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big . the extradition of alleged arms smuggler victor boot from thailand to the united states won't have negative impact on relations with russia so says the u.s. state department but the kremlin insists he's acted outside the. european union's president warns the irish debt crisis could collapse causing collapse if europe fails to unite against a common economic threat. and the new leader of britain's armed forces believes the west is unable to be militant islamism and general sir david richards says to
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prepare for another four decades in afghanistan. two am in moscow i met très a good to be with you here on r t our top story moscow has dubbed thailand's extradition of russian businessman victor boot to the u.s. as illegal washington is accused of using unprecedented political pressure to have him handed over america says the man nicknamed the merchant of death trafficked arms to dictators in conflict zones across the globe or he's gotten a cheeky young brings us the latest. victor boot is now reportedly in new york after a very contentious extradition from thailand lawyers family members on the russian embassy in thailand said there we see no proper notification on this snapple extradition plan yes it's hard for me to talk about but what happened was totally unexpected for both myself and victor's lawyer the thai cabinet held a closed meeting where
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a political decision was taken to extradite my husband to the us the extradition took place within four hours of the meeting against all the rights and laws of the country the only law that exists in thailand is u.s. influence i guess this decision was paid for. he was apparently put on a plane in a very speedy matter and sent to the uighurs here he faces charges of. selling arms to a terrorist group and conspiring to kill american citizens americans also believe he had stoked violence in some war torn regions by selling weapons to sierra leone afghanistan sudan and so on if convicted he may face life in prison denies any wrongdoing says he has only engaged in perfectly legal aircraft sales to boot was detained in thailand as a result of a sting operation carried out by american agents two years ago moscow believes the us managed to get good extradited by putting unprecedented political pressure on
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the government and judicial authorities of thailand. despite two rulings in thailand's criminal court saying victor boot guilt was not proven the government has still decided to fund him over to the us i consider this unprecedented political pressure on the legal process and on thailand's government this is an example of striking injustice we as a state will continue to give all necessary support to boot as a russian citizen while russian diplomats say they need an immediate access to their book they hope is why. it will be honored here in the united states we have to keep in mind for two years far from the u.s. i've been in a tug of war over this extradition the u.s. believes is evolving russia says because of this lot of accusations that the you are says hunger pot and bullets and all the negative hype there is. really doubt that good has it has a chance to spend a fair trial in the us actually boots lawyers and some intelligence actors claim
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that the reason the us so wanted to have him in custody is his allegedly extensive knowledge of washing military and intelligence operations it's really unclear to what extent victor boot is knowledgeable in all those things. but here is my colleague updating us out of it with more on why americans want him so badly people on the planet how the woods lord of war there are over five hundred fifty million firearms in the world wide circulation that's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. you know we questionnaires. how do we were in the other eleven and his lynch to realize prototype russian businessmen victor boot nicknamed the merchant of death denied on like easy and laughed off parallels. i don't know very sorry for nicolas cage who rang the to play this sort of law for this very silly and i feel pity for it's been over his statement never changed even
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when he came from behind bars in the infamous bangkok hilton but that did not stop the type court from ordering his extradition to the united states despite the fact the country's criminal court earlier refused to do just that in a move worthy of a bureaucratic wreck or entire thought is not good from prison to a u.s. airplane in under three hours without him seeing his wife or his lawyer meet them they decided on victor's extradition without any regard to the on going process of law it means that they violated the kools authority this is a punishable offense but i am going to file a case against the cabinet members and explain to the cool into the cabin is violated the rights of my client to keep process of law the company has perpetrated an illegal act as well as sending it to off to the u.s. in this way and even though this case may seem closed the biggest question remains
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unanswered what does victor boot know to make the americans want this badly victor who doesn't know anything i mean the whole idea of victor borge as a merchant of death as a hollywood phenomenon where trouble is not an arms mortar he was there as a cargo merchant he was you know if he were a transporter or so if america thing is actually get secrets out of him they're very very very wrong it's not everyone that's willing to give the russian businessmen the type of credit given to him by u.s. prosecutors he's possibly a merchant of some death but he certainly isn't the man the u.s. media would call them merchant of death i mean back to around quite a large a lot operators in miami and i and i would think that ninety five percent of his flights were ordinary commercial goods i know you flew television mostly from washing powder all sorts of things so we're only talking about five percent of the cargoes possibly being. which is not itself a legal but ever since his arrest in the thai capital in march two thousand and
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eight the american side did everything it could to make charges stick including adding allegations of trade love violations. family have repeatedly criticised the court procedures firm in their belief that is being made a scapegoat of a policeman a principle this is a question of principle of the should they've been continues spending money taxpayer money on trying to root out gone wrong it's so they have to have someone to show for it and they chose what we can do that gets nothing but p.r. you know actually refused to take his case because they were visited by u.s. officials who through most of. the trial and tribulations are anything but over his feet in the u.s. is very uncertain with only one thing guaranteed more time behind bars rumors of a sequel to hollywood's blockbuster lord of war have been circling around for a while the last ordinary moviegoers await that release dictabelt will be awaiting his own at this point in time both look equally unlikely. kashrut as are the r t
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moscow well snapback for their shows are apparently business as usual for the us there was another case that over russian pilot who was arrested in liberia and transferred to america to face drug trafficking charges although his lawyers say there is no proof he committed any crime in the u.s. he was handed over to american agents in a matter of days the lawyer squire the pilot had been basically kidnapped so it seems when the u.s. wants someone extradited there is not much that can stop them but for example having someone extradited from the uighurs is so much more legally complicated you have do you have any billing to a bank here a chance for the russian news agency rio says there is one organization in the u.s. that's a very interested on having him for their boat on american soil. who is going to benefit from this fest the traditional victor boot fest them to bring the glee club to extradition my version of the answer is that most probably. the drug enforcement
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administration of the united states of america is the best one hears they have been doing work on terrorism because the good that deters the men day to the back in two thousand and one after nine eleven and they have not been very successful one of their biggest successes and a success that was trumpeted over the world is the tension in banco two thousand and eight of the two groups the officials or former officials a surely said on the record that they'd spent about twelve million u.s. dollars on this issue to chase him to somebody has to. do to justify. these expenses and the only person with whom these expenses can be justified is good to boot not just the good but there are good behind bars. if europe's single currency fails so would the union itself that warning comes from the e.u. president ahead of the euro zone's finance ministers meeting portugal has warned
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that it could be forced to ditch the euro and ireland is also being urged to use ballot funds to keep from bankruptcy ned naylor leland for a london based investment company says small you states may have little alternative but to take the cash. i don't really in a in a position of of much choice because clearly it's a sort of rock and a hard place scenario and the short term expediency of bail out so it's better than the. bondholders all or i.e. immediate reactions of the situation but just you know you what you want to keep an eye on the fact that one country after another appears to be on a slow roast in terms of news flown in terms of word the way the markets looking at this but my guess would be it's likely to be a short term situation for arlen because i believe that they will be forced to take bailout money and that will put them back probably behind portugal in terms of the
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country being looked at most most closely. financial analyst max kaiser soze even worse than taking money from europe would be a turn to the international monetary fund for help. the e.u. right now is investigating criminal activity over there the anglo irish bank four hundred fifty one million dollars of illegal loans that are now parked in offshore accounts implicated are john fitzpatrick david drumm schoen quinn the financial terrorists that are taking ireland down in less ireland's willing to give up its sovereignty unless ireland is going to become a debt slave unless ireland wants its affairs conducted by the i.m.f. and the i.m.f. everywhere they've gone they've they've brought destruction and economic mayhem you know they're licking their chops waiting to get in there to cause havoc pay themselves a huge freeze give bonuses to their college array of crony capitalists and terrorist bankers and ireland is quaking in its boots and the government
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unfortunately in our lives not standing up for the people it's abdicated its role as representative of the people the i.m.f. and the and the e.u. and the e.c.b. caused ireland's crisis so why are you going to them to ask you to solve the crisis they're the ones that caused the crisis the ireland needs to divorce itself from these financial terrorists and stand on its own two feet i mean it's the same case where their departure go ireland greece or any of these other european countries they all are facing the same problem bankers have been allowed to conduct fraudulent activity look at happened in greece for example they allowed goldman sachs to come in and buys them on entering into the euro goldman sachs got them to cook their books and commit fraud and now they are in dire straits so now who are they asked to help them get out of their problem while they ask representatives from goldman sachs this is a case of stockholm syndrome these countries are being held captive by financial charisse and to get out of their problem they're asking the same financial
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terrorists who sir how do we escape the clutches of your terrorism you know ireland they went to war against the ira the irish republican army but they seem to just give a pass to you know sean fitzpatrick. for more on max kaiser's analysis on all the latest from the world of finance to into kaiser report coming your way in a little more than an hour here on our t.v. . remember you can always follow our stories twenty four hours a day on our website r.t. dot com is what's online right now. indulging in a bit of a do it yourself except for these guys it involves floating in space on a craft traveling almost three thousand kilometers per hour check it out. and a device that can sniff out a drug at twenty paces read how russian cops have a new tool to help tackle those who drink and drive all the details a click away at r.t.
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dot com. britain's top commander says al qaeda and the taliban can't be defeated using simple military force but general david richards argued militants could be contained he also suggests that nato should be planning to be in afghanistan for the next four decades to help local forces british labor m.p. an anti-war activist jeremy corbyn says that support forces are often dragged into combat situations. history shows us that where forces go into any situation in a supportive role they are often well equipped probably better equipped than the afghan forces they have often quite experience they are then dragged into situations they don't want to be dragged into think back to nine hundred sixty nine sixty three to be exact the united states sent in
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a military advisors and then support forces into vietnam five years later they had half a million troops there fighting a full scale war in vietnam ten years after that they had to retreat from. from vietnam with dignity and i think that that is the process we're going to ground in afghanistan armed forces have now been there for nine years we're going into the tenth year of occupation of that country is cost billions of pounds it's cost thousands of lives no good that's come of it and i suspect in the long run we're going to end up with possibly western companies trying to exploit the mineral resources from that country instead we should be looking to an economic and political solution a man in st petersburg has died after being hit by a car wheel thrown from an upper window of an apartment building the wheel was thrown from the tenth floor landing centimeters from the man's feet before bouncing up and smashing into his head the forty four year old was hospitalized with brain
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injuries in a broken jaw he died two days later police suspect a group of teenagers seen entering the building may be to blame several of them were later allegedly seen checking him as he lay on the street before walking away . turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe violence aimed at you and for us is spreading through haiti after nepalese troops were blamed for causing the current cholera epidemic two protesters were shot dead by peacekeeping troops who the u.n. said were acting in self-defense more than a thousand are now known to have died from the disease by almost seventeen thousand are being treated but the actual infection rate is thought to be much higher. one lucky lady is in line for possibly the best christmas present ever or at least the most extravagant one check this out it's a rare pink diamond the most expensive stone ever auction selling it saw the bees in geneva for a cool forty six million dollars four bidders competed for the twenty four carat stone but it was british and diamond dealer lawrence graff whose bid was
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a cut above the rest of the previous record was a thirty six carried gem which sold for twenty four million dollars back in two thousand and eight. the british government has agreed to pay millions of dollars compensation to its citizens held at america's guantanamo bay detention camp nearly a dozen former detainees say they were illegally imprisoned and u.k. security services were involved in their torture they also claim authorities had information they were being ill treated yet did nothing to help. it's been confirmed that prince william will marry his longtime girlfriend kate middleton the wedding will take place in the spring or summer of next year the couple became engaged during a holiday last month william and kate started dating eight years ago while studying together at st andrews university. coming up the landscape of the cum chopped up peninsula in russia's far east has been continuously molded by centuries of volatile geological activity or he's documentary team takes you on an exclusive
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adventure to the land of volcano. lehner you. are comfortable. this is. just. the urgency. on the. greater purpose. scorching. are included in. the photo with the wild lunar rover. stay with us here on r t that fall documentary coming your way in about ten minutes . first though from rob beauty to a crime against nature of the gulf of mexico oil spill one of the world's worst
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environmental disasters hundreds of millions of gallons of oil spewed into the scene yet coverage of the disaster was a virtually disappeared from u.s. media but bob cavanagh who's written about the catastrophe tells r.t. that the industry regulation remains unchanged and that deep problems remain. six months ago the worst environmental disaster took place in the us a b.p.
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oil spill unleashing more than two hundred million gallons of oil into the gulf coast how could this disaster have been prevented and why has this story fallen from the front pages joining me now to talk more about this topic is bob cavanaugh our author of disaster on the horizon and c o of a look at technologies thank you very much for sitting down to speak with r.t. happy to be here mr cavanaugh are you say that the b.p. oil spill was not an accident it was a tragedy that didn't have to happen why did it happen the problem with the industry has and has had for years is that it's essentially been on regulated in the us our regulations are our self and forced we sort of to the government that we're doing what we're supposed to be doing there are very few inspectors that actually come out to start to see if we're actually following all the rules and regulations and because of the deregulation of our industry at least on federal
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waters over the last ten years the problems that we have a big getting worse and worse and there's been no one forced me to correct them mr carro from what i understand one of the many reasons you wrote your book is because you believe. that americans still don't understand the extent of this tragedy a tragedy that is considered the greatest environmental disaster in u.s. history how bad is it we don't know how bad it is the problem is that the vast majority of the oil never came to the surface it's in the oceans still today now some of it's being biodegraded there is microbial degradation where some of the oil does get eaten but we don't know how long that takes and in cold water three thousand four thousand feet deep there could be vast plumes of oil that we can't see this destroying the food chain and the scientists that i've read and talked to
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will say that this oil gets and gets into the food chain and could cause damage all the way up it to to humans eating eating the seafood to come in from the gulf and it's a huge concern six months of past we have not seen congress act on any legislation that's exist story has basically fallen off the radar very u.s. news channel and major newspaper how come nobody is talking about this you know it's tragic the u.s. government and b.p. both wanted this story off the television because it was twenty four seventh's with the. feeds the b.p. had where you could actually watch the well flow in all of the reporting that was going on the government desperately wanted to get that off the off of the television so they actually work with b.p. to make that happen i believe and that's what that's what i concluded in my book exactly you actually dated it you said on june sixteenth there was a twenty billion dollar merger between the obama administration and b.p.
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that's exactly right government an oil industry in bed together what exactly do you mean by that if you go back to the first weeks of the blowout between congressman markey and the been in the. obama administration. the rhetoric became sharper and sharper and sharper against against b.p. to the point where even london they were saying that we were bashing the brits and when in fact we were worried about the gulf of mexico. the rhetoric escalated until the meeting in the white house on june sixteenth where b.p. agreed to put twenty billion dollars in escrow to pay all the damages everything changed instantly the rhetoric tone down the government started working more with the with the b.p. and other contractors in the gulf and all of a sudden they were speaking with one voice there were a few disagreements here along the way but admiral allen began speaking for b.p.
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and for the government and so all of a sudden the decision making all merged. and. from there on they were there their interest were aligned the government wanted to keep b.p. afloat so they could pay the twenty billion so they wanted to get this story off the television as fast as possible so b.p. could recover what does that say about accountability that says there's not any what you're describing sounds quite similar to the type of conversation that was taking place fine following the two thousand and eight financial collapse in the u.s. a lot of people are saying it was because wall street was working under no regulations they were playing by their own rules and more than two years later americans and possibly people all over the world are still looking for accountability i mean are there parallels between both incidents there absolutely are if you look at the new drilling rules that are being proposed by the department of interior nothing has
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really changed and the changes that have happened are all basically putting another set of rules that are self certified on to the oil and gas companies there's no redesign of blowout preventers there's no redesign of systems there's no redesign of drilling rigs required so all of a sudden we're going to go back doing the same thing that we were doing before now secretary salazar talks about extending the permit review period from a statutory thirty days to ninety days but that requires congressional action and in after this midterm election that's not going to happen they're not going to change that law he read about lobbyists in your book what role do lobbyists play in this situation the huge mistake that the industry makes is that they allow paid lobbyists to speak for us there are some executives who go to capitol hill but they only talk to republicans they don't talk to the to the democratic side most of the
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time and so we have lobbyists who make money by stirring up controversy. so lobbyist don't want the rules to be fixed they don't want to head to to make progress because the more conflict there is the board negotiations there are the more money they make you say that there was collusion between the obama administration and b.p. . the severity of the spill key committee tells the fines in the in the u.s. are determined by the number of barrels that are put in the water so it was really important for us to know how much oil was put in the water b.p. during this entire time never disclosed what the flow was even to this day they've never admitted what the flow was at the beginning of remember. the coast guard said well it's tough when it was flowing zero will be pieced it on the stage with admiral landry while she was saying that knowing they had these on the bottom at
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that moment trying to shut the blowout preventer in because it was flowing only forty feet above them after b.p. agreed to the twenty billion dollar payment then the government stopped pushing for that that that flow right once if you recall the middle of july about july thirteenth or so they set the capping stack on the well that allowed them to collect oil and take it to the surface instead of doing that they decided with the government to shut the well in which was a very risky move because they had no idea what the condition of the casing was below but they decided to shut it in so they could so they could get first off get keep more oil into the water but also to keep from having to measure the flow thank
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you very much first i'm happy to be with you. are you. comfortable. to display. just a few hours of surfing persian photos and scaring the storage mirrors in your direct. scorching soil. for free. british polls. just.


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