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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EST

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working with nato to provide a new arms race for closer ties with foreign partners those are the top priorities outlined in dimitri made here this presidential address to the federal assembly. it's barack obama's big test as he tries to break republican opposition and use his final chance this year to push past congress an arms reduction treaty with russia. peace activists have been demonstrating for almost a decade against its involvement in the afghanistan war but the protests are falling on deaf ears. and in business the e.u. has agreed on the aid package for island but will face a fine be enough to hold the crisis more entrenched and that.
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he is coming to you live from moscow welcome to the program russia and nato should secure agreements on a joint anti missile system otherwise a new arms race may start that's according to dimitri medvedev food delivered the presidential address to russia's parliament efforts in the curbing corruption russia's plans to join the w t o were also among the focal points. gives us a review of the presidential speech. just behind me is the kremlin from which president dmitri medvedev did deliver his annual state of the nation address in that address the president highlighted the significance all of the russian. joint mistrial defense plan for the whole being discussed this of course echoes previous statements made at the news the russian they say some issues the president
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said that russia is very key to cooperate to such plans but only if russia can do so on an equal footing and as an equal partner will in this particular address to meet to meet thread of major role the all minister blog saying that there's only one real bolts how to see such joint missile defense plans and that's an alms race. in the next decade we have the following alternatives either we reach an agreement on missile defense and create a full blown mechanism for cooperation or if we fail to have a constructive agreement a new stage of the arms race will start and we will have to make a decision on creating new strike forces the president was also keen to say that russia's foreign policy is not simply about this than about the feds they also want to see a more pragmatic approach being taken towards trade with foreign partners and so was foreign investments the president made clear that he wants to see more common
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economic zones was being set up this is the one in the pacific area stretching as he said from the arctic to the pacific ocean which would of course income to china and japan so were foreign trade and now they key focus of this presidential address on that issue its economy we need to step up economic diplomacy it should provide specific results for modernization our foreign policy should not just be based on missiles we have already formed the customs union and currently we are creating a common economic area under the eurasian economic community we're testing cutting edge integration patterns as well as programs of effective cooperation basically we must move towards a common economic area spreading from the arctic to the pacific ocean through eurasia. he did of course also talk a great deal about domestic issues here in russia he talked about the need for greater mobilization of both economic and police
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a cool speirs he talks about the need to safeguard the future for russia's next generation to improve the lives of its children improving health and educational facilities he talks about the demographic problem here in russia the need to encourage families to have more children he talks about the environment it's also about the need to humanize the criminal justice system but he also using indian on the issue of corruption and he said that we need to fight corruption in every sphere is still the top priority of him and his government's. commercial bribery can be punished with a hundredfold fine our experience shows that even facing a twelve year jail term does not stop corrupt people we think that sometimes economic measures such as a fine could be more productive. so modernization again the buzz word of this address but the fight against corruption still the top priority.
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right now let's discuss some key aspects of dmitri medvedev visit and his message with political analyst. he joins us now live from moscow so to me to remember that warns against a possible new arms race saying russia and the u.s. should assess missile threats together somewhere this is the collaboration such as that is that possible. yes it is quite possible and it's interesting that prison when they admit it if decided to talk about that at this particular moment when we're all thinking about it and you start figuring him into effect it is if it is red if i don't not by the u.s. senate well the russian attitude. is that what you have to reach an agreement to with the west otherwise russia will be forced to in hasi its offensive strategic capabilities it will not be russia's choice. that would be
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the only option russia will take in ten years according to president invidia let's turn our attention from the west over to the east tell me what signals do you think russia's asian pod news can take from the speech especially given that many here have said the eastern region is crucial for the russian economy. in that part of the address where i made video to talk about international relations he emphasized the importance of partnerships with the united states west in the europe and the east asia pacific region with by taking the emphasis on china and the emphasis in this part of their dress was the so-called economic diplomacy and i think the san francisco would be off particularly interested. asian part this particularly china and russia said people told them to do
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what they have started to do with. the euro namely partnership for what didn't ization are now next year the police force is set to be shaken up here in russia do you think it's clear from the president's speech that the current reform is going as planned. oh well. the president didn't say a lot of. police reform he mentioned that as an important issue and i would say that i expected more. address because this is a show that concerns every russian citizen and corruption in the law enforcement agencies in the russia is overwhelming and we have to start doing something about that all right political analyst igor to observe off live from moscow thank you.
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well still ahead for you here on r t drumming for peace but no one is listening. you cannot fight terror with a wall because wall is terror that's our main issue you know we explore why the authorities and media in denmark it's turning a blind eye to campaigning demanding the country's troops withdraw from afghanistan . it's this year's last chance for barack obama to push for us legislators to ratify the nuclear arms reduction treaty with russia as republicans try to stall the process obama plans to address the country senate later on choose day to get more support from congress he is gone a chicken explains exactly why some are not giving the treaty the go ahead. obama basically has two leaks or so to have his arguably major foreign policy achievement passed by the senate then we'll have the christmas break and after the holidays a by then the trade is still not ratified there will be dark days awaiting obama
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start more republican senators will take office and many of them are skeptical about their training but i think the substance of the treaty its content has long stopped being the focus of discussions here in washington partisan games sort of scoring of political point seem to be more important to some politicians that what's actually at stake and that's the point obama has been making for weeks we've heard him call for republican senators to step away from this overwhelming desire to undermine his presidency and really look at the treaty itself and how important it is for the u.s. national security senator lugar who's been forcefully arguing he's a republican of course he's been forcefully arguing for the republicans to do the right thing if he can persuade enough republicans and maybe some of the outgoing republican senators to get on board and maybe we could see passage but this is going to take some. some monumental statesmanship not only on the part of president
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obama but on the part of the democratic and republican leaders in the senate who are not trying to sabotage the start treaty with the with russia the start is not just about reducing both countries' nuclear arsenals by a third it's seen as a symbol of trust between the two nuclear superpowers and obama made it clear in some of his earliest statements that further cooperation plans with russia could when they go south without this key trading places trust how important russia's assistance is in afghanistan how crucial russia's cooperation was on iran's and some other aspects of u.s. russia reset and everybody here realizes that the new start is sort of the milestone of this reset in terms of substance and key questions concerns whatever senators had regarding the new start treaty those were all a brand new start is quite simply a common sense or agreement. to control the world's most dangerous weapons and then
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have stability between the two countries two countries that preserve us over ninety percent of them and what are completely opposite irresponsible decision it would be if the united states senate just got bogged down in politics and walked away from this moment unwilling to make that kind of decision that offers the kind of leadership that the world that i think certainly the american people expect us to make that country's military unanimously testified in support for the treaty and number of former secretary of state both republican and democrat former defense secretaries all fed having started is in u.s. national interest so there is a huge bipartisan support for the trade among experts but not on the hill and obama has very little time to change that it is going next to kind reporting that while the publication by wiki leaks of a huge raft of communiques has played havoc with american diplomacy politicians
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around the world say the confidential reports of u.s. officials offer few new facts but gerald celente the director of trends research says the revelations are a damning indictment of the united states. today the american media does scrapes now how about you know look at the garbage they talk about michael jackson for months on end tiger woods so the internet is opening up a whole different way of of new journalism for the twenty first century and this is an example i heard hillary clinton's quote about how american foreign policy is public was great this is these wiki leaks are making it more popular we're seeing how incompetent they are how what doubles weekday you know how they show was handshakes and smiles on t.v. while they're doing dirty talk behind their backs you know this is the new way of
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journalism however look what's going on and also some clowns out there that call themselves congressman had this stuff terrorism so we're going to have a position with the federal government as they did last week they're going to start closing down sites and prosecuting people have about this claim saddam hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to al qaeda i mean they make claims all the time where i would any one of the thinking adults mind police to anything the government says to them especially when we see these facts revealed in another light read my lips no new taxes i did have sex with that woman monica lewinsky i smoke but i didn't inhale we the people should have the right to this information they want a transparent government let's have it. well some of the cables obtained by wiki leaks concern tensions around north and south korea suggesting
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senior chinese officials favor a reunification of the two countries under seoul's control but documents were revealed as north korea's parliamentary chairman came to china for diplomatic talks earlier the us south korea and japan reportedly rejected beijing's call to sit down and resume full on north korea nuclear disarmament the north is further unnerved by adroit american south korean military exercises in the disputed waters professor ruediger frank of vienna university says seoul's current policy is dangerous with a volatile state like north korea. but south korean president finds himself between a rock and a hard place on one hand if you goes nothing you can lose credibility at home and abroad if you overreacts you will risk a major confrontation and may be disastrous consequences for his own people so
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after the sinking of the channel in march however it seems that you doesn't feel like sitting still this time so he's walking a very tight rope between showing force strength and actually confrontation far as i understand his policy here regarding the sunshine policy of his two preview services. in efficient not effective so he decided to return to a policy of strict reciprocity towards north korea to put out good actions will be rewarded bad actions punish i think goes through a policy or current south korean president. quarter past the hour here in moscow you are with r.t. and there's a plenty more to be discovered on our website. where you'll find exclusive coverage opinion and analysis including. in russia is suspected of forcing disobedient
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children into mental health hospitals where they were maltreated find out more on this story. new role may be in store for immigrants in russia as it is set to welcome foreigners to serve in its armed forces for the first time i discover more. there is no shortage of skepticism in europe over the war in afghanistan in denmark though antiwar activists have been camping outside parliament for nearly a decade opposing danish participation in the so-called war on terrorism they want to make politicians stand up and listen but their calls are falling on deaf ears found out. i they've been here for nine years and they're not planning on leaving
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anytime soon among us the i'm through. no we don't want to go home and leave it to them again you know they are peace watch and they believe their government is doing the wrong thing by participating in the war in afghanistan you cannot fight terror with a wall because war is terror that's our main issue you know denmark has more than seven hundred troops in afghanistan a soldier killed recently brought the total number of danish losses to thirty nine so peace watch believe very case is as important today as it was in two thousand and one this is the danish ministry of defense right across the street from this is the danish parliament members of peace watch have been standing here for the last nine years day in and day out demanding the pullout of danish troops from afghanistan so has anybody been paying attention to them apparently not in fact
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they say it's not just the government that ignores them but the media and the general public too sometimes they say well denmark isn't war we say to the youngsters over here coming to us they say look around where i don't see any war and occasional days we happen to pass by also don't show much enthusiasm i don't see. really an. aggressive. militaristic. so why have peace watch activists not been able to gain any attention at least for their perseverence some believe it's because an anti war mood in the country is something over a new thing within the last year while there's a majority of the population against continued participation. even. before the public opinion has become skeptical but that's quite. a piece watch i determined to stay put until they were. their goal even if it takes and you know
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their nine years old stay here until the war ends but if you mean the. glory tea cup if you can make it it is the last day before the country's vying to host the football world cup in two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and twenty two are allowed to promote their beds the delegations are gathering in zurich where the winners will be announced on thursday russia is fighting with england spain and portugal for the right to host one of the planet's biggest sporting events in eight years they will present their bids on wednesday the u.s. and qatar are in the running to host the two thousand and twenty two tournament experts believe russia's bid has a strong chance of winning as is it is strongly supported by the government but it has faced criticism concerning its lack of infrastructure to host such a big tournament but as the head of russia's bid committee says the country has plenty of time to improve that situation. report largely describes
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what is. the state of affairs now ok we're talking about a world cup there will be in in almost eighty years. of course much changes will occur and we have submitted all the documents signed by our government that these changes are guaranteed to happen. well four policemen have been wounded in a blast in the capital of kyrgyzstan it happened just hours before officials from the ousted president's government would do in court charged with causing civilian deaths during april's uprising in the central asian states several former top officials including ex-president back here for being tried over claims they ordered the military to open fire on protesters trying to force the government's resignation almost one hundred were killed back he was eventually forced to flee the country leaving the interim government to deal with months of on rest but
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despite the tensions the country's new parliament agreed to form a new unity government following october's election u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is due to visit critical stand this tuesday journalist. who's in bishkek told me earlier about possible reasons for an explosion. there were several versions about this today secretary of the security council of kyrgyzstan told that there is some nation separatist group as he called it a separatist group which is behind it but he couldn't mention what exactly group is behind that they're also like several. opinions about this concerning international terrorist groups again as officials so they for example mentioned the union of islamic jihad that can be behind that they also mentioned islamic movement the suspect is down that could be behind that and they also said that today's blast in this case is linked with yesterday's events in all when the police was trying to
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capture people who were having some guns and bombs with some storage and one of the also districts and they eventually had to kill them amid the speculation here they're naming a number of different groups who could be behind this latest blast let's start with the nationalists possibly and let's also start with what you say could be international terrorist groups if indeed people in these groups are behind the blast what kind of message do you think they're trying to send here. the fact that they made this blast near the place where the court is happening the prowl on the seventh of april events means but probably it is somehow to give some sign that they are they are they disagree with what is going on in the court right now and one other interesting thing is that this blast occurred today near the entrance in this building where usually the relatives. of. of let's say former president people are usually coming into the building so again this threat also arises like several sort of what exactly can be so maybe it was generally just to just to
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frighten people who are going to this trial. time now for the business news with you know. hello and a very warm welcome to the business program president richard braddock has given more details of his plan to more nice they call me president also confirmed so a lot of state assets announced. on small business mateschitz that social and manufacturing sectors will be exempt for the next two years from planned tax increases but if some of the night we must find an opportunity to soften the impact of the measures on business i'm decided on a two year transition period for small firms in the social and production sectors they will have a lower level of insurance payment of twenty six percent this year i signed a decree for the list of strategic companies to be refused by five times the main goal is to increase the efficiency of u.s.
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companies to attract additional investment and to use the income to modernize the economy but all norm core assets should be privatizing the authorities should not own factories newspapers or ships everyone should stick to their own business. it comes a day after the president suggested tax cuts for those who back in the vote of startups he said investors should be exempt from taxes when they sell their shares and start up projects so called angels and that's their own money different from venture capitalists who manage third party funds. to look at the markets european stocks are mixed banks are among the leaders the thoughts is down point eleven percent bank of scotland is up six percent and lloyds banking is point eight percent german texas up a bit more than a tenth of a percent with georgia bank showing similar gains. and in russia the indices are mixed future is down point three percent and the us never felt point four percent
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the sell on the my six dollars shares fell the most in almost four months after subsequent set of rail link to the company's main port tosh mine deep and whether look oil gained over two percent on the arch yes. russia's largest independent oil producer raised profits twenty nine percent in the first nine months earnings came in at around six point eight billion dollars under international accounting rules credited cost controls with generating record free cash flow. in general the russian markets have been moving sideways or negative news from abroad that's according to alex same from our energy security. equity markets have been moving sideways the last couple weeks and of course the russian equity market is also moving on the thinking certain. quite important metric moment when some
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factors first of all it's a military conflict between so and not been career and of course there are problems concerning the european countries and european countries like spain and portugal the european union is supposed to provide some economic and financial support for countries like spain and portugal so the thing is the question is whether this support will be sufficient and well whether the funds aimed at this problem will be sufficient the most interesting subject to the end of the year easily stocks over the wireline telecoms interation of tokamak great this because practically all of them have a certain upside potential to the valuation of them that for the last telecom what else of course is utility stocks first of all it's into regional o.t.c. distribution companies all of them are quite interesting kind of price levels and most of them are significantly undervalued or navy. base relation.
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if you're at sea of an hour ago a power company controlled by the neck to be part of the hospice bownde it's listing to complete a deal with china sea and said power your supernal group was expected to launch a roach show this week to promote its i.p.o. in hong kong instead it will focus on a bit by china's youngster power to invest over one hundred fifty million dollars when the listing eventually takes place counts of power as a subsidiary of china's state owned three quarters corporation. the e.u. hasn't created on an eighty five billion euro bailout package for ireland but that is still only a fraction of the money the banks in ireland have lost and many doubt this is enough to halt the crisis the head of london school of economics told business r t that the bailout package is credible but our banks will have to give up their global ambitions the i.m.f. and the rest of the european union are now standing behind the government the
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question remains however what is the future for the irish banks because in the past they were very large they did a lot of international business particularly in the u.k. and my own view is that's over that we will have to see a significant contraction in the activities of the irish banks and they will have to go back to being essentially local domestic banks because this adventure that they went on overseas was a failure. that's often or join me next hour for more business news.
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