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widening tolls and removing ground level protest room crossings for truck drivers are angry at another suggestion which will see them driving at night. we have more of those stories in thirty minutes time first though we take a look at some of the latest high tech advances in russia and around the world that's in technology update here on our. hello and welcome to technology update november means shortening days and obviously changing weather here in russia but it's also a month for emphasizing a key new direction in russia's development and then november kicks off here at the moscow expo center with the third international ross nanotech form. on minerva's new gadgets in future projects are on display at the forum where some three hundred
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companies and institutions as well as top scientists from over a dozen countries have gathered it's all put together by the unique state corporation ross nano we. need in the. it is. to create such a platform such a place where people could mean it can we see about this that is all it will do for him many people change their plans jobs come to us with their projects. they wouldn't have gone with all before we came to find out what all the fuss is about what exactly is new know it's become a buzzword spawning many gimmicky products in recent years. real nanotechnology play in our lives. this is how some of the world's top technology companies in vision are nano future new systems will help us custom engineer our urban environment. can change what we and how we grow in. special equipment will
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revolutionize the fuels of medicine making ones complicated or even impossible procedures and prophylactic measures cheaper faster and less invasive clearly a common thread in these predictions is the increased use and flexibility of touch screen technology for ever receiving business communications. if these forecasts are to be believed many of the gadgets we accumulate for different functions will be streamlined into far less bulky combined devices the application of nanomaterials not only makes this feasible it can also revolutionize industrial production all of the data we need to go about our daily lives to be combined on one tiny multi-functional chip set to hit the market in the near future but that future is now already embedded in each and every moscow metro ticket so if you want to open the gates to europe's busiest subway system and take a ride around the russian capital you have to be holding nanoscale technology inside the relatively plain white blue and red paper packaging is what's known as
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a radio frequency identification or or if i did ship manufactured and put in your metro passed by the leading russian microelectronics company on their assembly line in the science cities eleven good not far from moscow pumps out nearly three hundred million of these are if id cards each year which are effortlessly programmed by station cashiers to hold the data about how many rides are entitled to no contact no swipes no warning magnetic stripes. there's a general trend of transition to more functional small bank with chips that have a higher level of protection. in the course of time we will be able to use these technologies in document protection. or in a joy his license there is a project to create a single social code that will replace several documents with one of these can be excellent stamps birth certificates etc just about anything you like. it's
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a grueling global market that's incorporating more and more potential applications as the size of the chip shrink and their memory expands specious in house clean room facilities are used for production of silicon chips for both or a fight in smart cards or if id card. include the chip and a radio antenna for wireless transmission smart cards require physical contact and are more common for telephone systems or bank cards for now they're the only company in russia exploiting one hundred eighty nanometer process technology for chip production. we're planning to expand the production promises to fold in the course of this next year jointly with nano we are going to buy additional equipment to apply a new technology with a minimum size of nineteen nanometers for use in the things like gloss navigation systems and digital television our manufacturing equipment makes it possible to
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introduce process technology that's unique in russia for the launching this future productions will create a chance for russian design centers to benefit from our technical capacity to develop their own projects before you go to russia and abroad. for macoun today the focus is on affixing their chips to moscow metro cards but the same production technology will soon be used to stick energy free memory morsels where ever we want them or if id can transmit over different frequencies so they work in different distances one for your car passing through automatic toll booths another for the past your favorite slow. their own personal id cards for access to our t's moscow studios as well as biometric passports they help libraries keep track of their massive collections and companies like wal-mart track all their goods some are concerned about side by scenarios where they be used to control us others like
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chief anatoli chubais us are excited about how they'll fix some of life's day to day headaches. well the technology for the stalls of the future today is being what saved it together with the leading experts in this sphere it provides for the transition. of all trades to a new technological principle that in fact it means replacing traditional ball cards which at present can be found on any and all to lower commodity with billions of electronics are if id chips is going to be a new system of running mold in shops where the movement of every single product from the store house to a shelf and from the shelf to the shopping cart will be tracked online the most interesting thing is that when a smart shopper leaves the supermarket he would need to check out in the sense that there's no cashier and in our if id card announced the touch just to be charged directly to his bank account shop his kids still pay with cash if they want but they would also be other options electronics isn't the only field where tiny
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technology is finding mass scale applications they iconic soviet statue of the worker in collective farm girl has been saved and still against the elements by a microscopic make over. first directed at the paris world's fair in one nine hundred thirty seven to twenty four and a half meter sculpture was a monument to triumph in soviet socialism more than nine tons of steamy steel in over five thousand detailed pieces were forged together according to soviet sculptor veto motion is designed after its turn in the french capital it was reassembled outside moscow's main soviet era exhibition complex where it aged under the stress of over half a century so harsh climate. taken apart piece by piece for restoration in late two thousand and three the worker and his collective farm companion stay disassembled in a moscow warehouse for years amidst discussion of how best to preserve it and
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display it for the indefinite future. the most visible loss of luster was clearly the stainless steel outer shell this was cleaned in covered with a special solution but the internal heist. accounts for most of the overall seventy five times as well as the whole installation structural integrity. special protective coating russian companies. choice for the. project. to improve their micro spray techniques with a twist. with. our attempts to improve the characteristics of micro structured protective. structured powders. to apply the protective coating. torch.
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system for feeding in solution. drops. second. well the particles getting. a flow to the surface without even reaching. that. possible to apply nano structured. structure that's what makes it different from a possible technology which destroys all particles in the process. safety. systems high temperatures melt particles into irregular agglomerations larger than one micron often losing the protective advantages of the nanostructures the results of this particle bombardment is an impenetrable layer over the surface of a wide range of. example
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but those projects don't come through every day in practical applications may well be more important. than that company is one of the biggest customer. together we've come a long way in the development corrosion resistant. pumps. as a result of this cooperation. as a key technology in its project with. technology. production lines and. ways to help. the inevitable sandblasting it faces in the field. stages down to deal with.
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hundred million books aimed at expanding. internationally. the application for protective coating. cooperation with. customers with. companies in the aerospace industry. at the moment. special coaching for spacecraft that will help maintain temperature. stations. to c.p.s. treatment was applied to the russian. state bridge with. the bridge. thanks in part to look. for everything from power
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stations to planes increasingly sprayed to decay. particles may be useful in extending the shelf life of valuable metal but it's not the kind of difference that jumps out at the naked eye now the glass might not be how you choose to redecorate your living room but it's a visible. application of nanotechnology may be right here in russia siberia based on some innovations has their versatile medo printer on display at the ross nanotech forum and offered to show me the machine in motion i'm certainly no ideal photo model but for the sake of showcasing nano technology i can be persuaded that this printer uses a lamps in a patented nano structured to imprint in a fix the desired image feed a snapshot design or a famous painting fade over heat the material glass but you can even bring on paraffin if that's your back it's a beautiful machine but it can't fix the ugly truth. the forum is full of
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big names and public figures checking out the tech unassuming character has been a focus of a great deal of attention constantino a shoal of his briefly back in his home country after being declared a two thousand and ten nobel prize laureate in the field of physics as he humbly explained to a wall of cameras and journalists at a special press conference who weren't you know under a guy did on a supposedly amazing material called graphene started with what looks like pencil lead and a strip of scotch tape the university of manchester in england has been the site of their research and it may have started that simply but it's taken on far more complex and exciting auspices gomen of a seal of has spent the better part of the last decade experimenting with ways to obtain graphene first theorized by a canadian in the forty's and named by a german in the sixty's single layer graphene saw daylight thanks to both and a team of russian and international scientists in two thousand and four after six years in which that team is made more breakthroughs in the study of the substance
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detained a mistake in their work to science is most sacred stage. this is. no longer with amazing role. just. to approach as. this is a. little. yeah. yeah i. bet in the manchester lab it was smiles in champagne for gaiman company. a nobel prize is icing on the cake of years of hard work but they know they're not alone in the game they had competition from other graphene researchers from day one so how is it they got their sample first in traditional graphite carbon structures atoms on the same
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plane or both closer together in more tightly bonded then they are to the atoms on layers above them below this means that the layers can slide past each other and even potentially be separated guymon of a cell of essentially seized on this possibility peeling away layers until they obtained an unbelievably thin film just one atom in thickness so called graphene models of it with. from the institute of microelectronics technology and high purity material this works with us on a permanent basis that's why some of the experiments were conducted at the institute and the other part in manchester. has plenty of wonderful scientists and it's a pleasure for us to work with one year. after years spent studying the same material and travelling repeatedly to and from his colleagues laboratory in the u.k. siggy mottoes have is still excited to talk about graphene the lab he heads in the science city of china moscow region does research both for the manchester team in
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parallel. of has been a key figure in the award winning research since its early stages and he remembers the ambitious goals set forth by gaiman. and. the basic idea first to. making a metallic trend. being a sort of holy grail. that making a transistor of metal. with semi metals though it may be quite possible so that was the first motive behind an attempt to create a transistor else of graphite. graphene transistors began to look like a real possibility thanks to analysis by scientists like. me have extracted the first sample. lab equipment was needed. and possibly a. team discovered they could not only observe.
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the first for example. conductors but they've improved drastically over time as new studies are released experts are calling the material. physics. the first prospect for applying graphene was a high speed transistor because graphene has very high electron mobility. it can also be applied in gas. we've proven that graphene based senses can even separate molecules. and finally it could be instruments based on principles because graphene can sustain many phenomena of quantum physics. up close. to electric currents for testing these kinds of materials there's simply
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no substitute for top quality observation equipment. making that kind of equipment is the business of russian firm. technology. they were already producing microscopes. controlled experiments systems. in laboratories in over sixty countries and in over one hundred research universities around russia over the last decade under the increasing demands of the expanding world of nanotechnology. joining the push for multi-functional with. respect is a good example of this cross-breeding combining scanning microscopic with the raman scattering spectrometer meaning the same device can be used to observe a desired object in its natural state in the employ of a range of effects. our instruments distinguish very well the
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first second and third layer of graphene we've designed a plasma a process in which say one layer graphene can be obtained from three controlling this process being certain that it's executed properly and checking results is only possible with these kinds of instruments that's what makes them so popular these days. n.t. and d.t. is also calls to expand the nanotech sector in russia with their new and improved fab one hundred it's a month platform for assembly nanotechnology production facilities from customized clusters to clusters are linked to the technological chain by way of special intermediate modules both for transport and storage of samples between stages this equipment enables the construction of top notch factories for the fabrication of nanostructures nano systems and even their own devices. available modules fit certain types of production like pulse lasers to create carbon nanotubes focused.
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and scanning proved microscopes to analyze stuff. we've learned to work with the market or we've been in this business for twenty year. old company. to operate in the field of scanning pro microscopic. one of n t m d t's clients is the nanotechnology research and engineering center at moscow's acclaimed bellman technical university they've set up with the aim of deploying a full cycle of research development and specialist training their equipment can be adapted for use in purely scientific projects as well as prototype construction for real nanotechnology applications. if. these experiments became possible only in the last decade with the appearance of new equipment. that
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contains none they found trees produced by n t m d c but this is a breakthrough in the solution of technological problems. it's exactly these kinds of centers that russia needs more of and their expansion of the country spread out science hotspots has become a major objective of the us no corporation. scientist at the bellman center credited to test samples of new materials systems and devices to propose collaboration between russia and private companies. with professional analysis jumpstarting business in russia is a mere fantasy. simply don't have the capital to establish these facilities for themselves so once the theoretical base for their concept received approval the idea passes on to fab centers like this one protest production. thinking that is the scientific screening area before new nanotech can board its flight to
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international stardom. we have very strong expertise here. what is fake. doesn't work much of what does work is on show back at the nano forum but it's more than a two step process the other companies are scouting meetings like these for investment in production ready now i don't know how one magic material has already reached that stage graphene has the international scientific community abuzz because of the crystal structures unique properties it's so thin it's literally two dimensional it's two hundred times more durable than steel but still ninety eight percent see through it's incredibly flexible with standing twenty to thirty percent deformation in terms of electrical properties it's an unparalleled conductor of electricity and cheap perhaps most importantly this is all it room temperature
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components and when you get some soon has announced plans to release the first mobile phones with graphene touch screens in two thousand and twelve. the watches for switches so let's use this data as a reference point which i assume looks samsung's big secret we've got to see a working touchscreen prototype in a lab at some human coin university in the south korean city of suwannee they collaborates with a nearby headquarters of the electronics giant don't worry about the size they've already started producing graphene sheets several times larger. these sorts center where the sun the sun to create so i think it's the first of this is the center in korea this is the good since in this is set up making two thousand at the time only one since it emitter good thing what's the maximum size
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limitation is already history they've now made sheets with a seventy six centimeter or thirty inch diagonal consistent properties and production costs that approach viable commercial adaptation they use a process called chemical vapor deposition to form a sheet of graph. on a copper substrate then they transferred onto a flexible plastic surface when it cools if samsung is really to launch consumer products in two thousand and twelve as promised it's thanks to this lab and they have still more graffitti goodies up their sleeves. this is. a race. that. is the future but the moon. the performances i think. point to the most news. in the future at least to see one specialist seem to be betting on
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a future dominated by flexible electronics. wrap it around your wrist now it's a lot but often stretch it out it's a touch screen t.v. computer monitor of course the world around us has to be fitted out for this kind of information exchange but the benefits are pretty easily matching in a few years people will hardly believe this all started with simple graphite any piece of scotch tape. this material got so many problems is that. people use. it for the next ten twenty or. limited collection of truly new products that you can take home with you but the way big companies and top innovators are betting it won't be long until all around us join us for more next month on technology update and enjoy the ride.
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to. good samaritan. excellent professional. the next travel going to possessing an extraordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country. the political criminal responsible for thousands of deaths. was it an attempt to repent. or just escape a fair trial. the other line twelve random one cannot judge so on r t. s.
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a vote for intolerance for crime crackdown switzerland prepare us for a referendum on whether to deport them a grinch caught committing serious crimes. biting off more than you can chew georgia flirts with bankruptcy as a government is plunged into debt partly due to a series of large scale vanity projects charged to the taxpayer. and it's all about money in moscow as the mayor seeks ways to span the city out of traffic gridlock but not everyone is happy with his suggestion. you're watching r t live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program now switzerland could soon kick out any immigrants caught committing serious crimes including everything from rape to drug dealing the ideas.


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