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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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but it is improving in his laces video blog address posted online dmitri medvedev warns that russia's political system shows signs of stagnation and he calls for greater political competition telling overcover watched his message. in his address russian president dmitry medvedev mainly spoke about the need to modernize russia's political system with the help of gradual but still reforms but also to make sure that a stable political system doesn't mean that it's the n.a.c. . zelig national political system or we simply want to make our political system more fan more flexible dynamic and more open to renewal and development it must enjoy the confidence of our electorate it is no secret that for some time now signs of stagnation begun to appear in our political life because debility has threatened to turn into stagnation or. push the president also spoke about the freedom of speech in the country they need to improve the quality of popular representation
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have stronger opposition forces and to simply have a better political competition and more rights for political minorities. if the opposition has no chance at all of winning a fair fight it degrades and becomes law and gentlemen of doom if the ruling party never loses a single election it is just coasting up league ultimately to degrade its just like any living organism which remains static for these reasons it's become necessary to raise the degree of political competition by russian president has also said that the ruling party in washington not simply as a supplement to the executive power list here a list of bills have been completed that made major amendments to the multi-party political system on a nation wide scale in the key points of those amendments or decreasing the human factor in those counting providing more rights to political minorities and minimizing risks of elections my palatial politician this is still my. hope that
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our political system has been improved quite significantly as a result of these adjustments i am absolutely sure that it has become more open and flexible because of the. ultimately it has also become more fan i mean more points i made. and democracy is imperfect and we are absolutely aware of this but we're still at the beginning of the route many the most important thing is that we're not standing still as we young. you know with its own will of course this address comes at a very important sign for washes the electoral period is approaching parliamentary elections will take place in december two thousand and eleven and this is when all the amendments that have been introduced this year will be taken to the test. in overcover reporting live for us and to watch president medvedev full video blog on russian democracy head to our website r t v dot com it's on there for your thoughts about the two from dmitri connell fees from the central executive committee of the
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ruling united russia party he says president venoms message was also to encourage greater activity from the opposition i think he was trying to say that actually it should develop with relates to united russia and the opposition parties in the russia that have already started a lot of innovations such as primaries. development interparty discussions on this occasion the open public debates and so on and so forth i think the same should be done by. bonus as well and that will be very important because as we all know the quality of decision is taken by the authorities depends on the quality of criticism they get so they need to have very good feedback and both united russia and the three parties should provide this kind of feedback in order for system to be sustainable. the next republican affair from the central executive
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committee of the ruling united russia party and much more about that story on our web pages inside as well you can also i catch that whole video blog it out com. thousands of students have flooded the streets of central london and another wave of protest against the government's plans to increase tuition fees and cut university budgets demonstrators are tied to police. which was in the room when the crowd descended on whitehall all over the u.k.'s staging sit in protests at universities and attended marches school pupils have also joined in some parts of the country police warning they will be forced to make arrests if their ministrations turned violent and big shoes organizing some of those protests said that sometimes aggressive measures do make a difference. do violent methods really achieve anything well while so gentle necessarily support them as has been made with the poll tax riots which did achieve a repeal or even the suffragette movement which is violence to win the vote for
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women now there is a distinct possibility that if the wishes of the british people are ignored again then the process will erupt into violence jewish and face being raised as much as nine thousand pounds a year it will settle students with crippling debt as much as forty thousand pounds before they graduate the main reason for this measure being introduced as a response to the banking bailout the need to reduce our deficit but what is being asked of the millions of students have not yet even finished school are going to be asked to pay for their education for a banking crisis they did nothing to create the anger and frustration about this is palpable. all way on to this wednesday night leonardo dicaprio responds to more call of the wild. stars call the real man by prime minister of the day that's coming up tonight also. after decades of mismanagement the water is in one of the world's largest land locked the blank away until it's got a guaranteed racing industry but now coming down i went to france and joined me in the air on the central asia. the rights of journalists of just one backing from
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a major european security watchdogs the o.s.c. essential letter to the u.s. secretary of state condemning the recent detention of an r t news team the organization is calling on hillary clinton for independent investigation into the case accusing american police of going to far in their attempts to make me tell you all the crew was arrested for bring a peaceful protest at a crowded military academy in the state of georgia the school has its own crew members spread around thirty two hours in jail before that i have very strong. recent nato summit in lisbon was not just about talking politics that see for a long day's work at the meeting french president nicolas sarkozy was kept awake by an excessively noisy party it is a tell when it turned out that a delegation from georgia which isn't even a nato member threw a sizzling social reportedly with no less than eighty prostitute at least that's
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what a portuguese newspapers claiming the party which is also thought from volves some armenian delegates to reportedly came to an abrupt halt after sarkozy and several other officials complained to hotel staff not clear whether the georgian president himself because saakashvili was there he was present at the summit georgian lawmakers are now calling for an investigation. which of these papers reported absolutely reaches for this is another proof of posts of you simply. the delegates were prostitutes in the hotel it was also noted by local lips this is shameful who needs to be investigated put to duty will be relieved because it has to do with the bushies reputation that is. tailor a web site as well for all the polls all the stories going on at r.t. dot com some stories going all the hits tonight twenty four yes they have called it yet record number of young u.s. veterans take their own lives after returning from the front lines all the danger
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there in iraq and afghanistan seems unemployment and the blacks from the authorities are named among the reasons for the saw you have your comment on my story as well that a comment but but all the stories you see on our website. what else are you doing tonight they'll k.f. we're going back to their books as astronauts do so my last with a provision of what they sourcing up almost astronauts ahead of their trip to the star has again that's a bit of an offbeat story it's not about si dot com. a summit in russia which aims to save the world's tiger population is heading into its final day and one hollywood topcat demonstrated his dedication to protecting the animals from extinction and establish supporter of tiger's plight leonardo dicaprio enjoyed a really rough journey distant petersburg which first of all so i was playing catch fire then another one ran out of fuel his first flight to russia had to turn back to new york when an engine shut. then the star switched to a small private jet but strong winds of the atlantic meant that we have used up to much fuel that forced it to land in finland one way feeling stopped later though
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the hollywood hero did eventually make it to some papers titanic effort to join the summit one in praise from russian prime minister vladimir putin. mr de caprio not just came to us but simply burst through the front line excuse me if i may but in our country people usually that's what we call a real. and i think that of people would. caracter would be responsible for defending nature in order tiger in this particular case were destined for success but you know. the world bank's a major player in the drive to save the tiger its president robert zoellick spoke exclusively to r.t. that for. a century ago you would have had about one hundred thousand tigers now you're down to maybe thirty to thirty four hundred and when you think of those numbers you really realize and this is one of the things that certainly energized
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me is that within our lifetime this species that most of us grew up thinking was you know part of our ecosystem could be gone could be extinct many people are unaware that the wildlife trade is the third largest illegal trade after arms and drugs so we this will only work if you get support of the law enforcement customs communities the bank has experience in dealing with countries on the ground but also in the very nature of economics transporter issues and one of the nice things is in addition to dealing with the environment ministries we have a long history of being with the budget the finance ministry so we try to connect the dots on what's an issue that has to be multi-disciplinary. let me bring you up to date now three top world news stories making the headlines in a second explosion the zealand coal mine has now sadly ended hope of finding any of the twenty nine missing miners alive police say no one could have survived what was described as an horrific last rescue attempts have been hampered in the lead up to the explosion because of buildable carbon monoxide gases the tragedies the
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country's worst mining accident in a century. south korea says it still skiver the bodies of two civilians who are said to have been killed is the result of the shelling by north korea. attack on the disputed western maritime border was in response to seoul firing weapons during military drills two south korean marines were also killed in the shelling so hit back with artillery fire details about casualties on the north side of not being revealed the international community has called for restraint from both sides. investigators in cambodia blame the swaying a suspension bridge for triggering a stampede that killed hundreds the crowd gathered in celebration of the final evening of the country's annual water festival a government ministry reported the death toll could be as i as four hundred fifty six most of the victims were crushed while other suffocated thursday has been declared a national day of. what was once the world's
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fourth largest lake central asia are all sea is now little more than a desert the soviet union is planned to grow cotton in the steps so it's rink to a fraction of its size bringing hunger and disease to a once prosperous region but today major efforts to see the waters flow once more bringing hope to thousands as lindsay fronts reports tonight. it starts with. these men fish in one of the worst manmade environmental disaster areas ever know. just dried out and then the truth turns to see back to us. when central asia became the center of the soviet union's plan for cotton cultivation it nearly drunk dried the rivers feeding the erroll see what covered sixty eight thousand square kilometers in one nine hundred sixty around the size of southern california shriveled to a tenth of its size by the mid one nine hundred ninety s. nearly disappearing by the year two thousand here where the greater and lesser seas
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split there's just enough left for modern technology to make a stab and regenerating it in two thousand and five the cocoa round dam was constructed to trap what little water still flows into the lesser sea from the searing river locked safely inside the water is growing to witness the results you must drive hours over rough seas and. then there it is right the fishing villages might be ghost towns now but groups of men in numbers of about twenty to thirty camped out at the newly rehabilitated beaches and catch days about one hundred kilo's a day until they've earned enough money to survive and they go back home. they live in dugout hats even in the coldest of winter but this new career means food on the table for young he was born long after commercial fishing had ceased. i've been
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fishing for two years my grandfather was a fisherman who died right down we all work three months straight living at the shore didn't have a week off that's why i go home to our ask we don't get a salary we get piece work payment twenty species of fish now wriggle out of the water into the hands of the grandfathers of this industry still around to pull out the next one to carpet with brean. capital hill would one fisherman returning to their home on a foreigner overseas providing us with work profit again they even say it will come back to our arms. around the silent still stands the locals know waves no boats yet this morning after a serve my term in the army i came back and the water was no longer here that was nine hundred seventy three zero people said that it wasn't the first time they will see it gone they see the sea will be back and maybe we will live to see the good times and life will be even better we do hope. the water has twenty kilometers to
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go until it's back. to restore all the time errol city want to make it the way to used to be. remains of what will help so many problems in central asia but while the industrial might of the past can all be restored and iraq will once again become an. it may never be what it once was but the arrow scene now boasts two thousand men who now fish for their living for them that's enough when the france r.t. kazakstan. wealthy british. right. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with. global financial headlines kaiser reports. in the united kingdom. this villain on. some country house day in the pool. halls the room brands the crew made to feel. the oil pull the rubens hotel. europeans are facing severe austerity measures as governments struggle to overcome the debt crisis portugal the ground to a halt as workers stage a twenty four hour general strike over public sector pay cuts and tax rises comes two days before parliament votes on a tough new budget meantime arland which has been severely hit by the debt crisis has unveiled a four year plan to say fifteen billion euro involves the tough first austerity
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measure doesn't drive a face including spending and job cuts as well as tax rises plans a condition for ireland to receive its bailout by the un the i.m.f. but some experts say adopting the single currency was the country's mistake in the first place. the euro was the mistaking the beginning thank goodness we never joined the single currency it is going to crash and burn i think the euro as a currency whether the you can survive is another issue discerned a major pressure the moment the german people as well set up for bailing out economies like greece like ireland and indeed now portugal as well i think spain will be the it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back i mean isn't sustainable i don't share you can tar the economies of somewhere like greece with an economic powerhouse like germany for that's the fundamental problem the euro here here in the u.k. view forty eight million pounds a day to brussels out of church with the man and woman industry. your so we are to
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news channel from moscow thanks for being with us tonight in ten minutes time from now we hear why both democrats and republicans are failing to tackle america's biggest problems very interesting chapter not seen already today but it's wednesday night business before that shrug and say next. hello welcome to business news i'm shawna kiana we're going to go straight to our top story eight billion dollars of new deals were done at the fifth russia china economic forum held in moscow in one step up to thirteen contracts were signed in different areas of the economy medina caution about reports on the differing trade ties between the two nations. banking timber mining and television these are just some industries where the chinese and russian business have got to get out this year among them are agreements between russia's me dolly investors shipping are an order to china worth three hundred twenty million dollars she can own bank
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and chinese state development bank attracting investment into building would persisting plants and many others as part of the developing trade between the two nations russia's my six exchange will launch trading in the chinese through a against the ruble next week i think it's very important that the stop of it but i don't think it's going to be overwhelming and compared to other currents. markets would have like a real dog for example but i think it's a good it's a good thing for the trade between two countries for those people who do transactions with china and when you're on the government here once chinese firms to participate in the upcoming privatized program which will involve the russian state selling up stakes and hundreds of firms the private sector is also kinda aware of the importance of china both a somali kids and asked the manufacturing base vijayan keel of vice president of
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the industrial equipment division at the when you go says the main challenge for many russian companies as the vast territory and bewildering choice of potential politeness we're going to with by the way is to it's a very difficult to find a good company that is usual to work. however i can say that chinese changing rapidly the quality of their output is increasing now we're seeing better managed companies with high tech skills in emerging technologies that were not present in the country or were trying to volume between the two countries is expected to return to pre-crisis levels by the end of the year russia is diversifying its economic ties and its presence and the asian pacific region the main focus is choice and the scale of this forum shows how much russia's hopes for future prosperity in trade laws with the east might in the question altie moscow.
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the russian government may sell a controlling stake in most of the big companies currently planned for privatization at the moment the state is planning to retain fifty percent plus one share in the ten large companies on the list but finance minister as if the market situation is favorable for the government may decide to reduce its holding to twenty five percent plus one share this would leave just a blocking stake although the head of russia's m.d.m. bank even that is not enough. you've got what is it for live market companies which is a. company competitive environment that the biz decisions throughout the company fully because in this case if you should feel this company will go much higher than the state is the shareholder to shareholders it's going to do that but the one before fair competition is a country very complex issue is a. key. issue. and germany's may sell its
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stake in russia's gas giant gazprom congress on daily reports the potential buyer is v e b bank eon currently owns three point five percent of gas problem and the world's largest utility is selling off assets in order to compensate for falling earnings earlier the company's chief said at the stake in gas problem was not strategic with the company aiming to expand in china and brazil finance minister says a v.b. supervisory board hasn't discussed the deal yet. now let's take a look at the markets russia's markets reversed from earlier losses and close in the black at the end of trade on wednesday most of the blue chips were up on the r.t.s. was near all cynical of the biggest gainer up more than two point six percent hydro is fair bank both closed with over two point nine percent on the my sex. and wall street has been given a lift after reports show unemployment fell to the lowest in two years while consumer spending rose boosting optimism in the economic recovery the dow is up by
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one percent and the nasdaq by a one and three quarter percent. in europe stocks are higher following heavy losses in the previous sessions the footsie is trading one point three six higher percent higher and the dax is up over one point seven eight percent among shares on the move u.k. food service company compass group that's up five percent after lifting its dividend payout by a third. dropped around six percent after reports the irish government will take a majority stake in the lender. and balance pretax profits at large and medium russian companies grew by more than fifty percent during the first nine months of the year that's according to a report by the state service wholesale retail and real estate companies showed the strongest performance. and that's all we have for you this hour you can always find more stories on our web site at r.t. dot com slash business stay with us.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert
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of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are . on this beach which of course is the very most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to a chair we wait for so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. . is used to.
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they sing state this is not a prohibition but warning of the. day for it and we shall see everybody is sure the supreme retreat speaks of they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted to says a lot of them too new some for any are made of the life some of you say not a man is the most precious thing in the world. of self-sacrifice and heroism but those who understand the feeling you have to live a. real life stories from world war two the most of. the true nine hundred forty five dollars r.t.
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dot com. be sure to twenty hotels. his the groom for two.
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springs resort. hotel royal she posted a photo. of the. type the full point and. tell me touch your group the photo. how would.
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the international. presence. of improvement in his latest online video blog address he's called for more competitiveness in russian politics. over the christmas holidays. and chechen militants. taking to the streets to protest. across the channel. in the wake of voter apathy america's.


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