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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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response a global security foundation just image. of
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the. seven thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our teeth easier headlines russian diplomats finally gain access to businessmen victor boot who has just faced a court in new york on arms smuggling charges he claims u.s. officials tried to force him to confess to crimes he didn't commit but was extradited to the u.s. from thailand on tuesday. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton joins a growing chorus of officials are urging the senate to ratify the start nuclear cuts treaty before republicans gain the upper hand in the congress. and european
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finance ministers start work on a possible aid package for debt stricken ireland in an effort to restore confidence in the euro zone. back to washington now for part two of the alone a show with a start treaty on the line along with u.s. russia relations we take a look at why some senators are seeking to delay ratification it's coming your way in just a moment stay with us. well it's time for tonight's tool time award and we're giving it to the group called americans for truth about homosexuality the group is based in chicago and they are all up in arms over the backdown issue at airports but it's not about the invasive nature of the pat downs it's about who's doing that they want all known gay lesbian or bisexual t.s.a. workers to stop performing pat downs at airports they're very bigoted president of the group peter le barbour said most traveling men wouldn't want to barney frank to
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pat them down and neither would be fair to assign ellen de generous to pat down female travelers come on are those the only two favors gay people the barber could think of first homophobic press release his news release went on to say that the t.s.a. as a federal agency is barred from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation thanks to a pro homosexual executive order signed by president clinton in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight as if that was wrong where do i begin with this apparently a barber and his organization think tank or think that all gay men and women can't control themselves and they're around so many of the same sex how many times a day are you hit on by a gay person because from the looks of la barbara i'm going to bet not that often he also claims the gay t.s.a. workers might grope the flying public while a yes that's what they're doing is they're groping people because that's what they're being told to do but it kind of sounds like somebody has a little bit of wishful thinking on his part i have a suggestion for this group what about all those gay travellers you know they just
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might get aroused when a straight guy or girl is patting them down so she would just ban all gays from flying altogether so if you're gay sorry but you can have to cancel that trip home for thanksgiving or christmas we just can't trust you maybe the group americans for truth about homosexuality should team up with south carolina senator jim de mint he thinks that gays shouldn't even be allowed to teach well there's no telling what that senator and this group are going to come up with next and that's why americans for truth about homosexuality and their president peter le barbara are tonight's tool time winners. now it seems like everywhere you turn all you hear is pale in this pain when that sarah and the rest of the bear pack even have their own t.v. reality t.v. show now we're still somehow stumbled heard way to the finals and dancing with the stars and now another palin family members getting some attention sixteen year old willow paling just like any other teenager has a very active facebook account and one of her peers made
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a negative comment about mama grizzlies reality show well willow didn't take it too well she not only or lashed out at the palin hater making homophobic slurs she also gave us a little insight into how life really is for youngsters in alaska keep in mind this whole facebook wall post became an epic five page conversation so we just picked a few bits out of it so if you look at some of the posts left by friends of willow you really can learn a lot about life in the wide open tough way down the post users jonathan and danny start having a conversation when jonathan says danny shut up just because you got away with running a meth lab you think you're bad ass then danny responds ha ha john where the f. did you get that from so it seems like you know methamphetamines they're really not that serious of a matter for alaska's youth after all we can remember that levi's mom did get busted for having her own meth lab back in two thousand and eight i guess that makes little sense now further down you can see that matter is a job when he says i know i don't have
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a kid and that maybe because i don't know what an effing condom is then one of matt's kind friends he goes on her mind him that actually he did have a kid so matt responded with yeah i had a kid and i had to live with that crap every day so we really got some really crucial information from this lengthy rant a meth labs are fairly common in alaska be teen pregnancy is something a lot of school kids have to deal with every single day that's definitely something we're not going to see pailin repping on her reality show so thank you willow for giving us a real look at you your family and your friends. now better late than never the federal deposit insurance corp f.d.i.c has finally decided to get tough on some u.s. banks they've announced that they are conducting about fifty criminal investigations of banks to fail since the start of the financial crisis but i've got two questions
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first what took you so long the financial crisis began in the fall of two thousand and eight and the f.d.i.c is just now getting around to investigating the banks european countries are way ahead of us on that one second why aren't you investigating the banks that took bailout money hell they helped collapse the world economy to the bailout banks to billions of dollars and they're still using the exact same practices that caused the financial crisis so c'mon f.d.i.c grow a pair investigate the banks that are still running the us economy who are just as responsible for the crisis as the banks that later failed other countries of launch probes of their banks of their executives so why do they always get a free pass right here in the us oh that's right because congress and the white house are too afraid to take them on but at least the f.b.i. sees beginning the process so hopefully finally somebody will be held accountable. now more bad news for obama and the new start treaty just yesterday arizona senator
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jon kyl they came republican voice need to get the minimum age e.o.p. votes announced that he doesn't think there's any time in this lame duck session to hold a vote especially considering the complex and unresolved issues related to the treaty those issues being his calls for nuclear modernization even though reports say the white house has already offered an additional four point one billion for nuclear facilities now with an unexpected turn around from kabul secretary of state hillary clinton turned on her charm hosting a breakfast meeting with lawmakers from both parties this morning stressing the importance of the treaty to national security but if if other republicans get their way will the start treaty obama's top foreign policy success be doomed for good once the new congress is sworn in or can obama still get tough before the clock runs out and hear this case with me is joe cirincione president of the ploughshares fund a global security foundation joe thanks so much for being hired leasure now ok let's start with what's going on it's very clear that john kyl is playing hardball here i
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mean he's been trying to postpone the entire voting process for as long as we want to remember but are they going to let him get away with that no they're not i think it was overplayed his hand that's what's so interesting about what's going on in the capitol right now kind of surprised everybody including members of his own party by announcing that he didn't think there was time to complete this treaty and what you saw today was you had not obama administration hitting back with all barrels you had the president you had the vice president the secretary of state you had senator lugar who's the leading foreign policy expert in senator kyl's republican party denounce senator kyl for what he did today and you had harry reid the senate majority leader the leader of the democrats in the senate but still controls the senate so there's plenty of time to consider this treaty and he was making it a top priority so this battle is just beginning obama has. how to bring the tree to the floor of the senate this year i think he's going to make it but i just wonder if words aren't enough right because we've heard so much about this so much about
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the importance of this treaty if you look at hillary clinton john kerry you know lugar if you look at joe biden even they all talk about how this is so important for our nation's national security but that's the exact same argument that you hear all the lies coming from from people on the right from the john bolton's the john hughes of the world from the heritage foundation's mailers that are saying that this is a threat to our national security so i just wonder if maybe we should stop using that word if there is a just a more you know a calmer way to go about it than to always ring the alarm bells ok so you do have these far right pundits in the weekly standard in the heritage foundation spreading all kinds of fear about what this treaty would do and then so who do you trust do you listen to what those guys are saying or do you go to the military establishment of the united states where the joint chiefs of staff think they are you unanimously behind this treaty how about former secretaries of state and secretaries of defense you have jim baker and colin powell and former national security advisor stephen
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hadley all from republican administrations saying you have to ratify this treaty so you have the establishment of the united states saying this is good for our security this is essential for the u.s. russian relationship and on the other side you have a handful of washed up hundreds complaining about this and senator kyl trying to milk this for all the pork that he can get up till now the white house has been trying to have a gentlemen's agreement with senator kyl well it turns out that senator kyl is no gentleman and so now they are what i working with any gentlemen on this one here are the gloves are off in the battles beginning this is going to be fun but tell me this i mean that really the ball is in harry reid's court right now because all he has to do is he has to call a vote so cannot force this if on can they not just go ahead and name a date well there are some considerations so traditionally what you'd like to do is have the minority leader agree to bring something to the floor you were. the rules of the procedure so mitch mcconnell the republican minority leader and karl do have cards to play but harry reid controls the floor he can bring this to the floor and
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start the debate so he does have the power in his hands and yesterday even he was waffling on it today he came out with a very strong statement so you seeing the administration line up the military line up the pope move publicans start to desert just today on the blogs you had an arch conservative are going to a max boot again i met max boot one it was all for the war in iraq he wants to bomb iran and he said it was overplayed his hand that he's making a mistake here that the republicans should ratify this treaty i think this is a battle that obama wants to have that can we define himself but we're going to go in well they actually get this done in the lame duck session if you think of the president of the united states as an extremely powerful individual and when you've got the backing of the joint chiefs when he has people like powell and lugar and baker behind him this is a battle he can win it's a question of how far the president wants to push it every sign i'm getting is that
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the president wants to push this all the way i think in the end folds he loses i hope so i mean i of course i want this treaty to get passed and i feel like i haven't seen enough fire or not accurately are coming from from president obama just said he is a very powerful man but i feel like republicans here are making a mockery of his status as the president of the united states so what you're feeling i was feeling so we've been talking to the administrator for months about this and working with the standard formulations committee staff and it's all been about reaching an accommodation with kyle in till yesterday until kyle signaled that he wasn't really interested in accommodation and that's what got everybody furious and that's why you see that come out with both barrels do you think that hillary could have some influence here when she held this breakfast this morning she is she was a senator so she obviously has close relationships with some of these people but at the moment she's removed from domestic politics so could she be the right. person. the secretary of state is never removed from domestic politics let me give you an
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example when president medvedev and president obama signed the treaty in prague in april april sixth president secretary clinton was there she flew back to where to kentucky why to give a speech at the mcconnell center the center established by the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell mitch mcconnell met are there and she gave a speech about start she was good friends with mitch mcconnell and that could be the ace in the hole that could be were clinton can use to see national security arguments and her personal relationships to get this treaty on the floor tell me this very quickly because obviously. the russian side is getting frustrated saying what's taking so long so if you know if this doesn't happen then well they have to renegotiate the entire treaty is america going to look like someone who you know isn't a good partner that's exactly why people say in the national security united states is at stake here you lose confidence in the ability of the president of united states negotiate any new agreement washoe would lose confidence in the partnership
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they have with united states russia wouldn't have inspectors in the u.s. inspecting our weapons we don't have them there it's been almost two years since inspectors have been there as senator lugar pointed out today you may have forgotten about those thousands of missiles that each side has but they're still there we have to have stability and verification to make sure that no mistakes are made we need the u.s. marshal partnership that's what's at stake with this treaty well i hope you're right because you seem to have more faith than i do with them all that but you know we definitely will see and i was jumping the gun lobby to really push is there thank you so much for being here thank you are we have one more segment ahead on tonight's show there's a magazine for everything these days now that includes pole dancers so we're going to give you a look at the first issue in just a moment and could the u.s. benefit from looking at a travel ban on things that are going to speak with one investigative reporter who tells us that we could learn a thing or two from the neighboring island public. my
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married mother did not why we're here because. he was afraid. and she was very cool. she felt. i was frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem but every. effort is made. on the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate in to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call the cowards song goes you have no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture happening and people get so upset
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this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. it's to. get to. where you. are comfortable. just.
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serving. and scary cars. on the moon. great. are included. a photo with the wow the lunar rover. there's a lot of buzz going on around the pro israel lobbying group apac two former employees are fired earlier this year for passing along classified information about iran to an israeli diplomat now iranian analyst keith weisman iran analyst fears me if weissman and foreign policy chief steve rosen both got the boot for their actions
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but that is exactly on the story got a whole lot more interesting after an ongoing investigation into a back officials have learned that the group had somewhat of a frat boy mentality under rosen and now steve rosen is facing humiliating sex allegations new court filings show that rosen frequently looked at pornographic images on the job and when he was questioned about it. not only did he admit to looking at all forms of going over pornography including gay images on the job but he also claimed that it seemed totally acceptable to do so at a recent deposition rosen says i witnessed howard court the executive director viewpoint graphic images on a pack of hooters i witnessed his secretary do it repeatedly and called people over to see it i witnessed other members of staff do it and the nielsen report that you wouldn't let me speak of before said the twenty seven percent of american employees look at pornographic images on office computers and to my knowledge that's probably a good estimate at apac too high get it so everybody is doing it that it's ok did
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rosen just blow the cover off an alpha six party i'm a little confused here you know a pad gives off the impression that they are very very serious very dedicated to their cause but have to be making videos promoting their agenda while they're also busy acting like frat boys. for the security. we have. the preservation of. the enemies of israel should have no doubt that regardless of party americans stand shoulder to shoulder in our commitment to israel's security. you know with the middle east in disarray there is certainly enough work to be done besides i thought the apac was dedicated to making sure the us bombs iran unless of course they're too busy planning their next token party. now it's no secret that the magazine industry has been hit hard by the recession but there are now markets developing for smaller magazines as
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a way to stay afloat boy who we love this new way take a look at whole spin it's the international pole dance fitness and lifestyle magazine now the cover has several very interesting stories like are you bored with your workout try cool fitness or there's pole fitness in saudi arabia really i had no idea we also found several interesting stories inside people you least expect to see on polls the forty plus poll pumas kind of scary or better yet male poll even scarier but i guess here's my question is there really a demand for this type of magazine how many pole dancers could there possibly be in the u.s. as a rash of women taking a pole dancing during the recession to make a little extra money on the side and who in the hell is actually going to read this magazine. oh yeah men.
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i guess the obvious men are i'm sure you guys are reading the magazine just for the articles to write so put down poll spin now and get back to work we have a show to do. america's relationship with cuba has been well a rocky one not only is there a travel ban but in largo it's lasted for fifty years the obama administration hasn't done much to change it except for allowing family members to visit the country there are serious calls for the travel ban to be lifted but now the republican majority will be in charge in washington i think i'm probably kiss that goodbye but how much do americans really know about their island neighbor could the two have more in common than we think is there a truth out there that isn't being told here to discuss it with me is investigative journalist who's back from his professional research in cuba tim thank you so much for being here thank you so tell me this because you wrote
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a great piece about your trip there and you started off saying that just about everything you hear about cuba in the u.s. media is a lie so let's start with that you know how do you think that the u.s. media does portray cuba. well sort of like as a prison island they were once you know desperate to get out and everybody wants american style capitalism and democracy and they just can't wait till the place is liberated by the united states you know that's the kind of image that's promoted i think here and lays out some of the truth it's not true no i mean it's a tough place to live you know you canonically it's very difficult. largely because of the embargo in the fact that they're cut off from global trade that there's traceable you know i mean can you see walking around the streets going into stores trying to do you know do daily activities that there has been a fifty year economic trade a marketplace in this country you can see that the economy is in bad shape you can see the quality of the buildings the infrastructure is very deteriorated lots of people don't have hot water for example you know in stores consumer goods are not
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very plentiful they're missing their you know what's there one day is not there the next day you can't count on something being there all the time it's very difficult you know prices are higher because of the embargo you know when if you want to get bayer aspirin or something it has to come through a third country it's three or four times higher so there's that you know you can see all around and you can see the difficulties people have in their daily lives now you know recently our i guess a couple months ago you could say that castro did make the admission that he thinks that his economic policies are not working for his country did you get to speak to anyone about that yes i did in they are making some changes on the lower level of the of the economy lower level i mean shops restaurants private eyes for example there are opening the system to allow business to operate and there is a real need for that because you can see how having the state operate everything is doesn't really work i mean for example this is something i've heard from people
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there especially some of the american students i met when i was in havana they just say customer service doesn't exist in stores and restaurants well i'm going to say that unfortunately about a lot of countries in. there you can call a one eight hundred number tell me that it's true you know because in america it's so much sold as a national security issue and that's why we have the relationship that we do with cuba and you know yourself mentioned that there are there are many places where we could perhaps be allies the two countries if you talk about terrorism both dealing with the threat of terrorism wanting to combat it a lot of americans don't remember in one nine hundred seventy six q barrier lines passenger plane was seventy three passengers was blown up by a bomb that was placed in that place in the cargo hold by a cuban terrorist group that was trying to overthrow the castro government this is an act of terrorism against the cuban people and the perpetuator of this crime orlando bosch has been hailed here by right wing cuban americans as
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a hero for doing this and was they tried to get him a solemn in the united states it's outrageous it is now we really have suffered the kind of terrorism ever since nine hundred fifty nine ever since the revolution nine hundred sixty we've had over three thousand people killed in terrorist actions and that's you know about the same as the amount of people were that died here and nine eleven in new york and washington they've had diplomats assassinated attempted assassinations all kinds of in all the stories of how many times we tried to assassinate castro our kind of hilarious or it's only just cars but tell me this why do you think it is that there are so such a small group of people in america that have so much power when it comes to this issue and especially right now if we look at the shake up in congress ileana ross left and who's now going to be the chairman is really house foreign affairs committee this is she is cuban american herself stonily anti cuba i guess we can say that you know all pushes for the travel ban being lifted can be kissed goodbye why well she's one of the people that honored this orlando bosch and she has signed
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letters there was a ceremony recently in miami where they honored this guy this terrorist who exposed to this point so with her there i mean nothing to do. a little is going to change nothing as during the clinton administration there was an opening there was a change of you know democrats more journalists going back and forth that doesn't exist anymore and i think it's these people think that somehow they're going to be welcomed in cuba and they're going to somehow take over some day and they're waiting for that day in behind it i think it's a lot of money they think they're going to make money why do you think the obama administration i mean you know you think of america as an open country and yet like you said journalists can't come here we can't our academics are scholars they're not allowed to interact right why well i think it's a good democrats are often worse on this issue than republicans are or just as bad they had this cuban the cubans in cuba call them the miami cubans they have so much power over not only cuba policy but latin america policy the whole the whole policy
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is based around isolating cuba actually destroying cuba undermining cuba and trying to undermine their relationships with other countries and there was one incident that took place right here after hurricane katrina which was you know after new orleans was flooded cuba was one of the countries that offered to send medical teams to new orleans which badly needed any kind of assistance and president bush said no and that really offended cubans in the year they were trying to reach out and in a moment of tragedy i think hello america the majority of americans are ready to move on they want a travel ban lifted and it's just time for our congress members really to get with the times the absolute tim thank you so much for being here thank you our before we go tonight it's time for our tweeted a tea party favorite joe miller's hopes of being the next senator from alaska have gone down in flames current senator lisa murkowski was declared the winner tonight through a write in campaign so we're wondering what might senator lisa murkowski tweet
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going to say hey joe he's found over those measurements for the drapes and the info in the new office furniture you guys to our member after beating murkowski in the primary joe tweeted while. visiting d.c. that he was measuring for some new drapes and peeking out office furniture sorry that didn't work out for you joe that's unfortunate so thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow we'll have author and financial commentator peter schiff on the program to discuss how ben bernanke he is engaging in his own version of nuclear warfare in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alone or show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all the you tube dot com slash the alone a show where you post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next with the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.


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