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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2010 2:30am-3:00am EST

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the stand the possible horrendous results of such an attack the possible intervention of hamas possibly syria condemn nation from europe the ballistic. anger from from the united states in the outcomes therefore israel would be able to stop the arena a nuclear initiative using diplomatic pressure economic sanctions or supporting economic sanctions imposed by the international community in. operational intelligence means israel would prefer to take this path however if all of these don't work in iran is getting too close to a bomb then i think that the european intelligence communities and the united states i think that they don't understand how close israel to launch an aerial strike on the nuclear facilities of iran at what point will he ran be too close
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iran has already crossed some of the so-called point of no return and still there is a return from that point. however to have a bomb to assemble the device is considered to be considered to be beyond the point. a in areal strike could be at least partly successful could yield in the partial delay of the project therefore the red line lies somewhere between the point in which we are now. iran is already enriching uranium crossed or has closed the nuclear fuel cycle etc to the point where iran assembles the first nuclear military device is there any discussion in his radio circles of dates a specific timeframe of when that will be according to the late is german american
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british french israeli intelligence assessment iran is. something like a year and half a year to a year behind their ability to enrich uranium to ninety three percent and the latest wiki leaks reports suggest that some arab leaders are putting pressure on the united states to attack iran's nuclear reactor is there anything new in this and do you think america could follow the wiki leaks documents on the issue of air pressure on the united states to take harsher steps these of iran i'm not new to some of us we have tried to publish some of this information blocked by israeli military censorship unfortunately tried to fight some of that but basically it says in writing what we already know but the fact that it is in writing this is an official secret american cable has an importance by its own it
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emphasizes how profound is the fear from iran not just from the eyes of israel but also from. moderate countries in the middle east if because this is not in because all these countries leaving. egypt who persisting continuously told the americans to not engage iran. in a sort of peace to do not enter this sort of a dialogue. it would not help and president mubarak calling the iranians in the back the big fat liars. i don't think that the revelation would change anything they're americans to think there's a possible. diplomatic or diplomatic sanctions solutions' the wiki leaks reports also suggest that there's not always agreement between the united states and israel in terms of their strategic interests in the middle east is it in america's interest to attack iran if president bush did not take the decision in here is
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his reasoning a new. you know what was true in real time but president bush in closer sions with people whom you met in to some extent in this book says that he was prepared to strike iran but he also of an aide the national intelligence estimate basically cut his hand when the american intelligence community said that your own business have a military nuclear plant because of these prohibited him to go for strike however if president bush did not strike president obama does not believe the military strike would. do the job or would benefit the world peace or would solve the problem and i think that on the issue of using military strength against iran the united states and israel see things very very differently but there is
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something on the go not so long ago there was movement in the mediterranean sea and reports suggested that saudi arabia had given israel permission to use its airspace so do you think that something is happening below the surface i read as far as i know all the news and they were not they did not appear just recently started to appear back into sixty. about saudi arabia given permission to israel to have free passage through its area of space to iran and back as far as i know these are all false where do you get your information from is bob woodward in quotes bill casey in his book at the cia people always or sometimes tell more say more than you expect them to say i think that the israeli intelligence community the israeli security circles have not been dealt for many many years in.
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i would say the the right approach when it comes to coverage of these secret men and secret issues i think the people in israel were terrified with all good reason not to deal with it in i think that we're talking about new times when journalists can investigate these issues come with conclusions come would authority and i'm not claiming that they know everything but i'm trying everything that they say while knowing always have to suspect the sources these are this is the world of shadows in the same spies who are using these clever techniques visibly the iranian nuclear scientists point might use the same this information against you know currently writing a book entitled most side and the art of assassination is they going to be anything new about the mossad the israeli secret service in this book that has not already been written before we have a lot of the details. of numerous assimilation
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operations that took place from the establishment side nine hundred forty nine until today but we also have a lot about the decision making process how. in a summation the targeted killing is being authorized what is the procedure what are the delimiters. who are the people involved in just to give you one very very. interesting question about the people involved many of the leaders of israel in the villages of the army or the political of the political level have been personally involved in nation operations what does it do to a person to a man who was personally involved in such operations when he needs to deal with the at least past. when he had the enemy on the inside of a sniper game and now he needs to has sort of
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a dialogue what is it due to his psychology to his decision making process we are going to have the history of israel portrayed in weave through the use of targeted decision it's a nation israel surprisingly maybe israel was or is the country who uses this weapon far more than any other country in history what kind of covert operations do you think are happening at the moment not so long ago the israeli defense forces unit a two zero zero was suspected of infecting a brain in computers connected to hands nuclear program so do you think that there are other things like this on the go the discovery in below of the where stocks that. schalke the world of of computer security this is by far the most advanced and most lethal virus computer virus ever discovered i'm
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not saying it's the the the the biggest or the best ever produced but the best that was ever discovered. the the ability of stocks that to jump from a computer to a computer reaching stand alone computers that are controlling the velocity of the centrifuges inside natanz and com the enriching your own facilities in iran. in its ability to trick to play. in to exceed and to change very fast the velocity of the centrifuge. causing it to collapse these are all extremely extremely clever sophisticated and they can be the result only of the work of a country of a very advanced technological country that behind the scenes is on going accusation between the secret services of the countries who were able to produce it germany
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france britain the united states and israel accusing each other in bringing two structures to the world and why accusing if such an in such a big success because the discovery of stuxnet is a huge intelligence fiasco because now the iranians are aware that someone is able to penetrate their standalone computers they know how it was done and they can take it out or they can prevent it not just regarding stuxnet it but regarding all next cyber attacks dr bagmen thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. . wealthy british style.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. the global financial headlines kaiser reports. that are killing innocent. allies a call of course and that's never a. mom a song from the skull still with me i think of it every day. from the memories. i know so much so long time i'm just here trying to tell. i was. i was ashamed that i. i was ashamed that i hadn't been
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a hero why i got my legs. what i wanted to be out of. that out what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but you know most soldier on the other side and i think i'm just as good.
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washington and moscow hailed the new a nuclear treaty passing the final vote in the u.s. senate after months of delays in the house wrangling russia and the u.s. agreed the start deal is a new symbol of trust between the two nations. but some differences between them remain with russia disappointed with the us voting against a u.n. resolution condemning the increasing glorification of naziism initiative proposed by moscow was still adopted as it was supported by one hundred twenty nine states. and out an economic forum in beijing china said it would help with debt ridden european economies to tackle the crisis the move will make the continent more
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dependent on beijing. now the sports news with natalia. hello and welcome to the sports round up here on r.g.p. thanks for joining us let's have a look at the headlines in the driver's seat russia's only formula one driver dileep it trough will continue his career with renault for at least two more years . aspirations gerry draws me on bail victim one who says their new manager as they hope to improve domestically the spaniard and also make it into the europa league. help in their cars future in jeopardy because of announces its it could miss the upcoming russian premier league season due to financial trouble. and also meet me at the airport rafael adult flies to rick in
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a private jets to do some shopping and play a few charity matches with roger federer. russia's first professional formula one driver isn't going anywhere for at least the next two years without a bitter old sales he will continue his to new way of the lotus team signing an extension through to twenty twelve was a challenging rukia for betroth who finished thirteenth in the driver standings reno chief however gave the twenty six year old a vote of confidence and exercise day two year option on his contract but rolf will race alongside a familiar stablemate cubits i was retained after finishing overall the rocket is now out to show what he's learned after his first drawn around the formula one circuits. of course last season was really difficult for us. and it was a reason. it was moved. a
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little to. the one who. looks. much more. now uncertainty is brewing at this and zero with having to deal with rumors surrounding them manager need to just lead the team to the twenty it's and club world cup title on saturday claims he has not been sacked despite the media reporting because the fifty year old who is of a cation ing at his old stomping ground in liverpool denies the claims beneath this probably asked team owner of muscle memory to back him on new signings or terminate his contract after the club called victory the italian media says rauf on his way out of san siro due to seventh placed into sitting thirteen points adrift of rivals
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a similar in the sciri title hunt marotta himself also says he hasn't made any moves into next back on the field on january sixth for a domestic outing against not fully. owner russian football we go where terry girls and they are looking to reboot and dries in the ranks in the upcoming premier league season the chance and club made its move by signing spanish specialist victim munoz and his staff to coach the side which finished twelfth in twenty ten money as ply his trade at the home of reigning world cup champions spain the fifty three year old was a star midfielder for barcelona in the eighty's before stepping onto the sidelines money as went on to win the coop for the rain during the two thousand and three two thousand and four season he also added the super cup win in two thousand and four for a piece assistance now have the challenge of helping terry cries about mate table domestically possibly compete for
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a europa league spot. and staying with russian prime a league where i'm car could miss next year as domestic campaign several teams were suffering from financial difficulties this year including korea sort of answer to one but the most shocking news came from the patent outfit president for lady trooper a call framing the team lacks financing them promptly. resigning after that statement from car in death sad it is unlikely they will find investors to bail them out the club has yet to officially announce its with jewel though as they scramble to stay in the top flight. meanwhile in spain barcelona stand game winning streak came to an end the catalans were held to a nail. in the copa del rey last sixteen for a slag at the no camp the illegal leaders did extend their unbeaten streak to twenty three matches but they ran out of ideas against their scrappy boss private leonel massey and david bailey aware both thrown into the action in the second half
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but even that wasn't enough to spot bar something the second leg at some obvious scheduled for january fifth. and billy ariel did score any goals either in their first leg there are ten matches will also take place on january fifth at al madrid ga where the signs drew one one in the league last month will disappear at all moloko will meet the time winners in the quarter final. now an old winter tradition mixed with some premier league football as sixth place to sunderland travel to table top knighted on boxing day a short handed steve bruce missing four key plays including captain lee cattermole still the sunderland manager believes his charges have a chance against a powerhouse which hasn't lost all season. we know that money united are just starting to play and it's quite incredible that they haven't lost a game this season to sit in
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a very handy position and some would argue are not hit top form year old though the last couple times i've seen them they're looking very very decent very very good and usually usually the second part the sea is where the come strong so when we go to all trafford the one thing we'll have to do last year we played it were best to mark some and got something we've got to try and do in every way that we can if we can. moving away from football on to the competitive tennis where the season is over bob there is still something to play for on christmas eve roger federer and rafael a dollar in switzerland this week battling each other to raise money for their respective charity foundations. here is sixteen time grand slam champion federer picking up for all five of the airports the doll flying to zero in his private jet that have a to the city center for some festive shopping before arriving at the holland study . and all showing no signs of fatigue early on pulling it had by taking the we said six pool but federer a fullback in style in front of the home crowd in full well the first levelled
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matters by clinching the second set six three and this was continued to durban eighteen the decider grabbing the important break in the seventh game to eventually arrive at all six three again a few million dollars collected on tuesday night will go to the road to federer foundation which supports kids in underdeveloped african countries. you've been the one of them to do with the world for such a long time and it's such a great rivalry and people enjoy zero. for me was the person i thought of as. sort of some of. the very good because. it was very clear that we're going to try to do it this year that it was such a huge success and think it sails and then approach it is a dream come true for all of us and cricket angolan batsman cameron pietersen is urging his team to forget about their dismal performance in the third ashes test in
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perth as they prepare for their next encounter with australia in melbourne that kicks off on sunday angle and allowed the aussies out play them comprehensively last time out but are now looking for revenge and with the series now tied at a record ninety one thousand spectators are expected on the opening day. it could be potentially around four hundred thousand people watching the five days of cricket is so exciting played a little bit and i get goose bumps thinking about it everybody in the team including the management to show and the australians are really looking forward to what should be a great week's cricket if the sun shines and that's it for now you can always check out our website our team dot com slash sports for more stories and results and coming up shortly is the weather stay with us.
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for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. that are killing innocent. allies a call. that's never a. moment soften the skull spoke with me i think of it every day. before i was fired from the memories. last. a long time i'm just here trying to tell. i was. i was ashamed that i had been. i was ashamed that i hadn't been a hero why i don't. believe
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what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but you know most soldier on the other side and i think i'm just it's good. it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition the language is really just the best compete the beat. and culture. that the had the dems are still unaware of what's going on in their land. much. less. on our cheap.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered.
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he is.
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the democrats and republicans together to approve my top national security priority for this session of. this is the arms control agreement nearly to. washington and moscow hailed the historic nuclear treaty passing the final vote in the u.s. senate and becoming a new symbol of trust between the two nations. but some differences between them remain with russia disappointed with the us voting against a u.n. resolution condemning the increasing glorification of nazi. there's
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only a small chance of catching the disease but there's a great prejudice against it r t visits a russian letter community seemed a lack of understanding in the outside world makes even those cured stay away. oh you are watching r t we're here live from moscow welcome to the program. the u.s. senate has finally approved of the new strategic arms reduction treaty with russia after months of bitter and divisive wrangling on capitol hill attention now turns to moscow to vote on the deal and russia's state duma speaker said that could happen as soon as this friday earlier my colleague carrie johnston spoke to our correspondents for the latest because three new got you over from moscow and ghana chicken and washington now that pretty as a pro they will go on for the president table or.


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