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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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live from moscow with the top stories of the week and the latest developments this is good to have you with this an r.t. crew spent thirty two hours in the u.s. jail after filming a peaceful protest near the so-called school of assassins in the state of georgia reporter killing ford says she and her cameraman were handcuffed them put in the same cell with criminals and despite condemnation from human rights watchdog the o.s.c. the case was ignored by the media. it started off as a rally outside a u.s. training camp a latin american military and police officers followed this nonviolent protest caught everyone by surprise dozens were arrested police targeted journalists along with the activists i'm a member of the brotherhood. i'm a member of the president sorry ok i'm sorry but among those arrested were r t
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correspondent kelly i'm sure an r.t. cameramen john conway both there on assignment covering the protests that brought together thousands of people like you may think and i asked the officer to please remove the handcuffs these plastic handcuffs and at least put one on that was a little bit looser he took out a hunting knife to remove my handcuffs and that's actually part of the reason that i have the cuts on my wrist for our worst killing had no clue what the charges against her were we asked on the bus what are we being charged with and one of the sheriff said don't worry no charge the ride is free we're taken to the county jail and we ended up spending thirty two hours there student tommy ramirez who was there as an activist tells a similar story i kept asking them what did i do to tell you my rise tell me why i'm getting a wrist i kept asking them and i never got an answer from them every year thousands of people gather at the gates of the training camp dubbed the school of assassins
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calling for its closure officially there to train latin american military men and yes it's called many of latin america's most notorious torture its mass murderers are dictators this anger at the establishment violence has never been part of the protests so why the mass arrests now we feel like the message was look you know we wouldn't want you to be there we're going to make it dangerous you know to make you think twice to even show up despite the outcry from many at the rally that their rights of freedom of speech and assembly were trampled upon. it's not a story that's caught the eye of the us media and we can see the newspapers of this country editorialized in favor of free speech and first amendment give stirring in passionate defenses of these core american values but when another journalist from another media outlet is arrested without charge without provocation and put onto a paddy wagon those media outlets are largely silent and i think it's because they
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feel like these are stories that aren't supposed to be covered at all i guess so much for covering stories in the war and by the us mainstream media the incident at fort benning left some guessing what would have been the extent of the media coverage in the west had a member of the foreign press been treated in a similar way in some other country say russia the remarkable thing about a good thing you know in moscow here a b.b.c. correspondent or a c.n.n. correspondent had gone to a demonstration where there was a legal permanent and was roughed up by the police in the case of our correspondent she was almost sexually assaulted those are her words that would made headlines all around the world it would have been a diplomatic row between countries but no in the case of the united states the international community is can damage what's happened and called on the u.s. to respond even the organization for security and cooperation in europe sent
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a letter to secretary of state hillary clinton calling the journalist the rest disturbing. while it is clear that police played crucial role in maintaining order during public demonstrations the indiscriminate media in bringing charges against them goes well beyond what's necessary to keep the peace but the u.s. state department which is usually quick to condemn freedom of speech violations in other countries has remained surprisingly tight lipped about its own we're going to shut down our t.v. washington d.c. . so how much freedom should journalists have while covering events like protests auntie's laura oftenest also known as the resident took to the streets of the big apple to find out what people in new york think it comes your way later this hour but here's a quick preview for you. we need to be all about how we allow the press to capture what's happening so we can get
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a legitimate true view without encouraging people to do do things that they wouldn't otherwise but the fact is if you're going to go someplace to protest to get that really hot story you've got to be repaired for the fact that life is going to sometimes intercede and about. but if they intercede if the people are being i really oh hell yeah what about it the press are being unruly the press is being on really same things apply you break the rules that's what happens if you're not willing to accept the consequences for your actions don't take the actions. twenty six suspected terrorists with alleged links to al qaeda were arrested in europe this week eleven of them are suspected of being part of a chechen islamist network planning to commit attacks in belgium the group is also raising money for terrorism in russia. this is region all those were detained in connection with a separate probe targeting an extremist group recruiting jihadi fighters and afghanistan british security analyst peter perl is says once it's clear that russia
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and the west all fighting a common enemy the potential for cooperation is vast. let's not fool ourselves somehow greater regiments of uniformed soldiers marching over the horizon it is in fact much more of a franchise yes there's a strong power base in the foothills between afghanistan and pakistan and it's clearly as a strong kabul now operating in yemen but we're now seeing this creeping out under this broad term of al-qaeda but it doesn't necessarily mean it's got the official stamp on it but we are now seeing of a commonality that we haven't seen before whether it's been decades totally although russia has been saying for many years that terrorists are terrorists you can be if you're killed by the ira or chechen terrorists. you're just as dead as we are now seeing something which i've never seen before i'm president of cooperation security analyst peter powell and then the russian president dmitry medvedev has
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urged the country's political system to be shaken up in his latest video blog he said there are signs that the country's stability is threatening to stagnate. if the opposition has no chance at all of winning a fair fight it degrades and becomes marginal if the ruling party never loses a single election it is just coasting ultimately to degree just like any living organism which remains static for these reasons it becomes necessary to raise the degree at least in competition with our main tasks the timescale of any democracy is to improve the quality of party of representation make sure that the political maturity is not just static or broad but that it does not become the majority consisting of actors and dummies but. dr of political science and united russia party member dimitri pollack on off says the opposition should draw a conclusion from the message as well. i think he was trying to say that
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actually had a plot this should develop with relates both to united russia and to opposition parties in the united russia that have already started a lot of the innovations such as primaries such as the development of the interparty discussion so it's a dissipation in open public debates and so on and so forth i think the same should be done by allah opponents as well and that will be very important because as we all know if we want to shield decision is taken by the authority it depends on the quality of criticism playground so they need to have very good feedback. both united russia and up of three parties that should provide this kind of feedback in order for systems to be sustainable. and not. the united russia party you're with. still to come on the program to. russia.
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to eat. coming from vladimir putin during a business visit to germany stay with us for the details on that story. but first the people of switzerland have approved a proposed law to expel foreign criminals from the country the nationwide ban it was initiated by a right wing party the measures had raised questions over whether the swiss are discriminating against immigrants last year they voted to ban the construction of new minarets is in zurich for us this time it's relation to the mandatory expulsion of foreign criminals who have committed serious offenses such as murder rate for the small was put forward by the people's party people with.
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have the criminal currier there is no place for them in switzerland that is the idea they're getting a lot of support actually from people according to initial surveys because of all these stories of swiss nationals being attacked by foreigners who may file to fight trying to get to. keep other people who rule didn't do anything then ted no you couldn't one switzerland has the highest per capita rate of immigrants that twenty percent of their population are actually foreigners so it's a very sensitive topic here in switzerland so. you can't keep them all out we need immigrants period now where we have a backlash from the european union and the wider world the government has put forth a counterproposal they amended the list of crimes it's different from a proposed by the s.p.p. and also they are saying that it has to comply with international and swiss laws humanitarian laws it also states that expulsion must be limited to convictions of
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a year or more so it's kind of a softer version of the s.v. peace proposal if the s.t.b. is insisting that a hard line is necessary now critics of this proposed are saying that this is very unfair that in the eyes of the law everyone should be treated equal can you make a difference between a drug dealer who was from the judio from russia from india or he's a swiss is a drug dealer drug dealer a better one so i don't make a difference between someone who is doing something wrong the law should not look with a he's white brown black or what the there are also questions of the separation of time b. should a prisoner convicted be sent out of switzerland what happens to his family if they've been living here for more than four generations for example but don't have the papers what is going to happen to that. that was silia who was following the vote count in zurich because between finance ministers and the irish government on
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a multi billion euro rescue d n a concluding now in brussels the country's economy went into meltdown this week under the weight of its banking debt and there's been public outrage at the government's handling of the crisis about fifty thousand people marched through dublin on saturday protesting against harsh austerity measures being introduced to copy countries huge budget deficit demonstrators say ordinary working people are taking the hit for the rich and the banks elsewhere in the eurozone there are fears portugal and spain may be next in line for. german promised marcus kerber told r.t. that europe's biggest economies won't be able to pay the debts of others forever. the german taxpayer is no longer willing to lease is very very becoming very reluctant to bail out countries like greece. example of very bad governments and we are no longer willing as neither to bail out ireland to fuel an ailing banking sector i think this is a genuine center of this and which the. heads of government have created in may and
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with the minutes of the president of the european central bank this is so large that everybody wants to be protected the more it's raining cats and dogs the more they want to be protected and the portuguese. prime minister and the finance minister pushed island to put themselves under the umbrella to be under the umbrella themselves as quickly as possible this is an inflation of claims to be bailout which will ruin the eurozone sooner or later and germany is economically not able to to bear such a bailout. and the german taxpayer who has a word to say in all that is no longer willing to do saying something like that. currency union between russia and the european union is a possibility russian prime minister vladimir putin and german chancellor angela merkel have admitted the statement was made during putin's visit to germany on friday the russian premier said that the euro is much more reliable than the dollar
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despite current difficulties in the region putin also said he no longer sees any obstacles to russia's accession to the world trade organization that russia and germany agree to clear the path to increased business links and to develop science and technology together and in a meeting with german businessmen the russian pm managed to lighten the serious mood over energy supplies. if you just get your shit together so the german community doesn't really need to sleep now or i don't want to make any comments. to . the ocean journalist on what you're going to leave the heat. with or do you go to uni. and that was enough to get that thankfully the we have to . be three well still ahead for you this hour in r.t. from basin of life to the deserted wasteland. the air all sea has become a wasteland of sand solve and pollution i'm lending france to join me in catholic
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stand to investigate how this transformation has affected the people here and how it put it down on the firemen perhaps. the first this week russia decided to give more help to nato struggling campaign in afghanistan it agreed to allow the allowance to transport armored vehicles through its territory the transit deal was confirmed by russia's foreign minister during talks with his afghan counterpart in moscow. nato to reduce its reliance on volatile pakistan so universe of also pledged russia will continue to provide the tools to battle drug flow from afghanistan last month russia and the us destroyed one ton of heroin and a combined anti drug. in the country despite successes like that many experts still believe the americans are yet to learn that this war cannot be won. my basic view is that the war is completely unwinnable russia may be making friendly noises towards nato now because of that as we know there's
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a rapprochement between the alliance and russia but in my view it's basically formal in other words these are gestures but they're. meant well i don't think russia is playing a double game i'm not trying to say that i'm simply saying that the war cannot be won the soviet union learned that lesson in the one nine hundred eighty s. the british learnt it in the nineteenth century and the americans are in the process of learning it although it seems that they haven't learnt it yet so i don't believe that a military solution could in other words the shipment of arms could pacify afghanistan no meanwhile the latest pentagon report shows that violence in afghanistan has increased and the insurgency is strong and expanding across the country u.s. military chiefs also admit progress is an even with just modest gains against the taliban paula so there has been watching troops in iraq gearing up for their move to afghanistan to boost american led forces there but many worry that more troops
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means more violence. i will try but just a minute he's coming to an end he's part of the american first place he stayed behind to train assist and he quit the iraqi security forces sure they're almost gone home that's for sure no one knows whether once they hear the genesis not just movement of troops and equipment since world war two the u.s. army is moving its supplies from iraq to afghanistan certain equipment such as r m wrapped. mine resistant vehicles our humvees are those types of equipment a lot of our rolling vehicles rolling stock of vehicles and some generation that equipment yes will be dedicated towards. the mission in afghanistan because she has warned that moving troops won't help much that. when i've gone people see us forces inside that country it brings in paganism and
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makes them turn to terrorism and al qaeda so as more american troops come here from iraq it will just make things worse i don't believe the americans will leave for another fifty years so that they have two of them main military bases here and then building the americans leaving iraq also sends the wrong message to insurgents the afghans seeing the americans withdrawing from iraq and they think themselves ok they're going to withdraw in a year or two we got a hold on things we'll take control in a year or two it doesn't matter i will quote she's already been told to be going from iraq back to afghanistan it'll be his second time there and he's not looking forward to it i would definitely say that afghanistan is a lot more difficult than as though the terrain is a lot more heavier in the mountainous region we have to do a lot more walking there and whether the beefed up presence in afghanistan will help troops meet mixtures did nothing to pull out or make it more difficult is
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still on the guys and just come back from a patrol everything went to the next one. and that will be discussing the american effort in afghanistan with the country's foreign minister that interview is coming away in around ten minutes from now. central asia now home of the hour all see it was once the world's fourth largest lake but now only the parched ground is left due to ambitious soviet era irrigation projects the sea waters receded steadily cause a drastic change the local climate and destroyed the majority of marine life and water and covers something dangerous to people's health as artie's lindsey france now reports. the arrow see is a shadow of its former self those in the kazak city aralsk once had to see at their doorstep but are now confronted by the haunting sight of abandoned ships the water
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is twenty kilometers away and from the dried up remains sickness comes one local woman who chose not to be named remembers when friends and family started to fall ill. here new diseases a match that we had never seen in high numbers especially related to breathe in my husband's good chronic bronchitis that's how i live you can see salt in the air but you feel it on the skin and you can feel it on the tongue. fields planted to make the soviet union completely self-sufficient in cotton consumes the rivers feeding into the erroll sea decade by decade it nearly disappeared now what was once the world's fourth largest landlocked body of water is reduced to a pit of sand salt and pollution. the salt clings to the moist seabed like here at the harbor in are all tsk as soon as it's dry enough even the
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slightest wind carries it into the town and across the country into the lungs of men women and children who don't even know they're bringing it before the ground cotton skinny errol scene was one of the most picturesque places in central asia as it disappeared along with the soviet union the task of regeneration fell to the heads of newly independent central asian states in the early one nine hundred ninety s. it was then that people learned the extent of the seized the mines that until that point was known only to those close to the cultivation project pesticides used to yield cotton leached into the rivers making the water a silent killer. who has been growing these heavily polluted as well and then as soon. we're living and it is us three area in the past our infectious disease ward had one hundred fifty to one hundred sixty patients especially children with testing or diseases per year now it's about five per year it was the exact same
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with viral hepatitis this is all franks to clean water. three years ago a group called the international fund for saving the erroll sea stepped in to protect the people from the tainted water. is just a fresh water project souls' many shias one possible way lead tap water pipes to the villages and to distant villages they grade local water pipe systems but the pesticides aren't just in the fresh water they're blowing across the dusty seabed as well. in addition multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is on the rise exacerbated by this toxic combination special rehabilitation warrants are reserved in area hospitals regional. government pays fifty percent for what it calls ecological extras to our salaries they throw an extra for living near buchan or with the rockets launched an aerial see we have serious problems with the draft
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young come in unfit to service. small dams now trapped what little water flows into the upper air all see irrigating the desert little by little but walking through this place that's been given a new lease on life one can see the legacy of mismanagement get begs the question is bringing the water back enough to overcome the years of neglect or is the pollution too great to turn the dust bowl back into a thriving basin. lindsay france r.t. kazakstan. also in the news this week china is seeking to ease tensions on the korean peninsula by proposing an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks a high level envoy was sent to seoul to speak with the south korean president but the south and said it was not interested in formally resuming talks on nuclear disarmament tensions remains high on the peninsula with the u.s. and south korea having begun a four day joint military exercise in the yellow sea has reportedly deployed
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surface to surface missiles in response. just days after it fired artillery on an island belonging to the south killing for. director of korean studies at the institute of economics at the russian academy of sciences says the drills in the nic can only serve to heat up tensions. yes character who is in the yellow sea water with south korean sheep i think that's not a major would could lead to reduction of tension in korean peninsula rather or increase of them of course and nobody is really we soon to have a full sky were conflict but any incident can help but what if the korean ship or the american ship would he underwater mine and be a south korean american side can decide this is a north korean attack and would really it would probably lead to an unpredictable consequences so i think that this is not
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a reaction that is now desirable if us wants to exercise what it's called basins that mean in having no dialogue and interest and sanction that you know way hold that north korean regime would collapse it could only lead to more incidents and to more appropriations and more attention well back to our top story now and the arrest of an r t film crew in the us is fuel concerns about the way police in some countries treat journalists covering demonstrations laurie the resident often ists has also new yorkers if they think the freedom of the press should be limited . how much freedom should the press pass should they be treated differently than people on the street when covering events like protests this week let's talk about that well i think the press is how we are informed so personally i like it when i see members of the press that get in can get more information than what i as
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a regular citizen can get because i would look up to you for my information on many occasions the thing that they should be allowed to get more access absolutely i think the public is wary of the media but at the same time i think they're doing a lot of freedom because with cell phone cameras and all kinds of video went around that the authorities are much more careful than they were in my age when they push people around a lot more so i think that today the press does have that access but i think it's very important that the press continues to have that access but the fact is if you're going to go someplace to protest to get that really hot story you've got to be prepared for the fact that life is going to sometimes intercede and about why enforcement what if should they intercede if the people are being unruly oh hell yeah what about if the press are being unruly the pressure being on really same things apply you break the rules that's what happens if you're not willing to accept the consequences for your actions don't take the actions that gives people
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a stage or a platform that they wouldn't have if the camera wasn't there so i think that's why we need to be more thoughtful about how we allow the press to capture what's happening so we can get a legitimate true view without encouraging people to do to things that they wouldn't otherwise whether or not you believe the press should be treated differently during a protest the bottom line is that without them the protesters voices would go largely and heard. well that's the news for you this i'll be back with the headlines that will be off to a short break stay with us here on r.t. .
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the phone. is easy to. easy. see.
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good to have you with this is all t. coming to you live from viet russian capital we're with you twenty four hours a day top stories now the latest news in a round up of the weakside main stories the arrest of a naughty news crew covering a peaceful protest in the u.s. is criticized by organizations as a crackdown on media freedom but ignored by the mainstream american outlets. in switzerland was approved in a referendum a proposal to expel foreigners charged with serious crimes and. it sparked a discussion about whether it has nationalistic motives. russia's democracy should not stagnate the russian president is calling on the opposition in his video blog to act so that those in power stay awake at the wheel. plus once one of the world's largest lakes the arrow sea in central asia is now a half.


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