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they faced it this is not a provocation but a warning that. they force it and we should use several already assured us of a quick victory speech so they have no idea about the hardships the face. they wanted for the says it is all of them to new things for any army the life of a usaf other man is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two the classics. of the true
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nineteen forty five don't r.t. dot com. extradited russian businessman victor boot says he will not confess to crimes he didn't commit despite u.s. pressure charges he faces include conspiring to kill americans and supplying arms to terrorist groups. shaky start washington is pushing for ratification of the arms reduction treaty between russia and the u.s. amid a strong opposition from republicans trying to disrupt the deal. and dividing the sea and it's look the caspian five get down to business as they meet in azerbaijan to discuss territorial claims and regional security. rising attention roma
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gypsies say they are being outcast claiming european countries are using a fight against crime as an excuse to target that. you're watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital welcome to the program alleged arms trafficker viktor buthe claims u.s. officials were trying to pressure him to make a confession when he was extradited from thailand he told this to russian diplomats when they visited him in the new york prison if convicted viktor booth faces life in prison but he did not use all the charges or does marina portnoy has the story. mr boot has said that u.s. officials had tried to pressure him for evidence and pressure him to confess to crimes during his extradition from thailand to the united states and according to
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what's being reported this is a pressure that mr boot did not came into. with the wording to victor during the extradition the americans attempted to convince him to make a confession of the crimes he had never committed and promised some kind of privileges in return rejected all these offers what the russian diplomats also have disclosed is that mr boot is being held in solitary confinement at the metropolitan correctional center in lower manhattan mr booth has also left his wife relocated to the u.s. here to new york to be with him his wife of course has been in thailand by his side for more than two years proclaiming her husband's innocence now mr boot stood before a federal judge and the judge had read out the charges to mr boot pled not guilty on all of the charges when the u.s. attorney however was addressing the press in new york speaking for about ten to
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fifteen minutes about the case that they are building against mr vick to move to the russian businessman and outlining specifically the charges let's take a listen to what he had to say distribute now stands charged in this district the southern district of new york with four charges. one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use and acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark what's interesting to note and to underscore is that during this press conference the us attorney and the head of the da continued to paint a picture of victor boot one of the most dangerous men in the world of a man who sides with violence who sides with the war who sides against the united states they were for a time as the so-called merchant of death and then at the end of their press conference they want to remind everyone that victor boot remains innocent until
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proven guilty and assuring the press that he will receive a fair trial some were questioning how that could take place after he's already painted in the press and in the international media as a man who promotes violence and promotes war so a lot of wondering whether or not this trial will in fact be fair for mr victor boot. military defense lawyer major eric months as a boots case could open a pandora's box for the u.s. there are number of cases that the united states is unhappy with and what we're running into is this dangerous precedent where if if we're exercising this type of authority over individuals in other countries what's going to happen in the future to u.s. citizens and whether or not other countries are going to demand extradition of our citizens you know people who they think are criminals for example in the last administration and demanding their extradition to spain or italy or some other
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country and how can we as a straight face an international community have it both ways if the justice department didn't do their job properly and get this one right you know it certainly could open up a can of worms for us in the future. time is running out for the us democrats to get a key arms deal with moscow ratified in the senate before their political opponents tighten their grip on washington the new strategic arms reduction treaty sealed in april should slash the number of russian and u.s. nukes by a third but the recently empowered republican seemed determined to stall the deal as artie's gave it reports it's getting pretty tense here the informal republican leader on the new start senator jon kyl said the treaty should not be considered until next year he is saying there are other important things for the senate to talk about like the economy and that's bad news for the trade of the administration is making a last ditch effort to appeal to mr secretary of state hillary clinton defense secretary robert gates leading security experts in the country they're all saying
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the failure to pass the new start treaty this year would endanger the u.s. national security they give two reasons for that first americans can no longer track russia's strategic nuclear arsenal the other main reason is that weakening cooperation with the washes that could follow if the new start treaty is not in place joe biden and hillary clinton made it clear that the new start treaty is the centerpiece of obama's reset of relations with washington for anyone to think that we can postpone or we can avoid it is i'm afraid vastly underestimating the new we rent that is posed to our country so we hope are our friends in the senate will bring this up. and i can. inform the russians that it's now their their turn to do the same which they told us. intend to do a lot of observers say that for many on capitol hill the fight is not about the
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content of the trade it was there about scoring political points the republicans already said their number one priority will be to have obama out of office in two thousand and twelve so for many capitol hill observers the whole debate on stark now comes down to this question will some republican senators the landmark historic deal just for the sake of denying obama his arguably the biggest foreign policy achievement. the u.s. is facing a backlash against the federal reserve's decision to print six hundred billion dollars in a bid to stimulate the illing economy a critics at home and abroad say this so-called quantitative easing will devalue the dollar and create havoc across the world. the federal reserve announced that it was buying treasury bonds worth six hundred billion dollars and this was on top of the previous purchase of treasury bonds worth one point seven billion dollars i mean what do you pay for the stuff with you know you know paid for by writing
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a check you pay for it and ultimately in the end you pay for it by cash and this cash starts hitting world markets some markets are more volatile than others and obviously it's going to have an effect but it was a shock and. you know there are some people who are not quite as critical to us as others but i don't recall anybody applauding the u.s. move i don't recall anybody saying oh smart move i don't i don't think i don't think anybody said that there were some people who were not critical but they didn't they didn't they didn't they were not in favor either you know. well you can watch that interview with author and journalist donald kirk in full in just over an hour's time here on r.t. . militants have been killed in a gunfight with police and russia's southern republican. officers tried to stop a car in a village near the republic's capital but those inside opened fire on them the suspects fled to a house where they tried to hide and were killed in the gunfight that followed
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there have been no reports of casualties among policemen or civilians earlier also in english russia's law enforcement officers detained the suspected organizer of a terror attack in the neighboring republic of north korea in september a suicide car bomber killed nineteen people and wounded almost two hundred at a busy market in the city of bloody costs so world news in brief this hour the governor of arlen central bank says that's the country to accept a substantial wellness part of the new bailout package it comes after euro zone finance ministers are valid to support our alliance with the struggling economy should double and request help there have been increased market fears that some smaller member countries are not capable of paying back their massive debts earlier the president of the european union wanted the irish crisis could cause you collapse. the first kuantan m o d t need to be tried in the u.s.
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civilian court faces a minimum of twenty years in jail after being found guilty for plotting to destroy a u.s. property loni from tanzania was cleared of hundreds of other counts including murder charges at the court in new york he was arrested four years ago over his a devolvement in the one nine hundred ninety eight bombings of u.s. embassies in africa which killed over two hundred people. really fifty people have been arrested and one injured near the american embassy in athens during a rally marking a nine hundred seventy student anti dictatorship uprising more than twenty thousand demonstrators clashed with riot police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades police also reported clashes in the southern city of us people were venting their anger at the u.s. support for the honda which has been ruled greece.
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well the crisis over the plight of roma gypsies is spreading across europe sunday your country is bringing the roma for rising crime and tackle it by deporting them but the situation in their native countries is even worse with most roma living in appalling conditions artie's daniel bushell reports from bulgaria. seems like we could become common across europe the mayor of this town in southern garrett told r.t. he had to tear down this block of flats because the room the residents had turned it into a slum. this pile of rubble is all that's left of the housing estate what also it is called a public health hazard infested with rats cockroaches and fleas thousands of roma home. some who have moved to this wasteland no shelter health care or education for the children. well citizens where there's
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a treatise like this schools won't take my son because he has lice and disease people here ask is this what the e used become with winter approaching they'll be sleeping in the cold. first to you politicians bury their heads in the sand only we can see. a lot of. fronts to send tens of thousands of road back to bulgaria sweden it's a lead in germany had similar policies justice commissioner says it reminds her of world war two one of the evicted told me he picks pockets to feed his family member countries report rumor offenses are shooting up pushing rising numbers into angry and she gypsy groups the biggest problem. is the crime already like a civil war. or else. the life of the people campaign is most room listed by chance and other states can't integrate because there aren't enough jobs for them and paul geary an education opportunities limited
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music remains one of the few parts success. a racy gypsy style of pop childhood talk to the children but campaigners say if it conflicts are set to surge into the e.u. learns to live and work with roma not just enjoy the music in the nightclubs. feel . the energy rich caspian sea is up for grabs at a summit in azerbaijan the house is joined with russia and other states bordering the waters abundant in oil and gas now to discuss securing the area safety let's get more the casket of five at its objectives or martin's we're going to be scared of who is it. so yes or the summit has just kicked off following a number of bilateral talks and what has been on the table at those meetings. well that's absolutely right the summit has kicked off and the five caspian nations have already held the first meetings among the biggest highlight so far probably the
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meeting between the president's office russia and iran which actually is actually the first meeting between the leaders of these two countries since all. russia backed the u.n. a set of the united nations sanctions on iran and also canceled a shipment off the asked three hundred air defense systems a move which caused a chill in relations between moscow and tehran and was strongly criticized by iran . recently we've seen that the west exerts a negative influence on decision making of russia's high ranking officials that even a small school agrees with the un sanctions this shouldn't have had any effect on assembly geisha towards iran who signed the contract before the sanctions were imposed furthermore the sanctions don't apply to defensive weapons to weapons a country uses to protect it so that's why russia should have honored its contractual obligations and deliberate the three hundred missile systems to iran
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would. now the fact that the two leaders believe herself russia and iran have met is there for only a positive sign in the relations between the two countries and according to the russian president and why should anybody which go russia is not looking to cancel all of its relations with iran economic relations and even trade including military trade as well but if these on's don't fall under the this leaders latest set of the sanctions from the united nations by the united nations and also city because you said that moscow is also keen to get a clearer picture on iran's vision of its cooperation with the world and on its on its nuclear program one of the most controversial subjects in international politics still at the moment another meeting which was also held already on thursday here and because a meeting between the president's offer russia armenia and azerbaijan discussing
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the longstanding. dispute between armenia and azerbaijan the now going on kind of there's a real dispute obviously that has been running for quite some time and it's not going to take just one meeting here to resolve it but it's also a positive sign of that these two sides are willing to talk about this problem here in bucko. ok i will tell us more about the objectives of the summit what is the caspian five aiming for. well let me just tell you a little bit about the caspian sea itself it's a view rich in natural resources it's thought to contain around up to twenty billion tons of oil and gas which is comparable with the deposits in the persian gulf and also it is quite rich in terms of sturgeon catching up to ninety percent of the global storage and catch is done here and before just what over twenty years
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ago this sea was shared basically just between two countries between the soviet union and iran after the collapse of the u.s.s.r. newly formed independent states like i said by john kazakhstan and turkmenistan emerged as well and now there are five states trying to share sea so definitely it's definitely a difficult question since everybody wants a piece of the pie basically the summit was formed as a forum for them to discuss ways of dividing this see two for two summits have already been held previously but unfortunately not much progress has been made so this is another step towards finally giving the caspian sea a legal status and was. kind of bringing us the latest on the cascade five meeting from baku now staying with the caspian five are now joined by political analyst from moscow state institute of international relations carol caulked ish here in the studio for more thank you very much for joining us now this is the third summit
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in eight years now why has there been no agreement on the legal status of the caspian sea well. the final decision of the start was caspian sea. loses and so far is beginning is going on everybody his hopes that he can be more sober again and start to see solve it more feet into a full five states because nobody wins but nobody loses so my proposal is that see so. plane situation would last ok well how likely is that this type of the leaders will figure out how to share the area among themselves. how was the case been see should be shared there are two approaches see truth be shared according to the mission out there with the recent o.c. bank we could be shade according to z. . of property or rides for was the resources it a lucky didn't suggest can see because of course there are two different maps and three different locations so it's really hard task to settle this question to
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approach the guessing but i will what does russia russia's view of sharing international that could international separatists but it would have should he say ok well if the five countries are vying for influence there is it a potential hotspot for future conflict i think not because everybody is interested to keep this region as potential. risks to stay and cool zia fossa trait so nobody's interested in conflict this conflict would bring the shades of this region down nobody is interested in such development ok well now let's move on to another issue president to get it and mahmoud ahmadinejad had just met and i could this signify a positive progress significant progress for russian iranian relations yes it's a good sign because presidents have met has met and say started to speak to each nasr so it's a good sign that the recent crises seen iran or russian relations could be settled and the bourse concretes could start to peroration again just reminds of russia
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concealed that. this story can read missiles and themselves into iran and they divorce will be suspected that it was bottles of the united states should or difficult to start treaty was a terrific ation point so probably would be eager to return to severe dialogue with iran you mentioned the s. three hundred missile system that it is iran has tested a prototype could this mean that. iraq is shifting away from cooperation with moscow. which is that iran. of course iran. fifteen years at the wrong can we see. this on themselves so far is this just a political message to iran who we choose can choose this way but. actually the wrong decision all right thank you very much for your time that was kero call to share his thoughts on the casket summit and its highlights. now the latest business
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news is heading your way in just a few moments hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in some petersburg ots available in hotels a story of a little ambassador in a sense politico tell triplets hotel the true story hotel golden. skin. and see if. you visit.
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hello and welcome to the business but it's in russia is aiming to spend twenty billion dollars on its roads in two thousand and eleven almost nine percent more than this year but the government recognizes it's still not enough and wants additional help from the private sector big pool has the details. russia manages to combine a number of the worst problems in transport just getting from a to b. can prove made all the worse by the sheer size of the country motorways a far and few between and the roads often badly potholed moscow is a case in point it has the fourth worst traffic jams of any major city in the world it's a very odd organized starting center is what is the main point is missing in my eyes as to ted chick planning for the city and what they say he doesn't try to talk nicely into the base of the traffic is. into connecting system which is unfair which as a huge investment is also needed to build just one kilometer of road in the capital
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can cost up to three hundred million dollars the sums involved is such that the government needs private money if it's not to put too big a dent in the budget and wants to improve efficiency private companies have a lot of know how they have a lot of experience of similar projects when they come here that of cost to be on earth to money but it's just the size of the market attract them and those contracts we are talking about a contract with run for ten years fifteen years or twenty years the time it takes to make a return on an investment is a major deterrent to investors even when construction companies can be found to join a public private partnership they find it hard to convince the banks to provide backing this is where the world bank can lend a hand and generally will be a lot of institutional work which will be basically providing support to the companies in the future if they are once we go further down the road there re the
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possibilities of a financial activity once the roads have built people will still need to find a place to park often a time consuming problem in moscow the government may be able to help by changing legislation to develop a. by land inside the city rather than just renting it this would provide added incentives to incorporate proper traffic management and shopping malls and business districts would be adequately supplied with parking spaces freeing up the roads for people who are trying to get somewhere who business on t.v. the russian government has approved its privatization plan for two thousand and eleven to two thousand and thirteen the asset sales are expected to raise as much as thirty two billion dollars the minister of economic development outfit and explains the purpose of the program. the key difference of the plan for twenty
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eleven to twenty thirteen is of course it's large scale character the aim of such a privatization program is not only to bring additional funds to the state budget even though that's. our key task is to encourage investment into companies. and let's take a quick look at the equity markets european stocks are still having high imposed a session that's after japan's nikkei finished on a five month high i'm commodities are feeling the footsies rise but through f. ab miller is talk of the leaderboard bet more than four and a half percent on good into results. and markets again here in moscow tracking those global trends all the breach of the high on the benchmark my stock spotlight is again the top again at one point eight percent in the black m b two b. is not far behind up more than one percent this year. russia's increased net profit by forty six percent in the third quarter to more than one hundred fifty six million dollars he sees continued strength over the next
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six months on the back of rising prices for fertilizer is driven by growing demand on stock and supply. russia is currently less fashionable for investors them brazil that's according to the deputy c.e.o. of spunk however mark rubenstein from f c metropole disagrees he believes there are compelling reasons why some investors are picking russia over emerging markets. it will look at the relative valuation russian equities now are valued at a nine a half p. versus brazilian about fourteen so this is much you know it's a big difference and of course what i counted that has accounted for that discount has been their political risk premium which has been evaporating my view quite rapidly over the past sixteen months i think we will see more funds coming out of many other emerging markets coming into russia brazil torquey seem like
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a very obvious candidates because capital controls the turks are more expensive china is much more expensive than russia and that could take some money out of that the current science out of russia has had mockery bolland is much stronger personalities expect that if you look at the data market data out of russia for the past several months it consistently has been above the expectations of the market so i will not be surprised to see alice revising their marker forecast for a shop boards in the near future russia will create a special economic zone for titanium companies as soon as this year that's according to the head of the world's top titanium make up the s.m.p. . speaking exclusively to explains the progress being made on the so-called titanium valley but i think some see open to project his gain support from the local and federal authorities which you can all make ministry in history did an industry ministry have also supported us but if the government is preparing
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a decree to create a freakonomics zone that there are some difficulties i think we'll do with them as early as this here via sim pew is ready to invest up to one hundred fifty million dollars in a project. that is. and that's all the business news for now but you can always find the stories on our website that's r.t. dot com slash business.


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