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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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baker thank you very much for being with us today so we'll start with a terminal question what do you think is anti-semitism rising or is it falling well it's sort of hard to give a simple answer except i would say a decade ago we imagine anti-semitism was diminishing and we had hoped it would be more of an historical issue than a contemporary one unfortunately i think over these last ten years we've seen something very different we have seen a resurgence of as i said appearing with your own countries where we would have expected it say in western europe we've seen it really was persisting in many other parts of the world that so i think we've given more attention to it during the sliced years it's still with us unfortunately what do you think some of the factors driving to increase. well again i think it varies from country to country clearly
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one aspect that has emerged more recently has been events in the middle east the state of israel essential truly. semitic incidents in various places typically in the west but we've also seen what some people would call a new form of advice elitism and that's when you're the state of israel itself is the minute is brought into question is the clear to races state essentially where that itself becomes a new form of anti-semitism so you do saying that the ongoing stalemate in the middle east is affecting antisense and globally well at the very least we can certainly demonstrate that conflicts in the middle east may trigger anti-semitic events elsewhere and particularly in europe western europe where you have growing arab and muslim communities they have become a source of anti-semitic incidents. at least elements of those communities so
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that's clearly one aspect but then i think even in public discourse there is something about the state of israel that has engendered very antagonistic reactions that cross over from a point of being mere criticism and to become something else when i think israel continues settlement building the church people around the world actually suffered dislike sometimes i would hate it because of that you know i wish it were so simple as saying the issue is only settlements i know advocate of settlements but i think we're the middle east conflict has sparked a. spike in anti-semitism it off in rages people who have no love for the state of israel in any for so to blame settlements to blame israel itself is almost akin to what had been a more traditional notion of blaming jews for it i say this and jews behave in this fashion in this fashion. people would say bring it on themselves of course you know
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it's anti semites that be a responsibility for anti-semitism not jews and in the same way israel is not a response so it's holding jews collectively responsible for the actions of israel is consider anti-semitism why does israel want to sanctify a jewish character at the state well i think from the very beginning the notion of israel was to be a jewish state to be a jewish state but also a democratic state with full rights for all of its citizens jewish would know in jewish i think in all of the world the one state that is in free countries tradition by the spirit judaism is really inappropriate i mean many countries have the stablished state church is. a church has descended great britain but no one would suggest that. in the u.k. there is god. democracy. rights for all its citizens recently
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for foreign ministers put off the decision to recognize palestine how does this set back your mission well i think personally i would say my view but shared by many others is that the palestinian state should come out of direct negotiations between the palestinian authority in the state of israel and i hope that happens at some point soon but i think that's the way the state of palestine should emerge not by some recognition or decree from outside. recently airplay cname interior ministry official denying the holocaust and they called it a legend and this sort of case is what impact protecting the holocaust have. i think you mean laws that would prohibit holocaust denial and it's something that we're all concerned about in the case of lithuania in fact shortly after this
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official wrote this article was published. he lost his job in the interior ministry . and with the way he had a very strong statement about this i think that's important that will never describe the denial or question of the holocaust emerges there should be a quick and swift response in some cases some countries have laws they can be employed sometimes they work many times they take a very long time before they are implemented or before a prosecution leads to a conviction so it's all the more reason that political leaders need to speak quickly and strongly also nasa commemorations were allowed in the baltic countries over the past few years and these are the countries who are members of the european union have made what is markets are going to zation want to do more to fight anti-semitism in their membership but you know you you point to a very i think
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a very serious issue and a problem that really began in the early ninety's after the openness freedom reestablishment of democracy in these countries you did have in latvia for example the former was for the s.s. veterans parading in their uniforms and in those early years government officials received there and i think this has been very much part of the discussions even as these countries we seek in membership in nato before in excess and i think has been much progress i don't think in any case is the progress always complete but these groups do continue to march but they're not received by by governments they're not really condemning. i mean they say they're not for or against they don't come out condemning. well you know i don't i don't think that's really entirely so i think you need to look more carefully we had many. discussions for example with president
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the two friedberger during her term terms in office and i think she became a very strong voice both in recognizing the holocaust that took place in latvia the importance of commemorating it and of making sure that these kinds of groups yes they do more actually yes they can. but. they're not received. their commended by the government leadership they do they do criticize them but let's be honest too there's a segment in the society where just a woman leaves this kind of populism that plays on that fascist era passed not only in the baltic states it's present in slovakia and remaining in other countries that had a difficult history during the nazi era this is something we need to keep working on but you do believe as of today politicians are showing enough leadership on such fundamental issue i don't think i'd ever say they're showing enough leadership because i think there's always more that political leadership can do and
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unfortunately it's the nature of politics that in too many cases leaders are calculating what they say or do based on voting or supported in their localities. calculations in their countries i think what we do find more and more is that leaders know the difference between what is right and what is wrong and the importance is to get them to speak clearly about what they already know so your concerns for the rise of online anti-semitism happen hurrican never recorded quite a thing is to blame the media is it is it the media that's irresponsible or the legislators failed to protect the society you know this is a real challenge everywhere i think the last thing we want is to say somehow governments need to control media either. somehow prohibit wholesale this kind of expression but there really need needs to be concerted efforts to figure out how to
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control this kind of hatred that is spreading as you've identified particularly on the internet these days and that means engaging internet providers that means developing good practices that means of course working with media so they recognize the responsibilities they have here the fact that what is reported what is misreported can often have real consequences but i think the goal is to engage media the goal is to engage the companies that provide internet services to try and get them to be more responsible i think governments legislators need to do what they can to enforce at least where there are clear violations of existing laws but it's something that everyone needs to really be a partner in to address you know ultranationalist staged violent rallies just outside of kremlin recently what are your concerns for russia you know i think this
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was very troubling to to observe them and in fact we've so even as i'm here in moscow. here again i think it's a challenge for the government and for leadership these kinds of voices we see an openness of the room the real test the real measure is how you address that in the short term obviously it involves the growth of police put in the long term russia is there in the sense for it looks like america every heterogeneous multi cultural diverse society. it brings with it a lot of problems i think it also brings with it a lot of benefits it makes life much more i think enriching and full and a society that can embrace its. versity with full rights for everyone and respect for everyone is strengthened to me this is a long term challenge that russia faces i hope certainly there are people i meet
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is even. better reasons dealing with the all of them all the ball in protest position to alexander lukashenko when in the presidential election hundreds of people were arrested including a number of presidential candidates who claimed the vote was enraged meanwhile over fevola superdome on the golf there's only arrests and regular hours and. north korea calls also to reach the south or reckless military provocation involved val's to refrain from retaliation and to find previous threads moscow house and warm souls accountable the war games to avoid. battling with
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a neighbor of an eagle immigrants on the treadmill shows no sign of slowing down even though they come from pole central asian states the north doing valdosta bathroom in this country. poor living conditions and with no paid jobs. ok kate salt negs with the. way. hello and welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and other top stories weather champions russia finished the china one cup as they can witness after thrashing finland six two. keeping up a ten man rail madrid thinks of a a one meltdown within two points of law legal leaders. and flying high a stunning late comeback in the philadelphia eagles against their victory over new york giants. let's start with ice hockey where russia and china one cup in style
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and yet it's not because men secured the try thing with victory over the czechs on saturday and finished the tournament by beating the finns six two on sunday to keep their one hundred percent record intact robert for the onion records. the found celebrate as the trophy comes back home the title was secure and certainly the russia claimed their second victory winning the general one cup a game early although the hosts still had some unfinished business on sunday. last year's tournament winners finland and recently proved to be one of the toughest opponents overages love biggest man but the stunned it turned out to be different story ten minutes in and alexander a duel of score the opener to send the pack nigga sport arena wild. and muster peace with the playing again and again.
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the visitors and made it look forward back and the furious pressure was soon a war that make up euro billing at home in front of russia's goal and levelling matters one one. high over the home side soon restore their lead in a blow played team russia's first line making it to one early in the second period and that's when the show started the red machine geared up to team the home crowd with a variety of goals tonight judy will finishing his teammate's efforts with narrowed and we shot three one soon and there's a duel and sergei mazak an easily downed these two in one chance the two goal goal one. and the gulf as contain at least two more by hosts six one by the second intimation. finland finally managed to get on the scoresheet in the final period but to no avail as russia rolled out six two winners concern for
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a month of this in the first two games but as with ready fulfilled on main task of taking the title we just loosened up so today we could just produce the best game especially after we scored the first two goals you know the first period was a bit tough for us as the game had started pretty early so we needed some time to wake up hello in the second period we had the age and scored five goals i'm sure the spectators enjoyed the way we played after their olympic dreams was shared and the disappointing. the world championships was drawn from the noise was a nice clear present situation since the birth but new thirty new street. so to see an aside to look for the tournament russia has three wins puns three and two maximum points the czechs finished in second spot after they did sweden four one in their final time on sunday in last year's business finland playing up the area with just a point. as most of football and ahead of the winter break round madrid cut bosler
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his lead at the top of the leader to two points after one nil home when i was severe despite playing the last half an hour with ten men rails recalled a call value was given a second yellow card a clash of heads without doubt a move today though however that lay out still too late in the seventy seventh minute and out demetria just about kept the place wrong for to the keeper and scored from a tight angle to go chase way out by fifteen in a row so there was also refused to ten men in stoppage time and amadou diallo was given a stright red card and brutal challenge in that severe we called it that fist consecutive deceit. while assassinate pedro and david villa struck a brace of pieces boss allowed to try to five want to espanyol the cats one dog to dry fend off the nineteen minutes discovered set up by you know messi and shadi added a second into this to get to know by the interval also not pep guardiola side further
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extended that lead to. the time ses shot the head right picked up a rebound to make it through. however espanyol quickly pulled a go back as a white stripe have done responding. but also responded messi this time getting out via twenty four one to the disease. and with six minutes to go netted and now. to make it five one on the night past a finish the weekend two points clear at the top ended as both would need this season i say sis. over in america and in the n.f.l. there was a showdown for first place in the n.f.c. east as philadelphia took on the new york giants with needles winning in dramatic fashion falling a pump return on the final play of the game the final score was thirty eight thirty one to philadelphia but it was
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a game that's one massively johns grab they need to bring in line manning and molly and manning and thirty five minute touchdown and they were fourteen three up that way through the second quarter and the wide receiver yet again. the quarterback had four touchdown passes on the night in his side with thirty one turned up in your face in the eagle stakes that incredible comeback they tied the game at thirty one of these in general matter in the morning show host michael vick right at the death of sean jackson did you see this tank johnson along with engine why you shut down to zero the ford going in and once the giant try a few weeks. while the lines elder brother peyton straight to touchdown passes with the indianapolis colts to victory thanks to jacksonville jaguars thirty four twenty four the lucas oil stadium austin collie collected both touchdowns rice for the colts and linebacker twenty one but less so often like this
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fight back to the school at twenty seven twenty four sprinted forty one yards for a touchdown single win for the colts and i'm tired believe me it's sad that someone . had us around some of the dolphins playoff hopes were dealt a blow by the buffalo bills while the detroit lions ended the longest losing streak on the road in n.f.l. history when either times the base not a twenty six game losing run that it spanned philly is also the falcons wrapped up best fought in the postseason they started. eighteen way over the seattle seahawks while the jets closed in on a playoff spot below the stalest who still secured their season place. and there's no place like home for any else who won the south african open championship for a fifth time of the holding off a late challenge forty foose and two rounds were played on the final day after a rain that almost the entire first round but the soggy conditions didn't prevent
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some great moments in the fairways this was a holy month in full force or something him to savor even though he finished seven shots back with players out in front of her horse and else person finishing twenty four under par overall one hundred here for birdie. couldn't much else beat him to the title by a single shot this eagle from him on the fourteenth was the highlight of this match . talking in victory on the eighteenth. now russia's top female boxer and italia goes and has announced the date of the next fight the super middleweight will end her long injury layoff with a fight in june twenty seventh in the eastern city of you catherine borg the thirty four year old has an excellent career record having won all of her twenty two fights she lost that into the ring in december two thousand and nine when she beat probably in london also look at him but then she picked up a leg injury. with her son because he was next opponent hasn't been announced yet
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and management has a few possible candidates undefeated champion also said if you look back to go into the ring in london at the twenty twelve olympics. you're going to start. it's always been my dream to win lympics and i'm ready to step into the ring with. a professional boxer without hits very much hard and the leg is completely different amateur level so have to think twice about it. in winter sports american lindsey vonn time test second straight world cup victory by were. in the soup and bind race of all desire in france the olympic champion put together a great performance in the same and i'm sure it's long run to win by just come back off a second to all spins elizabeth go go as my co-host and second on third respectively the three time world cup champion also seen brocoli in relation to germany he finished fifth. flyover nicely taking a could see extended his domination in the rock trying slalom on winning his third
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straight raced in the interior astounding the american finish fourteen hundred for the second header files of the parish on another french are not completed the podium the. first. round finally politicians artists and form a sportsman attended a gala ceremony here in moscow to celebrate the chief ment's of a charity called under the flag of good the organization raises money for children who need medical treatment by holding various sporting events as president meant that it's eight. explains why it was the sixth year of the sheriff's event turned out to be very successful with finances and medical support help two hundred children and over those six years it's difficult more than a thousand children this is our modest but i suppose very important contribution to developing a church work in the country and of course the main result is the happy faces of the children who go on to live there was really life's and very very grateful to
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everyone who took part in the advantage. and that's all the sports news in this because i'm. hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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wealthy british style. spot on the.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. better dealing with the altamont of volatile protests position to alexander lukashenko in the presidential elections under the people of the rest that including a number of presidential candidate. the always sees slams the presidential election in delarue says undemocratic while president elect tells them to mind their own business all the details in just a few moments. in north korea cool profound volatility retrials or like this military provocation and the valve to refrain from retaliation despite previous threats. the rusher is battling with an overflow of illegal immigrants on the floor
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and showing no sign of slowing down the spied them ending up in living conditions and with low paid jobs. very warm a welcome this is a lie from will stay with me analysts have that police have arrested on hundreds of protesters and several position presidential candidates who took to the streets. the belorussian capital angry at the outcome of sunday's election the country's leader alexander lukashenko won a fourth consecutive term in office with almost eighty percent of the vote but he knows that ever was in the heart of minsk when the rally was broke out she's keeping us up to date. it appears that it's not just the people. that are not satisfied with the way that.


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