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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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dick cheney and gone away there to new david thanks so much for joining us thank you. still to come tonight a congregation building a place of worship in arizona came under fire after neighbors mistook the church or a mosque so they are tonight's told time winners and there's a nationwide uproar over those body scanners at airports or the scanners just the latest attempt by some businesses to make money off of the winners what about just about. where you. are comfortable with the teacher this is. just a few hours serving urgency and scary to start. your day. on the. greater. scorching. there are included. a photo with the wild lunar rover.
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it's seven thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v.'s here at headlines suspected russian arms trader victor boot has led in new york after being extradited to the u.s. from thailand the u.s. insists it won't negatively impact with russia but moscow insists thai authorities acted outside the law. european union president warns that the irish debt crisis could cause the e.u. to collapse if europe fails to unite against a common economic threat. he says europe is in a survival period in the crisis isn't over yet but is confident the union can
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overcome the downturn. and the new leader of britain's armed forces believes the west is unable to simply defeat militant islamism and general sir david richards says to prepare for another four decades in afghanistan but believes the public back home can't stomach for their troop losses. back to the alone a show now deciding which airport security measure is more invasive the full body scanner the intimate pat down alone and gives them both a full examination in just a moment. well it's time for tonight's tool time war and it involves residents living in the phoenix arizona area there's a new mega church that's being built in the city and in recent days a new don't like structure was placed on top of this church and that caused people to absolutely zero lose it they started calling a city stopping by the construction site and asking workers if
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a mosque was being built because that proves that islamophobia is alive and well in phoenix now the local islamic council of relations said that they were stunned by the reaction to the church. it is unfortunate that people are so intolerant differences that they're not willing to even be that the place of worship is that it might do that. now church officials were so concerned about the issue that they placed a banner that read it reads if you think different you are wrong we are building a christian house of prayer they even a listed their phone number so if anyone had any questions they could call tells that is that the church had to put aside stating that they are a christian church because there's a lot of phobia is so rampant in america but of course this is arizona too and as we reported here on our show that state has quite the history of being bigoted towards brown people remember they passed a law earlier this year they required everyone to carry their identification papers
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stating of they were u.s. citizen or a legal resident so they could pick out of the ground illegals you know about laws and put on hold while the federal government fights in court so i guess that we shouldn't be too surprised that some people in phoenix are also islam folks what's up with that state which is why residents who are worried about a possible mosque in their neighborhood even though it was really a church are the winners of tonight's told time award. now in today's really stupid american news there was a man who alerted local police when he found a suspicious package on his front porch on november second the man said that he was an undo that he saw an unknown person leave the package next to his front door before leaving the scene quickly then once the police arrived while they solved the problem it turns out the package was clearly marked with the amazon logo and the officer asked the concerned resident if he was expecting a package in the mail he simply responded oh why yes yes i did now just to make
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sure that the package was in fact his officer had to stay until the man felt safe but while this is the best note i have seen in the police blotter in a long time i'm used to seeing domestic disputes vandalism but this dumb false domestic terrorism threats i think about the new it may be this guy just finished watching a new segment on terror resending random packages to unsuspecting american houses but one thing is for sure this guy's an idiot and he's wasting police time and resources with his unfounded paranoia could this just be a sign that americans can no longer be rational when it comes to terrorism or a package of the mailman drops off that you ordered is automatically assumed to be a bomb. speaking of which. my cottage just came in so should i call police to come in and assist me in opening my order from amazon. i think i'll take my chances. now last night we told you about
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a california guy who didn't want his junk touched by t.s.a. agents at the same airport his viral video of the incident has sparked debate over whether body scanners and pat downs really work and whether they are even necessary but the mainstream media failed to ask one question which is who is really behind the push for these scanning machines archies preassure there are reports. of very tense at airline security checkpoints across the country and that would be enough force here for it's the latest in the post nine eleven drama over airport security after opting for a security pat down this man john tyner became a national sensation with just a few words we can do this here if you touch my junk i'm going to have your rest and with the quick upload of the cell phone video to his you tube channel became a hero a symbol for a country fed up with airport security i think that's a little extreme i don't think i'd be comfortable going through one of those. like they could do something else that would be a better idea than you know that it's like right on the edge of probably going to
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cry i mean it's needed but. it also kind of violates us in a way but while his video went viral and the debate over naked body scanners versus pat downs continues no one seemed to be asking the question who is behind the push for heightened security meet michael chertoff head of the department of homeland security from two thousand and five to two thousand and nine we could deploy this scanning the scanning machines that we currently are beginning to deploy in the u.s. that were given to see what someone has concealed underneath their quote here today he's the co-founder of the church off group a security and risk management firm whose clients include wrap a skit on one of the. biggest manufacturers of body imaging screening machines i know you've been an advocate of this technology for a long time correct but just in the interest of full disclosure i also want to point out in your current role as a security consultant you are representing some of the companies who manufacture that technology kharab actually correct ok so perhaps chertoff interest in body
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scanners and security isn't just about protecting the american people using his relationship with the public by pretending to be a public servant and talking about how these backscatter scanners are going to make us safer he stands to benefit because he's getting paid by the manufacturing companies to go all over the television networks saying that these scanners are the solution to security and a city where money and connections mean everything it seems at the department of homeland security is no exception after the failed christmas day bombing last year two major contractors with major lobbying groups here in washington d.c. got contracts for around one hundred sixty million dollars to build body scanners in airports across the country one of them was chertoff science rapid again and while john tyner managed to get the issue back in the spotlight with a viral video there's a confrontation between a california man and to say officials in san diego has gone viral this morning the
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controversy over those full body scanners at airports reaching a fever pitch after one air traveler refused to go through the machine it seemed as if the mainstream media didn't want to tell the naked truth behind the naked scanners in their reporting the new york times the washington post and n.p.r. all continue to identify chertoff simply as the former secretary of homeland security while he continues to advocate for his body scanners americans should be angry because the twenty five million dollars. that were used to order the first hundred. scanners couldn't create jobs the taxpayers could have avoided what is it stands a martial law being implemented in the airports for some it's the selling of american privacy for profit not security preassure either r. t. washington d.c. . so what are you being radiated scanned and groped for is it really for our security or is it so people like michael chertoff former officials who have gained
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the public's trust cannot break in the big bucks with their name and yet had none of these strings of public service attached just think about how many other people out there are getting rich on the daily by selling fear or discuss it with me as mike riggs writer for the daily caller dot com mike thank you so much for being here literally now before we get into all the details here i want to play a little clip that shows exactly how those pat down procedures have changed recently. down the past you know points with the back of the hands the back of the hand if you wrote it down this way now we've switched it to the front of the hand and we go down the body and to the breast portion and it's a female passenger you're going to see if there is anything in a bra. i mean does that really seem necessary to you i get to have of this world is a dangerous place but i mean the back of the hand versus the the front of the palm but i think it's important that the the aggressive pat down which not featured in that clip is also that when they go up the inner thigh they have to go until they
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meet resistance which from all sources i've got yeah don't touch my junk yet or don't touch my junk right this is supposed to be an alternative to going through the backscatter x. ray machines which do also show you're drunk although it doesn't touch i think we're going to few cases where people were subjected to both which has caused a little bit of an uproar and i think people are also most upset about the idea of a pat down but as of right now it is an alternative to the backscatter machines what are the backscatter machines they really share the homeland security department ordered the first batch of them all the way back in two thousand and five but you don't really hear about them you don't really see them there maybe a dozen or so out there and then we have the failed christmas day bombing attempt and all of a sudden you know hundreds of them are being ordered we had absolutely no choice here they spent twenty five million dollars from the recovery and reinvestment act i am merican is absolutely. i had no choice in this they just said well here you go now we're going to radiate you every time you try to get on a plane yes this is this is true we were supposed to trust the t.s.a. with our safety. like that's their role it's not they don't always consult but it's
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not it's not approved by congress so we don't want to go through the normal t.s.a. doesn't have to use the either i mean there's a provision in. the legislation that gave t.s.a. create t.s.a. and give it all this power this that they only had to operate as with the government screening for two years they haven't had to do this for a very long time and i think they're continuing to do it because working for the public sector is a great job it's great money but yeah a lot of people point out that these machines are totally unnecessary that if you if a terrorist wants to put a bomb in their underwear and then you make them go through an x. ray machine that will put a bomb in something else they'll put it in a laptop there are. other ways to get something out people right are starting to fight back we have people calling for national opt out days but that if we look at who it is that's peddling these machines are the reason we got into this discussion if we look at people like michael chertoff who he's consulting firm actually you know works with the firm that makes these back scatters and yet he's on live t.v.
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telling people that this is a necessity because we live in a dangerous world and you know because of the threat of terrorism you need to go through this machine i mean this it's this revolving door that how do you make it stop by i'm not sure that you can i mean these. you have you have two things going on one that if you work for a government agency you it's safe to assume that you're probably more informed the most people about what we should be doing or shouldn't be doing i don't agree with that but if you're you know if you're working for a t.v. network you're going to say ok like chertoff is in the know we're going to bring him on the show and also you have just everybody does this this is not unusual what chertoff was doing tom daschle has worked as a lobbyist and all these people they don't always declare themselves but this is what happens in washington you go from getting what is actually a really good paycheck working for the government to getting an exponentially better one working for the private sector cutting deals with the government you're right we see it in every sense. can see former pentagon officials that are now working for contractors and they're going on t.v. telling you why you have to have a certain company make an f. thirty five joint strike fighter i mean if you have family is is never ending but
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you know i mean i mean i don't know what kid what can you do about it you can say that this is the way that washington works but when it comes to scaring people and selling terrorism to the point where we're starting to lose our civil liberties are being taken advantage of turned into fools there has to be something to do i think opt out is a great example of this i think that the democratization of media that you can you can go on youtube and you can look up examples of people getting these really aggressive pat downs anecdotes that could share no websites and missions boards honestly i think that the resistance to this is going to come from the bottom up people are going to phone their congressman or the congresswoman is them really uncomfortable this this is upsetting this violates my civil liberties and these people will be forced to act and what's funny is i actually heard something really funny earlier today which was that you know so this is this pretty much all this backlash started two weeks ago when it was announced how aggressive the t.s.a. is a new pat downs would be if you didn't go through the x. ray machine and so this is all been coming to a boil over the last two weeks and somebody pointed out today that it was that both parties worked really hard to pass this in the wake of nine eleven because that's
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what we do we overreact and that both parties are sort of regretful now and i think that's the case and you're seeing a lot of pushback from republicans in the senate to the use of these machines not only because they're invasive but also because they're expensive but so you don't think that i mean if we think if we talk about security right sure there have been terrorist attacks on airplanes but since nine eleven really there hasn't been anything on american soil except for there was a failed underwear bomber and success failed the shoe bomber nothing has worked but i mean talk about all the other public spaces what about the metro what about the train what about the buses that you know i mean at one point are we going to get to you know the area where they start scanning you and patting you down for every mode of public transportation that you might take they'd like to right here in washington two years ago washington metropolitan area transit authority. again considering doing random checkpoints or in a bag searches there is a big pushback from the a.c.l.u. and a group called flex your rights which teaches people about how to resist sort of intrusive
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behavior by police and the so will model back down and then a few weeks ago i believe the it was announced that the f.b.i. had sort of spoiled the a bomb plot that could have affected the metro system and so i'm out as concerning it again but there's a huge push the fourth amendment you know some amendments conservatives and neo-cons the very seriously and others they don't and i think when it comes to the fourth people don't take it very seriously voters do what are you doing out as i think they probably just haven't found the proper machine yet you know it doesn't cost a whole lot of money to create but they you get paid a butt load for creating you know because that's not for creating wealth for the people that are actually going out and selling them yet fortunately it is a money making and while you get that you lend banks that are pushing food shortage survival kits and whatnot very very serious archive fortunately mike thank you so much for being here thank you very much all right still to come tonight my own kludged moment over of course the british the british government is going to pay off former get no detainee and you can bet that that one never happened here in the u.s. and on
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a much lighter note just how bad is the recession well the sex industry says that even though they have seen a slowdown in business we're going to speak with a man who organizes swingers parties but how the economic mess has hit his face this. culture is the same of you i can tell you but you'll already know most of us that weren't told a difference in their need to know this military alliance is in search of
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a mission can nato remain relevant facing twenty first. line. would be soon which brightened if you knew about song from finest impression these. stunts on t.v. dot com. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. though so many years have passed since former prisoners. are still in law. as well as good fortune. those so many years of. summer
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hoping to find their savior. others take their executioners longing for justice. those so many years of past. memory is still in my eyes as well. as home and hate. today there are reports that the british government is going to pay millions of pounds in compensation to almost a dozen men who have accused british security forces of colluding in their transfer overseas and some of them are former detainees at guantanamo bay you see all of those matter either citizens or residents of the u.k. thus because they feel their own government security. forces were complicit in their torture they can sue they're not suing the u.s. government the one that actually did the alleged torturing because apparently no
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one is allowed to do that and we've seen it time and time again if a detainee does try to bring his case to court that the u.s. government invokes the state secrets privilege says that everything that went on the past is a matter of national security it all gets sealed up in a file or no one can ever know the truth and where those who were wrongly treated can never see justice because not just soil whereas in the u.k. this may the court of appeal ruled that the government wasn't allowed to rely on secret evidence to defend itself the court said the allegations of wrongdoing are something that need to be heard in public i don't get me wrong the british handling of the situation doesn't get off free from critique either since the court's ruling for months government lawyers and officials have been sifting through five hundred thousand documents at a secret location let it go she ations have been going on for weeks and the settlement that has been reached will remain confidential but what we do know for now as a man are expected to get millions of pounds in compensation there's
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a payoff change the fact that they were flown around the world to secret prisons and then tortured you know but at least at least there is some public admission from the government that they were in the wrong that they don't support the use of torture that they will learn the lesson that they will move on from this our government on the other hand well it's not doing itself any favors sure obama signed an order banning torture when he first stepped into office but the fact that he even had to sign something like that is an aberration the fact that none of our officials including the former president of the united states george w. bush have never received any penalty and most definitely not a trial lasts an aberration and the fact the we continue to hold more than one hundred and fifty people at a detention facility in cuba which never should have existed fifty of them are simply considered. on trial including perhaps one more after yesterday's revelations on. the fact that any plans to close gitmo have been put off for
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a different political climate that they think that if you keep it all secret for a long enough everyone forget will forget that these people exist all of that is completely unforgettable. now we know that the economy is in bad shape but one sure way to realize that bad is an understatement as when the industry has for so long been described as recession proof also starts to plummet sex is no longer selling in new york city and by sex we mean swingers sex parties attendance is down and membership is dwindling for both the stationary and rolling swinger parties because swinging is expensive admission to stationery parties is usually between one hundred ten to one hundred fifty dollars for couples and fifty dollars for a single woman but sometimes like in east hampton you could pay all the way up to three hundred so could this be a sign of things to come could the sex industry go down the tube the earlier from
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our studio in new york i caught up with christopher aronson owner and host of sin sation and y.c. i first asked him to tell us how business has changed for him since the financial crisis hit. been forced to do a little more advertising i was forced to offer more discounts more services to my customers and just be a little more creative with my advertising now would you say that before that business was was booming that you were you know overcapacity your usual swingers parties i mean to not allow people in. that's lies occasionally or happens but it was definitely me because i was doing two parties a month instead of one and then i went back to having one party a month because the numbers weren't there and then again i would have been to increase my advertising probably by these fifty percent and then offer more services like dance to somebody painters it's just whatever it takes when i tell me
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how this works because your business is a roaming swimming partner swinging party business so that means that you can change locations every time there are they new customers every time to go to the regulars. definitely where i go is it's a very. particular market because those people that are into sexual exploration. the places we choose a different wars throughout the city i tend to go back to certain species because they work well for me and i would say probably about a third of my people attend the of france or new comers for the first time now what kind of customers do you usually have because i was you know reading from another business owner and he was saying that he has lawyers bankers entrepreneurs people with high profile stressful careers. i don't think it's career oriented i think it's just people that are looking for something a little different in their relationships or into this sexual exploration
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demographically i would say. the whole mid twenty's to mid forty's and i would say most of them are married with kids now you yourself are a swinger and so tell me what it is what's the mindset that goes behind it that you have a stressful life you know you might be married and have kids and so then this is just a way to get away from it all. here it's an hour late it's a way to meet new friends noisy if that's your thing or watchers that's your thing . it's no different in a different. it's i don't even know i don't just find it's an opportunity to explore part of yourself that you may not allow yourself to do in particular setting so it's a safe setting it's far and it's friendly and very central well so now when you say that you had to be here advertising perhaps the things that you know are available at the events like you said you might have dancers or performers. i mean do they
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get involved to you i mean how else are going to be changed. as of like before when things were a little easier to go and i might not have to hire dancers or body paint the so now i might how it's who dances with three dancers. people or more they're definitely more picky about the parties they choose because remember. this is for saturdays every month most of the parties are on a saturday so they have to choose between your party and other events so i think the better package you can offer you more likely to pull their customers now tell me this because you know the sex industry has always been thought of as recession proof right this is something that sex it always sells and yet here business is like your own are starting to feel you know some pain does that tell you that perhaps the recession is worse than we think that it's not just bad but you know if even sex is starting to take a hit things must be really going down the gutter. i think people worried. in
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their worry that a little more true zero about the weekends they go out because i do a survey of the people that come to my party and none of them are really lost their job or their even their income hasn't changed maybe their net worth has changed a little bit but they definitely seem more worried about what they do with their money and i think that the term ends. now go on if there's more to say well tell me this how my god how much do you charge someone to come to one of your vents. the only range between one hundred to one hundred fifty single women are free no single men. well tell me this too i mean you know since winning is feeling a hit here since you feel like you really have to lure people in with more advertising and more offers in your events do you think that maybe in some world could this be a good thing people be going back to just having sex with their you know husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends and starting to you know cherish them for who they really are. i don't think guys change i think. that the parties
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just experience a different side or a different level or just a different situation with their partner i think to have you know that doesn't change this just kind of experience of. so you think no matter how about the economy gets there's always going to be somebody who still wanting to take part there's a there's a lot of horny people out there. all right christopher well thank you very much for joining us and for filling us and we hope the business picks up for you. thank you . that was the quote of the day now it's time for our tweet of the day we told you earlier the president bush broke ground today for his new presidential library in texas all tonight we have a lot of show tweet of his first two books to replace the library curious george annas autobiography decision points his memoir both curious urges autobiography excuse me decision points the memoir both will be placed in the children's section i blew it out and that's unfortunate sorry guys thanks for tuning in make sure you
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come back tomorrow we'll have investigative journalist tim shorrock on who recently returned from cuba i want to tell us about what he saw there in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and to follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's or any other nights you can catch it all you tube dot com slash the ilona show coming up next is the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.


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