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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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i wish all of these through you know obama obama excuse me has been saying all along that he wants lunch on a motive closed down and i don't know if that's going to happen especially after this so while it was a victory victory because the idea was to get everyone out of there bring him over here and have these civilian trials and now there's still many people are dissatisfied with the result is that going to take place probably not why i think that people need a serious reality check which is something that you know this case this verdict offered them because this is what happens when you break the rules when you torture people when you do things that are illegal then you can no longer take them to the justice system and you know expected to always go your way and have a guilty verdict kelli thank you so much for joining us. all right so to come on tonight's show the hypocrites on the right who ran against repealing health care reform are now being challenged to give up their government run health care outside time award and then has obama given up he seems unwilling to fight anyone the house
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and that house progressive up in arms i'm going to try and figure out why that is with mike lux the co-founder and c.e.o. of progressive strategies in just a few minutes. but combine this is the headlines. you create negotiations dominate talks as russian president dmitri that it sits down with his iranian counterpart and i went to the shot of the sidelines of the key regional summit and as a shot is that it said russia will continue helping to iran develop a peaceful atomic program. president obama urges rulings on capitol hill not to try the rounds of occasional nuclear arms. treaty between.
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it's not a higher. priority for the lame duck session of congress the stakes for american national security are clear and they are. sending us that ledge gunrunner big to food claims american officials trying to force him into admitting to all the smuggling charges while being extradited from bangkok to washington and says he's not guilty of all for diplomatic support to the russian businessman convicted could face life behind bars. now back to washington d.c. for part two of the i want to show and if you haven't paid all your debts and have a facebook account the way because some of us credit companies pursuing claims by call times to your friends and family on the social networking site find out and just love it.
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all the time for tonight's tool time award and we're going after all the newly elected or current members of congress the ones who ran on the issue of repealing health care reform democratic leaders in the house have decided to call their bluff on this they're asking all those g.o.p. members who are so structurally opposed to obama's health care plan to forego their government health care that they receive as members of congress and you know i think that they have a pretty good point here the g.o.p. made repealing health care a major part of their campaign they called it socialism they wanted no part of it so why should these members of congress then use the government run health care that they hate so much in fact since a new york congressman sent a future speaker of the house john boehner and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell a letter yesterday asking the g.o.p. members not to accept health care to republicans have already agreed. you know i don't i don't need i got my own plane i don't need a congressional what i can hear myself for a long time i didn't come here for health care my health care i didn't come here
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for a pension plan i didn't come here for the pay by the way tricare term limits so i'm not taking the pension i'm not taking pay raises and my family and i are bringing our own health care to washington d.c. and my dad you know those are two future congressman that we can actually comment when the new congress is sworn in january there will be forty three republican senators and at least two hundred and thirty nine republicans in the house maybe a few more because there are still five races out there there's still too close to call so come on members of the republican party walk the walk if you're going to talk the talk i have a feeling about it's never going to happen in fact earlier this week in maryland congressman elect andy harris he became upset at freshman orientation when he was told his health care wouldn't kick in until february first of next year he's so mad that his government run health care is being delayed but he still wants to repeal the measure for millions of americans are you guys just love the hypocrites and that goes for all the other g.o.p. members of congress out there who will not forego their government run health care
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while they try to take it away from everybody else you know the people that they're supposed to be representing and that's why you guys are tonight's tool time winners . now facebook is used by millions daily to check in with friends to update statuses but now the social networking site is also becoming a favorite place for debt collectors they're now combing through facebook to learn about the lives of those who owe them money in order to shame them into paying up a woman in tampa florida says that a collection agency began harassing her family and her friends on facebook. he told me my card company had notified her and i was telling her no way because you're not even a reference there's no way they could be notifying you and she said asked where it's on facebook. melanie told a local t.v. station in tampa that she got behind on her car payments after getting sick and having to take time off to work on the debt collectors started calling her twenty times a day but after finding out that the company had also contacted her sister and other
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relatives through facebook then melanie beach when contacted a lawyer who's filed suit against mark one financial by law they are not allowed to contact third parties unless they need the debtor's contact information seeing as how they were calling melanie twenty times a day clearly they had it but isn't that scary that a debt collector can now go on to your facebook account and send messages to your family or friends who knows maybe they're going to send one to your boss or your ex next as if your debt is everybody's business melanie's lawyer fears the debt collectors are going to start taking advantage of this tactic in the future and this is just one example of those ridiculous tactics that debt collectors will use to collect on a bill and several states people who fail to show up in court to answer have been jailed i'm sorry but one of the debtors prison abolished in the united states back in the nineteenth century you know one understand that everybody needs to pay their bills we're still living in a country with a very high unemployment rate with millions of people who are just barely getting by and by invading their privacy contacting third parties via
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a social networking site all those debt collectors they just opened a whole new can of worms i see a lot of lawsuits coming on this one. now let's switch to obama has the president lost it that's the question that many people out there are asking conservatives progressives all of those in the tween with what he himself called the shellacking in the midterm elections the president of the united states has since been quiet perhaps too willing to lay down and compromise with the new congress stepping in the bush era tax cuts being a holy step wants but it is still have time does he have the guts to come back and fight or is our leader going down as a loser i heard of the scuffle with me is mike lots co-founder and c.e.o. of progressive strategies mike thanks so much for being here thank you for having me i what is going on with obama i mean can you explain it to me i just i don't even know what to say these days i feel like he's completely lost it that he
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doesn't have the conviction anymore that he doesn't want to lead well you know i was in the clinton white house in ninety four when we be in a similar fashion and it's a tough it's a tough thing to take you know you take it personally and it takes a while to come back from it but i do think obama has always been kind of professorial i mean that he used to be a professor and i do think he needs to he needs to toughen up he needs to show some steel there's no doubt about it i agree what we were discussing about this earlier james carville my favorite quote that i have heard today about obama needing to toughen up as he said that he should take one of hillary's balls so he could now have two of them but really i mean we've seen you know obama has been this compromising character all along since the second that he stepped into office really you know he signed the order saying i'm going to close gitmo and then he forgot about all of the campaign rhetoric still hasn't closed get mo that's still going to be one of those major a loss is in terms of his promises you would think that he would be prepared for this state two years and that he would know that after midterms that's when it's
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time to fight. well we'll have to see what he takes stands and you know i think in these early days he's doing a lot of well of course i want to work with the new congress of course i want to do that and i don't have any problem with those kind of symbolic gestures you know you have divided government you have to do some of that but i think it will be important to see what does he take a stand on what does he show toughness on because we need a president who's got guts and moxie and will be that kind of leader and he's the key to me is that he's becomes a better negotiator i think he hasn't been a good negotiator he he tells people in advance that he's going to compromise and i think you have to be tougher and they are all over you know that and then a much warning how sometimes you've got to come from behind and surprise that well you have some suggestions yourself on exactly the areas where you think obama needs to prove it to progressives that he's still with them to the middle class that he cares about them going tell us about this well i think first of all on the tax cuts
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issue. the american people are with obama on the tax cuts issue if he stands strong he doesn't have to compromise on that issue the republicans are the ones who are only getting twenty five percent on giving tax cuts to millionaires so i think the first thing you need to make clear is look you know i'm willing to talk but i'm not i'm not folding this so i think that's number one and i think he's not selling it right. now so i mean this is going to add seven hundred billion dollars to this that deficit that's what you should be talking about other than saying that well you know everyone has to pay a little bit when we're in this kind of essentially have is going to reach people if this is messaging everyone always and that's that's part of it is he has he hasn't been strong on his messaging he's obviously capable of that he showed that in the election in the two thousand election but he hasn't been tough on that i mean the republicans were the ones who kept talking about deficits right and now
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they're talking about seven hundred billion dollar hole in the. in the budget i mean that's that's his biggest tarp was ready bitches about tarp but you're going to you're going to hand seven hundred billion dollars directly to millionaires and billionaires what sense does that make anybody to me too but i feel like you know what it is too is that like the least the republicans they have this air of confidence about that because people can sense that and i you know was hearing some great commentary on this the other day that people are almost like dogs and that's you know if they look at you and your leaders starts to shy away starts to go back and show that he's i'm confident when they realize that something isn't right here and so they themselves start questioning it well i do think so much about the presidency is showing that kind of leadership and confidence and toughness you know when bill clinton in one thousand nine hundred five bill clinton was down about fifteen points to bob dole in the polls but when he had that standoff with gingrich on the budget and he stood tall and he won that fight he was up ten points on dole
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and he never looked back he never he never looked back from that so i think obama's got to pick some places where he stands tall i think the tax cut fight is a great example i think he needs to get very aggressive with the banks on this mortgage foreclosure issue these banks have been have been ripping people off and been foreclosing on their homes when they don't have the right to do it and obama needs to be a lot tougher on that i think he needs to pick some fights with people and i mean there are some easy ones out there like he's a foreclosure date and so it's so simple to point at a bad guy you know i realize who the enemy is there but to me is how much time do you think obama has to get it together i don't know if we reach a certain point he still hasn't taken a stand on anything that is two thousand and twelve completely lost i don't think he has a lot of time you know in ninety five it took it took us a while to get our act together. but we had more time because there wasn't an internet there wasn't blogs there wasn't facebook where everybody was sending mess
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. it is around all day long and so impressions get hardened right now in this culture and so i don't think he has very long i think he's going to have to stand up tall sooner rather than later or he's in real trouble very quickly do you think that perhaps you put a little too much emphasis on the executive branch these days too though i mean is does everyone focus on just this one man too much well you could say yes but i'll tell you something the president in american life. is the biggest deal around you know they've got the bully pulpit they've got the executive power they they've got the the regulatory power and in a time like this when we've got all these crises in the economy's a mess and congress is gridlocked you have to have a president that goes for a president that really pushes and b. half of the people a president with some balls like james carville said i think you said it perfectly mike thank you so much for being here and it's great to be here thanks for having
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me are so to come on tonight's show we have my unplugged moment over the g.o.p. blocking a bill for equal pay for women to stick around for that in just a moment and then the federal government seeking even more powers to spy on you while you're using facebook or google while they're also creating new laws to protect consumer privacy so can these two positions really be reconciled with wired's ryan singel about the topic in just a moment. are you. comfortable. just. scorching. are included. a photo with the
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wild lunar rover for free i don't. mind me mother did not like we're going to become. she was afraid. and she was very cool for the. chief. our lives frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem but every. effort is made by the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate in to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call the cowards so long goes you have no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the
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world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture happening and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. we should be trying to. move. from science to action and so.
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we don't don't come. yesterday the senate killed the paycheck fairness act this is a measure designed to strengthen the enforcement of women's rights to equal pay back to would have made it a federal crime for an employer to fire or punish any workers who share information about their wages benefits but the senate voted fifty eight to forty one pushing away the idea or any chance of senators even having a discussion about the issue and you want to know why well each senator of course seems to have their own specific reason but the majority said that it all comes down to small businesses they just can't afford it right now lots of senators olympia snowe and susan collins both claimed they said that this act of put an unfair burden on the small businesses by making them spend more money to ensure that their male and female employees are getting the same pay i'm sorry but they
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want else remember that this is about equality not about economics you know many senators also argue that another bill really led better fair pay act was already passed last year adjusting the timetable in which women can present a lawsuit for discriminatory pay but has that really accomplished anything i don't think so for years the pay ratio says that women on average make seventy seven cents for every dollar that may make if you look at the graph put out by the u.s. census bureau the pay gap has stood for at least the past sixty years and i think that one thing is pretty obvious here the paid equality needs to be a thing of the past for years. businesses have told employees to keep their pay a secret do they want the workers to keep their mouth shut just so they can avoid learning the truth that joe blow sitting next to me is making more money than me even though he does the exact same type of work you know the fact that it's two thousand and we still have passed this type of legislation well it's just pathetic
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but the fact that two female republican senators could vote against it and make it about the fragile state of the economy well that is absolutely a disgrace have you ever seen stronger proof the lawmakers favor business over the people they represent yes equality and just as they take sacrifice i don't we didn't make those sacrifices that we probably still have slaves in this country with people like olympia snowe and susan collins in charge who would say that you know they can all be climate it just wasn't really favorable for making them count as whole people and not just three fifth's and this is a move that i am really disappointed. now as america continues to be up in arms over the t.s.a. pat downs more more people are finally speaking out not only is there a national opt out day scheduled for november twenty fourth but commentators lawmakers even one district attorney are all speaking out against the t.s.a. is invasive measures but there's one politician who's taken his frustration to the
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next level congressman ron paul has introduced a new piece of legislation and the layout really is pretty simple and establishes the airport security screeners are not immune from any us laws regarding physical contact with another person making images of another person or causing physical harm through the use of radiation and meeting machinery on another person it means basically they are subject to the exact same laws as all the rest of us now his legislation has a very good point but he took his comments one step further to the floor yesterday . and it's time we wake up the bill of introduced will take take care of it but we have to realize that the real problem is that the american people have been too should miss it we have been too submissive this being. he says the american people have been too submissive and you know what he's right for years the u.s. is just little way and our civil liberties since nine eleven that chiseling has become
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more like a hammer it's a constant pushing and yet i feel like not enough americans have even noticed we've sat in almost perfect silence as a nation all the n.s.a. wiretap to our phones an american citizen was placed on the cia kill list and the government simply demands documents from private companies without any kind of warrants and nobody really bad the nie they're now the obama administration is saying that the f.b.i. doesn't even need a warrant to look at your online communications but now could it have americans finally reached their breaking point when it come. this is sacrificing their own rights for the sake of national security they have said it's not because american citizens now can be placed on assassination list with no due process no it's because the government has threatened to touch your crotch that's what it took for people to wake up go figure. now in more news of the
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government wanting to be able to track every little thing that you do this week at the i director robert mueller the third traveled to silicon valley to meet with top executives of several tech firms including google and facebook to propose making wiretapping internet users even easier now we touched on this story about two months ago when it became public that the obama administration plans to submit the builder lawmakers early next year this would expand the one nine hundred ninety four communications assistance for law enforcement act which currently requires phone and broadband network providers like for rising and comcast to make sure that they can immediately comply when they're presented with a court wiretapping order now they watch all services the naval communications like blackberry who transmits encrypted e-mails or skype whose software allows for peer to peer messaging also to have a back door to redesign their entire system so that if the government wants in they
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have a way to do it but does this threaten the entire architecture of the internet is decentralization as we know it joining me from san francisco to discuss it is wires ryan singel ryan thank you so much for joining me now tell me what do you make of this proposal you know because i feel like the government here is just playing catch up they realize that there is this great big thing out there called the internet oh my god we didn't get to regulate of the time and make sure that they you know created all of its functions so that we can get into it. it's a little it's actually more about the corruption which is interesting so that a clear was originally because it really just said the new phone system has to be marketable and the early two thousand you're going to get expanded it so that you can see your internet your eyes p. you have to be able to. intercept real time it almost never happens they have the capability it's built into the system but it's almost always your mobile phone to go after or they go out to your store or you know your story e-mails it's just it's
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just a lot easier to do that than it is to try and watch a movie in real time on the internet so you don't really know what i don't know what they're after here really bizarre well i you know i think it's kind of a big deal you seem so nonchalant about it i mean if you look at our government though let's let's just look at that a little story shall we when the united arab emirates when saudi arabia started saying that they would ban blackberries because they weren't able to on encrypt them and our government condemned those actions and now they want to do the exact same thing essentially they're they're not even you know asking to bad them they're just saying we want those lot of pass and that was how it's going to be. no no i don't think it's very strange there was a there was a big fight in the one nine hundred ninety s. over exceptions that point that you know the government declared ministration wanted to put this backdoor encryptions thing by the clipper chip and then you know they didn't sort of big studies they had researchers go in like looking as they're going to two hundred fifty page reports and they figured out you know what
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encryption strong encryption is generally good for business it's built into a lot of pieces of software it's built into your browser and it's just good to have strong encryption and yes there may be certain communications the f.b.i. can't get at but that's just the price you have to pay and the sense that in the last nine years you have you know has had to report to congress when they've been investigating someone with criminal matters and if they run into a corruption and whether it stops them and the feds haven't we're going to be a christian in four years so i don't understand why they're going after blackberry saying you need to build a barrier in your corruption because at least in terms of criminal prosecutions in corruption isn't it a problem for the law enforcement interesting right now business you know could this also backfire in the sense that if you start building these systems and creating them with a backdoor available then there's going to be someone who can take advantage of that who can probably infiltrate the system we've we've seen it happen before you
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know in china what they what they did this with g.-mail. exactly so you know the classic example it's not like us in the computer security circles is of the telephone all the talk on equipment and you know having this here is the back of the word wiretapping standard built into it because of the f.b.i. want to do this and then all the equipment around the world gets tickets sold has this built in so it's the same. that function is what is being used in iran in other places and then in greece. somebody managed to going to turn on that sort of built in functionality even though it was unnecessary and we were using it to spy on government officials no idea who did it. what do you think when the tables get turned on the government official the ones they get spied on well one thing that i find interesting too is that now we have of the obama administration saying that they're going to try to promote you know propose a law is try to create a new position to look out for consumer on line privacy and to me i just feel like
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they can't really make up their mind do they really want to protect people's privacy or not yes it's you do have one hand sort of doing one thing in another and doing another so then i think is that it's not clear that the justice department has the full support of the obama administration in this push because. they want to search and they're smart tech guys there's a bunch of smart guys and they know that encryption is necessary and so you know there might be just something that crazy that's going on that somehow all of a sudden all of al qaeda is no using women or private is blackberries and that's the problem but. it's really just unclear so i don't know. if you have this isn't talking enough and i think once congress comes back they're going to actually have to give some reasons loves fast change is definitely there are getting more tech savvy every single day what are you would also spacious here of the you know the
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very close buddy buddy relationship between the government and google i guess you could say i mean hey they totally left the left off the hook when it came to that investigation of them collecting private data when they had a you know breached wireless internet network so i think that closeness is very interesting and i mean one of the there's a there's a group of the privacy folks that sort of think that. was actually a legitimate mistake and they actually didn't get that much information to compare what they get from you driving by your house in one second you know your wife or i as opposed to what you type in their blogs every day if they want to know anything you want to tell them every day if you search now. there just wasn't that much they could get so i think you have to be right there. but i do think that isn't the new congress is going to get a lot of closeness between. the military definitely seems like i'm just saying that they should a guy who a little more than just a slap on the wrist maybe
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a fine or something ryan thanks so much for joining us it's got a lot of lucidity i get you flying with generally if you change the way it works and never the levy to fall in the back against them yes it does it just sort of there really tension is just to get it. so so many of their settlements and let's say they have some comments they've been robbed as they will change right i'm sorry we're out of time but thank you so much for joining us thanks our before we go it's time for a twitter today sarah palin's latest book comes out next week apparently she's picked another feud with her grandbabies daddy like leaving levi johnston she says it was sickening to see him being exploited by adults when he was doing a media tour in l.a. new york bashing the pale and so we wondered what would he tweet back like your family didn't use me when you told the world of the g.o.p. convention center that i was marrying your knocked up daughter that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in make sure you guys come back tomorrow we're going to have inversions on the program discuss what's happening in lisbon and what it all means for nato and the main.


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