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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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russian diplomats finally gain access to businessman victor boot who has just appeared in new york court to face arms trafficking charges. victor boot is being held in solitary confinement in the u.s. federal prison as russia remains committed to supporting their citizen. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton joins a growing chorus of officials are urging the senate to ratify the start treaty before republicans gain the upper hand in the legislation. and european finance ministers start work on a possible aid package for a debt stricken ireland in an effort to restore confidence in the euro zone.
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six am in moscow good to be with you here on r t our top story russian diplomats have gained access to viktor boot who has just appeared in court in new york over charges of gun running moscow have been pushing for the businessman to be allowed to meet consular staff but was extradited from thailand on tuesday without the russian consulate being informed during his brief court appearance in new york he was told a list of charges that he's facing dubbed the merchant of death for allegedly trafficking in weapons around the world will go on trial over allegations he armed terrorists moscow says a decision to hand him over to the u.s. is quote extreme injustice and promise to support him quote by all means food is being held in a high security prison in new york archy's maria portnoy had joins us live in the big apple with the latest hello marina so what came out of boots meeting with the
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diplomats. well two russian diplomats did visit mr victor boot in the federal prison where he's being held in lower manhattan one of those officials being the russian consul general here in new york they were able to speak with him they say that he is happy with his attorneys but he would like to seek some type of outside counsel at least consult with outside counsel the problem is mr finances were all confiscated while he was being held in thailand for more than two years he doesn't have the financial means to afford any outside counsel what the russian diplomats also have disclosed is that mr boot is being held in solitary confinement at the metropolitan correctional center in lower manhattan the forty three year old according to russian diplomats wants to receive a better condition than the one he's receiving now in this one that
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allows for better hygiene he seems quite jet lagged affording to russian diplomats and mr boot has also asked that his wife be relocated to the u.s. here to new york to be with him his wife of course has been in thailand by his side for more than two years proclaiming her husband's innocence now of warning to. mr bhutto has said that u.s. officials had tried to pressure him for evidence and pressure him to confess to crimes during his extradition from thailand to the united states and according to what's being reported this is a pressure that mr boot did not cave in to. according to. during the extradition. to convince him to make a confession of the crimes he had never committed and promised some kind of
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privileges in return rejected all these offers. there earlier victor boot appeared in court what happened there. well it was a very brief court appearance where mr boot stood before a federal judge and the judge had read out the charges that were pressed against him charges that were outlined by the u.s. attorney here in new york mr boot pled not guilty on all of the charges and it was a very swift type of proceeding and it is something that many are still questioning about how all this took place when the u.s. attorney however was addressing the press in new york earlier on right before mr blue went before the judge he had spoken of mr immediately referring to him as the so-called merchant of death speaking for about ten to fifteen minutes about the case that they are building against mr victor boot the russian businessman and
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outlining specifically the charges let's take a listen to what he had to say. now stands charged in this district the southern district of new york with four charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark. what's interesting to note and to underscore is that during this press conference the u.s. attorney and the head of the d.n.a. continued to paint a picture of victor boot one of the most dangerous men in the world a man who sides with violence who sides with war who sides against the united states they were first time as i mentioned as the so-called merchant of death and then at the end of their press conference they want to remind everyone that viktor
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booth remains innocent until proven guilty and assuring the press that he will receive a fair trial some were questioning how that could take place after he's already painted in the press and in the international media as a man who promotes violence and promotes war so a lot of wondering whether or not this trial will in fact be fair for mr victor boot. now the search for extradition to happen very quickly in there is a lot of secrecy surrounding it tell us more about that. it certainly happened quite quickly a lot of secrecy and the actions have for the most part angered russian officials because russia was not notified that a citizen of their country was being extradited from thailand so quickly to the united states russian foreign ministry called this a grave injustice officials say that they believe the u.s. put a lot of political pressure on the government of thailand to get this done very quickly
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victor boot was surrounded by dozens of u.s. officials marshals dea agents as he was taken aboard a u.s. chartered jet and flown to new york and this is something according to the law according at least to what russian officials say they should have been notified the u.s. should have notified the russian government that this was to happen victor boot wife was not notified his lawyer was not notified the u.s. says that this was done in part for security reasons but many are wondering if this is a grave violation of international law and even questioning what this means when it comes to the due process in the united states and what it comes to the department of justice and the justice in general when it comes to us ortiz marine important joining us live from new york thanks for that report. military defense lawyer major
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eric montoya says boots case could become a pandora's box if the u.s. is not fair to other countries citizens how might be hard to protect their own abroad. he was approaching the point where he would have had to have been released had they not there were only two choices either release. he's free to go or the extradition and i believe that once that was identified to the president president obama he may intervene on our behalf for the united states behalf. attempted to get him extradited and that's what happened that's more of a political concern as opposed to a legal concern because there is an extradition arrangement you know he was moved under the guise of that that's not to say that it was a legitimate move but it was underneath you know the law the color of the law whether or not you know russia was informed of that or not that's a mental or a matter of political diplomacy that the state department's going to have to
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address the prosecution to set this case up in such a way as they can fall very hard so there is some indication that factually they may not be able to bear out on some of the charges and so you know i would endeavor to look at that and start building a case to say well where were the facts where's the evidence it was an entrapment what they lol time into a transaction that he was not fully informed of and they're using that as the guys to then establish his indictment and bring him back over what we're running into is this dangerous precedent where if if we're exercising this type of authority over individuals in other countries what's going to happen in the future to u.s. citizens if the justice department didn't do their job properly and get this one right you know it certainly could open up a can of worms for us in the future. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has urged the senate to approve the new strategic arms reduction treaty before the end of the year republicans have been stalling the ratification process claiming there is more pressing matters for them
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at hand the obama administration fears that its major foreign policy achievement may not pass when the senate's democratic majority is slashed in the new session in january artie's guy has more from washington. it's getting pretty tense here the informal republican leader on the new start senator jon kyl said the treaty should not be considered until next year he is saying there are other important things for the senate to talk about the economy and that's bad news for the treaty the administration is making a last ditch effort to appeal to mr caudle the secretary of state hillary clinton defense secretary robert gates leading security experts in the country they're all saying the failure to pass the new start treaty this year would endanger the u.s. national security they give two reasons for that first americans can no longer track russia's strategic nuclear arsenal the other main reason is a weakening cooperation with the washes that could follow if the new start treaty is not in place joe biden and hillary clinton made it clear that the new start
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treaty is the centerpiece of obama's reset of relations with russia a policy that the administration credits with producing critical cooperation from moscow on of gamestation and the rand here's what hillary clinton said for anyone to see that we can postpone it or we can avoid it is i'm afraid vastly underestimating the teen you we rent that is posed to you our. job we hope our friends in the senate will bring this up past history and i can. inform the russians that it's now their you know their turn to do the same which they told us they intend to do many believe what's on the line now is the well advertised reset and not ratifying the treaty could put the leaders of cooperation plans on ice a lot of observers say that for many on capitol hill the fight is not about the content that's pretty but rather about scoring political points the republicans
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already said their number one priority will be to have obama voted out of office in two thousand and twelve so for many capitol hill observers the whole debate on stark now comes down to this question will some republican senators. sacrifice a landmark his story he'll just for the sake of denying obama his arguably biggest foreign policy achievement tradeable cut nuclear arsenals of both russia and the u.s. by a third it's meant to increase the level of trust and cooperation between the two superpowers. stay with us here on r t still ahead in the program your ticket to the moon or decades ago the soviet union guided tanks to orbit into orbit to explore the lunar surface a revolution in space at the time. first though britain says it's ready to help debt hit ireland with billions of pounds of direct loans at a meeting of european finance ministers chancellor george osborne said it's in the
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u.k. has interest to support its closest neighbor the meeting comes amid fresh market turmoil and fears some smaller economies like portugal and ireland are unable to service to service their massive debts trend forecaster gerald solenn day says the euro zone's integrity has been put to its greatest test after. this is the beginning of the of the euro and the euro was built it's on it came in at a time of high expectations it was a time of economic euphoria as though growth would never end and growth does that and this is more than a domino effect in europe this is a global economic crisis and nothing is changed since the crisis began and in two thousand and seven other than the senate which will banks dumping trillions of dollars in trying to save
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a failing system it's you cannot have a currency that's going to cover all the bases of all economies equally if you look at ireland the biggest problem right now in today's news next week in my piece jane what we're seeing the beginning of are going to be currency wars and trade war and when you equal trade wars currency wars you start looking at real wars it's happened before and it's unfolding in front of us again we see we see italy we can see portugal spain greece the smaller company countries opting out of the euro look everybody that it's a lawyer a day that remembers when the your row came on back in the late ninety's and early two thousand is how inflation skyrocketed in those countries this is
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a scheme that could never have worked from the beginning we dated. went into have been. can find more information on this and everything we cover twenty four hours a day a click away at our t. dot com here's a taste of what else is online right now. in extremes. situation christians in israel part in a crossfire between radical jews and muslims and. on a lighter note president medvedev unwinds with some russian rock bands as he talks about his love for. russians may not have set a man to the moon but on this day forty years ago the soviet union guided the first unmanned rover to earth's closest neighbor the automatic remote controlled robots known as lunar tanks wandered the moon surface revolutionizing space exploration at the time our team's maria if an ocean has more back in the one nine hundred sixty
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s. the lice were wrong dan within these walls. the soviet union had come up with a plan to send an unmanned rover into the moon but the question was how would it move around then familias surface once it got there the solution was finally found at the institute we institute them in the first we wanted to use caterpillars we used to make turnings and would love to think so it would became clear that wheels when they were alone little shoes caterpillars could gets done that would ruin the whole mission and we couldn't to make a mistake. luna who had one popularly known as the luna tank was the first to have a remote controlled berbera to land another celestial body. initially slated for a three month mission it wheeled lunar surface for eleven months during this time it traveled more than ten kilometers taken over twenty thousand images including sound with its own footprints. every lunar morning once in twenty eight days
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when the sun's rays touch the room to hold solar panel it would wake up bape. a lonely sound in a silent world and set off a new adventure. exactly where they would had it was decided far away at the mission control center in the crimea. fish just left of going was one of the five women hooked in which also include and navigator in ten operator and two engineers . luna hoods camera film the moon surface and send black and white pictures back to earth but with a delay of more than twenty seconds months or so we had to judge the situation using this picture of a bore luna followed stood still we got basic info on what was going on outside stones the course of the movement of craters and other such things after that the drug would choose the next one which could operate in. the first steps with difficulty but in time it seems the team's work became more creative what's more.
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we once on women's day we wanted to get our wives flowers but we didn't have time that there was so much work so our navigator suggested drawing a flower like shape on the moon with the rover and we present the women with the pictures he even told journalists that you could see the shape through a telescope but of course that wasn't true. never to berlin. have to send in his last pictures back to. the lunar hold finally stopped in his tracks it's still there to this day but the little rovers steps were a giant leap for mankind and the tracks it left on the moon's surface will forever remain a trail blazed for future explorers along the asteroids or even we look forward to checking out the lunar sub polar areas which were during the soviet era and we know that water based on samples we found that we had that one day they will allow us to set up an inhabited lunar base for a lot of the young in the. back. the nine hundred sixty is the two superpowers who
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are sending both people in machines to the stars and back with only one go to outdo each other billions of dollars to spend in the race to leave one another behind the decades on its old friend the full phone flying space now united nations against the big go to go to go together when no one has gone before. rich notion out he think petersburg with a nato summit just around the corner we sat down with one of its key participants to get his view on what could come out of it slovenian president daniel turk says partnership with russia could play a big role in the alliances future he also discusses his country's battle with the financial crisis and whether he have he has any regrets about joining it.
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the president of slovenia thank you very much for being with us today it's my pleasure the nato summit is coming up in couple of days and you have played an active role in promoting closer ties between russia and nato how much do you think nato has to change in order to recognize the value of fresh partnership there has to change and nato is in a search for a mission for
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a long time after the ending of called ward the legitimate question was if nato is necessary at all but the mission was never completely defined and i think that it cannot be considered to be defined with a true partnership with russia and we don't have a cold war anymore and we have to figure out what to do new partnership means and i think that in this boom in the coming days we should come closer to that differ nation mr president presently the president proposed security treaty do you saying it actually. leadership into a concept review president medvedev proposal was was an excellent beginning and that the agenda of the lot of creative thinking in nato. and i think it contributed to the news that the concept of nato which is much more open and which is which is much more appropriate for a partnership between nato and russia and i'm talking about the assessment of
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security threats commitment to the chart that of the united nations and also the possibility to establish partnerships with regard to me said defense what do you expect to see new strategic concept announcement anything new or or something that you definitely do not expect to see well i think that we should see a meaningful step towards partnership with us and i think that that's the key in the new strategic concept the platform which the new strategic concept offers would be appropriate for reaching agreement on security so that's reaching agreement. and nuclear weapons i think that these are all security challenges which have to be addressed is through us that huge strategic concept talking about more about one slovenian concept this living is dependent on e.u.
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cohesion worry you especially now that the commitment to its rules is under review by the big houses the union has been affected very badly by the current financial and economic crisis and that had been impact on the system and you were told to call them credence to which many even members but not all be long and now we are in a situation where we have to find a proper financial stability mechanism a mechanism which would be appropriate for management the financial crisis of the future you know slowing is gross domestic product crop the most among the sixteen nations sharing the euro plus down employment that has hit through the one hundred thousand mark do you ever regret joining the currency. what are the main pros and cons almost three years after the introduction of euro people have totally accept it you don't as a country they know that obviously. monetary. inability
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to have a national guard and see is a problem when the market markets are low and the solution is seen that their adjustment to he goes on and john the improvement in our competitiveness and the necessary changes in our economic and social model which will allow competitiveness to grow in those social stability to continue. angela merkel's push against the lisbon treaty budgetary criteria do you see this as a power shift from brussels to berlin there has always been a division of power so to speak and i think that we should not forget the european union is not a state european union is a system of sovereign states and in that context the german major contributor. and the major.
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has a legitimate. exercise down there are. solutions to. your. opinion also e.u. has. a regime with russia but the details are still they know on a ground what do you think would be a good step good step in this direction but i think we need politico determination first i think we need to change the political awareness about this but the india. has it they should and i think this has a patient has to be overcome freedom of movement is a human right we should never forgot that. part of europe well so. in a cultural sense in a political sense yes but i see certainly russia as a part of european space has been so for centuries supreme slee
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you've called for a multilateral framework to consolidate energy supplies to the e.u. markets as of today not much has been done in that perspective how do you assure you consumers of the security i think we need a much wider multilateral look because energy security depends on the most multitude of players russia is always there russia is a key player a key supplier a key partner and most of us in europe go to extremely good experience with russia because. russia. for thirty years. has worked for so there is no reason why we should be in any way comfortable we need russia in that mode to that sort of framework but we need to this is where both consumers and suppliers and that has not been done because we have worked on specific projects more than stream seldom stream the book and other projects but i think the time is
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coming to look at the whole picture and to work. cooperatively arrangements for the future well you've touched upon south stream how would the development of south stream change the energy sector in slovenia what exactly do you expect from it we see the multiplying effect of the gas pipeline because the gas pipeline brings not only gas it brings other equipment because they would see it brings. them based electricity plants which we need them others need in the region and we can develop that to use and next you can achieve you know this is an opportunity it's really a basic opportunity and let's look at this opportunity is in the call put it the framework with more confidence than we were used from before mr president thank you very much for this interview. my pleasure.
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my married mother did not like we're going to become. she was afraid. and she was very coldly. she felt. i was frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem. every time and effort is made. by the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call being cowards so long as you have no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining his story we.


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