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quite. an. the bad times are over in russia and they tear relations and agrees to help the. defense an anti drug action in afghanistan. russian businessmen to boot denies charges of weapons smuggling and terrorism which of course. calls for a fair trial and blames washington for pressuring the legal process. across the continent roma communities a victim by european governments are being left without shelter or health care forcing them into crime to make ends meet. and brutal mass
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murder in southern russia a businessman and his private army are arrested for twelve killings friends or relatives claim local officials for corruption and projects. twelve noon here in the russian capital we are watching artie's weekly news if you welcome our top story in our present says the hostile period between russia and nato is over he told the bloc gathering in portugal this weekend that he's agreeing to boost collaboration one of the most divisive issues missile defense the summit smooth was decidedly more corporate of late but there are still issues which they are yet to see eye to oil law in the still reports. nato rolled out the red carpet for the country once considered its. and russian
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president dmitri medvedev arrived at the summit of the former cold war military alliance to leaders welcoming him with open arms and a plea cooperate with us. let us do this together leaders on both sides seem to indicate they plan to do just that after nato russia talks they hailed as historic today marks a true fresh start in nato russia relations the willing ear it spells out our desire to pursue strategic partnership with its means we have overcome the difficulties of the past missile defense plans under the bush white house provoked the most serious rift between russia and nato since the cold war well now the alliance wants russia to join in its plans but russia wants more than just sweet words i'm with a good body we have agreed with our nato partners that's what we'll pursue dialogue of the european a.b.m. our main guide here should be that our birth dissipation ought to be equal and i
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will stress this it can only be as partners no other form of participation for the sake of appearance is acceptable either we participate fully we exchange information take part in decision making or we do not participate atoll the us reset of relations with russia has brought nato to woo moscow once the great enemy but now courted as a key potential ally together we've worked hard to reset the relations between the united states and russia which is lead to concrete benefits for both our nations now we're also resetting the nato russia relationship we see russia as a partner not an adversary russia and nato have reiterated common challenges to be fought from the spread of weapons of mass destruction to terrorism what's most significant is what's not on the list. each other. russia has pledged more help to nato in afghanistan with transport
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access and more resources to fight narcotics there and for the first time in pakistan despite all the warm words there are still differences notably over the south as such in conflict over two years ago nato backed georgia which russian forces were forced to fight after the civilian population came under attack and while nato seeks new purpose and allies others say the alliance belongs in the past another two crosses a sort of conscience time szell to nato has existed certainly since the fall of the burden of war how this was for use and against whom the major problem from nature and of course what it does politically and militarily is that it reinforces a peaceful the time being the imbalance between the us continues to spend a lot of the military and european nato member states some of which have become to cut back very drastically crowd there's no greater example of the discontent with nato it's called think and we think we're on the take that lead to what these
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people thousands of i mean by protesting the alliance and i mean. we don't want to we don't think it's necessary it's a poor example for us and so a country in crisis is spending so much money on something it's cold war what we have is a very powerful military alliance with no democratic accountability the leaders announcing the statements no problem it is going to get a chance to vote on it and as a result everyone's military expenditure is going to go up the message is entirely wrong nato is out of date now out of time we need a world of peace and justice not one of preparing for yet more wars and after introducing a new strategic concept to high hopes at the summit nato is challenge now is to turn concept into reality or top on the list is forging a lasting partnership with russia lauren lyster r.t.
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lisbon portugal. russia and nato envoy the use of venue in relations between moscow and their diets at least guarantee great to security on the country's western borders. now after we have lived through the conflict in south wales thirty on a sharp decline in relations it turns out we might have needed such a test on the one hand these events have shown that old nato policies were provoking such an adequate resumes like the socceroos really won too bloody actions on the other hand nato did not get involved in this conflict because europeans did not support the most aggressive part of the bush administration for us nato was a big headache it used to be an enemy now an unpredictable partner the left hand of which doesn't know what the right hand is doing we are tired of this we want more stability and security on our western borders and in the long run maybe even certainty that there will be no trouble to toll i think the americans have finally heard of. what r.t. has been hearing held nato strategy is shifting political experts dr adrian pabst
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says that even baltic states which have been traditionally hostile to moscow feel the alliance can't exist without russia's support the europeans have been arguing for a long time behind the scenes that russia needs to be brought on board that nato can not function properly without stronger russian involvement that required a different attitude in moscow which was seen with present mediators but also a new openness on the part of all the nato partners and even countries traditionally more critical and perhaps even hostile towards russia such as post in the baltic states recently acknowledged that greater dialogue and more cooperation with moscow are a good thing for everyone involved and nato secretary general also brought up the importance of a nuclear induction treaty between the u.s. and us for rasmussen told the lisbon summit that any delay in ratifying would damage the security of europe and the entire region. president obama says
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there's no good reason why a deal can't be passed by the u.s. congress the treaty would see the two countries nuclear arsenal slashed by it's being stalled in washington d.c. that republicans now outweigh obama's democrats fish and nuclear campaign kate hudson says the prospect of a world without atomic weapons is far too important to be sacrificed for one party's short term political ambitions. we were amongst the many people around the world who really welcomed president obama's speech in prague where he outlined his vision of a world without nuclear weapons and of course a vision which president medvedev shares and i think it's absolutely reprehensible if senators in the u.s. congress are obstructing the passing of this very important treaty the new start treaty for party political point scoring reasons i think this is far too important
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on a global scale for them to stand in the way like this many people globally including i should say former cold warriors people like henry kissinger and george schultz many other leaders across the world now believe that it is just too dangerous to have nuclear weapons and that is the trend that is taking place in the world towards disarmament and away from nuclear weapons and that is the trend which the u.s. senate and the u.s. congress should be going along with and following the leadership of their president . and while the u.s. and russia work on cutting their atomic stockpiles or to takes a look at what. its nuclear ambitions as moscow and iran get. paid verifying the opening of the machine. and stopping the countdown to collapse arlen's economic struggle becomes europe's biggest headache global money bosses descend on dublin to fix its troubled banks.
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russian businessman and alleged arms smuggler vick to boot has pleaded not guilty to charges including terrorism and arms trafficking he was hastily extradited to the u.s. from bangkok earlier this week and is now in solitary confinement in new york where moscow is demanding a fair trial and says it will continue to provide consular assistance in a port night takes up story. a two and a half year campaign to get one russian citizen accused arm dealer victor boot begins to face american justice victor boot came into u.s. custody on tuesday set to stand trial on arms smuggling and terrorism charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals to conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark meantime the u.s.
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to stands accused of breaking laws to grab the russian businessman organizing a swift extradition from thailand involving some fifty federal agents and u.s. marshals keeping the operation a secret from boots lawyer family and russian officials. despite two rulings in thailand's criminal court saying victor boots guilt was not proven the thai government has still decided to hand him over to the u.s. i consider this unprecedented political pressure on the legal process and on thailand's government has been severely moscow has dubbed the extradition of their citizen are striking in justice boot a former army officer was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight in a sting operation involving american law enforcement officials all aboot who didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her husband in thailand accuses the u.s. of kidnapping as a political pawn. in this operation was illegal it was done after lobbying from the
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u.s. this russian citizen to shift to the united states as if he was just not object without his documents and with the russian embassy being informed and during his transfer to new york who claims that u.s. officials attempted to force a confession from him as part of a possible plea bargain. according to victor boot during the extradition there were attempts to convince him to make a confession of the crimes he had never committed promising some privileges in return but mr blue trajectories these offers in new york federal court on wednesday the forty three year old cargo dealer denied all charges but is being held in solitary confinement at a federal prison in lower manhattan with legal assistance from the russian consul a top kremlin official stressed that moscow is demanding fair treatment for its citizens while not getting involved in the allegations it faces but you will patrol
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i want to stress that the u.s. authorities of course in very serious and profound charges against this russian citizen we have nothing to conceal we don't consider this case to stay secret or anything of the kind that we want to see this investigation finalist has to answer all the questions raised by the u.s. he will be given protection in consular assistance however that doesn't mean we are claiming he's innocent you know. while many have speculated as to why washington wants but so badly opinions have very. little previous is a question of principle they've spent ten years of spending money taxpayer money on trying to root out gun runners so they have to have someone to show for it all and they chose victory over of political discourse and i understand that there were significant amount of political pressure by the us to put on that our government but i assure you that will be nothing. compared to the pressure that the united
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states is going to put on mr boot to cooperate with the u.s. law enforcement already is against others the chances of a fair trial for victor boot are already in question with u.s. media and the prosecutor portraying him as a villain the so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate there all those seeking to provide some cold comfort victor boot is of course presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty the fate of victor boots future will be sealed in this new york federal courthouse his next hearing is scheduled to take place in january if convicted the russian citizen faces twenty five years to life behind bars or enough or not artsy new york. where the best to give journalist to die on a student says the u.s. will use a pick to prince trial for its own interests. i can't possibly see how it would be a fair trial because i get americans i've spent ten years actually trying to get
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out there trouble they spent two years and a half trying to get him out of prison in thailand to the united states and now actually when they have been in there is grass in the united states if they actually put him on fair trial and he wins this case imagine what's going to happen to the united states they're going to turn into a locking stock of the entire world so no the trial is not going to be a fair trial but again victor would simply has no secrets to tell so in a fair trial he would go whole but again he won't go home i mean the whole idea of viktor buddhism merchant of death as a hollywood phenomenon is not an arms merchant he was you know he's a cargo merchant he was he was a transporter so if americans think you could actually get secrets out of him they're very very very wrong you know the russians know there's the americans know this there's two ways to look at this or we're going to have a show trial of a bit of a closed door trial i think probably they're going to go for the show trial because again is a very useful piece of mantlepiece because as i said before it's a big trouble just a pawn of this global game where the end game is to get out russia any way and any
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means possible. well you can find more coverage and analysis of that story at r.t. dot com right now and there are a couple of the features we've lined up this week a russian scientist says he's discovered the mixing of claiming that just a few beers a potion to keep you beautiful for longer go on sale details on party dot com. plus why this soap opera and this is raising the heartbeat of so many russians even more than a headline grabbing spy on a chaplain. at r.t. dot com. the euro has again come perilously close to sinking as ireland's economy teeters on the brink of collapse even leaders are now looking at ways of saving the irish
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banking system which has seen investors flee dublin repeatedly denied it was in serious trouble insisting it had enough cash to last until at least next year portugal and spain want them to accept the multi billion euro bailout and restore calm to the markets well critics say ireland is being forced into a corner economist frederic ericsson ireland can fund itself for now. it's quite clear that britain as well as other european countries right now are trying to almost force upon i learned some sort about an agreement that is going to extend their access to capital. after the second year in the second half of next year when ireland is going to run into liquidity problems. so it's we have to see it's going to go that way islander saying right now that doesn't need the money and it's correct in the sense that it doesn't have a liquidity problem right now but. but that's that's for now and we are probably going to see a different picture going to emerge the sooner we get to first first of july next
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year the problem right now for ireland is basically that the government has taken on responsibilities and basically underwritten all the debts that its banks have taken on up to the crisis and there are justified fears on the markets that that the government actually karen karen almost all sorts of debt has been taken on i mean the fiscal deficit has already described dr we know that the problems in the irish banking sector is far from over the banks are under-capitalized down because of me is still weak recoveries is fragile which means that unless there will be no significant pickup in the economy in the next year or so we're going to find a government in the second half of next year which still has problems with under-capitalized banks and then need to start to roll over debt in order to finance its fiscal deficit and then we're going to have serious problem in the economy. europe's roma communities are among the most persecuted in the world and
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those who live in bulgaria the situation is especially dire with their homes destroyed and the desperate lack of basic health care is ati's eternal bushnell it . seems like we could become common across europe the mood of this town in southern belle geary told r.t. he had to tear down this block of flats because the room the residents who turned it into a slum. this pile of rubble is all that's left of the housing estate what also it is called a public health hazard in fifty with rats cockroaches and fleas thousands of roma called their home. some have moved to this wasteland no shelter health care or education for the children. well don't wear your citizens where there's a treat us like this schools won't take my son because he has lice and disease people here ask is this what the e used become with winter approaching they'll be sleeping in the cold for you
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politicians bury their heads in the sand only we can solve their own problems of. france to send tens of thousands of roma back to bulgaria sweden it's a lead denmark and germany had similar policies they use justice commissioner says it reminds her of world war two one of the evicted told me he picks pockets to feed his family member countries report rumor offenses are shooting up pushing rising numbers into angry anti gypsy groups the biggest problem how would the jets this is the crime already or like a civil war. or else for a crane the life of the people campaign is one that most room must stand by by france and other states can't integrate as there aren't enough jobs for them and ball giri up with education opportunities limited music remains one of their few parts success. a racy gypsy style of pop called child go talk to the chops but campaigners say
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ethnic conflicts are set to surge until the e.u. learns to live and work with roma not just enjoy the music in the nightclubs daniel schorr arty saffir. for the first time since russia backed un sanctions against iran president medvedev has met with the rain the then mahmoud ahmadinejad's they were at the caspian sea palace summit in azerbaijan this week where five nations discuss the areas legal status and its energy deposits in tehran agreed to repair their tongues by moving on the peaceful use of atomic energy. conventional and go online soon. because it's controversial. to some but for the two countries to find out after russia supported un sanctions and decided not to do that when it's s. three hundred missile systems turn around and has expanded to michel chossudovsky says that despite movement on the russian iranian nations is
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a constraining factor. certainly. russia have great interest in cooperating together they share the caspian sea base they have historical ties cultural ties i don't think in fact that this is the end of the rope so to speak it's encroach in their relationship but i also feel that within russia there are several voices somebody fact saying well this year the council resolution is going to bind us in our relations with the rug which is the position of all business seventy lovell all then all the other you may have the position of the president which is more categorical because it's backed by a decree which presidential decree in relation to the military cooperation agreements. now to some other world stories making headlines this hour two israeli
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service been convicted of using a nine year old palestinian boy as a human shield in last year's gone i mean given a three month suspended sentence also been demoted by one rank to become sergeants investigation was launched last july following a un report on children in conflict is the first time there's been a conviction since israel reinforced a ban on using civilians in combat against them. government forces in madagascar have detained sixteen soldiers who attempted to seize control of the country the prime minister says that the region the ended without bloodshed the renegade soldiers are going to a standoff began during a referendum to one day this current leaders overthrew the elected president in two thousand and nine the military backed coup was condemned by the un and the government is now recognized internationally. eight men have been
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arrested in connection with the massacre of three families in russia. they killed eight adults and four children corrupted or in forces are also being blamed. the ports the. several high ranking offices linking them to other crimes. grieving relatives and commemorative candles got this quiet rural neighborhood it is hard to believe that this peaceful place in southern russia was the scene of considerable brutality a dozen people including children were stabbed to death in this village of. four out of twelve victims are buried here at the small cemetery everyone who knew these people is in deep shock victor used to work for their metal family they were farmers he says real hard workers. this is the head of the family circle and his
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wife elin and daughter in law elaina and her little daughter a mirror i just can't believe it happened and i don't know who could do something like this the bodies of the victims were found in this house investigators say that killers literally slaughtered everyone who got in their way the owners and their guests there to celebrate russia's national unity date with their met office eight men have already been arrested in connection with the murders and one of them said gates up book is an influential enterprise who is alleged to be the mastermind behind hundreds of other bloody acts of terror that wealthy landowner support is also alleged to have his own private army disguised as a security firm besides many unsolved murders and rape cases the gang is also suspected of record tieri in the aftermath of the horror fear still stocks the streets here with people afraid of being the next victims of rape and murder. their neighbor was also killed not so long ago he and his son were shot right on the port
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. of their home someone is in someone's way investigators say it may have been sitting here amid ups refusal to pay off that cost him his relatives and friends their wives some of the regional police the storm brus as well as local officials have already been fired others are not ordering you to trust in god the governor may get even stricter punishment should be a bit up today we arrested the gang members tomorrow will continue by getting to those among law enforcement officers and local officials who are traitors despite the fact that gang leaders are under arrest some builders believe that they still may get away with their crimes by using powerful connections in the capital but that according to the governor sure will not happen. i assure you and i'm hearing often that these people have backing from someone in moscow on a new york or whatever trust me if they get away i will quit everyone will guess what they deserve however many of the gang members still at large the tension
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remains high among the people of the southern russian village this shocked community wants justice white behind bars but those responsible for truly horrific murders and clear answers of the hundreds of other unsolved crimes done as well or ski cross in their region. coming up next our reaction to sarah palin's hint that she's lining up for another stab at running for the white house. if she does become president how will you feel oh. yeah. the president asked people in new york what would happen if paling became the next president of the usa. also novel silent danger as the dome covering the disaster site and is its expiry date we look at the tension deadly toxins that count. i'll be back in a few moments with the headlines.
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