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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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andrews dives into some authentic asian culture right here in the russian capital moscow out coming your way next. this interior design course i the style opens five years ago and from contemporary restaurants to various shops and exciting that's what we'll be exploring on this food's must go out program chinese culture in the russian capital. although thousands of kilometers from moscow people forget that russia borders china the countries have had diplomatic and commercial relations for centuries and today this
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extends to russia's fascination with chinese traditions and designs. journey from several manufacturers in china and it's all handmade good pieces made of solid wood inlaid with pearls and various tables many chinese people who come to our shop i'm very impressed and they say it has been difficult for them to find such missing furniture in their country and we have been here in the. dating back thousands of years chinese interior design is founded on the principles of energy simplicity and nature they strive to achieve surroundings characterized by tranquility and peace and from chinese lanterns to rich opulent fabrics and moscow stores like china style here will help you create such a rich and sort of look in your home in russia as a form of freedom of expression is now a great need for different styles a sign of how diverse the tastes of muscovites becoming.
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one pausing to take a look at. this week's entertainment news. and a new show by the famous canadian entertainment company set to select has premiered in moscow it's the second time the international company of acrobats gymnasts clowns and other people must have come to the russian capital the shonan coach meeting cortazar italian office the audience a spectacular performance of offensive parade to the iceberg clown the production is not only a wonderful show of tricks and stunts performed to live music but also and to touch philosophical matters to help discover kindness and wisdom within each spectator. and the popular band from norway aha has presented a concert in the russian capital as part of that twenty ten world tool the live performance was one of the last chances to see the musicians on stage as they
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decided to retire at the end of the year phones in the early ninety's eighties has recorded dozens of international hits including take on may first have a not you'll see crying in the rain and many others which the audiences of all ages and nationalities enjoyed the concert. one of the best things about chinese culture is the food and there are dozens of chinese restaurants here in the russian capital like this one here you go driving. the golden dragon restaurant features five areas the chinese hold the imperial hold the sea hold the ip room a karaoke bar the restaurant is decorated with typical classic chinese items such as mats fans and figurines. it just feel like a faded underground venue but i think something about that brings charm beside the food he says had to be amazing here in the busy kitchen the chefs are working away
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today i've ordered the asian fusion dish of the sabi prawns. the golden dragon specializes in dishes of chinese and japanese cuisine the restaurant also cases of vegetarians and those with special diets and hey presto my food is ready and caviar very nice. to start because when i look and smell great forgot about the tree of chopsticks fortunately i can use that. as a question to. wonderful chinese food in the russian capital for certain words disappointing. they're also more kids friendly places like the moment our chain of restaurants the
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value of its traditional dishes from the asian countries such as vegetable rolls in peace and dark and generous portions and fast service. if you're hungry for art and the state museum of oriental art is the place you should visit it's one of the largest museums representing the culture of the eastern countries and chinese art is part of its permanent collection exhibited in several schools the display features around twenty thousand items representing the country's artistic traditions in chronological order starting from as early as almost full thousand years ago. showed the interactor meaning you know emperor and russian is a clinic of alternative medicine combining the traditions of chinese theories which of thousands of years old but the latest developments top specialists from china work in the clinic and pharmacy the philosophy behind their approach is to treat the past not just the disease research methods as acupuncture massages and
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treatments with plants in the clubs are usually used as remedies. patient is examined by both russian and chinese has. needed. a medical history and suggested treatments acupuncture suction cup therapy. and herbal medicines. let's stop if it's not market chinese experience she wants to take a look at this next venue just encourages a business from australia had said here located on the second floor of a man should. russian history contrasts sharply with the restaurant's bright contemporary interior and it suggests that the best chinese food in the russian capital. and. we're going to do
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a fifty percent traditional chinese menu and fifty percent and we do traditional chinese food which you know we're using lots of different sources. like traditional chinese and then we. make everything else and you know it has more of a western. and what. capital i was brought here three years ago. and. he found me in sydney in. here i am today the russians. chinese food it really kind of is a new thing for them. i think it starting to grow to like chinese i think the flavors are a bit different. they used to. maybe blended. i mean from the soviet era. but i think. it's catching on also the flavors i mean
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we have to sweeten everything. for this for that we take a lot of spice. because russian. we change a little bit but you know we try and keep it as traditional schools and what about the. fly most of the stuff and twice a week we bring it from china. and what you think about living here in moscow i love living here you know. three years every day it's exciting every day something it's unpredictable you don't know what's going to happen. to me and i look forward to trying more votes chinese food in the future. coming up. some of us assigned
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a number of chinese tea houses have sprung up in the center of the capital at a cost few years the longest established being the teacup. russia is one of the world's great nations and in moscow today a sort of tease can be found expensive exotic traditional and healthy once the beverage of chinese floral sedate with its spread across the world the methods of production and brewing have also undergone a sea change. and from tea sets to chinese lanterns the gift shop here has a range of exciting games. welcome to the club of chinese culture it opened six years ago and the value of that is more than four hundred the horizon's depending on its heart of the season the focus is on chinese traditions and relaxation and the average history can take two hours. of course every country has its own tradition that enchanted tea ceremony it. was
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the ceremonies a chance to get in touch with the oriental culture of south and. east their legs and to enjoy a niche with a wonderful taste. and there's no smoking drinking or mobile phones allowed inside here before. there are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed in china as a sign of respect for a family gathering to apologize and to connect large families and wedding days here with the club assistants were poor and splashed in and over turkey to cups generous with their time to explain the five stages of boiling cattle from i have crap to wind through pine trees sounds a little odd but all are part of the unique traditions and customs related to tea no wonder russians love it and as for me my daily grey now has serious competition
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there. yes. on a. site morning to absolute one of. the fortunately that's one we have on this week's program on chinese culture in the us so i'll see you again at the same time next week then for me and there's the theme of my.
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the logs first atomic power play to share reaches operational capacity before being linked up to the country's national grid moscow says it will supervise all nuclear activity at the russian built quiet. swiss voters get ready to decide whether immigrants will commit serious crime should be deported the referendum comes just a year after switzerland voted in favor of banning the building of new minarets on mosques. and with experts claiming georgian foreign debt is spiraling out of control many broke blame president saakashvili for lavish overspending critics say the money is not going where it's most needed. italia so beloved joins us next with all the latest sports highlights stay with us here on r.t. .
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hello and welcome this is the sport news and notes have a look at the headlines this hour. who do get a much needed domestic win but in the long run things are not looking good for the red and blue. dimitar berbatov nets five that's right five goals as much to united to make to the top of the english premier league. and in golf marking climbers looking to and a great season on the highest notes the jam is making so rival graeme mcdowell in the money race with a win that to be decided the dubai world championship in the final round on sunday . so we could get off with the english premier league to united all three points clear of chelsea at the top and dimitar berbatov became only the fourth player in league history to score five in a single game a determinating display at home to wigan seven one was the final score at old trafford with ninety and park also chipping in and meanwhile arsenal moved up to
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second in the table the gunners want to get really a park and are now a point ahead of chelsea at least until the blues play on sunday in the city back in the top full but they lead the winslet pried out of their hands last year average them coming through stoppage time to salvage a point at home and also wolverhampton and today four game losing skied with a three two victory over there in form sunderland sylvan adams blake go with it when the two minutes from time there. so the pressure is now in chelsea to come up with a win on sunday the blues will be aiming to put a three game losing skid behind them away to newcastle and ease the pressure somewhat. in the process the other game of the day will see told them i live a full go head to had separated by three points in the standings. but i. also because i way that is a. fantastic show. from the air france you have to be already read to be you have to pay attention and i think he's doing a fantastic job he did
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a fantastic job he won the championship. for that we go from there so let me focus. if we could beat liverpool. meanwhile the russian prime a league season reaches its conclusion this weekend they need have already been crowned champions but there is still a lot of action of both sounds of the table to be decided on sunday here on the banks is all but one european qualification spot have been secured like a might see if i can grab that europa league place by earning a point at helm two thirds say that will be in spite of. two with victory over but only if local lose a crucial day the other round with five teams in all facing the child alongside already relegated c b terry a lot of creosote out of car this was hoping to remain in the top division.
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basketball now where a number fired says skull side got a much needed victory in the vid to be laid over the finish side home come fast win on the interim coach admit that he shot colin but as richard bump of lead reports now there are a few signs that the european giants are in the corner after a very disappointing opening to the season. serious car a club in turmoil may have reached eight straight final holds over muscovites face a struggle to even make the next round of your early after a disastrous start of a new season which is culminated in the sacking of head coach to stover to give each of thank you that makes. the new system for the new system for me. just call for your. sister. the good coach. we have. you i wish the best of luck to the other women had hoped to get their season back on track with victory over the finish side from the playboy in the
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united league first period sources car side littered with aras struggled to get their game together and finish opponents who aren't exactly one of europe's possible powerhouses their women were making far too many basic errors i had it not been for the presence of dimitri sokolowski the paines the home side would have ended the first trailing robber been having a slender free point lead but having pretty much the same squad that made it all the way to last his spoiled for in paris this is a shadow of a team that proved to be one of europe's very best last season says cover a team of very low on confidence a male need to up their game very quickly they want to be challenging holders come the end of the season the muscovite slowly began to get their act together in the second quarter with that months of cold once again proving to be too hot to handle from inside he was getting ample support from trajan langdon they were still too many players having an off day and the less said about the armament shooting from a free point line the better says car finally started to show something approaching a game in the second home off of hong kong having fewer opportunities on off ends
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curbside were going to a final quarter with a fourteen point of vantage series cut into the fourth of the game all but in the bag but even with a twenty point cushion their play was far too scrappy of both ends of a cause i missed plenty of work for interim head coach dmitri shockingly and to do to get one of europe. possible powers firing again first came a new coach and so did a pretty good job struggled at times for that so you know change systems and going back some things that we did before. trying to figure that out and hopefully we can get get it going before you know instead we have failed to get our confidence back and you were in the most money thing is your you know you have for your names for probably the most important games and known ten years these are troubling times serious comments go and despite today's victory by twenty points it doesn't hide the fact that it was against very ordinary opponents of a still plenty of problems a short time. before this side starts being
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a force to be reckoned with again which we don't see. over to go where they see as european tour money race when it is decided at this season ending dubai world championship with martin climber and graeme mcdowell battling for top spot as so far except to win it the p.g.a. champion state song six on the par to model a want to over around of seventy three that leaves them six shots off the laid while climbers so rival mcdowell is tied for third place only outrage was stopped at a tournament the irish man slightly improved his chances of catching up with climber with a sixty nine on saturday but he still downstrokes behind me that pulled her shoulder holding a two shop advantage and is looking sad to claim his second title in as many wakes up to winning the hong kong open just like in the days ago. rugby now and then glenn's new found optimism was dented by ruthless south african performance as that
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was an international campaign and in a defeat at twickenham the hosts were fortunate to be tied at half time as south africa dominee did but managed only to mourn steyn penalty case steyn extended the made before tries from william alberts and was even born before the world champions when he want a six in front. in the final minutes ben foden went over to making an interception before but what was england's first draw against south africa in four matches a lot of group just a consolation as the springboks extended their winning run against england to seven successive matches. and on to the cage shall find mates time now to take a look at the pick of the latest league action in our weekly goals goal or section . live
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live image you.
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thousands fall for the moment come up short the weather stay with us. wealthy british style. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our t.v. .
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iran's first atomic power plant will share reaches operational capacity before being linked up to the country's national grid. people should no longer be in switzerland because they don't deserve to be answered so swiss voters get ready to choose whether immigrants who commit serious crimes should be deported. and with experts claiming georgian foreign debt is spiraling out of control many blame president saakashvili a lot of overspending. seven am in moscow good to have you with us here on r t i met tressa our top story the fueling of iran's first nuclear power plant has been completed.


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