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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EST

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right here in the russian capital moscow out is next. this interior design course are the style opens five years ago and from contemporary restaurants to various shops and exciting ott that's what we'll be exploring on this food's must go out program chinese culture the russian capital. all those thousands of kilometers from moscow people forget that russia borders china the countries have had diplomatic and commercial relations for centuries and today this extends to russia's fascination with chinese traditions and designs most
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of them contests we have learned from several manufacturers in china and it's all handmade good pieces made of solid wood inlaid with pearls and various tables many chinese people who come to our shop i'm very impressed and they say it has been difficult for them to find such missing furniture in their country and we have been here in the us. dating back thousands of years chinese interior design is founded on the principles of energy simplicity and nature they strive to achieve surroundings characterized by tranquility and peace and from chinese lanterns to rich opulent fabrics and moscow stores like china style here will help you create such a rich and sort of look in your home in russia as a form of freedom of expression is now a great need for different styles a sign of how diverse the tastes of muscovites becoming.
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one pausing to take a look at. this week's entertainment news. and a new show by the famous canadian entertainment company set to select just premiered in moscow it's the second time the international company of acrobats gymnasts clowns and other people must have come to the russian capital the shown and coaching meeting cauterize your italian office the audience a spectacular performance of offensive parade to the iceberg clown the production is not only a wonderful show of tricks and stunts performed to live music but also aims to touch philosophical matters that have discovered kindness and wisdom within each spectator. in the popular band from norway aha has presented a concert in the russian capital as part of that twenty ten world tool the live performance was one of the last chances to see the musicians on stage as they decided to retire at the end of the year films in the early ninety's eighty's has
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recorded dozens of international hits including take on may first have a not ules crying in the rain and many others which the audiences of all ages and nationalities enjoyed the concerts. one of the best things about chinese culture is the food and there are dozens of chinese restaurants here in the russian capital like this one here we go driving. the golden dragon restaurant features five areas the chinese hold the imperial hold the sea hold the ip room and karaoke bar. restaurant is decorated with typical classic chinese items such as mats fans and figurines. it just feel like a faded underground venue but i think something about that brings charm besides the food he said to be amazing here in the busy kitchen the chefs are working away
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today i've ordered the asian fusion dish of the sabi prawns. the golden dragon specializes in dishes of chinese and japanese cuisine the restaurant also cases of vegetarians and those with special diets and hey presto my food is ready and caviar very nice. stuff because when i look and smell great we've got another tree of chopsticks fortunately i could have used. it as a christmas or. wonderful chinese food in the russian capital and words disappointed. they're also more cash friendly places like the moment our chain of restaurants the value of its traditional dishes from the asian countries such as special rolls in
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peace and dark generous portions and fast service. if you're hungry for art and the state museum of oriental art is the place you should visit it's one of the largest museums representing the culture of the eastern countries and chinese art is part of its permanent collection exhibited in several schools the display features around twenty thousand items representing the country's artistic traditions in chronological order starting from as early as almost full thousand years ago. jolty imperato meaning you know emperor and russian is a clinic of alternative medicine combining the traditions of chinese theories which are thousands of years old but the latest developments top specialists from china work in the clinic and pharmacy the philosophy behind their approach is to treat the past and not just the disease research methods as acupuncture massages and treatments for plants and hubs are usually used as remedies.
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that patient is examined by both russian and chinese doctors. needed to. study a medical history and suggested treatments acupuncture suction cup therapy. and herbal medicines. made stop if it's an upmarket chinese experience she wants to take a look at this next venue just think of this from australia is the head chef here located on the second floor. here russian history contrasts sharply with the restaurant's bright contemporary interior and it's said to set the best chinese food in russian capital. so. we're going to do a fifty percent traditional chinese menu and fifty percent and we do traditional
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chinese food which are using lots of different sources. like traditional chinese and then we. make everything else and you know it has more of a western. and what. capital i was brought here three years ago. and. he found me in sydney in. here i am today the russians. chinese food it really kind of is a new thing for them. i think it starting to grow to like chinese more i think the flavors are a bit different. they used to. maybe blended. i mean from the soviet era. but i think. it's catching on also the flavors i mean
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we have to sweeten everything. for this for that we have a lot of spies. because russian. spy satellites we change it a little bit but you know it's traditional schools. fly most of the stuff and twice a week we bring it from china. brought in from abroad and what you think about living here in moscow i love living here you know. three years every day it's exciting every day something it's unpredictable you don't know what's going to happen in. the trying more of your chinese food in the future. it's coming in. the summer to sign a number of chinese tea houses have sprung up in the center of the capital at
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a cost few years the longest established. in the emma tosh. russia is one of the world's great teacher inclinations and in moscow today is sure to tease can be found expensive exotic traditional and healthy once the beverage of chinese cereals today with its spread across the world the methods of production and brewing have also undergone a sea change. and from tea sets to chinese lanterns the gift shop here has a range of exciting gives. welcome to the club of chinese culture it opened six years ago in the value office more than four hundred here horizons depending on its heart of the season the focus is on chinese traditions and relaxation and the average history can take two hours. of course every country has its own tradition that enchanted tea ceremony of it as
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well as the ceremonies a chance to get in touch with the oriental culture to have some tang. to their legs and to enjoy the. wonderful tastes. and there's no smoking drinking or mobile phone is allowed inside here before. there are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed in china as a sign of respect for a family gathering to apologize and to connect large families on wedding days here with the club assistants were poor and splashed in and over turkey to cups generous with their time to explain the five stages of boiling cattle from pile of crap to winds through pine trees sounds a little odd but all part of the unique traditions and customs related to tea no wonder russians love it and as for me my daily grey now has serious competition
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there. yes. it's not enough. sight morning to absent one of. the fortunately that's once all we have on this week's program on chinese culture is in the same camp so i'll see you again at the same time next week it has been for me and there's the theme of my. culture is the same i understand not really underscoring the amazon looking back
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would be a good look five years in the market the search for stability and legitimacy will haitians find either after sunday's elections many question the usefulness of these polls. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just one. san antonio in trouble. with the crowd you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlets that you tell me that that sounds like democracy the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on r.g.p.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news may. for six months russian capital was in a state of siege. days and nights people lived in fear of occupation and were preparing for the desperate defense intense battles took a heavy toll. so we don't let me switch to the offensive but it was the first sunni or defeat of the where moms would. battle for moscow monarchy. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered.
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the headlines here on r.t. close economic ties between russia and the e.u. a free part of the business and development that's the message from russian prime minister vladimir putin to some of germany's top industrialists all of this happening today it up a business forum in both in. a russian cosmonaut into nasa astronauts have made a successful landing back on earth they spent five months on the international space station. and russia's lawmakers say joseph stalin was responsible for the cuts in massacre in which nearly twenty thousand polish people were killed the tragedy solid relations between moscow and warsaw for decades. for the latest sports news how to kate hillary so well once again tennis topping the headlines yes with federer and mary straight to the semifinals of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london there are two more places up for grabs tonight and
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that's thanks. hello and welcome to the sports news on the news all the top stories. in the last four often very joyous phèdre in the semifinals the last two places i decided on a top tennis tour finals in london. while holding the four still takes temper charges after the amen soccer basketball coach. in the n.f.l. the same spoil the cowboys thanksgiving day by holding on to win thirty twenty seven in dallas. and we start with tennis where world number one rafael nadal is aiming to confirm his place in the last four of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london responded just needs to take a set off thomas but it group a in cancer to join roger federer and andy murray in
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the semifinals and the score that is currently its dollars taken the first at seven six but it's one zero in the second adult on course to go through the last four well meanwhile andy murray booked a place in the last four as he east past pains fair in straight sets and in so doing the fifth seed of already having to rely on games and sets one in the tournament to spies and look a star and some treasure murray produced a blistering run of seven successive games to wrap up a six two six two victory against the second city was enough to see the british number one runner up in group b. behind roger federer. played well you know just start to feel more comfortable and so it matters to get back on. you know i knew if i could keep playing on his service put a bit of pressure on him and managed to strip search for him which was was. that
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ephedra main to. and his one hundred percent record and secured a semifinal spot with a straight set win over robin so doing the world number two make sure he qualified to do so without complicated temptations. seven six six three. of us were now in tesco will be aiming to boost their flag in your early campaign and their acting coach dimitri shut cool in after they sacked their head coach disco on thursday we're sure which was relieved of his position following wednesday's seventy one sixty five defeat at milan zero which left his gun rooted to the bottom of group day having won only one of their six matches so far this season while a victory for the italian side was their second of the campaign against they rise to mid table with a record this ruins in three losses the army men will now need a major turnaround to make it into the top sixteen before the president said gave her some sympathy for the sacked coach. you're sure i would have given the coach
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another chance and who waited until all the key players were back in this court over my sideline due to injury i'd like to see the combinations he would have used to hear ted all the players as his disposal but unfortunately we don't have any time in the euro league and we can't wait and the club's owners must do something today not tomorrow and they've done that. in the n.b.a. the l.a. clippers have claimed biggest victory since december two thousand and nine beating sacramento on home court by eighteen points and the absence of starters chris kaman and baron davis the clippers got the game under control from the very beginning eric gordon scored twenty eight points including this way up to the sundries in front of twenty eight twenty one this side won all the quarters except the second one by the kings and school got opponents west single point lucky blake griffin adults twenty five points and fifteen rebounds how to take this rush to a one hundred points to enter to victory. everything to join.
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the other game of the night atlanta left washington no chance of beating the wizards by twenty points the home. meanwhile over to england and football where manchester united could go top of the english premier league at least for twenty four hours if they win at home to blackburn in one of eight matches on saturday so alex ferguson's side second only goal difference behind chelsea will go to new castle on sunday meanwhile if united failed to take three points they could believe felt by all still would also go talk if they win an aston villa in the early kick off in form bolton who faced a local dobby with blackpool everton welcome sliding west brom full and take on bunting and force by as much to city as a tricky game at stoke rock bottom west ham place third bottom and wigan in the real basement battle for second bottom walls by some two and. meanwhile david beckham has shown he has a talent for diplomacy as well as football after he arrived in australia as part of
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an off season to a with sell a galaxy side the thirty five year old former england captain and travelled down under with his squad for a friendly game against newcastle jets but at an airport press conference in sydney the questions moved to next week's fifa meeting in surrey which will decide who will host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups and better. proved he was quite the diplomat and that article was occupied so you have to be nice there's a lot of competition out there so you know we'll work called till till the final decision. you know i think everyone's got a chance subs it's. the host that twenty twenty two world cup you know obviously the us are up for as well and i think you know both countries could host you know huge competition not the world cup it's the biggest sporting event in the world something that every country wants to wants to host but who gets it. moving back to america where drew brees and the new orleans saints held on for
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a thirty twenty seven victory at the dallas cowboys in one of three n.f.l. games on thanksgiving day the saints were already ahead in the first quarter before christabel ivers six yard touchdown run extended that lead to seventeen elements but the visitors were in my standard that comfortable advantage as dallas closed within three points with six minutes to go and took the lead for the first time with a one yard touchdown lunge that choice made it twenty seven twenty three to the cowboys got three passes by drew brees later in new orleans where the twelve yard line was connected with lots more over the middle to make it thirty twenty seven to the cowboys the cowboys to the saints i should say the cowboys did have a chance to win the game with a field goal in the final twenty five seconds david to the missed fifty nine yards so victory went to new orleans. one of the games knew when to go away winners at detroit into the lives of forty five twenty four while the new york jets were too
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good to cincinnati as they defeated the bengals twenty six ten and. now the rooted thirty second dakar rally an event widely regarded as one of the most grueling insurance races in the world has been officially unveiled in front room will take the competitors to the extreme northern regions of argentina and chile then to the borders of livia and heading back towards the argentinian capital the route consists of nine thousand kilometers of roads tracks and june's was planned with the idea of saving the more difficult stages for the second half of the event to build up the suspense the rally starts on new year's day and will finish john with six days more than four hundred vehicles are expected to line up at the start to see stealing clothes and participation figures with the director for the twenty eleven rally explains. dracula to people coming from the contingent of south america we have more on the people who are judging and people should be in people who come for the first time for the next. and the chip pleasure and we are very
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proud of that because that means the interest of the competition of the deck out in . just you could you know interest over the eyes now and in the kontinental hockey league style about your life have gone forth in eastern conference after beating c.b. it away three no just left because man affectively killed off the game in the opening six minutes after scoring three quick goals of a games on friday paid a host of latif scarse and petersburg audits of a style that's riches entertaining atlanta no moscow. meanwhile didn't i was going to leap frog metal leg magnitogorsk at the top of the standings after the muscovite side beat city rivals tesco three two on thursday so the mr back has a little details. it's been different first half of the regular season for this mosque or sides while dunam are fighting for the top spot in the league to scar struggling to me the playoffs and on paper at least the blue eyes look toward
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favors in the east died and they started to prove their highly position hardway for the first period and thank you i'm going to call the deadlock for you nama after eleven minutes of play their first choice goalkeeper michael garnett was having a birthday and was arrested but he was pleased to see his team made the nice goal could have doubled in dinars lead in the twenty eighth minutes in the blue and wide seem to have put the match beyond doubt four minutes later when the new style pick a made a tree nail break in for the opposition's defense that's a scar weren't finished and reply just one minute later was a nice effort from the just love to learn in the army man went all out in a tag indifferent period and card to get to one goal was twelve minutes remaining yet to free of the score on the powerplay and he side went on searching for an equaliser but failed to grade any major friends as garnett received the best of presents from the same mates every terry. we can't talk concentration after the
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third goal but we committed some files and serious car made us pay but still it feels great to win and we happy to be the league leaders. for you to do now was the final score there and the moscow vides remain in contention to ween their regular season but he missed r t. that's all sports news for the way that it's later. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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in moscow all she's available in marriage grand hotels ritz carlton royal marriage renaissance on larry crowne plaza holiday inn circle nature. holiday inn the social ski patrol the radio national the meridian country club suborning church in congress peter the first paul collins well sure convinced switzer till closing the whole. sky golden apple boutique hotel.
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will come to the wisconsin t.v. experience with nobel prizes. for the next town printed. massive structures to get a microscopic make over and a tiny chip can take us a long way defeat of nano comes into focus. on technology update here on keep we've got the future covered. download the official delegation. from the. video on demand. an r.s.s. feed in the palm of your. question. dot com. close ties between
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russia and the e.u. plus some barrier free business these are the key points that a business. where prime minister vladimir putin also raised a few locks. don't understand what you're going to use for he see you don't develop your new. use firewood. having only been able to look down on the earth for the last five months three astronauts finally have their feet back on again after returning from the international space station. and stalin gave the order. the u.s.s.r. leadership was responsible for the captain massacre in which nearly twenty thousand potest people look.


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