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those so many years of past. memory is still a mile. as well. as home. in india. in. polish president. beatriz old. taj mahal hotel. hotel. the. sheraton. collection. made. clothes.
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welcome back here with our t. here's a look at the top stories made in china the apac and g. twenty summits leave the world with a feeling that the asian state has become the driving force of the global economy leaving behind a dominant power as of today. at a public ends in the u.s. congress are urging major spending cuts in almost every field and while education health care are likely targets the multibillion dollar the fans budget seems set to stay together with america's imperial ambitions. investigation into the cost of an oar in trafficking network is underway and it's bringing the spotlight on to other claims that hundreds of serbs have their body parts removed and sold during the cost of a war. for a big hole once one doctor in moscow it's taken out of personal quest to land a helping hand to the less fortunate for some of them her charity is the only
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opportunity to survive another night. and russia's continuing to exert its influence in the middle east and not just as a peace negotiator a multi-million dollar deals are being signed on a regular basis and now the prime minister of lebanon has come to moscow with his checkbook have his visit saad hariri took time out to sit down with our. i had then well might have welcome to the r.t.e. interview with great pleasure i would like to welcome the prime minister sheikh saad and heidi hello prime minister hello had packed up of and that he does and i do think that is illusion of the political crisis in iraq will have a positive impact on lebanon and could lead to resolution of the political crisis there as well i have it was because that's about i think that the mean problem here is that the key issue was ignored i mean about a fear of peace for everybody in one thousand a new one there was a peace conference in madrid then there was also the arab summit conference in
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beirut where the participants came up with the air peace initiative but now the peace process is being destroyed by different amendments which will lead us to nowhere the principle behind the resolutions which were supported by everyone demand that israel should follow the resolutions there would have been no need to talk about arms and other problems have disputes process not been buried and in one thousand nine hundred we face many difficulties today because israel denies palestinians their legal rights refuses to return the golan heights to syria the sheba farms the far shuba tenders are to lebanon but they are peace initiative was adopted why is israel doing that then our national community has an obligation here it needs to know that we can only solve problems in the region through a fair peace for all. this thing about israel is of sponsible for the deadlock in the peace process which must not only as a responsible israel is the main reason why the process failed but then yahoo's
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government is not able nor is willing to continue with the peace process what role could pressure play in promotion the peace process in the middle east and russia participate in the madrid conference and that is part of this process but it is also part of the court ted mediating the israeli palestinian talks therefore i think russia could play a very important role does mean your friends in the arab world we need to use our relations with russia in order to communicate the arab stance on things to the international community because it is very unnerving to see that in just as done by israel to palestinians as well as to lebanon and syria we can no longer ignore that israel is trying to pose its own agenda and keeps using lands daily unfortunately the world is not doing anything about it this is unacceptable in all aspects international human and religious it goes against the geneva convention and then the other regulations israel is breaking all international conventions and
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everybody knows that he had relationship with the russian leaders is a very good what key issues will be discussed during this visit. men and women too often politically relations with russia are very important to us we would like these relations to be economically beneficial as well will also like to find out how russia could assist lebanon in equipping our army and security forces in this respect we're going to propose some idea start russian friends we have been promised certain assistance and lebanon is ready to work out a plan for purchasing russian weapons lebannon has purchased arms from russia in the past and now we're trying to figure out if we could get some discounts on weapons for lebanese army and security forces and and what about jets. we will study that issue during our visit our pilots are going through. training and hopefully this visit will be successful and to what our president has started many of you know what areas can expect agreements to be signed with russia we are
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considering signing an agreement on call church and between our countries ministers of justice we hope that agreements and other areas will be stated properly especially those concerning our normans for the lebanese army and this i know of russia maintains its position regarding the un international tribunal on the killing of former prime minister hundred eighty and fully supports it what is your standpoint on this position here of the law it is a natural position since russia is driven by they have justice and there's never abandon that and that is why we are grateful to russia for this position which we consider to be natural because russia supports lebanon not only in the matters related to the international trade you know but also in everything lebanon had to go through over the past decades with all the wars both in two thousand and six and earlier russia has always been on lebanon side what kind of relationship you have with the syrian government now. that we've got wonderful relations we keep up
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contact our ministers keep in touch with their syrian counterpart i hope that the gap between ice will get smaller i want to develop a special relationship but sheria it will be beneficial for us in terms of politics security economic and social policy we are constantly working on maintaining this kind of relationship which is made up of political relations between the two countries economic ties as well as relations between the governments those what is your visit to iran at the end of the month what will your talks be about there. and the time of the visit is not defined yet we hope that it will take place and that will cover all issues on the agenda in our talks i was open about talking to iran's president ready to dive during his visit to beirut we corporate would. iran and number of areas in the energy sector they're giving us large incentives in order to enter a market we corporate and politics too and our position there is that any kind she
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has the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes we hope that our entire region will be a nuclear free zone in terms of peaceful initiatives we consider ourselves to be part of the league of arab states and we shall never support and you want opposing the international community lebanon as an independent state we have our place in the world and we shall protected based on these principles we have certain disagreements with iran and some issues but we are in complete agreement with them on a number of others. that the lebanese government is currently in its half situation but the so-called false witnesses and they had already assassination investigation how we going to resolve it. i wouldn't call it a tough situation while agreed that this issue is important in the cabinet and i suggested today the debate is around the question was a body of authority should be appointed to consider the case due to certain political reasons some members are suggesting it should go to the council of
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justice while we believe a regular court has a preferred option the cabinet ministers are discussing this issue and we shall achieve the decision that will satisfy all parties my opinion is that this issue should be passed on from the cabinet to the regular court where these false witnesses will be to try out the fun you met why aren't you well into satisfy the opposition's requirements to step back from the special tribunal in order to keep the peace in the country and avoid turmoil. we have created the government which initially was a national unity government with no such concept as pro-government or position forces we must be united it would be a political mistake for. and well being part of the government that's number one number two is that there is indeed concerns about the special tribunal but i think that it would be a ron to talk about the sundered current circumstances it will require sobriety and
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a dialogue people need to calm down and that sensibly fighting leads us nowhere at the end of the day well have to live together in our country and keep up the dialogue we got for a bet we'll develop a different view. when was get back to negotiating table the country requires peace and that's the most important thing yes we indeed still have some disagreements but is it really the way out there must be peace otherwise there is no way to achieve positive results in the dialogue how can an emotional person be in dialogue with other people i keep saying all the time that we need to calm down the lebanese people need an opportunity to live a peaceful life because people are tired of all the discord and we must do everything to achieve it. something that if pressure on you on the part of the opposition builds up you'll have to resign is that possible.
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i haven't felt much pressure on me and i think that pressure is being put on other people rather than me just for resignation i was elected by the lebanese people the majority express their trust in me so that we could form a government i became the prime minister thanks to the support of the major already and i am said to continue working together with everyone. thank you mr prime minister thank you. are you. comfortable. just. getting. on the. crater's. scorching soil.
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are included. a photo with the wild lunar rover. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations to rule the day. so many years of. some prisoners. are still a lot. as well for sure. those so many years.
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some are hoping to find the same. longing for justice. those so many years of past. memory is still in my eyes. as well. as. british. what's really happening to the global economy.
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a look three hotels bank. told nine call a memory watergate hotel. princess hotel marriott cool job hotel bankrolled by yuki suite hotel been called the imperial queen's poll. results and spoleto. new supply is fun. golden cliff results and spun moto a one year old research and discovery beach hotel children a result of the sea entrepreneur results. barracuda told her turn. her toe. specific children result. in israel is available in some hotel. hotels or recently. made in china the apac and g. twenty summits leave the world with a feeling that the asian state has become the driving force of the global economy
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leaving behind the powers of today. republicans in the u.s. congress are urging major spending cuts in almost every field. and health care are likely targets a multi-billion dollar the fans budget seems set to stay together but america's imperial ambitions. cost of an organ trafficking now work is on the way it's bringing the spotlight on to other claims that hundreds of serbs had their body moved and soldiering the cost of a war. that's they have us here in our teens for sex with farmer. hello there thanks for watching the sporting this is what is coming up. we are the champions and the coach but i see how you'll see the stars a steak time the russian prime in the crime. why one jungle seven champion
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sebastian vettel talks about his historic win tonight with darby. factions in the n.f.l. where the jets comps about winning. but first any courage to johnny split he has praised his pace and fans after clinching the russian premier league title an emphatic five no way in overall stuff in some pages making them champions with two gangs left the need had to wait until the forty eighth minute to get their victories broadband and he got up to score the resulting penalty and then with fifteen minutes to go before the final whistle the floodgates open so you see him out getting the second seven minutes later speech the off again on the right wing with that cross for alexander courage because of the make it three no under informal rubin man alexander who could offer messi twice right at the death after this but that he said the pressure had been on zenny to win the title for the last four months we've only lost twice in the league in his first season in charge and
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also won the russian cup back in may. well because title i think with the one one draw with spot wagner love got them in front of the he was awarded a penalty fourteen minutes into the second car. but the hype sequel eyes later on through aston crucial call of the army man a man fighting for the second automatic champions league spot i. mean while i relegated after that one one draw with locomotive to make the side show of gave luck i believed in the sixty fourth minute k. . and. great strike six a big gave themselves a glimmer of hope with a late equaliser from the law. fabulous free kick but it wasn't enough to be guaranteed to finish bottom after just four wins all season. by game on moscow's slim hopes of champions league football ended with a golden droid in security men scrapping for a europa league spot while karelia fall from the bottom and still in
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a battle against relegation on the table here shows what's left to fight through things are after that second automatic champions league spot third place office champions league by the qualifying rounds the next two places offer europa league action and then at the bottom some are doing that any one of six teams there and joins them with that six points still to play for. england sunderland stunned leaders chelsea with a three nil victory at stamford bridge a new man and well would be goals for the black cats that means chelsea now only have two point lead at the top asking the second half to see ones that three. women have won the volleyball world championships in japan the squad beating brazil in the tough five set finale final winning the decisive tiebreaker fifteen two eleven to secure the seventh world title. won the tournament and the p award while the hosts planned the bronze medals. formula one's youngest ever world champion
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sebastian vettel says he never stopped believing off the claim the title darby the twenty three year old red bull driver started the race third in the standings that lead from pole and so other results go his way fernando alonso mark webber two were the main title contenders both last time at the near the pit stop in ten seventh and eighth respectively allowing vettel to finish top of the overall standings all points clear of a long second to two thousand and eight champions how much of this runner up to now be with britain last year's winner jenson button coming. very speechless to be honest i don't know what you're supposed to say in this moment. it has been an incredible season for myself for all of us. physically and mentally especially. to come here you know we have always kept believing in us and our team in the car so did i keep believing in myself and yet
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today was a special day all around. and i intend to open so doing is up to force in the world rankings after losing to the french open finals he began to take the paris masters sailing storm through the first set six one but made a lot more resistance in the second one phase for sinatra tie break but the swede stormed through it seven one to take the match in just over an hour now afterwards admitted his history of failure at roland garros had made him even more determined to get picturing here. yeah it was the last great i mean the first set was really good i started out really well. i was very very hard to scratch. even. before writing my grandson fight. this now third time you know i really wanted to win this round them really got up. while the women's world number two
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there's one area of says russia needs to invest more in the sport to keep producing talent she made the comments after being named russia's tennis player of the year because usually was voted the best male player of the year the world number ten won two tones in twenty ten and got to the u.s. open semifinals while out of one of the over got to the semi's wimbledon and the u.s. open she spoke openly about the highs and lows to our own course there and sent out a warning about the future of russian tennis. of course there was a great year for me it was a great experience at the end of the last year. top surgery and there was no trout will be able to play this year and it's just you know happen this year that a lot of a lot of success of course i had some ups and downs but overall it's been it's been great and i'm happy that i was in that i got this award here today when i interview after lead so i usually ask what kind of mistakes have you made in the past year
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and what will you be focusing your attention on in the coming year well i think i learned about myself every day being a professional athlete and now i have an experience that. can help me to go through a lot of different things but i think throughout this year i'll just try to be a little bit more careful with my scheduling it's is very important just try to be good at the very important tournaments and it just so you know keep believing in myself and keep tried my best all the time that's i think that's the main goal for the next year we still plenty of promising ashley is here today but you and your generation of players have set the bar pretty high so what do you think about this next generation of players. you know yes we did set up bar pretty high and i hope i'm hoping we're a great example and that's why today during the ceremony we whistle so many on current players that for a year up in world championships and the fourteen under eighteen and under sixteen
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so i think we we've got some more great talents behind us and i believe they can achieve a lot like like we did but that i'm sure they will overcome us in the future what would you say was your most memorable experience during the last season the most memorable experience. i think i can't i just pick one this year i had i had a few of them of course reaching the finals at wimbledon and both final singles and doubles and then reaching the final i use open and then playing my muster is winning all my three. matches of their own robyn overall has been a i think of great experience and i can't i just felt like he said again i'll just be quiet and i think i just south should you know should be happy with the consistency during this year and just look forward to the next one what do you think is the biggest obstacle on the way to advancement so brushing tennis today
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that the biggest obstacle i think we still have to build up a structure governing structure it is very important to have facilities and i think we're still lacking facilities in the culture there they're not big enough or they're not good enough to for their preparation know their high level athletes so i think that's going to be the biggest challenge for ash in the future. now let's get some action from the n.f.l. where the new york jets left it late against cleveland grabbing a winning touchdown in overtime with just sixteen seconds left it was nip and tuck throughout this one the jets pulling level here in the second it ten all with a twenty five yard touchdown from jerricho cotchery. cleveland them from themselves playing catch up at twenty thirteen down with just a couple of minutes left but rookie quarterback caught mccoy family home in the squad tied to gangs and went to overtime just seconds there that sanchez just touchdown passes on turning around holmes to give the jets
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a twenty six twenty victory. look at all the games from sunday night when is that the tampa indianapolis buffalo jacksonville and she card got it. all started taking up big dreams were miami and denver dallas the new york giants thirty three twenty eight also a big win for seattle about howard zona some francisco absent in time and new england big pittsburgh. and the n.b.a. game madison square garden here's the rockets down the struggling new york knicks one hundred four to ninety six even without the gang making an hour and brooks the rockets beat the next thirty time fifteen meetings at home side to take the league midway through the portland raymond felton some three point zero that was a rare moment the knicks only schooled three schools three three pointers from sixteen attempts in the rockets took advantage moving ahead towards the end of the third and never looked back even martin scored twenty eight points on the night that the fifty feet on the plans for the knicks. or the games from sunday night
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with a narrow win over minnesota san antonio and phoenix said getting victories that. the goal from robert the rigorous and robert that have kept their p.g.a. tour cards for next season they came first and second respectively at the children's miracle network classic in florida back to those stories four shot lead at the start of the day slowly for all away. shots like that but garrigus got to the top of the leaderboard with this play out on the seventeenth. and he kept his head on the eighteenth to win by three shots over thank you for them both as a result means they both stay on the p.g.a. tour next season as for the shot of the day davis love the third banking a hole in one on this two hundred yard par three he finished ninth. while the rain delayed singapore open has been won by a stroke in adam scott the third time he's won the tournament did it by three straight margin this. brings us to end of the sports
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more a bit like. for the full slate we've got it for. the biggest issues dead human voice face to face with the news makers.
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