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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2010 3:00pm-3:29pm EST

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for more information this is the first of the web site. a major embarrassment for the u.s. state department thousands of classified diplomatic files have been released by the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks i'll be back with more from washington d.c. in just a few moments. also this senior iranian nuclear scientists are targeted in bomb attacks blames israel saying it's an attempt to hamper the country's nuclear program. and keeping tensions high south korea pyongyang with a regional joint naval exercise with the u.s. coming dangerously close to directly provoking conflict.
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live from our studios here in central moscow this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day good to have you with us this hour so flattering assessments of world leaders by u.s. diplomats and spying on the u.n. secretary general that's information anyone has no access to after classified documents from u.s. embassies across the globe were revealed by online whistleblower leaks well for more on this we're going to cross live to report. she's in washington the foils contain u.s. foreign policy secrets that have them exposed anything surprising or perhaps even explosive well bill apparently not so much those files exposed definitely exposed diplomatic information never meant for public eyes but experts say most of those documents are nothing new for the international diplomatic community most employers are kind of aware of the u.s. that if you take a listen. we know pretty much more of
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the united states thinks the leaders of the ability vance and for us to seize the very same thing would be simply to see it in print or if we should documents. you know some experts are saying what's really embarrassing is not the fact that the us has but that it's no longer able to keep those secrets also the reason the release shows not so much some huge secret facts but rather the level of correspondence among u.s. diplomats which which some described as similar to high school kids chat the u.s. embassy in paris for example described the french president as as a naked emperor things skinned and also re carrion or the german chancellor angela merkel was were mentioned as angola tafel on merkel whatever that means or among other things the u.s. embassy in moscow described pres the mid of it as playing robin to putin's batman
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you find a lot of nicknames in those files actually that would be an amazing great if it were not so diplomatically embarrassing let's say we're going to how is it possible that such a vost amount of classified data has been released into the public domain i mean is there perhaps a hidden agenda here do you think well below there are lots of versions on who would want all that secret secret diplomatic correspondence revealed as someone did that still not clear who one of those versions is that the leaks were used to undermine obama take a listen as i understand the ministry is supposed to pay the bills or of the last of the ministers because of the documents of eight dated back to the year two thousand and four two thousand and five so i personally would have a friend in the know this is ongoing an attack on president obama which started not today which aims. to allow him to be reelected this is the three missing.
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you know many were quick to dub it as a diplomatic crisis for the u.s. not just because of the fact revealed in those files but most most of all the first of all because of the revelation itself how is that possible right the secret of u.s. state department allow this to happen how weak their protection system must be if more than two hundred fifty thousand classifier files managed to pour out and second of all home birthing and often undiplomatic those cables actually actually were some are saying the leaks could be an inside job i found this the or discouraged us government workers take a listen. these leaks would never have happened if not for the number of insiders who are ready to leak this information it looks like it's linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan when officers and they're looking for a not exactly fair business and this moral decay inside the pentagon pulls these leaks the main thing this leak has done is break delusion that the state department
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has everything under control they have been exposed mechanisms not secret but quite simple and cynical public news of the us will cancel now it's another sign that the us is no longer dominating the world. well as we remember earlier this year wiki leaks released thousands of secret documents on u.s. actions in afghanistan and iraq they showed civilians killed by american forces though this was just another huge batch of classified files leaked by the whistle blowing web site so just how is the u.s. going to deal with the consequences the impact of these major leagues. the wiki leaks are definitely causing a lot of them there and for the obama administration they're trying to sort of play this down in obama's case just to just ignore it he walked out on a reporter who asked about the we earlier today secretary of state hillary clinton is now doing all the damage control work sort of sort of here's what she said.
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i want to make clear that our official foreign policy is not set through these messages but here in washington our policy is a matter of public record as reflected in our statements and our actions around the world mrs clinton as we know is now on her way to central asia wanting guess some awkward moments are awaiting her there because of u.s. diplomats opinions on a whole variety of of a shift in the way john available to everyone now now over the last many countries that were mentioned in those files were kind of restraint in their comments including russia. it was fun to read sure but in actual policies we prefer to base our decisions on our partners concrete actions we're going to practice this approach in the future. meanwhile obama ordered to tie can measures to safeguard classified information but we can explain
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this to reveal more i haven't heard an opinion here that maybe we can go as diplomacy a favor that would make them work better and maybe watch what they're saying behind the backs of their allies even going to thanks very much indeed for that live update from washington d.c. got a check on our correspondent. well former intelligence officer and analysts glenmore turn in a hall of he says the whole wiki leaks story is an embarrassment for the u.s. . what it shows is how the whole intelligence community has become over reliant on technology i mean the idea there isn't something called super that our net the secret internet protocol and the idea was for an exchange of information you know after nine eleven where the intelligence services weren't sharing their information together the waters happened that whereas maybe forty thousand people
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within the intelligence community would have access suddenly bizarrely diplomats military people and indeed intelligence people there's over two million people to it so what is extraordinary we haven't had leaks like this before and does that mean in effect is done in the u.s. a favor here where i just noticed that right now the u.s. the white house has said it will be tightening security after on a sense not in favor of some of it talk about stable doors closing after the horses bolted. a dreadful day and it's hugely embarrassing. what more can be more important than trusting the news and information we see and hear in a special report later next hour on american veteran journalist examines how the media shapes public opinion and whether it's an information gate way or a means of manipulation. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain.
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there's nothing in opening a new media outlet there is nothing then revoking its license in case of corruption . involved in a community. one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio station. the cable outlet. versus f.c.c. broadcast blues. a senior iranian nuclear scientist has been killed and another one wounded in two separate bomb attacks in tehran wives of the physicists have been also injured the attacks were reportedly carried out by men on motorcycles who attach bombs to the cause the iranian government blames israel and the united states for the incident. told. that it was an attempt to iran's
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nuclear program from abroad. if you live in iran it's a very peaceful place nothing much of happens here when these kind of actions are carried out it is generally from abroad and it's carried out with their coordination with their planning and their agents who might have been able to get in the country which in this case they have and their countries that are interested and i using iran's nuclear program to broadcast adverse publicity are known to the world and they're also known for their terrorist activities and proxy terrorist organizations in the middle east so our contacts ban any more on that they're all interested parties and i think the world already knows who they are iran's nuclear program is very extensive but it is entirely peaceful now why would they want a country's efforts to get on i have no idea they react as they used to make medicine they used to generate electricity they light water reactors they can't be
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any deviations keeping iran under their thumb is one of the main main objectives of such actions. stroman you can find more on our website is r t dot com and there are some other stories online including. on the streets of a lot of our stock in russia's far east raise fears that war was about to break out whether it turns out its owner was just popping to the shops. and a glimpse of a russian underwater bicycle a pedal powered submarine opens up the wonders of the ocean depths to everyone with or without a diving experience those stories and plenty of other features and stories online at r.t. dot com. reports suggest china is planning to send a top foreign affairs diplomat to north korea as part of attempts to ease tensions
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on the peninsula beijing wants an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks south korea says it's not interested in formally resuming talks on the subject tensions have been stopped by the u.s. and south korea holding four day joint military exercises in the yellow sea near the disputed maritime border gang has reportedly put its surface to surface missiles on alert comes just days after the north claiming it was provoked artillery on an island belonging to the south killing four. korean studies lecturer says u.s. efforts to keep north korea on edge coming dangerously close to deliberately sparking a conflict. where many questions about the reasons. behind the u.s. involvement in military exercises that have been reduced for military exercises in the last eight months i believe that you will see is to make sure the koreans and their manes brutalised along with japan in this region are well trained well
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prepared needs more weapons. probably the worst providing. military conflicts and finally north korea is weakened or annoyed and. intimidated the problem is the call it's real damage in this war games is that china which is just sharing the same. water the west in the sea of who is also the you know china. the people's republic of china is getting very nervous along with north korea every time those drills are staged in the spirit of the korean war which started in one thousand he has never known that the arms disagreement which was concluded in one thousand nine hundred three simply stopped the fire exchanged between the parties so whoever starts the fire on either side of the demilitarized zone or the normally limited line may be named as an aggressor of course staging
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military exercises is not is not. part of this armistice agreement so it's a clear violation from what they were side happened so it's hot here in the united states start military exercises solve the thirty eighth parallel or the northern limit line which they will literally in the west where. the actions can easily be interpreted misinterpreted by north koreans as a violation of arms disagreement. the u.s. led war in afghanistan has now been waged for longer than the soviet campaign in the country already had close to a decade the u.s. presence is set to last for another four years with combat troops not withdrawing until two thousand and fourteen without his military contributor colonel again a question of says the situation is only getting more complicated. u.s. military campaign in afghanistan. has beaten this service record. duration
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well naturally this new american record has triggered lots of questions regarding to what extent is it possible even to compare the savio and nato campaigns in the same country well what most experts and analysts have totally missed is that it is not correct to compare at all then some of it and now american military presence in afghanistan paradoxically for no other reason that it these steel the same thirty years plus war that had been triggered by a back in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine it started as the cia proxy war against the soviet union then after the soviet forces was drawled that television came in to get rid of the anarchy only to be followed by the united states operation enduring freedom when they came consing for osama bin laden so now this is the american face of this scene thirty years plus war reach was also triggered
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by the united states now it's totally in capsulated within this very mood of triangle pakistan to united states and afghanistan itself when incidents of abuse and civilian deaths in afghanistan are things u.s. forces have long been blamed for not to discuss this and other aspects of the american led campaign with the afghan foreign minister and interviews coming up later today here and here's a quick preview of what dr zalmai rassoul believes the afghan forces could. be shoes that this creative tension would be shoe of detainees the shoe of civilian casualties admission did issue of the night raids in the house moved in motor afghan forces would be charged off to come but less and this would be discussing the problems. well let's have a quick look at some other stories from around the world making headlines a series of protests have taken place in haiti in the wake of sunday's election
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while the government declared the ballots a success most kind of it's a calling for the results to be canceled due to from many candidates have also accused the outgoing president of rigging the election quite devastated country is still battling a growing cholera epidemic which has so far claimed more than a thousand lives. the brazilian government has claimed victory in a major battle against drug traffickers security forces and a gang stronghold in rio de janeiro's most dangerous slum borne units were deployed in the military operation in which at least forty five people were killed brazil will host the twenty fourteen football world cup and the twenty sixteen olympics and bringing crime under control is its number one priority. three suspected islamic militants have been killed in a special forces operation inside and another suspect blew himself up during the clash and one was injured innocence from an islamic event are believed to have planned attacks in the country after this year's violent clashes between ethnic
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uzbek the situation there still remains tense i. and the failure to tackle growing poverty and unemployment in the u.s. to strengthen accusations of anti crisis measures favoring the rich when about ten minutes from now on cross talk peter lavelle and his guests discuss what steps should be taken so that the us system doesn't turn into socialism for the rich and capitalism for the paul here's a quick preview of what you can expect. the remains terrible because because most of it most of the capital flowing towards the public sector i mean the government well first of all the real economic contraction take place and we can get out and we can wring out some of this bad debt earlier we were at the bottom of the ocean or employment you're twenty percent unemployment is that what we need twenty percent unemployment this austerity scheme does not work for your doctor you look really want to hear that and you are going to be followed by mr. then we're going the right jam go ahead go ahead and sing for a living and we're in the midst and we're in the in the united states in the past
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twenty or thirty years as you were born and we've had some unbelievable dislocations we have we have done things which no country in the world should do we have run out of debts which we can never pay off no matter how hard we try what the politicians are and you say we don't have to have a recovery from that i mean when you have a long hangover you've got to recover when you have a long illness you have to really whenever you make mistakes mr hand would somebody has got to pay for those mistakes and it should be the ridge and we should have bailed out. so that's the latest edition of peter viles crosstalk that's coming your way in just over a ten minutes from now here on just to remind you that and if you've seen here on the screen in the lottery you can see it again by simply logging on to our web site it's t v dot com plenty of other stories there too lots of features blogs also your feedback it's always good to hear what you have to say about the programs you see here on r.t. and also of course the program do log on and he told me like it dot com
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the business news is coming up next that's with sharon to stay with us. hello welcome to our business program. president dmitri medvedev has suggested more tax cuts for those who back innovative start ups he was speaking at a gathering on modernization and technology the president said investor should be exempt from taxes when they sell their shares in a startup projects such angela's invest their own money different from venture capitalists who manage third party funds the president suggestion is the latest proposal to inspire a russian version of silicon valley but business leaders doubt the economy can be modernised by decree. one thing it does it is a book best practice and. i will use the actions how to how to implement a sort of new initiatives it's also important to develop infrastructure also the
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last thing businesses and well should promote development of joint ventures for so long before the us has little bit more skeptical about government so that the. technology of english should be the lead but private sector for the good government should do and will still should do is promote equal rights and promote. the right climate for such investments to post. let's take a look at the markets in russia the indices had a positive start but closed down on the day plus hydro and ross now lost just under one percent on the my sex shares fell after damage to a railing the company uses to ship potash from its main washing line. nickel were also down over one and a half percent on the us. the e.u. has agreed on an eighty five billion euro bailout package for arland but that is
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still only a fraction of the money the bank and ireland have lost and many doubt this summer is enough to halt the crisis the head of london school of economics told business r.t. that the bailout package is credible but irish banks will have to give up their global ambitions. the i.m.f. and the rest of the european union are now standing behind the irish government the question remains however what is the future for the irish banks because in the past they were very large they did a lot of international business particularly in the u.k. and my own view is that so over that we will have to see a significant contraction in the activities of the irish banks and they will have to go back to being essentially local domestic banks because this adventure that they went on overseas was a failure last week chancellor merkel made a strong quote she asked if politicians had the courage to consult the bankers and bondholders to make those who took the risks share in the bailout how comments were
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barely reported in the western press why is this a touchy issue because if you say that's what you are thinking about people in the market react to it immediately so this is not something that you can speculate about either have to have a clearly worked out plan which involves a debt restructuring which is for everybody painful maybe but at least equally painful if you have that plan and you can do it you could do that for greece or italy for portugal you could say we're going to have a standstill and over the weekend we're going to work out but everyone's going to take a haircut that's possible what you can't do is speculate about it is this still a threat of a double dip recession in europe and should any additional measures be taken i'm not personally concerned about a double dip in the center of the european economy if you look at what's happening
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in germany which remains by far the largest economy the economy is moving ahead really quite well the french economy is doing ok and the british economy is also recovering actually rather better this year. people are expected the problem is in the periphery if you like the southern european countries and including. where the very last competitiveness during the years the first decade of the euro particularly the southern europeans did and they now have a fundamental structural problem they have to try to improve their competitiveness which unfortunately within a single currency zone means they're going to reduce their wages and reduce their prices and that's what is going on and it's very very difficult to do and that's all the updates for this hour but you can always find more stories on our website at r.t. dot com slash business stay with us. culture
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is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean when i say yes i am a real creative too big to fail expression if your wealthy governments around the world bailed out the rich and powerful for them the worst of the recession is probably over. download the official anti up location to go on the
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capital was in a state of siege. days and nights people lived in fear of occupation and were preparing for the desperate defense and battles took a heavy toll on. the sony dami switched to the offensive but was the first su near defeat of the where moms would. battle for moscow an arche. they faced this is not a prohibition but warned of. the forces that we should use every four years sure to support free trade spaces they had no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted to says it all to tunis and for any army the life of a usaf mother is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice
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and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victory nineteen forty five dot dot com. morning news today violence has once again flared up the full these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are the day. good samaritan. excellent professional.
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