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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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this is already coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program russia and the you should get rid of all barriers to commerce and build a massive common market stretching from lisbon to vladivostok that's the gist of a newspaper article written by russia's prime minister in a german newspaper well the report in outline his vision had a meeting with germany's chancellor many of the country's top industrialists now reports. the mean idea of the sort of goal is to boost cooperation between russia and the european union prime minister we're doing is calling for more joint projects both in business and in in science for more alliances to be built in many years like energy cormier king ship building or pharmaceutics and more all of this was outlined in an article in the. newspaper the newspaper which is all actually organizing the fourth economic forum here in berlin to give me an idea of all these
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alliances and joint ventures is to build a unified economic society from one to avoid you are stuck and another key point of the audit trail is the abolishment of the visa regime between russia and the european union which it has called it one of the key steps and moves towards entering this new level of cooperation between the e.u. and russia and also another idea is to build a free trade zone between russia and the e.u. we're already heard comments from the german chancellor angela merkel who actually supported the idea of this free trade zone between russia and the e.u. but it has actually also said that russia first has to answer the world trade organization she also said that the european union is in somewhat of a confusion after russia and kazakhstan because those union where's kazakhstan and belarus are actually still a very long way when it comes to w t o accession the heads of some of germany's
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most successful and influential companies are taking part brainstorming looking for ways to move forward in the current economic situation in europe there's a very difficult situation in greece of oil and portugal we're now getting we've towards belgium and spain maybe next and when it comes to germany it's actually showing some really impressive economic growth at the moment. so the decisions here which the conclusions which will be made at this forum in berlin are a way to fact not only bruce grungy but europe as a whole in general you are going off reporting their next guys their economist and how stuart he is kaiser report believes germany is ready to emerge as the world's new superpower the crisis is only adding to germany's ability to ultimately break away from the euro and compete head to head with china for
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competition in terms of being the twenty first century global superpower it will be germany and china the us has gone the u.k. is long gone continental europe is outside of germany doesn't produce anything so you've got a reconstituted germany with their own central bank again at their own currency and i predict the rise of germany again this is something that after world war two. was attempted to be outlawed but germany is back and of course germany has actually relations with russia the russian leadership speaks german the german leadership speaks russian so there's a lot of talk there and the tonic genie is being let out of the bottle i don't think america is prepared for a germany because being a was a superpower again and yet as a result of this crisis that america helped engineer there you have it america is a punching itself in the face all the time. that was max kaiser economist host of
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parties kaiser report there what you are to live from moscow still have a sour under a tap the nuclear shelters from another era. inside you'll find canned food and water to last you at least two weeks you'll also find a flashlight with batteries and medical equipment to assist your fellow citizens. by now where washington residents should run for cover in the event of a big blast. after five months in orbit the latest crew to return to earth from the international space station have landed safe and sound so use caps so we only current means of transport to and from the isis the liberty russian cosmonaut and two american astronauts to kazakhstan. has more from the city of cutting off the heart of russian space program. so you see i mean nineteen safely landed in took the spacecraft about three hours to travel all the way from the international space station back to earth and now that team of three cosmonauts is feeling well and safe the mission is now complete and the crew feels good and is
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satisfied with the way it went landing. i congratulate everyone who contributed to the success of this project russian veteran cosmonauts for you the chief has all together spent a year in space and his colleagues from nasa sean and walker and douglas will or have spent about six months there each in their mission included a number of space walks and say different experiments and they in fact brought a container a refrigerator with the result of one hundred twenty scientific experience they conducted during their mission including by technical physics and chemical chemistry tests for this particular team they must have been in and the elements of extra stress before their departure because they witnessed their previous esther's failing to undock from the international space station due to a technical difficulty with an automatic lock that connects the international space station and so you spacecraft that delayed their return back to earth by twenty
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four hours nonetheless the previous team has also learned that safely but this team seemed to be rather optimistic about their return they even had a special thanksgiving dinner before they started getting ready to flying back to earth right now three more cosmonauts remain at the international space station and they're welcome. to welcome three more in the middle of december the telling of a reporting their polls and say they were being persecuted for using their native language to spell polish street names and even surnames but authorities of illness say their actions fall well within the country's laws are reports. shop owner decided to make life easier for the poles living in rural lithuania should put signs in both leith when ian and polish languages in her store but then a thorough sound she would be fined two hundred euro for violating the state language law according to it all signs in the country must be strictly and lithuanian. i didn't feel as if i was doing anything wrong this was something the
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local polish community needed decides i had definitional state language on these signs as well this is a violation of human rights i was told i could have signs in english german or french but not in polish. almost a quarter of a million ethnic poles live in lithuania for centuries warsaw ruled the slab and so nowadays in some villages the polish amounts to over eighty percent of the population another sticking point is the street names and villages where the polish community lives it is not the fact that polls use both languages but that they use word for word translation which in rages the authorities in of illness secretary of the polish council in the twenty s. says that they cannot even spell their names right all id cards and passports of ethnic poles must be written in the state language advert to survey which says that the history of polish with when in relations have
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a hard past but it must have been left behind when the two countries became members of the e.u. . lithuania was so keen on becoming part of the e.u. that they signed several documents on a session one of those was the european chancel national minorities it says that we can easily use our native language but now for some reason the lithuanian authorities are rolling back on the obligations to brussels. so we turn to the body which oversees the use of language for on says it says no obligation was violated and that in fact vilnius had every right to persecute the use of polish. or indeed the charter on national minorities give the poles in lithuania the right to use their language but at the same time the document says the law of the country prevails over the chargers clauses and according to the law in lithuania we have every right to find them for using their language on signs some poles living in
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lithuania suggest that this is vilnius is revenge for centuries of polish occupation authorities on the other hand refute such claims and say that a decision on the use of polish is being discussed within the country sparling meant but nobody can tell what will prevail the attitude to the events of the past or the wish to be part of the united european legislation alexi russia ski r.t. reporting from vilnius in lithuania. and more on that story and plenty of others on our website where you can also have your say on anything we're covering here's a quick taste of what's waiting at r.t. dot com right now. and the computer program developed in russia aims to protect children from the hidden dangers lurking in social networks we call it at home alone software to the tap. and brushes industry giants propose extending the work week to sixty hours but doctors warn this will kill employees literally all the details on our website r t dot com.
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for many americans fallout shelters are no more than remnants of cold war history but some say if atomic weapons fall into the wrong hands these archaic hideouts could play a vital role and as our ports people are unaware that hundreds are still scattered around the u.s. capitol ready to protect should the enemy strike. it was the first and foremost fear of a generation and. let's face it of hydrogen. greatest danger our nation has the american way of life was under attack and
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everyone had to have a plan of action the key to survival it would show that's why the federal government. in the event of a nuclear strike the government had thousands of fallout shelters ready and stocked to protect the american people factory. apartment house. provides shelter inside you'll find canned food and water. last year at least two weeks you'll also find a flashlight with batteries and medical equipment to assist your fellow citizens. in the nation's capital thousands of shelters existed but now only a few hundred of them are still noticeable there are about a thousand shelters originally but today all of the interior shelters are mostly here adam irish is a history buff who has made it his mission to find the shelters today we're trying to preserve the signs and has a memory of the area. and era that bill brown remembers very well i was
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a junior high school student here from fall of one nine hundred sixty two and told the spring of one nine hundred sixty five the cold war was well underway many children here i'm sure like myself in bed at night would hear like a fire and think it was an air raid siren sounds that hammered home the nation's greatest fear i think everybody in our young impressionable age had great concerns about this you know it caused a lot of paranoia. but if washington was ever attacked a room full of beans and cots wasn't going to do much for the residents of the city it is important to know that these shelters are only meant to protect people against fallout not the blast itself fall is the term for radioactive particles that fills the air in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion billions of them would fall from the sky. releasing radiation that could cause sickness or death in the area where they follow wasn't a real threat because the city would have been first on the list but despite the
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pointless preparations people like brown felt it was better to do something than nothing we were just doing what we were told to do you know and the idea that you know the fly ash was the important thing in the shock wave would follow you wanted to be away from where would you be when the atomic bombs fall. but today you can secure your family's future by reserving a spot in a state of the underground from bolton. what was the nation's greatest fear and the protection against it have become a distant memory only to be poked fun at in video games and movies if washington was bombed with a nuclear bomb what do you know what to do no. no not at all just go as low as. you know what that sign means behind you i would assume that it's an actual chatter then if there was some kind of nuclear attack you could hide there but i've never noticed it before so i would assume it's also data and probably are relevant are
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you worried that there could be a nuclear war tomorrow no why not just this is just not in the cold it's just going to happen and if it happened would you know what to do. probably like everybody else not really getting these are bright you with your head but has the threat of a nuclear strike really disappeared back then it was mutually assured destruction so no one fired missiles at each other today you know it's just a terrorist group that has a missile that's nothing to stop. up yourself in reasonable recognize the right way you might. think but while people might still face a nuclear threat with no specific enemy many believe it's pointless to prepare for preassure either r.t. washington d.c. . afghan officials are blaming nato for setting up make believe peace talks with a man posing as a top taliban leader president hamid karzai even held to go she will be imposter
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before his true identity was revealed the scam began over six months ago when afghan officials were approached by supposed taliban agents offering peace talks british intelligence reportedly arrange the meetings while the cia oversaw the entire affair but the man claiming to be a high ranking militant turned out to be a shopkeeper from pakistan the scandal has left the u.s. led coalition red faced after a large sums of cash were handed over to the fraudster artie's military contributor says nato needs to learn to do its homework. how come the artist managed to outfox and outsmart the whole western intelligence community it was a desperate political move that prompted the us military leadership in afghanistan to get involved in such air adventure that resulted in a total embarrassment for the central intelligence agency then led him in to
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afghanistan across the border from pakistan and then they safely escorted him back thus completely avoiding any opportunity to resolve this mystery who is he is working for whatever you try to swap professionals whether in military or intelligence for politically convenient personalities it will backfire sooner or later but it will. and that was are to his military contributor colonel getting there now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and some serious as the sound of artillery fire has been heard near one of its islands in the yellow sea but it's not clear words coming from the reports come as north korea warned that u.s. south korean naval drills were planned for this weekend are pushing the peninsula to the brink of war and a show of solidarity a u.s. military commander paid a visit to young people and island the site of a previous artillery attack from the north in which four people were killed earlier
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this week. police leaders in a row say they have regained control of a shanty town that had been taken over by violent drug gangs five days of clashes saw at least thirty people killed most of the fatalities were suspected drug dealers although a fourteen year old girl and a sixty two year old woman also died drug traffickers have regrouped in vehicle after being expelled from other shanty towns in the city and there is a continuing crackdown of violent drug dealers in the city. one by is said to mark two years since a series of attacks around the indian city that killed one hundred sixty six people the sixty hour siege by an armed man targeted a luxury hotels the main railway station and a jewish cultural center security will be stepped up for the day with anti-terrorist police among those deployed india has criticised pakistan for not pressing ahead with charges against the alleged mastermind. three teenagers who spend fifty days adrift in the south pacific are safely back on land after being
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rescued the boys from the new zealand territory of talk low have been given up for dead after going missing in october luckily they were spotted by a passing fishing boat which stopped to pick them up the teenager survived by collecting rainwater eating coconuts and a sea bird he managed to catch the. presidential elections in haiti are going had to spy the country's cholera epidemic. diseases spreading fast leaving thousands of people desperate for treatment an estimated four and a half million people are eligible for the elections on sunday but less than forty percent are expected to turn out the elections are seen as a crucial step towards stability in the country following january's earthquake that killed over two hundred thousand people. next if you're hungry for china and can leave the snowy russian capital moscow will show you the best places for an oriental flavor.
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that you said it's your world this interior design so of course are the styles open started years ago and from tempe restaurants to various shops and exciting oh it's that's what we'll be exploring on the streets next to our program chinese culture in the russian. watch must go out in an hour's time here on our team before that we'll take a look what's happening in business with you don't go away. have no time to delve into the world of business and we start with an exclusive to r.t. russia wars ukraine risks gas cuts soft to starting a fresh price war key of claims existing deals with gas from don't meet they use
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energy which is signed the e.u. says the charter also makes sponsors. against companies can't choose the pipeline but counts primes export chief expungement vet it says he will convince brussels to bug the project. so steve is really funny would have been project because it's sure to ease the pain in some frame shapes on shore part was get him here to be in some gayety and source. whereas a short lived in the interest of you would have been coming into. exclusion closes because if all the basic idea of steam so i was thirty and because vacations that it was not a good supply given to solve this so it was way in countries like ukraine and ball gary have ripped up existing transit contracts with gas from you can't be happy about that also. support of such as such because we are in the long
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term business and if anybody will put in danger of a long thought i made one zenza question was this major investors which really could replace us. would you hope to achieve one of the top chinese guest delegation flies to moscow this week we should sign contracts in the middle of the next the and just. two days ago i met. one doozy in. president c. and b. c. and had a very constructive discussion of some technical side will come national side and the next round will take place in china generally. on track from second quarter profit fell twelve percent year on year we see an improvement in quotes of three let's wait but the show is that submission will be very good in two thousand. and eleven. three russian oil and gas projects being
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developed under a production sharing agreements may bring brasher almost three hundred twenty billion dollars in the next forty years as a one in one project led by exxon mobil is the most profitable the states share in its production may reach one hundred eighty six billion dollars including texas settling to lead by castro may bring about one hundred twenty billion dollars to the budget and revenues from. the project many total twelve billion dollars russia's budget received about one and hope billion dollars from the three projects last year. look at how the markets are faring this hour european stocks lower in friday's traders and markets took in fresh reports last heard in career on sovereign debt issues continued weigh on investors mining shares a week helping drag that seat down point two percent shares of rio tinto losing two point eight percent and shares of the under five gas stack off more than three point two percent. in the markets and russia mixed
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after advancing on thursday to its highest level in more than two weeks most of the blue chips are rising bucking the trend as old as gold down about one percent on most gold prices. the debt crisis is dominating sentiment on the european markets ireland now looks set to receive a bailout package for it announced the harshest austerity budget in its history the big concern is this will not be the end of it that portugal and spain will need help. campbell head of sales at london capital group says there are reasons to believe the contagion will spread and western investors will pay more attention to emerging markets. we've seen just a few things that really have started to shift the balance now and the first was when the spanish ten year government bond yield rose five percent in the
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past has been a sort of point of no return we saw it for greece we saw it for ireland and if it's happening to spain you know spain is one of the biggest economies in europe so that's a serious concern the merging markets have been attractive for some time now and of course they are very much the driving force behind global growth but certainly many western investors are looking more to the bric countries and as they've been classified then brazil is certainly a very popular emerging market amongst western investors russia not so much interesting me but there's a lot of talk now that you know russia is getting a little bit of attention even seen a relatively undervalued market when you compare it to the likes of brazil which has been so popular so this should shift the focus but of course there already has been a great deal of focus on the emerging markets already. know it's going to become
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easier for skilled foreign us to come to work and why should presidential aides are crowded but which says the government will implement a number of new measures to to liberalize visa and migration regulations for highly qualified foreigners. beautiful first will simplify visa regulations not only for the specialists themselves but also for their families the second issue is a radical reduction of demands for those constantly travelling inside and outside russia as well as across the country the rules are also going to be eased for specialists with annual incomes totally two million rubles which is sixty three thousand dollars and those foreigners who graduated in russia will get priority right for work it's on them that's her business update i'll be bringing you more in hours time and you. and guess what store small websites are to dot com slash business.
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welcome to the wisconsin t.v. experiments with nobel prize it so people who. voted for tonight's town friendships were more massive structures to get microscopic make over and in tiny chip can take us a long way to defeat of nato comes into focus. on technology update here. we've got the future covered. with
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a clue some team has been to the tome screen where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. now largely goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development. offers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy mergers and vivid cultural life. welcome to the paramour region in russia close up on our cheap. sweet and clean. salty and very useful for. the radioactive and dangerous. and even did it and disallow it. fail keep their unique secrets and their bottoms unique
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lakes on our team. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption on the one just from. san antonio ways in trouble. is the problem is when you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper the radio stations television stations the cable outlet you know you told me that that sounds like democracy the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching.
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welcome back you're watching r t live from moscow these are the top stories free trade between russia and the e.u. from atlantic cuba to russia's prime minister outline his vision to have a high powered business meeting in berlin germany supports the idea of the questions the country's trilateral customs union with bell rose and the sound of a journey in space comes to an end for a russian cosmonaut and his nasa colleagues as they come back down to earth. safe and sound three people remain in orbit and a new expedition will be approved in russia star city later today. polls in the twentieth say they're being victimized and fined for using signs in their own language some playmates the authorities way of getting into the brain through the centuries of polish occupation. fallout shelters in the u.s. as gather dust with most americans not even knowing they're the urge for the bombs drop.


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