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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2010 11:00am-11:30am EST

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america fears for its image sensitive details published online over its relations with its closest partners experts say it shows a degradation of washington's foreign policy. to senior iranian nuclear scientists are targeted in bomb attacks tehran blames israel and the u.s. saying it's an attempt to the country's nuclear program. people then. demand compensation as the authorities plan to evict them to expand the city's main airport inflating the price tag of the project.
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well we are coming to you live from moscow this is r.t. welcome to the program unflattering assessments of world leaders by u.s. diplomats spying on the u.n. secretary general that's information anyone now has access to the classified documents from u.s. embassies across the globe were field by online whistleblower wiki leaks for more on this we can now cross live to our correspondents guy nature to karen in washington and i think that you've got a president waiting for us in that moscow hello to you both first to you guy in a files contain a u.s. foreign policy secrets this according to wiki leaks tell us what other. or read those are thousands of cables from american embassies around the world sent to washington and from washington they expose diplomatic information never manned for public eyes for example the documents show hillary clinton ordered american diplomats to spy on you when leaders including banki moon and the permanent security council representatives from china russia france and the u.k.
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among many other files. revealed by weekend leaks two years ago u.s. ambassador in georgia for example reported about preparations of by georgia's president mikheil saakashvili to attack. and then it was right before the attack and after the attack he would like to washington with calls to come up with a response to those who don't believe in the innocence of saakashvili a sort of maybe a trying to to. whiten his image or someone in those for example. those documents are also. are also direct calls from saudi saudi arabia to attack you read or detail the cowards of what u.s. diplomats think of the afghan president and his corrupt brother this batch of secret diplomatic correspondence includes some unflattering u.s.
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intelligence assessments of its relations with many countries and their leaders the u.s. embassy in paris described the french president for example as a as a naked emperor think skinned and all three terry it or the german chancellor angela merkel was mentioned as angela tafel and merkel because so little seems to stick to her or among other things the u.s. embassy in moscow described president medvedev as playing robin to put bettman as you can see some of the wires may sound amusing but never the last one revealed in public they prove to be a major embarrassment for the state for the u.s. state department. and you know some some experts believe. it just just the state department at. the files revealed are sort of meant to undermine obama there's an opinion like that let's listen as i understand a bummer administration is supposed to pay the bills or of the last administration
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because of the some documents of eight dated back to the year two thousand and four two thousand and five so i personally have a friend in the know this is on the an attack on president obama which started not today and which aims. to allow him to be reelected this is the theme i think ok you go to over to you now the classified documents also refer to other countries not only the united states tell me how was russia involved in this. well some of the documents concerning russia have been passed over to the a risky but toward the russian reporter magazine and you just heard again there mentioning briefly some sensitive issues concerning some of the political nicknames allegedly being given by company by american diplomats in their conversations to some of the leaders and topple it to. other states for example the batman and robin
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one talking about prime minister vladimir putin and president even today of another document suggested that was going to put it was also referred to as the alpha dog perhaps suggesting that power in russia is in the hands of the prime minister rather than the president some very controversial and sensitive information if in fact it is true but so far the reaction here in moscow was quite soft you just heard foreign minister said you are saying that moscow is not going to change its approach towards its a foreign policies because of the scandal according to him the approach is based on the actions the precise actions on measures conducted by foreign partners rather than. is based on some leaks of documents we've also heard from the the press secretary of the russian president who said that the kremlin didn't find anything interesting in these old documents and inside compared some of them to stories made
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up by hollywood we've heard from the press service off the prime minister they said that to go this is a huge amount of information documents hundreds of thousands of documents which have to be studied studied and analyzed it's too early according to them to make any conclusions but all in all there are even many analysts are saying that there's not that much new information in these documents and some of the facts represented contained in them. oh really well known facts in the backstage diplomacy. we know pretty much more what the united states thinks about leaders in the belt events and crossed the seas the barest thing would be simply to see it in print on official documents. it's also important to determine.
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whether some of these documents could have been forged falsified that's actually the head of. the former head of the federal security service said that the large number of these documents can be free so time has to show these documents still have to be studied we'll have to see which ones are which ones of them or choose which ones of them are not ok let's let's cross back now live to washington to guy and tell me has there been any reaction so far from the u.s. government over these leaks from from wiki leaks but worry the obama administration is ordering government agencies to immediately review procedures for safeguarding classified information someone describe it as an epic blow to the u.s. diplomacy and to blow it is u.s. officials are trying to dampen the damage somehow hillary clinton made some call sort of ahead of the week the leaks release a shit call china for example leaked u.s. diplomatic cables to china's relationship with iran for example under we new scrutiny by suggesting beijing hadn't complied with u.s.
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requests to stop transfers of two to tehran of technology and materials that could be used in its weapons programs this is just yet another huge batch of classified files nicked by the whistle blowing web site earlier this year we keep leaks released thousands of secret documents and u.s. actions you know ghana stand in iraq they shelled civilians killed by by american forces and some experts believe that the state department is no longer able to control the outburst of information there. these leaks would never have happened if not for the number of insiders who are ready to lead this information it looks like it's linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan when officers and or stupid the deal working for a not exactly fair business and this moral decay inside the pentagon caused these leaks the main thing this leak has done is break the illusion that the state department has everything under control they have been exposed mechanisms not secret but quite simple and cynical partners of the us will be more careful now
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it's another sign that the us is no longer dominating the world but. you know the revelations are often so embarrassing for the us that was then a great fear card for the state department to include weak elites in a list of terrorist organisations a website at terrorist organisation that sounds pretty desperate all right artie is going into town for us live in washington are you going to live in moscow thank you to you both. well no stranger to the secret life of diplomatic circles the former british ambassador craig murray now joins us live from washington sorry from london let's let's get some more details on this developing story here. hello to you so it's good to see you are u.s. administration said that it will reconsider the way that sensitive diplomatic information is being handled do you think that the latest leaks show that they were negligent in the first place. well most of this material is not very
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very highly classified and it doesn't contain a great deal but the world wouldn't have suspected already. the difficulty is of course that there's been a great deal of discontent with the united states foreign policy ever since the iraq war with the continuing occupation of afghanistan so a missile launch on a gauge or ground to have people putting out information and to be public domain that's a new fact of life that diplomat services have to come to terms with. now you have more than twenty years in service as a british diplomat six of them were in the senior management structure of the foreign and commonwealth office tell me this it's clear from the leaked documents that the definitely diplomats often use abusive language in their cables is it appropriate for diplomats to speak honestly about world leaders. i think diplomat should speak honestly about world leaders i think the difficulty is that
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you have people speaking honestly and private cables but not speaking on the sleeve to people stay says diplomacy shouldn't just be a synonym of duplicity if you have a problem with a world leader you should tell them so explain what the problem is politely but firmly. where you get trouble is where you're very very polite to people spaces and been very good about them in in private and that sort of behavior shouldn't be any more acceptable than diplomacy even is in private life so you're saying it's appropriate to be honest in diplomatic relations here but let me ask you this when you were ambassador to pakistan you were rebuked by the head to head to head of diplomatic service for reporting to london about human rights abuses conducted by the administration and basically the f c o the foreign and commonwealth office did not appreciate you speaking honestly here because as they say in your article it says for it might in danger the alliance with british forces in neighboring
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afghanistan so you're saying it's appropriate but is it also risky to be honest. i think on steve's usually the best policy and in the longer the difficulty comes where you pretend for example the british or american government tends to be very concerned about human rights worldwide but in fact in certain countries they're willing to overlook human rights abuses you won't see them talking much about human rights abuses in saudi arabia in israel or in others of their close allies and i think. the big embarrassment for them is that that kind of double standard is exposed by these by these leaks so are you saying though that government secrecy in some part is essential when it comes to international relations i don't think anybody can say this should be no secret that would be a crazy position to take but i think far too much as kept secret far too much is kept confidential far too many documents over classified when
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a more straightforward and honest approach would remove the need for that and remember the public are paying for everything but public. have international relations conducted in the name of the people and people dearly have a delight to know what is going on now the countries i mentioned in the league condemn their publication do you think that that reveal documents will possibly affect their relations long term. in the sense i hope so it's going to be much more difficult for the united states client states in the middle east for example to behave in such a duplicitous way i know you know the awful lot of saudis who are going to be shocked to find that their king has been openly advocating that the united states should bomb iran and urging them to bomb iran and yet at the same time there's no sign that the saudi king had any concern about israeli nuclear weapons those kind
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of attitudes being the deal that publicly are going to come as a shock to ordinary people in that country and that certainly that's only one example. so these are but they could indeed have some long term repercussions i am running low on time here but in the coming days the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is is launching a diplomatic tour going to the middle east possibly to the far east do you think she will have some questions to answer here. i think there's some embarrassment in in relations people aren't going to be keen in host governments that things they said before in private have become public so yes had to be clinton undoubtedly has a great deal of egg on her face as she travels around the world all right former british diplomat live from london craig mari thank you. and in just a few minutes here on r.t. keeping tensions high some. with regional joint naval exercises with the u.s. it comes only a week after
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a deadly artillery exchange in the region we talk to experts about reasons for such military escalation also. if you really. are not moving from this area in poverty stricken residents the indian government are gripped in a deadlock keeping plans for airport expansion ground. a senior iranian nuclear scientist has been killed and another one wounded in two separate bomb attacks in tehran wives of the physicists have also been injured the attacks were reportedly carried out by men on motorcycles who attached the bombs to the cars the iranian government blames israel and the united states for the incident journalist and broadcaster quiana mokhtari told r.t. from tehran that it was an attempt to hamper iran's nuclear program from abroad. if you live in iran it's a very peaceful place nothing much ever happens here when these kind of actions are
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carried out it is generally from abroad and it's carried out with their coordination with their planning and their agents who might have been able to get in the country which in this case they have and their countries that are interested and are using iran's nuclear program to broadcast adverse publicity are known to the world and they're also known for their terrorist activities and the proxy terrorist organizations in the middle east so a context man anymore on that they're all interested parties and i think the world already knows who they are iran's nuclear program is very extensive but it is entirely peaceful now why would they want to hamper country's efforts to get on i have no idea they react as they used to make medicine they used to generate electricity they light water reactors they can't be any deviations keeping iran under their thumb is one of the main main objectives of such actions. for moscow this is r.t. and a report suggests that china is planning to send
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a top foreign affairs diplomat to north korea as part of attempts to ease tensions on the peninsula beijing wants an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks south korea says it's just not interested in formally resuming talks on the subject at this time tensions have been stoked by the u.s. sound south korea holding four day joint military exercises in the yellow sea near the disputed maritime border john garang has reportedly put its surface to surface missiles on alert it comes just days after the north claiming it was provoked fired artillery on an island belonging to the south killing four people leonid petroff korean studies lecturer rose says u.s. efforts to keep north korea on edge coming dangerously close to deliberately sparking a conflict. there are many questions about the reasons behind
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the u.s. and involvement in the military exercises that has been already the fourth military exercise in the last eight months i believe that you will see is eager to make sure the first of koreans of their manes brutalised along with japan in this region are well trained well prepared need more weapons. probably the worst providing military conflicts and finally the north koreans weakened or annoyed. intimidated the problem is that political damage in this war games is that china which is just sharing the same. water the west in the sea of the yellow sea of china and the people's republic of china is getting very nervous along with north korea it is the real stage in this theory of the korean war which started in my. he has never earned the arms to sue doman which was concluded in one thousand feet
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to three simply stops the fire exchanged between the parties so whoever starts the fire on either side of the demilitarized zone of the normally limited line may be named as an aggressor of course staging military exercises is not is not. part of this armistice agreement so it's a clear violation from what they were signed happens here in the united states start military exercises for the thirty eighth parallel or the northern limit line which they will literally in the west through. the actions can easily be interpreted misinterpreted by north koreans as a violation of arms disagreement and that was a linnet patrol for korean studies lecturer from the sydney school of languages and cultures well run by is the largest airline hub in india and the gateway to the
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south part of asia but expansion of the city's main airport is being thwarted by the surrounding slums the government wants to relocate tens of thousands of families but the price tag could be too high for residents wanting compensation are to you now looks at whether the expansion plans can get off the ground. this is the first glimpse most people get of mumbai india's financial capital it's not a pretty sight with around one hundred thousand families sharing their walls with the international airport this is not just an eyesore it's a huge security hazard also on. as far as the runway lengths are concerned as far as development of hangars is concerned you know these are activities which the airport requires expansion of the terminal building today we are chock a block at the airport where you have almost a one hour of circling time for every aircraft the government hopes to clear that three hundred acres of airport land the slum as a group stop on but attempts to relocate the slum dwellers have met with stiff
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opposition like many others here fears her livelihood will be disrupted if she moves. i'm not concerned with the airport is expanded or not but where we are staying now a replacement houses should be the same area and largely here to here and children work at the airport and women and money by cleaning utensils right here if you really came to us what do we earn we are not moving from this area. two years ago all the state government gave the contract to leading developer h. d. i l. do we have a late date the slum residence by building them homes up to seven kilometers away but with the state agencies acquiring land to accommodate only one in every four families many prefer to stay poor with every change there is going to be resistance but having said that people are aware the slum we have british and in mumbai works . at the same time because now they are being shifted from lines which they
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currently occupying some of them will not qualify the slum residents occupy prime land in the center of mumbai and did not meet an important source of votes into the government will has to force them out as a result their demands have become even more ambitious. you know let me say this family should receive at least one hundred eighty thousand dollars this compensation if you all slip me a buy it will cost that much this is expensive but at least the family can live frugally the government can even give us this compensation money a provider replacements let in this area. this has become an important piece of the government. already congested it desperately needs to learn that the slum has encroached upon the increase its capacity a second airport has been sanctioned on the outskirts of mumbai but this will not be ready to leslie's two thousand and fifteen sort of means to be seen if the government will win the battle against the residents of this mumbai slum and seeing
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r.t. india. coming to life from moscow this is r.t. and people of his cross talk program a coming your way in about ten minutes time before after a short break it's sharana with the business news. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in some petersburg ots available in hotels a story of a little ambassador renascence boutique hotel the triplets hotel a true story hotel gold new gold and never tell santa elvis you will take still dostoevsky. and see if. you visit.
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hello welcome to our business program. president dmitri medvedev has suggested more tax cuts for those who back innovative start ups he was speaking at a gathering on modernization and technology the president said investors should be exempt from taxes when they sell their shares and start up projects such as invest their own money differing from venture capitalists who manage third party fogg's. the president the president suggestion is the latest proposal to inspire a russian version of silicon valley but business leaders doubt the economy can be modernised by decree. one thing is it was a big bust practice and. learn from over use the actions how to how to implement the short and the initiatives it's also important to develop infrastructure also
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the last thing businesses and i should promote development of joint ventures before you know before give us his little bit more skeptical about government though that lead investing in the particular technology if you wish to get a lead but private sector but the good government should do and will still should do is promote equal rights and promote a clear. right climate for such investments to post. let's take a look at the markets in russia the indices had a positive start but closed down on the day plus hydro and ross now lost just under one percent on the my sex shares fell after damage to a railing the company uses to ship potash from its main washing line lukoil admirals nickel were also down over one and a half percent on the us. the e.u. has agreed on an eighty five billion euro bailout package for arland but that is still only a fraction of the money the bank and ireland have lost and many doubt this summer
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is enough to halt the crisis the head of london school of economics told business r.t. that the bailout package is credible but irish banks will have to give up their global ambitions. the i.m.f. and the rest of the european union are now standing behind the irish government the question remains however what is the future for the irish banks because in the past they were very large they did a lot of international business particularly in the u.k. and my own view is that so over that we will have to see a significant contraction in the activities of the irish banks and they will have to go back to being essentially local domestic banks because this adventure that they went on overseas was a failure last week chancellor merkel made a strong quote she asked if politicians had the courage to confront the bankers and bondholders to make those who took the risks share in the bailout how comments were
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barely reported in the western press why is this a touchy issue because if you say that's what you are thinking about people in the market react to it immediately so this is not something that you can speculate about either have to have a clearly worked out plan which involves a debt restructuring which is for everybody painful maybe but at least equally painful if you have that plan and you can do it you could do that for greece or italy for portugal you could say we're going to have a standstill and over the weekend we're going to work out but everyone's going to take a haircut that's possible what you can't do is speculate about it is this still a threat of a double dip recession in europe and should any additional vessels be taken i'm not personally concerned about a double dip in the center of the european economy if you look at what's happening
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in germany which remains by far the largest economy the economy is moving ahead really quite well the french economy is doing ok and the british economy is also recovering actually rather better this year. people expected the problems is in the periphery if you like the southern european countries and including. where they lost competitiveness during the years the first decade of the euro particular the southern europeans did and they now have a fundamental structural problem they have to try to improve their competitiveness which unfortunately within a single currency zone means they're going to reduce their wages and reduce their prices and that's what is going on and it's very very difficult to do and that's all the updates for this hour but you can always find more stories on our website at r.t. dot com slash business stay with us. assures
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that so much tax payers money i mean if you would like to hear the real me too big to fail expression if you're wealthy governments around the world bailed out the rich and powerful for them the worst of the recession is probably on. the international association of russian language and literature teachers who hold the world festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs well. become a participant of the world festival of russian language and win an exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information this is the festival website.


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