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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EST

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then you know already europeans saw eye to negotiate and took a violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of was called the cowards song goes you have no. calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture. and people gets so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. moscow
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signals that bad times are over and russia nature relations and agrees to help the missile defense and anti drug action in afghanistan. russian bases been picked to boot denies charges of weapons smuggling terrorism. must go calls for a fair trial and blames washington for pressuring the legal process. across the continent roma communities affected by european governments are being left without shelter or health olsson and to make ends meet. also the chernobyl saw the danger as the covering the disaster site is it's expanding today
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we look at the potentially deadly toxins that could be counted. colonial watching r.t. and this is our weekly news review welcome to the program. pressed him a bit of a says the hostile period between russia and nato is over he told the bloc gathering in portugal this weekend that he's agreeing to boost collaboration on one of the most divisive issues missile defense the summit smooth was decidedly more cooperative than of late but there are still issues which they are yet to see eye to eye on reports. nato rolled out the red carpet for the country once considered its. and russian president dmitri medvedev arrived at the summit of the former cold war military alliance to leaders welcoming him
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with open arms and a plea cooperate with us let us do this together leaders on both sides seem to indicate they plan to do just that after nato russia talks they hailed as historic today marks a true fresh start in nato russia relations the willing ear it spells out our desire to pursue strategic partnerships that in its means we have overcome the difficulties of the past missile defense plans under the bush white house which provoked the most serious rift between russia and nato since the cold war well now the alliance wants russia to join in its plans compute russia wants more than just screen words with a good body and we have agreed with our nato partners that's what we'll pursue dialogue of the european a.b.n. our main guide here should be that our disobey sion ought to be equal and i will stress this it's can only be as partners you know other form of participation for
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the sake of appearance is acceptable either we participate fully we exchange information take part in decision making or we do not participate a talk show the us reset of relations with russia has brought nato to moscow once the great enemy but now courted as a key potential ally together we've worked hard to reset the relations between the united states and russia which has led to concrete benefits for both our nations now we're also resetting the nato russia relationship we see russia as a partner not an adversary russia and nato have reiterated common challenges to be fought from the spread of weapons of mass destruction to terrorism what's most significant is what's not on the list each other. russia has pledged more help to nato in afghanistan with transport access and more resources to fight narcotics there and for the first time in
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pakistan despite all the warm words there are still differences notably over the south has such in conflict over two years ago nato back georgia which russian forces were forced to fight after the civilian population came under attack and while nato seeks new purpose and allies others say the alliance belongs in the past and that it to cross as a soldier consubstantial to nato has existed certainly since the fall of the burden of war how this allies should be used and against whom the major problem from nature and of course what it does politically and militarily is that it reinforces a peaceful the time being the imbalance between the us will continue to spend a lot of the military and european nato member states some of which have become to cut back very drastically crowd there's no greater example of the discontent with nato it's called a good week here on the street that leads to what may be filled thousand run i mean
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by protesting the alliance and it got me. going terry don't think it's necessary it's ok for example for us to sew a country in crisis is spending so much money on something it's cold war what we have is a very powerful minix realize with no democratic accountability the leader is announcing this statements no part of it is going to get a child to vote on it and as a result everyone's military expenditure is going to go up the message is entirely wrong nato is out of date now out of time we need a world of peace and justice not want to prepared for yet wars and after introducing a new strategic concept to high hopes at the summit that nato is challenge now is to turn concept into reality or top on the list is forging a lasting partnership with russia with an exploring lyster r.t. lisbon portugal. russia's nato envoy believes
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a renewal in relations between moscow and smith at least guarantee greater security on the country's western borders. now after we have lived through the conflict in south ossetia on a sharp decline in relations it turns out we might have needed such a test on the one hand these events have shown that old nato policies were provoking such an articled regimes like the socceroos really warm to bloody actions on the other hand nato did not get involved in this conflict because europeans did not support the most aggressive part of the bush administration for us nato was a big headache it used to be an enemy now an unpredictable partner the left hand of which doesn't know what the right handers doing we are tired of this we want more stability and security on our western borders and in the long run maybe even certainty that there will be no trouble to toll i think the americans have finally heard of this american anti war campaign is believe the us is trying to offload the responsibility for its actions in afghanistan on to nato brian becker from the un
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soko this says president obama's administration is twisting your arm to keep them onside increasingly costly war nato is functioning basically as a fig leaf for us foreign policy and us military strategy north atlantic treaty organization afghanistan where one hundred fifty thousand nato troops there really american troops for some auxilary forces are there there is a branding of their operation at u.s. military operation to make it look as if the world has come together to share against a shared objective against the war on terror against al qaeda but really i believe that nato is nothing but a fig leaf for u.s. military strategy and many of the other nato countries all over europe those populations they don't want to go along they don't want their governments that be accomplices for the u.s. war in afghanistan so the obama administration is twisting arms in lisbon it's putting pressure on the different european governments now to abandon the american government as it continues its war in afghanistan. they tow secretary generals
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brought up the importance of a nuclear duction treaty between russia and the us and this for rasmussen told the lisbon summit that any delay in ratifying would damage the security of europe and the entire region president obama says there's no good reason why the deal can't be passed by the us congress treaty would see the two countries asked or slashed by a third but is being stalled in washington as newly elected republicans now outweigh obama's democrats nuclear security expert paul ingram told r.t. that although president obama faces an uphill battle it's more a question of when rather than if i think acacia. this this treaty is good for european for america and for russian security it's the logical extension from the original start treaty that lapsed last december and there is now no official clear
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verification treaty between the two countries so this this this treaty maintains takes on arms control for foot and and takes the first step in a very long road to that is around obama's position so he's certainly not about trying to score political points here he's exposed himself to some extent to opponents who do seem to be trying to use this treaty themselves to score political points against him very very difficult political situation but i have to say if that treaty comes up for ratification on the floor of the senate will pass the debate is when it comes up for votes and the objections are largely about not having enough time to properly scrutinize the treaty senators have had eight or nine months to do this it's plenty of time compared to previous treaties so it really is quite baffling as to whether there really any concrete objections to this treaty coming from the senate. and coming up later in the program reaction to sarah
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palin's hint that she's resigning herself for another stab at running for the white house. if she does become president. of the screen rest of the people in new york what would happen if perrin becomes the next president of the usa. and that stopping the countdown to collapse as ireland's economic struggle becomes europe's biggest headache global money bosses descend on dublin to fix its troubled banks. russian businessman and alleged arms smuggler big to boot has pleaded not guilty to charges including terrorism and arms trafficking he was hastily extradited to the u.s. from bangkok earlier this week and is now in a summit confinement in new york where moscow is demanding a fair trial and says it will continue to provide consular assistance takes up the story. by two and
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a half year campaign to get one russian citizen accused arm dealer victor boot begins to face american justice victor boot came into u.s. custody on tuesday set to stand trial on arms smuggling and terrorism charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals to conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark meantime the u.s. to stands accused of breaking laws to grab the russian businessman organizing a swift extradition from thailand involving some fifty federal agents and u.s. marshals keeping the operation a secret from boots lawyer family and russian officials. despite two rulings in thailand's criminal court saying victor boot guilt was not proven the thai government has still decided to hand him over to the us i consider
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this unprecedented political pressure on the legal process and on thailand's government. moscow has dubbed the extradition of their citizen are striking in justice boot a former army officer was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight in a sting operation involving american law enforcement officials all aboot who didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her husband in thailand accuses the u.s. of kidnapping as a political force. in this operation was illegal it was done after lobbying from the u.s. this russian citizen it was shipped to the united states as if he was just not chipped without his documents and with the russian embassy being uninformed and during his transfer to new york who claims that u.s. officials attempted to force a confession from him as part of a possible plea bargain. according to victor boot during the extradition there were
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attempts to convince him to make a confession of the crimes he had never committed promising some privileges in return but mr boot rejected these offers in new york federal court on wednesday the forty three year old cargo dealer denied all charges but is being held in solitary confinement at a federal prison in lower manhattan with legal assistance from the russian consul a top kremlin official stressed that moscow is demanding fair treatment for its citizens while not getting involved in the allegations it faces but you will put your which i want to stress to the u.s. authorities of course in very serious and profound challenges against this russian citizen we have nothing to conceal we don't consider this case a state secret or anything of the kind that we want to see this investigation finalists has to answer all the questions raised by the u.s. he will be given protection in consular assistance however that doesn't mean we are claiming he's innocent you know. while many have speculated as to why washington
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wants so badly opinions had very. little pretty this is a question of principle they've spent ten years of spending money taxpayer money on trying to root out gun runners so they have to have someone to show for it and they chose victory over a political discourse and i understand that there were significant amount of political pressure by the u.s. to put on that our government but i assure you that will be nothing. compared to the pressure that the united states is going to put on the strip if you cooperate with the u.s. law enforcement already is against others the chances of a fair trial for victor boot are already in question with u.s. media and the prosecutor portraying him as a villain the so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate there all those seeking to provide some cold comfort victor boot is of course presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty the fate of victor
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boots future will be sealed in this new york federal courthouse his next hearing is scheduled to take place in january if convicted the russian citizen faces twenty five years to life behind bars burning up or not artsy new york. well military defense lawyer major eric long telephoto but these boots a case could become a pandora's box he says if the u.s. fails to show fairness to other countries citizens it'll be hard to protect its own there number of cases that the united states is unhappy with and what we're running into is this dangerous precedent where if if we're exercising this type of authority over individuals in other countries what's going to happen in the future to u.s. citizens and whether or not other countries are going to demand extradition of our citizens you know people who they think are criminals for example in the last administration and demanding their extradition to spain or italy or some other
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country and how can we as a straight face in the international community have it both ways if the justice department didn't do their job properly and get this one right you know it certainly could open up a can of worms for us in the future. well you can find more coverage and analysis of that story at r.t. dot com right now and some of the other features were lining up for you this weekend. beauty for sale as it's revealing that almost a third of russian cosmetics are dangerous fakes shoppers enticed by cheap prices are being warned they're risking their health poisonous chemicals. plus why this soap opera nurse is raising the heartbeat of so many russians even more than the headline grabbing spy anna chapman tells her.
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the euro has again come perilously close to sinking as audience economy teeters on the brink of collapse leaders are now looking at ways of saving the irish banking system just seen investors flee doubling it repeatedly denied it was in serious trouble insisting it had enough cash to last until at least next year portugal and spain want on him to accept the multi-billion euro bailout and restore calm to the markets critics say aren't is being forced into a corner trend or costa del sol on tape predicts that small countries will eventually leave the euro. this is the beginning of the of the euro and the euro it was built it saw it came in at a time of high expectations it was a time of economic euphoria as though growth would never end and growth does that and this is more than a domino effect in europe this is
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a global economic crisis and nothing has changed since the crisis began in two thousand and seven other than this until banks dumping trillions of dollars in trying to save a failing system it's you cannot have a currency that's going to cover all the bases of all economies equally if you look at ireland the biggest problem right now in today's news next week it might be spain what we're seeing the beginning of are going to be currency wars and trade war and when you equal trade wars plus currency wars you start looking at real wars it's happened before and it's unfolding in front of us again we see we see italy we can see portugal
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spain greece the smaller company countries opting out of the euro look everybody that it's the law i've had day that remembers when the your road came on back in the late ninety's and early two thousand is how inflation skyrocketed in those countries this is a scheme that could never have worked from the beginning we said it would work when it had been. europe's roma communities are among the most persecuted in the world of those who live in vogue area in the situations especially done with their homes destroyed and that desperate basic health care facilities don't know bush will discover it. seems like we could become common across europe the mayor of this town in southern belle gabriel told r.t. he had to tear down this block of flats because the room the residents had turned it into a slum. this pile of rubble is all that's left of the housing estate what all sorts
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of called a public health hazard infested with rats cockroaches and fleas thousands of roma back home. some have moved to this wasteland no shelter health care or education for the children. well built where citizens where there's a treat us like this schools won't take my son because he has lice and disease people here ask is this what the e used become with winter approaching they'll be sleeping in the cold. first to you politicians bury their heads in the sand but only we can solve their own problems of. france to send tens of thousands of rumor back to bulgaria sweden it's a leader mark in germany had similar policies used justice commissioner says it reminds her of world will two one of the evicted told me he picks pockets to feed his family member countries report rumor offenses are shooting up pushing rising numbers into angry and see groups the biggest problem with the jobs this is the
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crime already like a civil war they are stealing or else. risk the life of the people campaign is more the most room are said by chance and other states can't integrate because there aren't enough jobs for them and paul gearing up with education opportunities limited music remains one of the few path to success. a racy gypsy style of pop childhood talk to the chops but campaigners say if it conflicts are set to surge into the e.u. learns to live and work with roma not just enjoy the music in the nightclubs. artsy saffir. well more to come in the program it's regarded as the birthplace of international law how the courtroom scene and tried for war crimes is open for viewing an exhibition marking the sixty fifth anniversary of their trials with
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hundreds of actual film footage and hoardings hunted hearings. exact courtroom and dark way hitler's henchmen face a tribe you know of representatives from the soviet union the u.s. britain france the head of russia's deal or foreign affairs committee says the length and they sions the whole world to follow. the decisions of the cube you know are not to be rewired they are to be respected essential integrated part of. the state of affairs or for more than the world and each and every country reach is devoted to the principles of democracy respect for human rights should still remember the lessons of the second world war respect the decisions of the tribunal and do what it can do in order to prevent any further experiences of radicalism extremism
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a neo nazi ism and all that ugly developments which sometimes take year to take place in certain european countries who believe that all that had to be said was said already in nine hundred forty five but our fortune fortunately some of the european countries some of the western countries still believe that. much has been left unsaid. now sarah palin lost out in her campaign to be america's vice president but she's now doing the media rounds in force suggesting a comeback to the chances of a two thousand and twelve white house bid lower half an ist has been gauging peace in iraq. sarah palin has a reality show her daughter is on a reality show and she has a new book coming out with all this promotion it seems like she might be gearing up to run in two thousand and twelve do you think she's
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a viable candidate for president and the united states this week let's talk about that i think absolutely she could not be president. i don't think that she has the smarts i don't think if she has the political backing i think that she's made a career out of being. a t.v. personality and i think that when it comes to the brass tacks the republicans will not nominate her so you don't even think she'll get that far when it comes to the nomination you know i do not stranger things could happen but she's not getting my vote do you think she'll get enough votes. possibly possibly how do you feel about that. let's america if she gets the votes she can run but i'll be voting and not for her why are we giving her so much attention if she doesn't have the support out there do you think because the media is very good at giving attention to someone who's good at making a stunt of themselves so is that all it is but when it comes to election day if she actually was running you don't think that she would get in i hope that we had the
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foresight as voters in this country to realize that no she should not be elected president of the united states of america if she does become president how will you feel oh i'm moving to england yeah oh move to spain if she does become president of the u.s. what do you think the reaction will be in the u.k. . yes. my friend. whether or not they are pale in is presidential material the bottom line is seems like she's planning on running the show at the very least it looks like we'll have an entertaining election come two thousand and twelve. well scientists are concerned of the radioactive dangers lurking at chernobyl site and quarter of a century after new plant explosion the concrete bunker which covers the contaminated area is nearing the end of its life but it's not clear what
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radioactive danger lies underneath. explains almost a quarter of a century since the chernobyl fallout a special confinement structure called the circle for gas is still preventing more radioactive emissions into atmosphere this structure the circle for us was built in nine hundred eighty six just months after the disaster the chernobyl nuclear power plant back then experts predict it would last for only twenty years until two thousand and six that is but as you can see from here it was strengthened and improved extending its lifetime for five more years the biggest question is how much nuclear fuel remains under the surface some experts believe that there is none as most of it did vaporize into the atmosphere and was spread around the chernobyl exclusion zone but many experts believe that there are ninety five percent of nuclear fuel still remaining under the surface and that could be tons and tons of nuclear material. we believe that the nuclear fuel under the cyclone for greece is
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no longer a solid mass like it's almost twenty four years ago there now was more of three layers of dispersed dust so should the presence of course because collapse we could see it proved powerful explosion at facilities as powerful as a nuclear one. in order to avoid another catastrophe europe invested in the building over new confinement in two thousand and seven french company that article was allowed to start the construction of an arch like steel structure to cover the facility three years later the project is underway with more than five hundred engineers building the new circle for gas next to the contaminated plant it won't be just the frame yeah it will be a technological complex as multi-functional crane system will be installed inside the new structure eight. finals cap the new safe confinement should provide the see the works in farrant the projects initial cost was thought to be half
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a billion euro now sources in chernobyl report that figure has almost doubled but in the fight for the continent safety no some is too much the new confinement is expected to be completed by the year twenty thirteen and is expected to last for another hundred years the only question is what is the fate of the nuclear power plant in chernobyl some say that it may be dismantled under this new dome but that is only a speculation for now we only heard that this is a process which may take another seventy years and there are no technologies to this date which would allow this to happen. see reporting from the church noble exclusion zone in ukraine. where you can discover much more at r.t. dot com back with headlines in just a few moments to stay with us.


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