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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2010 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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good to have you with us so after years of waiting iran has switched on its first nuclear power plant the country's atomic chief says the russian built bullshit reactor will soon begin pumping electricity to iranian cities. of a has the details . overrun didn't announce the exact date when the nuclear power plant was launched and they say it is because there is still a lot of testing to be done to have before it starts pumping electricity into iranian homes they're expecting it to happen within the next one to two months. hopefully we will witness a large store brief for bre when the bush or plant is connected to the country's power grid even though iran didn't announce the exact date it came as no surprise to russian companies or saddam that helped to build this nuclear power plant as loading a fuel into make nuclear powerplants began on the twenty sixth of october now the next step it will be the fuel that has been loaded will be heating the water that will be generating steam that will be turning that european and then generating you
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know electricity and distilled is too soon to say that's a pushchair is now working as full capacity as there are a lot of testing that has to be down to have iran is currently under a un sanctions against its nuclear program and the last round of sanctions was imposed to this summer with threats that indeed iran might be creating a nuclear weapons who are sure is not the part of a new iran's nuclear program that is a big concern to the west that is a peaceful nuclear power plant and an international experts are saying that there's very little chance of proliferation also the russian companies will start them that help operate it helps operate and help to build the nuclear power plant says that more russian and iranian experts are working under the supervision of international atomic energy experts and what's also very important is that marshall will be supplying the nuclear power plant with its enriched uranium but also taking the nuclear waste out of the country in order to make sure that it's not used in any other way either other than the peaceful purposes. nuclear nonproliferation expert
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from the russian center for policy studies vladimir all of says russia will supervise operations in the bush plant at all levels. we wired well north of there out of there will be a russian engineer is present at the facility there of the facility is quite well controlled by russia iran will get out both electricity and experience from the safer to and security viewpoint russia provides some may think there may be a proliferation concern there is none of the opposite it opens a new avenues for indecent off iran in talks about peaceful uses of nuclear energy and transparency on that. to switzerland now where people are set to vote on whether immigrants who commit crimes should be automatically deported supporters of the move safe or in a friendly policy should be reversed to protect locals but in
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a country with a high proportion of immigrants many think the proposal ballot in sunday's referendum is too punitive cilia has this report two years ago twenty two year old life was brutally cut short we. my son's at the carnival with his friend he was just standing and having a conversation with three young men came towards him and started beating him with their fists on the hit beat him until he fell and then started kicking him beat him to death for no reason no reason at all they did it just for fun. details then emerged the victim was swiss the attackers were from the balkans and to immigration sentiment rose giving traction to a referendum proposal to make it mandatory for foreign criminals with heavy crimes such as murder and rape to be kicked out of the country just a year after voting in favor of a law banning the building of new minarets on mosques the swiss are set to return
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to the polls on sunday with another yes or no decision to make their oath of paper should no longer be in switzerland because they don't deserve to be answered so some people are i mean they get so much money and their yard and eat acting icecream it is i mean because no nomadic september. you can't keep them all out we need immigrants period. over the sure member of the swiss people sparty wish initiated this referendum is adamant that the answer should be yes eighty percent of the prisoners in this race prisons are foreigners it's a very high every age you see our attitude in these foreigners we have a lot of foreigners into each other and who behave within the law who respect the law who look for themselves they are welcome here in other words out with a black sheep a sensitive statement to make in a country with more than
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a fifth of its population made up of immigrants one of the largest in europe wary of a backlash from the e.u. and the world this response released a counterproposal with amendments to the list of crimes and provisions stating that deportations must fall within both swiss and international law still either version is seen by some as another anti immigration move adding on to what's been dubbed as a rising wave and immigration sentiment sweeping across the country and the whole of europe can you make a difference between a drug dealer who is from nigeria or from russia from india or is a swiss is a drug dealer a drug dealer a better one so i don't make a difference between someone who is doing something wrong the law should not look whether he's white black or whatever what language you speak for the father of them jani the debate is a personal one he prefers not to divulge his vote but does say this those who come
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to switzerland if they don't become delinquent or violent then there will be no problem other one had the very idea of a proposed law targeting immigrants has raised accusations of racism and intolerance but could also be a way of saying that even tolerance has its limits no matter the outcome of this referendum vote many european nations will continue to face such tough questions the answers to which may keep boiling down to a yes or a no just or so you r.t. zurich switzerland. keep up to date with all the latest news on our website that's online all the time r.t. dot com here's a taste of what you'll find there right now banned from martin that own names poll say they face daily discrimination in lithuania where their native language is more . people in russia's far east thought world war three it started when they saw what looked like a tank zooming around the city streets is just a man going to the shops find out more on the web site r.t. dot com. thousands of marched through the streets of dublin to protest against
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harsh austerity measures which include slashing jobs and increasing taxes workers have been calling for the cuts to be directed at the rich and the banks instead of ordinary people is the first major release and so on and open negotiations for an e.u. i.m.f. survival package last week around ninety billion euros is expected to be pumped into dublin to cripple the economy financial troubles are spreading around the eurozone with fears portugal and spain may be next in line for a bailout german economist marcus kerber told r.t. that europe's biggest economies won't be able to pay for those debts forever. the german taxpayer is no longer willing to lease is very very becoming very reluctant to bail out countries like greece where there is an example of very bad governance and we are no longer willing is neither to bail out ireland to fuel the ailing banking sector i think this is a general incentive this umbrella which the. heads of government have created in may under the mandate sort of the president of the european central bank this is so
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large that everybody wants to be protected and the more it's raining cats and dogs the more they want to be protected and the portuguese. prime minister and the finance minister pushed ireland to put themselves under the umbrella to be under the umbrella themselves as quickly as possible this is an inflation of claims to be bailout which will ruin the eurozone sooner or later germany is economically not able to. bailout. the german taxpayer who has a word to say in all that is no longer willing to do saying something like that. that was markus kerber a professor of political economy in berlin with its aspirations to join the e.u. georgia certainly seems to be much in the union at least in one respect the country's foreign debt is increasing spreading fears it could soon go bankrupt and critics say little of the borrowed money is actually being spent on people's needs
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with huge amounts being poured into vanity projects r.t. sarah first has this report. anyone who's ever received a hefty credit card bill the pain of having to pay off what you well judy could face an eight hundred million dollars in interest payments by twenty thirty you spiraling foreign debts. the level of debt has doubled over three years there is an international norm saying that if a country's external debt which is sixty percent of g.d.p. in the country is considered bankrupt we're currently at all with a forty percent mark of georgia continues this it is entirely possible that we will find ourselves in that situation. external debt is now a major concern for the country and the government has come under heavy criticism for borrowing so extensively one of the main criticisms has been the government's heavy investment in construction projects such as the freedom bridge which many
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people is that was completely unnecessary but it was built just a couple of hundred meters away from the bridge that withstood. with the foreign debt growing the country's economic potential needed to be growing to be. that with wine one of its only strong export products and a lack of investment in areas that will generate money government will have no way of paying back what they. will we think it will be very difficult to cover such large payments from the state budget and the country may have to refinance the debt meaning it will have to take even more money from international organizations and partner countries. so just what have they been spending all that money on. well i need bridge for starters which kashdan at an estimated six million dollars. then there's the presidential palace is snazzy new class dame which guesses put at between twenty one thirty two million dollars. and
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a number of other controversial projects including a glass monument and a raid which totaled two hundred nine million dollars for the glass buildings which were symbols dreamed up by president saakashvili to portray a new chance parents government now seen as grimly ironic. to spend this money. this is really say this is really for. the city in carrying such large debts to the country has also done little to improve the conditions of the population. such. as. expenditure.
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expenditures of. economists say this foreign debt is now one of them a serious problems facing the country the georgian government say they've used the money to rebuild the country and forge a bright future but for taxpayers that it seems carries a multi-million pound price tag that they'll be paying off for a long time to come so fast. well for an in-depth analysis on what's happening to the world's finances stay with r.t. . zelic explains what crisis hit country should do to survive the harsh economic climate our exclusive interview people. this update that's coming your way in just a few minutes from now. but also still muscovites suffocate in a city paralyzed with traffic find out if there is a solution to the capital's daily critical. but now time for
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a quick look at some of the stories making headlines around the world has accused south korea of using civilians as human shields in their confrontation earlier this week it comes just after x. south korean military personnel clashed with police during a rally in seoul to show their anger at their country's response to its confrontation with the north tension between the koreas is running high as the u.s. and the south prepare for large scale military drills set to begin on sunday was issued new warnings against the war games calling them an unpardonable provocation . authorities in baghdad have arrested twelve militants in connection with last month's deadly church siege iraqi interior minister described the arrest as a blow to the al qaeda network insurgents took more than one hundred people hostage in the church in october demanding the release of al qaeda prisoners the siege ended with more than fifty people dead including. the u.s. now and police there in the state of oregon of arrested a teenager over a plot to explode a car bomb the somali born american its alleged target was
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a crowded christmas tree lighting ceremony in the city of portland used to making a phone call which he believed would detonate the device the bomb was a fake supplied by the f.b.i. as part of a long term operation. in countries across europe blanketed in white. white heavy snow fell on saturday as the snow fell saturday parts of the u.k. received up to thirty five centimeters causing problems for traffic police advised people in the north of the country to keep off the roads unless necessary in germany and poland vehicles struggle in the heavy snow with more of the white stuff predicted to fall across the continent in the coming weeks. well moscow's traffic is infamous with millions of drivers spending hours in a daily gridlock or rapidly growing capital where almost everyone owns a car is compounding the situation but the new mayor has a raft of plans to tackle the problem leaving muscovites hopeful for a solution before the city does come to a complete halt is that
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a pushover found out. the time when moscow streets was base empty is long gone nowadays the city's traffic jams on a tory as being the world's longest this city has become so congested the problem has been given top priority at a top level the mystery of the mayor's plan has some good points if at least half of them realize they have bound to be fewer traffic jams. that could save a cabbie like yaroslav up to three hours per day going nowhere the time he would no longer spend breathing in exhaust fumes would. of course you won't get a heart attack from one traffic jam co-edit if it several times a day for many hours at that other adverse factors and your body will wear out so much faster the problem was born in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's when many of moscow's major roads were planned back then hardly anyone imagined
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a moscow family owning two or even three cars. despite all recent efforts the speed of traffic has been dropping on year experts blame it primarily on a severe shortage of space jump on us over the past fifty years the amount of road building was far from fast enough can you believe that we have three times few roads than in paris. the lack of car parking forces drivers to ditch their cars on the sides of the already congested roads and this is the old way of tackling a problem the new mayor promises a different approach his draft plan suggests among others road widening tolls and removing most ground level pedestrian crossings public transport also faces a major overhaul slow a trolley buses will be chased out of the city center by foster alternatives russia's very. grown our satellite system will also be used to monitor jams while traffic cops will be replaced by automatic. all these cameras and monitors only
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cover forty percent of the city far from enough say the police the system needs updating and modernizing none of which can happen without a serious injection of cold hard cash the mayor is now looking for ways to raise the billions of rubles needed for the changes not everyone though is happy with the scheme a suggestion to ban trucks from the city during daylight has sparked protests from their drivers cannot be heard. going to him should be for sleeping networking all people have rested night so should he. ironically the time saving move could end up costing people more retail companies in moscow claimed it would be impossible to deliver goods at night while replacing large cargo trucks with many smaller bans would trigger a surge in prices other job the good guys don't drive through the city on their own
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will burn their lives and petrol to provide for moscow's every day life we hope they don't think being the trucks will mean heaven as follows because it won't. but most traffic experts agree the mayor's proposals are reasonable as long as it's not just a publicity stunt and the money is found to solve the problem for making scenes like this one history. r.t. moscow. seem time to break out chopsticks as a little later we're giving a tour of moscow's very own chinatown. the star because what i look and smell are great we've got the ministry of chopsticks here fortunately i can use that. wonderful chinese food in the russian capital for certain words and discipline to.
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join the moscow team in ten minutes from now here on next it's the business news with kareena. and i welcome to our weekend business program good to have you with us policies to stimulate growth are the best way to ensure the comic recovery doesn't falter according to the president of the world bank it's a view that appears shop at odds with the austerity measures being brought in across europe correspondent pool caught up with robert zoellick in st petersburg this week to discuss the recovery trade and currency wars. much of the debate is talked about the current account imbalances and sort of rebalance seen aggregate demand that has a worthwhile role but i think it needs to be combined with
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a growth agenda so not only talking about shifting the existing growth but how do you build future growth this is a lot focus is on infrastructure development where we saw with china in the ninety's ever seen in other developing countries investment interest director today can create jobs but also remove bottlenecks for future productivity growth but this is going to be true for the developed countries too they're also going to have to have their structural reforms in the in the currency area i think you're moving towards a system where the dollar will remain predominant what you're going to have the role of. the euro sterling and over time the chinese currency agreement be that isn't ready yet because it's not open capital and over time the question is how will they move to that issue so the currency issues i think reflects some of the lack of confidence in the nature of the overall economic recovery and again to put that on the right track i personally think the pro growth solutions are the most important do you believe that the u.s.
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is actively devaluing its currency no i don't think it is now the currency may go down but i don't believe that's the government policy if the traditional developed economies in the west want to motion players to play a more active role and here i'm thinking of the. shouldn't they have agreed to stay in the key financial institutions like the i.m.f. and the buying i think that's a natural course of development of this new system that we just talked about i mean so part of this is you're moving from a g seven g eight world to a g. twenty world which has those countries at the table another part is that over the past couple years we've been able to shift some of the voting shares so that developing in transition countries at the world bank now represent about forty seven point two percent of the vote we added another chair on our board. for sub-saharan africa just as important and that is the staffing so for the first time in the bank's history the level right below mine the three managing directors are
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all from developing countries our chief economist is from china so i think these are part of the evolution at the same time is developing countries play a larger role they also have to assume responsibilities and that's part of the tension you see whether it be climate change trade growth currencies do you think you'll be the last american to lead the world bank first off. those are questions obviously for the shareholders to decide i'm just trying to do the best in my term second it was very interesting how you stated it if you open it up to broader process i hope you're not precluding but if you say i'm the last american that would preclude it but i think that's an important point because just from my own perspective you know while i've served the u.s. government at the state department treasury i personally believe the united states needs to engage in the international community to engage in multilateral institutions my worry is more sometimes the trends towards isolationism so i think it's healthy when the united states has a role in these institutions now their tradition she would never find us head of
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the secretary general of the u.n. other institutions are safe for regional authorities so this is what international politics will be about i do believe from my point of view i've tried to strengthen the role of the emerging countries both in senior management and in terms of the voting power and equally important treating them as clients so the age of sort of trying to tell countries what to do is gone. and must stop closing the red on friday amid declines in equities in oil prices due to escalating tensions in korea has been the percent lower in my eyes it's closed down over a quarter of a percent most of the chips that is in the red put gave one point two percent on expectations that. three and a half percent stake in the gas giant would be sold to us to teach it can best. now the week has been volatile for the us and markets with investors concerned about the debt problems in europe from troika dialog explains what other reasons for the
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decline. it's thought it's with decent growth in international markets but. the we saw a sharp decline in all markets and actually that was driven by korean problems and second the weakness of europe on concerns that island is experiencing serious problems and europe will have to help them with with the situation but then we saw the growth the own wednesday just before thanksgiving day in just a russian market full of this in general situation is changing that's for sure we saw some one to money entering russian markets and we saw the bias probably first time in many many months i would say industrial which is very very important because from looks very interesting i think the board decided to cut taxes next year by ten percent which was taken by the market very positively and the market also expects that bloke of about three point five percent will be bought out by come by and that's also very positive for the market because problems were very
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well beat this week and that gives me kind of hope that december will be stronger and i think the markets will be expecting the budget expenditures growing in december and that's will cause the markets move further up at least it will give them a good very good support. and that's our rob of the week but you can always buy most always on our website that's the t. dot com slash bests.
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good samaritan. excellent professional. looks travel possessing an extraordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country. the political criminal responsible for thousands of deaths. was it an attempt to repent. or just escape a fair trial. the other life while brown among. an arche.
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is the. least. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of collage ron was banned when just one. san antonio in trouble. with the problem. he can involved in a community ground where you have one large corporation controlling the daily
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newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet can you tell me that that sells what democracy's the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on a largely. if
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you just joined us a very warm welcome to you live from the russian capital we're here twenty four hours a day top stories now this hour. energy plant the country's atomic chief says the russian build bushehr reactor will begin pumping electricity into iranian homes around february. the immigrants who commit serious crimes should be deported from the country and the referendum comes just a year off the people voted in favor of banning the building of new minaret on mosques. and the georgian economy is living on borrowed time and. the president. spreading fear as a country could soon go bankrupt critics say the money is being wasted on vanity projects. in fifteen minutes from now on.


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