other stories from around the world and the african union says north and south sudan have agreed a framework to smooth out tensions have a vote on southern in the pants the parties have to mark eight of their disputed border so the nice citizens will have the right a live on either side registration for generous referendum has now begun and the vote is part. a peace deal which and a long north south civil war several years ago. turbulent times continue for the israeli airline quantas another of its planes the star of a boeing seven forty seven was forced to return to sydney when smoke started coming from its electrical systems and the cockpit jumbo was carrying two hundred twenty one people and heading to argentina by the problem across. the pacific and this is the airline's fourth such and so then this month the most serious was an explosion in the engine of one of its brand new a three eighty s.
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and its fleet of super jumbos has been ground it ever since. french president nicolas sarkozy has reshuffled his cabinet but kept in place as prime minister that's despite francois. resignation on saturday most other cabinet members have lost their jobs so political experts say the move will give the president a much greater support allowing him to implement his controversial hysteria measures. with thousands of people living rough on the streets of moscow all the chief concern for them remains how to make it through each night but thanks to one only doctor help is at hand however sean thomas reports she ballasts with a chronic lack of funding to bring treatment to the city's poorest people. as winter approaches in moscow hundreds of homeless people stand in line waiting for just a small bit of food. well people come here to eat you see this food here and eat some of it and take the rest to my kids i've got kids you know. sygate
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a car the of is just one of thousands of homeless in moscow simply trying to get by but i live in a railway platform that are like forty of us there that are two openings so twenty people fit in one of them and twenty feet in the other i have been living there for one year recognizing a needle is a veteran drink and regularly sets up a makeshift clinic and distribution center near the pub you let's go to a train station in central moscow she has also started a blog to let people know the problems moscow's homeless face those who come to her for help simply call her doctor elisa. we help some people to return home the priority here is people who are seriously sick with cancer and tb those who are beaten up if we can we find their relatives i also try to help those who have come out of prison or all at once a week the homeless and the needy from all over moscow come here so that they can
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get supplies of food and even medical treatment if needed but as is the case with many operations of this kind the supply just does not meet the demand. in summer we'll act shirts in the winter we don't have enough food because they need to stay warm in the winter which is impossible without food we need more room it would be good to have a place where they could stay at least when it's really cold though she faces a daunting task with limited resources those who know her say their lives are better because of dr lisa's influence. which when i met elizabeth in two thousand and six here help anywhere i can we met when we were in difficult places in our lives her mother was sick and my daughter was also at the same high. one of my daughters died in a car accident the other one barely made it she noticed me and asked what was wrong that's how we met everything i have now is thanks to her and while those who come here for help understand the stakes in these and when your daughter born i don't
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know what we would do with it this help were not for these charity organizations we would be done for them dr lisa's fear is that politicians with the power to make real changes just don't understand the problems well. i don't know why this issue is being ignored because these are active people who could be returned to normal life we need to hospitals that could solve many problems related to prolong to deaths or chronic disease it's not just the patient himself who is handicapped but the people around him who are the caregivers also become emotionally handicapped they have no where to go for help but dilemma that gives dr lisa the inspiration to continue to help one person at a time sean thomas r t moscow coming up the syrian r.t. would take a trip to a place geologist call nature isn't a well what's our special report on the contact but instill in the far east of russia but here's
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a preview. for your convenience are comfortable. the teacher who spoke. just a few hours i'm serving her june fourth and scaring her. year directly. on the. scorching soil. are included. a photo with the wow. well that brings us up to date here nancy remember that from oregon always turn to our website which has our t.v. dot com right now though we'll take a look at what's happening in the world of business with stephanie.
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hello and welcome to the business bulletin russian railways is looking for a foreign partner to build a national high speed rail way network across russia several companies are showing interest in the project but investors are seeking government guarantees seen as a method of reports. faster journeys with greater confidence and service that's the aim of russian real ways project to build high speed transport across the country added there has turned to the leaders in the sector for promoting project among future partners spain is one of the leaders in europe with its network to become the largest already in december of this year high speed rail or transport contributes to point by percent of the country's g.d.p. with the sector better ging to go fifty percent even in trouble to two thousand and nine six hundred sixty kilometers in two and a half hours the target said but added today and it will want to cover more than
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ten thousand kilometers with high speed rails in a twenty year programme it's the responsibility of russian state to create the conditions moreover we think that they're based on the research shows that we have . presented for the ministry of finance the minister of transportation minister of economy it is clearly showed that during the time of the construction there will be a ratio of different new industries that are going to be created in russia cost jobs and a lot of new services as well as saving time high speed real shares the gold looking woman development in russia's regions foreign partners will provide to knowledge and expertise forming a joint venture with an attitude to subsidiary cost estimates exceeds forty billion dollars but that could come down and that means that all new high speed rail lines appeal to the same standards the rolling stock is built the same standards and in theory you should be able to run a train i mean. erin european network has been built to
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a standard so be very careful which standards it's chooses if it wants to have a low cost roadway for the future. and you're a real travel began in russia with iraq's press linking moscow center to the words and sub sun the first trip between two same petersburg customers are convinced it only remains to win over investors high speed trains are unlikely to be back their construction costs before two thousand and fifty. nine when you do business are cheap. now let's take a quick look at how the equity markets are performing european stocks have opened low on monday banks and miners are leading the falls island is in the spotlight that's after the government was forced to deny reports over the weekend that it is seeking a bailout. and here in moscow stocks have switched to negative in the last hour all the blue chips are in the red on the all ts p.t.b. has reversed earlier gains and is now the worst performing blue chip on my sex down one percent and the majors are also on the slide. and the r.t.s.
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aims to raise up to four hundred million dollars from its upcoming i.p.o. that's according to com a site newspaper citing of course a source close to the matter the listing will take place next year with the board's aiming to attract funds to develop its business in russia and the c.i.s. . unemployment in russia has grown for the first time in eight months the number of jobless people increased by point two percent in the first week of november to around one and a half million russia's health ministry blames seasonal factors. in the world's largest mining company b.h.p. billiton has scrapped its hostile forty billion dollars bid for canada's potash corp soft a failing to gain approval from the canadian government the decision gives the green light to russia's top fertiliser make a force group which is also interested in acquiring potash. russia's second biggest . v.t. b. is in talks to buy him credit bank from czech financial group p.p.s.
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the deal is estimated to be worth two billion dollars home credit is the second biggest consumer loans operation in russia p.p.s. group has reportedly decided to sell one hundred percent of the back to the t. b. including its operations in valorous and doesn't start to be has not officially confirmed the deal. the russian insurance market will reach pre-crisis levels within months historically russia has been underinsured with the people rely on the government good luck to help out in times of crisis that's beginning to change with the rapid growth of like and what shorts but you know coaching that reports. that young try and he and his company and read the russian insurance market only two years ago from the start of the financial downturn two years on some saturation of the economy have almost recovery to pre-crisis levels and among them they sure are in small kit. and on the russian market. with what's going on on the other market
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and based on that though we are strong in. russia in terms of market especially in the form of the fast growing life insurance business is sim expanding by almost twenty four percent the c.m. x. preceded the mortgage it will reach the pre-crisis levels of two thousand and eight within months one key driver is domestic comprador action forecast to reach one point seven million next year another growth sector is buildings insurance in september president dmitry medvedev suggested the return of compulsory fine surance after the summer's devastating wildfires however this will take much longer than the government wants according to one of the country's leading insurers the general director of. the negotiations along will take two years. what we see now are only talks on how to implement mandatory fire insurance in the country if we talk about insuring apartments it mostly means insuring liability but if you
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talk about countryside houses then this deals more with property insurance the state hasn't made its decision yet i think talks will go on for at least two years it's clear that number is so long it won't drive the recovery consumer confidence is crucial as the industry is to meet its potential my dinner which no business r.t. . and that's all the business use for now but i'll be back with more for you next hour and of course you can always find more stories on our website www dot com slash.
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though so many years of. series former prisoners. are still along. those welds and for sure. those so many years of. summer will be designed to save. others hate her executioners her longing for justice.


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