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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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at the race to save the planet earth stopped working it's. seven thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v. these are your headlines washington says the recent release of classified documents is an attack on the united states any international community whistle blowing web site wiki leaks published two hundred fifty thousand secret u.s. diplomatic cables from around the world some analysts claim the revelations show government incompetence. under suspicion tehran accuses the u.s. and israel of plotting the assassination of iranian nuclear scientists one physicist died another was wounded in separate attacks the two researchers were actively involved in iran's nuclear program. and china calls for an emergency meeting of the six nations involved in north korea disarmament talks this tension
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rises on the korean peninsula joint naval exercises between south korea and the u.s. are underway despite warnings from pyongyang north korea has reportedly put its surface to surface missiles on high alert. back now to part two of the a loan to show up next we'll look at president obama's pay freeze for federal employees and ask if it's too little too late stay with us. well it's time for tonight's to all time award and it also centers around the wiki leaks release of state department cables congressman peter king the ranking republican on the house homeland security committee says that the u.s. should designate wiki leaks a foreign terrorist organization and prosecute the web site's founder julian assange as a terrorist and the congress and made the request in a letter sent to secretary of state hillary clinton and attorney general eric holder and this morning he also made the t.v. rounds talking about his proposals. saying if you fall into the they should.
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terrorist activity there or what they're doing is aiding and abetting terrorist groups or you should you do it for a few you get diverted to we do now congressman king says that this leak is damaging to u.s. troops u.s. interests and to u.s. intelligence and he claims that releasing the information by doing that wiki leaks is engaging in terrorist activity but come on congressman king while i understand the you don't like this information being released but it could be damaging is it really terrorism you know by state department rules to be designated a foreign terrorist organization you have to engage in terrorist activity or retain the capability and intent to engage in terrorist activity or terrorism the group was also pose a terrorist threat to the u.s. now as far as i understand terrorism means actually wanting to kill people planning on killing people this is a website the releases classified information has
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a website ever blown up a plane or blown up a building i think we need to wake up and realize that the word terrorist is getting thrown around a little too loosely in our society but if you use it too often it stops having any real meaning but that's not stopping congress and peter king from trying to spread it all around and that's why he has tonight's to all time what. now this week washington is abuzz with talks about the deficit politicians from both parties are making the rounds giving their thoughts on what needs to be cut in order to reel in the clearly unsustainable deficit and today in a very lame attempt to show that he's listening president obama proposed a two year pay freeze for federal workers the freeze would save two billion dollars in the current two thousand and eleven fiscal year and about twenty eight billion dollars over the next five years and you know it's a start but this is just a tiny drop in the bucket when it comes to the u.s. deficit or nearing a fourteen trillion dollar debt people i'd say letting the bush tax cuts for the
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rich expire that would be a much more convincing move that will save seven hundred billion over the next ten years and it was such a typical washington move the pay freeze would not would only apply to civilian workers you know the people that actually keep the federal government running not contractors not military employees so the brass over at the pentagon can keep raking in the cash but that border security agent in texas who is probably making around thirty four thousand dollars a year while he's now screwed thanks to obama now it should not come as any surprise that obama back the pay freeze he's scared for his political life right now for months the g.o.p. have been demonizing federal employees and their pay rates but why didn't obama and the g.o.p. i don't know make sure the billions of tax dollars in bailouts of they gave to wall street and banking executives didn't go into their bonuses and their ridiculous pay rates well that's because it's easier to hurt the little people because they have
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a smaller voice and for the record business latest political p.r. move by the white house is just a preemptive strike at this week's release of a deficit commission reports on how to curb the out of control spending in washington everyone knows that the real issues that must be tackled here are health care the military budget social security so let's stop attacking workers. i deal with the real problems because i'm betting the two billion dollars that obama is saving the country this year won't really make that big of a difference. now believe it or not the sun the source of all light to the solar system is now owned by a spanish woman forty nine year old angelus duran claims that she is now the proud owner of the sun because she walked into a public notary office and registered the sun as her own personal property she says that she got the idea from somebody who back in one thousand nine hundred thirty six claimed a lunar deed of all celestial objects in space but now the un created an outer space treaty in one nine hundred sixty seven explaining the outer space is owned by
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all mankind that no nation can claim sovereignty on the moon or any other celestial object but if the un about ninety eight states have up held this treaty well how did taran get to be the owner of that giant yellow ball the sky turns out that she found a loophole the treaty says that no nation can claim it as personal property but it doesn't say anything about individuals so now we know the widely ways in which she managed to state claim on the sun but what's really scary is what she intends to do with her property according to reports duran wants to majorly tax anyone who uses the sun and she plans on using the profits to help her native country of spain as well as of course padding her own genius pockets obviously i don't think her little plan is going to work but i do find it pretty hilarious all i can say is that if she owns the sun i'm calling to own them. now do you guys remember that the u.n. climate change summit in copenhagen last year the one that had the entire world
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watching talking about laughing and crying about it when it turned out to be an utter failure well there's another one of those taking place right now in cannes who mexico and in fact it will be taking place all week with delegates from one hundred and ninety three countries gathering we probably didn't hear about that because no one's talking about it no what is paying any attention to after last year's failure with the largest polluters in the world stalling on any legislation to change their ways with many world leaders not even going to camp who are all hopes for climate talks that are discussed with me as well potter founder of the blog green is the new red well thanks so much for being here for nearly well tell me what's going on because last year everybody was talking about copenhagen and who's driving what once they arrive and you know how much fuel was spent for all the world leaders to fly there what was on the agenda i haven't heard anybody mention can cool and that's intentional no one wants to be talking about concrete right now because like you said after the failed talks in copenhagen the focus
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right now is trying to keep things moving forward and with the biggest wealthiest countries on the planet refusing to make concessions to make an actual substantive treaty happen it looks like nothing's going to come out of this well it does seem like everybody you know everyone i've spoken to everything i've read head of this cancun summit is that don't expect anything expectations are painfully painfully low but do they really need to come up with a u.n. treaty you know i mean if you look at copenhagen they didn't come up with the u.n. treaty there but they had an accord which one hundred ninety three nations now have at least signed on to so there's not some type of progress yes i mean at least out of copenhagen came the consensus that well climate change is a problem you know it's disagreeing with that right now the question is when you have the biggest and most polluting countries are they going to change their behavior voluntarily and so you have. developing countries saying no that's not going to happen you know if we want substantive change we need to go after the people that are doing the polluting and the u.s.
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won't budge china won't budge so instead we're focusing our energy in the people willing to change are the ones that are actually the victims of the polluting countries or do you think i mean also now that we have a republican congress taking over i mean are all you know i hopes for a climate legislation here dead well that's the whole problem i mean the u.s. is in some ways holding things up because it refuses to budge unless china agrees and the u.s. to though doesn't have any bargaining power because even if it does sign on to something it can't be enforced i mean we have members of congress that deny climate change is even happening people calling it a hoax so the entire world consensus is trying to move forward in some of the people holding it up are the not just members of congress in this country which people actually vote and why should i do understand that some of this i mean maybe what if they held the climate change summit you know in the middle of somewhere someplace hot why do they always do this in december or you know right now it's the
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end of november i mean if you really want people to understand the climate changes make them go somewhere where it's really hot for a week whatever flex they were in the privilege built into this right no one wants to think that climate change really exists and with the united states well there was a great article in the post today about american exceptionalism and that's really what's going on right now i mean the you know this is when change is way of life there's only going to make any economic concessions and wrote would rather pretend that these problems only exist for the poor people for the developing countries for everybody else forever so you're telling me that i can't expect anything good to come out of this entire summit in cancun what are they going to spending a week doing i'm not going to be that fatalist i'd be a little bit but not quite entirely there because you know global consensus is growing i think it's telling that of a two hundred countries there there's maybe only one that is skeptical about the idea of climate change. and what we saw in copenhagen there are mass protests in the street trying to get the developed countries on board so things are going in
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the right direction it's just a question of is the united states going to help lead or is it just going to get pushed out of the way but so this is this summit we don't have to have presidents leaders of nations necessarily go right all they need is someone to represent them some type of negotiator why isn't that a requirement in some ways it can be a good thing adding to maybe more positive resolution for the summit because if you take some of the fanfare out of it last time you have this big thing about all the world leaders who are attending it brings all the egos that are inherently built into nationalism along with it so maybe by making this a little bit low key there can be some more honest discussions get more work done i think that's the intention ok i think that i think you have something there i because any time that obama travels anywhere like we always hears about his motorcade and where he's staying and how much money and then the security detail and it definitely takes away from what's actually going on but this is something that i love today this story is that while there is a climate change summit going on you know with the delegations from almost two
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hundred countries around the world in cancun no one's talking about that but our government is devoting resources to putting people like actor mark ruffalo on a terrorist advisory list because he organized screenings of the documentary gasland which we've spoken about before which you know highlights the dangers of fracking so they have nothing better to do really that's what they have to focus on what it really just so outrageous this week a report came out that if we don't address these problems with climate change in our lifetimes we can have global temperature increases of four degrees celsius which is more than seven degrees fahrenheit that's global water crisis global food prices disproportionately hurting the poorest countries meanwhile the u.s. is not only refusing to help alleviate that putting people in this sort of terrorist watch list i mean it's just offensive and like i am. just saying before you know about i ask you to place wiki leaks on e of the foreign terrorist organization is
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a we we started throwing this word terrorism around so loosely we've discussed it eco terrorist but it completely it just takes away from it and i feel like it's such a waste well and there's a lot of scaremongering with the wiki leaks case remember the government said well this is going to lead to deaths if these documents get out all these people are going to go that hasn't happened all that's happened is they've gotten shamed a little bit and that's what we're seeing is some of this you could terrorist rhetoric too well as of now yeah i mean there hasn't been any proof that a single person has actually died because of what you know what weeks leaks has released what the climate you can't deny that people are going to be suffering very well thank you so much for having me all right still to come on tonight's show he's charged with planning a terrorist attack at a christmas tree lighting ceremony but is there more to this case than anything i plugged in what is coming up next and the drug enforcement agency has started a new battle this time they're going after to a legal substance which makes people smoking it feel like they're high on pot i mean discuss the d.e.a.'s latest move with jacob sullum senior editor of reason magazine and reason dot com and the.
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news today is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying operation to rule the day.
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i. did you hear that over the weekend there was another major terrorism arrest here in the u.s. nineteen year old mohamed osman mohamud was arraigned this afternoon on a charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction of the maximum penalty here is life in prison a mama was arrested friday night in portland after f.b.i. agents say that he tried to detonate what he thought was a massive car bomb at
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a holiday tree lighting ceremony now the arrest of muhammad was the result of a very long undercover operation by the feds who reportedly alerted to muhammad by his father several months ago and the thirty six page arrest warrant lays out in detail a plan designed to kill or injure thousands of portland residents including women and children they were all attending this annual christmas tree lighting ceremony according to the arrest warrant mohammad reached out to a suspected terrorist in pakistan in two thousand and nine saying that he wanted to join in jihad against non muslims as suspected terrorist try to put mohammed in contact with someone living here in the u.s. but the connection was never made so after being alerted to muhammad's plans an undercover f.b.i. agent posed as the operative and the plan was set in motion but is this really a terrorism arrest when you think about it do these sting operations cooked up by the f.b.i. which essentially entrap people really do any good you know we've covered two
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similar cases in the past few months and it seems to be a technique that's being used more often we really have to just because somebody had expressed a desire to do something virtually. something we call the freedom of speech in this country where they have ever gone through with it had the f.b.i. not egg them on i mean how much money how much time how many resources were devoted to cooking up a plot that could have never have it to creating a terrorist do we really need mass hysteria americans fearing for their lives at a christmas tree lighting ceremony that only resulted in the mosque the mohammad attended being vandalized in more hate and muslim members of that community then feeling attacked you know in this day and age with the monitoring capabilities of the government has which we know they use couldn't there been no other way the more sting operations the feds create the more it makes us question their tactics rather than congratulate them on a job well done how they stopped
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a real bombing rather than fabricating one the more angry creates around the world the more jihad ists it recruits and we all want to be safe but these types of actions they begin to blur the lines or we don't know if they're helping or only hurting. on friday we told you that the da said that they're going to ban synthetic marijuana products with names like tape two which mimic the effects of smoking pot and the product consists of dried herbs ostensibly sold as incense but have been sprayed it with synthetic cannabis know it if the da considers it an imminent public safety threat to ask such for the next year or so while the government studies whether these substances should be permanently banned they will be listed as schedule one substance is that is the most restrictive category that holds the highest penalties and sentences but it's ok to really deserve that label or is the d.a. overreacting perhaps doing more damage than they are good well joining me from
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dallas to discuss it is jacob sullum senior editor reason magazine and reason dot com jacob thanks so much for joining us now can you walk me through this because honestly you know until this story came out of the d.a. it was banning it last week i had never even heard of synthetic marijuana ever all the reading i've been doing it says hazardous not for human consumption on the label why are people smoking this. well they have to say that it will because otherwise they trouble with. these particular products that were banned use five different chemicals specifically of banning to simulate the effects of t.h.c. which is the main active ingredient in marijuana there actually are many many other substances that are not currently banned which can be used to replace these five particular chemicals and i'm sure will be the guy who invented three of these chemicals actually told me he after that you moved now and that there are many
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other possible substitutes at least one smoke shop owner said he already was told by his suppliers they were creating new forms of using chemicals the da has and has not a go around with banning it so really there's there is no effect in terms of eliminating access to say. it's going to switch from one one so chemicals to another or of anything do you think of this is going to drop you know more attention to the situation i think you could look at four loko at of course you know the hype that was created over that so as soon as it was announced a four loko was going to be banned everybody rushed to the stores to buy it to try it before you know it left the shelves and here we have about thirty days right until until this ban goes into effect about these other substances. right there's no question that this kind of official action is going to crack down the track people people's interest in these drugs they may not otherwise. but the real i think the real scandal here is of people are being driven to smoke these herbs that
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are identified as incense not for human incense rather not for human consumption with chemicals they don't know what's in the chemicals or what dosage it is and according to the guy you create several of them they're actually quite a bit more dangerous than t.h.c. is so people are driven to use drugs that are actually more dangerous than marijuana by the government's ban on marijuana marijuana were available to repeat no demand through fake because you could get it readily be at a reasonable price it would be all be controlled and reliable and the d.a.'s own chief administrative law judge several years ago identified marijuana as one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man and that's the drug the da chooses to keep in schedule one instead of rescheduling and therefore you have people turning to all sorts of alternatives which man fact the more dangerous well that's what i found so shocking about this whole thing too of course is because schedule one is is you know the most to restrictive of them these are supposed to be the harshest drugs this is are for you know for what you get the longest prison
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sentences the highest fines marijuana is a schedule one drug while cocaine opium those are only schedule two how do they even come up with this classification system. well it's pretty arbitrary i mean it's supposed to be based on first one first law whether it is a accepted medical use for it is with marijuana arguably there is people do use of medical services they have done so for thousands of years there is quite a bit of research at this point showing that g.c. is effective for several different applications so why is still on schedule one by that right here and i don't know it's all supposed to have a very high level. for use well if by abuse you mean you know smoking pot getting a high and eating doritos on your couch that i guess yes marijuana is a i don't but it does not it's not very dangerous you know compared to its typical use compared to a lot of other drugs that are more readily available or available by prescription so what really does not make sense to arbitrary so what happens now over the next year right because the government said that they probably need to be studying these
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substances for at least a year so within that here it's not going to be a schedule one it's not going to be bad so if somebody is caught with some of the synthetic marijuana this incense that they want to be burning in their house so how long can they go to jail for something like twenty years maximum penalty. well the d.a. says they're not going to focus on individual abusers in the next year will be treated as illegal on a basis i think there's no question that they will choose to make it legal permanently after that and then they will yes but they'll be going after people who sit with attendance tribute as if they were possessing things like marijuana or other schedule one drug like like heroin. and you know i don't i don't think that that's going to stop people from wanting to alter their consciousness i don't think it's going to eliminate use of these drugs and there would be a administrators said something to the effect of well we're going to ban it and then it will stop using it but you know that has not been our experience historically with with any of the other illegal substances we make it
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a substance it legal it is not controlled that's a misnomer it's it's far you know it's the opposite of control when a substance is legal in a supply but legal business is competition with each other in the open market then there's a measure of control that there's absolutely no control when you make something special want what time of us have you know what would you have rather the d.n.a. done here instead of a sense they're not quite sure yet about synthetic marijuana about whether or not you know has permanent damaging effects what so they have done not banned they are or you know i don't know left on the shelves while they study it well are there a lot of things that people can use to get high some of the more dangerous than others household chemicals volatile chemicals going to be used in them they're quite dangerous to something like marijuana i don't think the da is going to ban them simply because people can use them to achieve an altered state of consciousness is completely arbitrary what they choose to actually ban if they were going to be sensible about it then they would make marijuana bill legally as an
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intoxicant because it's far safer certainly the most household chemicals and apparently it's also safe for them synthetic to see substance i have to say that is several. of you there you say it there's no question either that the d.n.a. is going to permanently ban that's what he said that. i don't think they ever temporarily banned something and then it was mr they just i mean they go through the motions for years because they have to go to the wall but there's little question that they're going to go ahead and better you know. aren't they predictable than well jacob thank you so much for joining us on that thank you now before we go it's time for our tweet of the day our favorite crier over a fox news so on his radio show that he's thinking of quote writing the definitive american history book to quote correct all the history so tonight we're going to tweet to him our suggestion for the title of the book we think it should be called
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u.s. history through the eyes of a child that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure to come back tomorrow. managing editor of corp watch will be joining us with more on wiki leaks and in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch all the you tube dot com slash the a lot of show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety and don't forget to go to youtube and check out our question of the day we'll be asking them every monday and every thursday so by thursday we'll be showing their responses and video responses are always welcome as well as they are on facebook and on twitter coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. around the world.
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