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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EST

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america's fears for its image after the meets whistleblower web site published several hundred thousand classified diplomatic documents many of which are quite sensitive. to senior iranian nuclear scientists are targeted in bomb attacks in tehran blames israel and the u.s. saying it's an attempt to hamper the country's nuclear program. people in a mom by a slum demand compensation as the authorities plan to evict them to expand the city's main airport inflating the price tag of the project. and russia is the fifth largest gold producer in the world but despite prices for some gold growth is slowing i'll have more on that in about twenty minutes time.
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he is coming to you live from moscow welcome to the program and a flattering assessment of the world leaders by u.s. diplomats and spying on the u.n. secretary general that's information that anyone now has access to after classified documents from u.s. embassies across the globe were revealed by online and whistleblower wiki leaks more details on this we can cross live to r.t. as correspondent you go to prison or for details here and so the files contain as you were mentioning a moment ago highly sensitive information about u.s. foreign affairs so tell me what went on behind the scenes according to wiki leaks. well first of all this is truly a huge blow to the american diplomacy since we're talking about over two hundred and fifty thousand classifying diplomatic documents conversations between american diplomats in the world many of these documents are very sensitive.
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the touch and talk about american partners major partners in most course of the world including central leisure in the middle east russia and europe as well the united nations to some documents suggesting that the united states were planning to spy on some of the united nations top officials including secretary general the spying included listening to their conversations while collecting data of their personal data including on their bank cards and are following them around as well some information on. this incident when a group of american diplomats walked out during the statement of the speech of the president of iran at the united nations general assembly and this until the document suggests that the walk out procedure was one some very humiliating
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political make claims are also revealed in this document which are used by american diplomats according to wiki leaks in their conversations between each other. the presidential runs for example was called the naked king of the presidents of iran was referred to as simply hitler. the town then between the russian prime minister and the russian president he's a man with a horse that was named as batman and robin some some are some really strong information if you will which is she you see a big blow to american diplomacy ends it to be the state department and self and many analysts i'm sorry many analysts have already said that information off such calibur on such a scale could only have been leaked into the internet via the state department itself. these leaks would never have happened if not for the number of
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insiders who are ready to. big this information it looks like it's linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan when offices and are stupid the day looking for a not exactly fair business and this moral decay inside the pentagon caused these leaks the main thing this leak has done is break delusion that the state department has everything under control they have been exposed mechanisms not secret but quite simple and cynical partners of the us will be more careful now it's another sign that the us is no longer dominating the world but. some of these documents deep back to the years two thousand and four two thousand and five years of the bush administration and that has caused some analysts already to presume that. this has a name of hitting the obama administration since such a diplomatic warm and be a blow on the field during obama's time in office could result in the american
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president not be elected for a second term in office. as i understand about my administration is supposed to pay the bills or on the last administration because of the some documents have made dated back to the year two thousand and four two thousand and five so i personally have a feeling that as he says ongoing attack on president obama which started not today and which aims not to allow him to be reelected this is the theme i think. some of the other of the controversial documents concerning russia and georgia and the conflict in south city in all the six thousand and eight they suggest that american diplomats knew about the about the plans georgia's plans to attack south of say argue for several days before the attack actually happened to the documents
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suggest that the fact that ambassador on the us ambassador in moscow knew that georgian artillery georgian military was moving towards the south the city of border and it also suggests that some of baltic states knew that the government also baltic states knew that this attack was conducted by georgia nevertheless all of them supported georgia's initiatives in that whole situation. are you also you mentioned there some some prior knowledge before the attacks by georgia. there and you were mentioning that from wiki leaks the comparison being drawn between prime minister putin and president hu there as batman and robin but the confidential files were also obtained by one of russia's media outlets towards me have there been any other revelations here concerning russia. that's right the documents were teens mind you whose duty but it's your or the russian reporter magazine like you just said and they mentioned you for some it was some documents
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talk about the russian prime minister and the russian president bringing to them as batman and putin in fact sort of batman and robin in fact prime minister vladimir putin is also referred to as the power for meal in russia which suggests that in the town down between the prime minister and the president the prime minister has more power in russia nevertheless so far we haven't heard any oh we've heard some comments from officials in russia but do you little from the top level official. heard from the president's secretary i'm not tied to my call had she said that the kremlin didn't really find anything interesting in these released of documents on the old documents and she actually compared some of the information in these documents would hollywood style the stories we've also heard from the press service off the prime minister discourse so it's too early to me to cruises from
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these documents is there's just too many of them we still have to be studied the exact words referring to russian the russian leader prime minister has to be studied as well and if in fact the documents we're talking about do refer to the prime minister. some analysts have been saying that this is not really new information concerning american diplomats in the state department some of these things and. the way american diplomats talk about their partners in the west and essentially german and in the middle east already known to the public you just got to hit is it in itself the publisher publishing the viewing of these documents. we know pretty much more of what the united states thanks abbi out leaders in the ballot events and cross the seas. there is
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a thing would be simply to see it in print on official documents. it's interesting how the timing of the releasing any of these documents was flown since hillary clinton is just now planning to go on this tour of some of the allies the united states in the middle east and central asia and she's definitely going to have to resort and deal with some of the consequences of these documents especially the goals which concern the nations which she's going to visit. here are there you go to the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton certainly will have some questions to answer during this tour of the middle and far east you're going to spin off live in moscow thank you. well in just a few minutes here on r t keeping tensions high south korea. with a regional joint naval exercises with the u.s. only a week after a deadly artillery exchange in the region we talk to experts about reasons for such
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a military escalation also. if you really. think we are not moving from this area poverty stricken residents the indian government are gripped in a deadlock keeping plans for an airport expansion ground. a senior iranian nuclear scientist has been killed and another one wounded in two separate bomb attacks in teheran wives of the physicists have also been injured in the attacks were reportedly carried out by men on motorcycles who attached the bombs to the cars the iranian government blames israel and the united states for the incident journalist and broadcaster tarty told us from tehran that it was an attempt to hamper iran's nuclear program from abroad. if you live in iran it's a very peaceful place and nothing much ever happens here when these kind of actions are carried out it is generally from abroad and it's carried out with their
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coordination with their planning and their agents who might have been able to get in the country which in this case they have and their countries that are interested and now using iran's nuclear program to broadcast. to the world and they're also known for their terrorist activities and the proxy terrorist organizations in the middle east so i can't expand any more on that they're all interested parties and i think the world already knows who they are iran's nuclear program is very extensive but it is entirely peaceful now why would they want to country's efforts to get on i have no idea they react as they used to make medicine they used to generate electricity their light water reactors they can't be any deviations keeping iran under their thumb is one of the main main objective of such actions. that was a journalist and broadcaster from tehran. reports suggest china's top foreign
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affairs diplomat could be sent to north korea as early as monday and this as part of attempts to ease tensions on the peninsula maging once an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks south korea says it's not interested in formally resuming talks on the subject at this time tensions have been stoked by the u.s. south korea holding four day joint military exercises in the yellow sea near the disputed maritime border john yang has reportedly put its surface to surface missiles on alert and it comes just days after the north claiming it was provoked fired out tillery on an island belonging to the south killing four people pepe escobar a brazil based correspondent for the asia times says a naval exercise and is a deliberate provocation by washington. the way washington has been spinning all this they say look we had these exercises with south korea more or less organized
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months ago so they were scheduled to take place starting last monday finishing next tuesday in fact a little over a week. the defense measure in about an attacking measure. but now with a situation has been evolving after the incident last tuesday in the oval seat for the chinese and for the north koreans this looks like an attacking exercise specially because the joint u.s.s. george washington which is basically a floating war machine with six thousand soldiers and fighter jets it's a nuclear power you name it they could destroy the whole country if they wanted out of this. floaty war machine now it's going to the yellow sea as well this is a useless provocation because they're not supposed to be there in the first place there is an american continent doing the exercises i won't force. which was
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scheduled from the beginning so we always go back to the same point. in. this new installment of the endless cold war years to its own benefit then usually of course the western media but that was pepe escobar brazil based correspondent for the asia times well you can find all of the details on our web site at www dot com and there are some other stories online including an almost all mean vehicle on the streets a lot of austar in russia's far east raised fears the war was about to break our word turns out its owner was just talking to the shoppers. and a glimpse of a russian underwater bicycle pedal powered submarine opens up the wonders of the ocean depths to everyone with or without diving experience.
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in india and the gateway to south asia but expansion of the city's main airport is being thwarted by the surrounding slums the government wants to relocate tens of thousands of families but the price tag could be too high for residents wanting compensation he looks at whether the expansion plans could even get off the ground . this is the forst glimpse most people get of mumbai india's financial capital and it's not a pretty sight with around one hundred thousand families sharing their walls with the international airport this is not just an eyesore it's a huge security hazard also on. as far as the runway lengths are concerned as far
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as development of hangars is concerned you know these are activities which the airport requires expansion of the terminal building today we are chock a block at the airport where you have almost a one hour of circling time for every aircraft the government hopes to clear that three hundred acres of airport land the slum is a good stop on but attempts to relocate the slum dwellers have met with stiff opposition like many others here are a couple of fears her livelihood will be disrupted if she moves on but i'm not concerned with the airport has expanded or not but where we are staying now a replacement houses should be in the same area and largely here to here and children work at the airport and women and money by cleaning utensils right here if you really came to us what do we and we are not moving from this area. two years ago all the state government gave the contract to leading developer each b i l two we have a late date the slum residence by building them homes up to seven kilometers away
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but with the state agencies acquiring land to accommodate only one in every four families many prefer to stay poor with every change there is going to be resistance but having said that people are aware the slum habitation in mumbai works. at the same time because now they are being shifted from lines which they currently occupying some of them will not qualify the slum residents occupy prime land in the center of mumbai and they know it and important source of votes when all the government has forced them out as a result their demands have become even more ambitious. you know their family is family should receive at least one hundred eighty thousand dollars this confrontation actually flipped me a boy it will cost that much this is expensive but at least the family can live frugally the government can even give us this conversation money a provider placement that in this area. this has become an important case for the
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government with mumbai airport already congested it desperately needs the land that the slum has encroached upon to increase its capacity a second airport has been sanctioned on the outskirts of mumbai but this will not be ready to leslie's two thousand and fifteen so it remains to be seen if the government will win the battle against the residents of this by slum thing r.t. india. we are coming to you live from the russian capital this is r.t. and time now to check out some other stories from around the world and the government of haiti declared sunday's elections a success although the majority of kind of its calling for the cancellation of the results due to fraud they have accused the outgoing president of rigging the election the quake devastated country is still battling a growing cholera epidemic which has so far claimed more than a thousand lives and much of the eleven billion dollars in aid promised by the international community has not yet arrived. the brazilian government has claimed victory in
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a major battle against drug trafficking as security forces swooped in on a gang stronghold in rio de janeiro's most dangerous slum airborne units were deployed in the military operation in which should at least forty five people were killed brazil will host the two thousand and fourteen football world cup on the two thousand and sixteen olympics and bringing crime under control is its number one priority. for prime minister all of new zealand has ordered an inquiry into the mine tragedy that left several dozen workers dead in the blast occurred two weeks ago at the pike river coal mine killing twenty nine several other. explosions followed the rescue teams were unable to enter the pit a coal fire which started after the last explosion is still burning and emergency officials say retrieval of the bodies could take weeks. but what can be more important than trusting the news and information that we see and hear but as one american veteran journalist has found out neither the news nor campaign ads need to
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be true in how a special report next hour sue wilson examines how the media shapes public opinion and whether it is an information gets away for a means of manipulation. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. involved in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the building newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet. the. public opinion versus f.c.c.
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broadcast blues on our team. and i'll be back with a recap of those top stories shortly but first it's time for the business update with in just a few minutes. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. would be soo much brighter if you move the sun from phones to christian. stance on t.v. dot com. hello
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welcome to business news i'm sure on a key the biggest foreign investor in gas palm has revealed why it's selling up electricity giant says it's three point five percent stake is not strategic as a shift its focus from europe to asia but analysts say it never achieved influence it wanted with gas palm the two companies are currently negotiating about gas prices following a slump in european demand russia fine ass chief talk to r.t. at the launch of a new gas fired power plant near moscow what you see in front of you is very strategic number one what you see in front of you is the combined cycle gas turbine you know it's the most efficient operating in this country what is non-strategic is more something that we don't feel we have the right competency for this is our competency what you see in front of us we are an excellent builder or constructor and organizer of c.c.t.
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projects and we try to meet the expectations of the russian government. and russia is the fifth largest gold producer in the world but despite rocketing prices for gold growth is slowing archies tachyon a political explores why russia could be left behind in the gold rush. yeah. right there in the world. then why the gold. here. when we got on the ground we saw just one man drilling before the ninety's said that in their mind in the year olds used to employ three thousand workers producing five tons of gold a year now it produces as little as five hundred kilograms of the precious metals and even though gold now come on sky high prices the miners here feel left behind in the gold rush forum in which it's hard and expensive to work in mining metal
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producers hike prices all the time transport and electricity monopolies raise tariffs constantly miners say there is enough gold and silver down here to last for another century but experts argue mining such old deposits is profitable the industry is still leaving all of the results of soviet geological exploration and isn't desperate need of new projects there is growth in certain companies that are either extending and expanding existing mines or are bringing online. mining projects that were already known about frankly thirty years ago there's very little you know new things that are being developed are going to be factors of growth going forward so if the current situation doesn't change now in ten years you can forget about growth it's not going to happen because there's just there's nothing else there's nothing to mind. one of the main drags on gold exploration is the law
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on strategic resources if a company with four cash in. told finds a mind of more than fifty tons of gold it risks losing its license as such deposits become strategic the government is now considering easing restrictions and opening deposits of up to two hundred fifty tonnes to foreign investors the gold in russia it's going to be here it's not going anywhere it's in the ground we have borders russia has a large bureaucracy has large tax forces a large security force has controls. the go got to go what difference does it make . you mine it up you pay your taxes the central bank can basically buy the gold if they want to so that from that point of view you're secure analysts say before the law on strategic resources came into force in two thousand and six almost all of the major gold mining projects in russia were built with foreign capital that helped industrialize the sector make contrie the world's fifth largest gold
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producer if the industry is reopened for foreigners the growth prospects of russian gold mining could become the best in the world if you have a pretty poor business to. the euro stand steady against the dollar after ireland won approval for an eighty five billion euro emergency aid package to bail out its troubled economy thirty five billion euros will go to support irish banks and another fifty billion to cut the country's deficit the bonds of ireland spain and greece remain largely unchanged on monday the shares of companies benefiting from the bailout also gained allied irish banks grew by over seven percent and the bank of ireland by over eighteen percent. and let's take a look at the markets european stock markets are down however banks are among the leading gainers on the footsie after european union finance ministers approved a bailout firelands was eighty five billion euros the blue chips are down on the dax with deutsche post and metro among the top losers. meanwhile. on russia the
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indices are trading mixed after starting the day on a positive note most of the blue chips are down the biggest losers on the minus six is russ hydro down more than one and a third percent. share continue to drop after damage to a rail link the company uses to ship potash from its main russian mine. and russia's top search engines may issue you want to have billion dollars worth of new shares next year and dax is most likely to choose london for the i.p.o. but is also considering nasdaq it follows the listing of russian internet company e-mail dot rule last month which raised over six hundred million dollars axes in the world's top ten search engines after names like google yahoo and china's by you . and that's all the update for this hour but you can always find more on our website at r.t. dot com slash business stay with us. for
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six months the russian capital was in a state of siege. days and nights people lived in fear of occupation and were preparing for the desperate defense intense battles took a heavy toll plaza. then the so made ami switch to be
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offensive but was the first sunni or defeat of the where moms would. battle for most go on or keep. a close a team has been to the tone screen where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. known largely goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development coffers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy a person vivid cultural life. welcome to the pair and regions russia close on and on she.


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