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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2010 2:30am-3:00am EST

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hello and welcome to the show on this week's festive must go out program we'll be taking a look at christmas food and while russians have their main celebrations on the is eve and january the seventh millions of other people around the world and some here at moscow already popping in the champagne so join me most of them greece as we take a look at the merry christmas here in the russian capital from the ninety city but pollution into a forthcoming this is christmas had a rather tenuous status the soviet union and the family was officially frowned upon many enterprising citizens turned it into a new year's festival as for the lazy christmas celebrations the russian orthodox church still follows the old shooting calendar which is currently thirty days behind the gregorian calendar. bold.
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enough to let me say a nice needed to watch and now even though your personal thoughts christmas is in two weeks time people here in moscow already start preparing various dishes he has corrected and one of the famous has to forward this is all of your salad so you can see something in video from the table to try and do together this hour the stuck to what you did out first you have to put the chop carrot and hunt in the wall. then here to change the shell from there. shells coming off now this is a good solid the still popular for the whole year here. on the main tongue which it is on the new year's eve yes but i think she took one last pickle cucumber and pulled potatoes but the space had some sort of little tidbit to make them smaller. and it's all the ingredients to a large bag. the papers said fall
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so good and listen it seems like it's a whole month long christmas celebration here in russia that's correct and starting from the front of it from december it's not actual our crystal but there's a lot of parties and different clubs and places like we have the new year the new christmas and we see the ending of the old me while it seems that there's a lot of a lot of aging intriguing yes correct fall and spring going away for sprouts but. what's next finally agreed constitution of mayonnaise now we have to take it take a mix of ok i'll just play some facade ok. then politically both. and that we have it. i don't think we did too badly. i surmised but let's try the
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one we made. fun of it we did a great job but it's me even though it's nearly two hundred smurf especially. if you want to create a festive russian western dish was the best place to buy christmas ingredients in moscow. close in three weeks in russia. and you'll be flabbergasted for the mates the supermarkets to have opened up here in moscow i think about it because it's just good is an amazing it's a wide spot so you will pay for it there are currently thirty five us because the schools in moscow are whatever country or farm you'll find everything you need they are the best there is. nothing in the laws of fruit in around the glazed grapes from its lean track entry from thailand kiwi from chile alludes to that tasty treats. from christmas crackers chestnuts and. i will hunt to find everything i
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need. and a good place for it. and with. some advice i would offer is to compare prices the strangest items such as imported nuts or exotic fruits can be shockingly expensive so with the most make a supermarket chains like this because of seven continents and parrot crystal a christmas in moscow whenever you celebrate it can easily be fully stocked full of delicious to six goods edible gifts. as for me it's time to shop until i drop. that santa grounds i'm moving to our next location let's meet this week's guests i would love to meet you must be a merry christmas tell me how did you end up here in the person capital. shows working in to buy. i headed back to london for a week and i got
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a phone call while i was there and so i decided to come check it out i'm here i am now you originally from a zealand right that's right yeah now christmas is a completely different over here is that. here you know people celebrating our for the twenty fifth it's very unusual for me anyway. you know the whole sort of. christmas period sort of rolls on or rolls on and keeps you don't know where one's gone and they come back again so it's unusual and what about the ingredients i mean you know are they difficult to get hold of all yeah i think for more these days in the shop she can find different ingredients for full for the festive period you know you have to look around a little bit now but you know you can always find your turkeys you know cram breeze and stuff like this and it's a little bit easier to find in terms of russian traditional russian christmas is based around the. and mayonnaise for the cold the tigers in the hands of the put
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together and you know pickled fish. to start with the. how do you think the russian diet is changed over the past twenty years of the last ten years i think it's been a big change in diet and people are traveling a little bit more so they're coming back and wanting a little bit more but i think that's going to carry on a valving over the next sort of ten twenty years anything other than the period. new year's eve period hoping to be away travelling actually get away from the cold weather and get away from the call and head for a bit of sunshine you know so rena here for you now so it's a good time to get away with everything you enjoy the festive period she's very cursory christmas thing. so what are the specific items can you buy it well there are several place where you can purchase various christmas themed desserts the ritz carlton hotel located in the central first street is well known for its wonderful gingerbread and impressive edible fairytale house display
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bringing out the charge in all of us the piece you chefs create very special shapes and decorate the delicious dessert using a range of icing sweets jellies and chocolates christmas in russia should not be a time when you think about a diet. it's self-indulgence the way. famous french find food stall restaurant and cater also of those exquisite specific gift baskets campus with a history dating back one hundred fifty years it is rich in clinic and gift traditions and their own produce and very skiffs items based some of the best qualities packed with ices such as delicious french handmade chocolates sumptuous cheese and delicate dry champagne a gift from n.p.r. is bound to impress. finally champagne. i don't
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drink for yuletide celebrations street kiosks boutique one stores and supermarkets from extravagantly expensive to cheap looking for labels believes sparkling wines are readily available in moscow with huge varieties on offer whether it's been teach french champagne you want or sweet soviet's classic looking disappointed with the choice on. tap we all fresh from pain from various contrails translate to a spain and russia as well prices start at two hundred true goals that's around six dollars and there is no upper limit. arriving at our final location for all those who are likely to bet on the turkey or too tired to cook a large christmas dinner for family and friends the answer is simple chicago throwing celebrate in style in the restaurants casual get elegant atmosphere with the cost of all the ingredients want to save everything you booze for boxing day a new year extravaganza treat yourself to
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a christmas dinner to remember that there are dozens of restaurants in moscow where you can enjoy a three course christmas dinner with all the trimmings and i've been recommended chicago prime have by various friends whether it's secret turkey or steak he wants this new venue before to offer some of the best in the russian capital and it might take you two or three hours to find all the ingredients in their fight expensive and then forced to pay for a ship to get spend six fares cooking or come here and you could also have a great steak instead of turkey and here i am in the made for something else. i've been invited into the kitchen to see what some of the press is to say the least there i try a christmas feast fit for a change as. i can live a year with the meat in the pits in the absolutely amazing wow can we get new york steaks just delays all the prime we have porterhouse steak dry in a tomahawk dry agent does the rebuy. also prime rib the professorial on the wood
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grill with a smirk amazing view monger turkey yes yes live from russia. pretty. much ideal colored merry christmas which amazing food wine and champagne delights of modern day scares while we go where do you first because we're going to try the prototype you know. impressive stuff. can i just like graham i made this up and he brings me that was how we have on this week special christmas program i'll see you again next week for new year's eve special shout out to them for me the crew and all the stuff here that's a prime merry christmas.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. instead invasion by means of. tradition language. this is the first day beat the beat. and culture. the thing is that the had the dems are still unaware of what's going on in the land still asking for more ideas. like. i don't know anything about alaska. on our cheek. it can hit dr swan's policeman swan's. and i just.
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if you didn't find me if i could just live through the night that i would get my kids out of here because i knew that it was going to happen that he was going to kill me many victims don't understand that domestic violence includes verbal abuse. physical abuse and sexual abuse at least four million women are affected by it every year. in jail or he's got it killing. in india. in. the. polish president. beatrice. taj mahal.
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hotel. to leave the. sheraton hotel. collection. made. for. russian lawmakers are said to consider the new arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington after it has been approved by. the leaders of both countries have the progress of the deal which they say is a symbol of this year's growing cooperation between russia and the u.s. . north korea has warned of a nuclear strike on the south by the scale of souls the latest a live fire drills some of the largest war games in south korea the exercises included tons of heavy military hardware and took place just thirty kilometers from the. christmas eve is also seeing
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far less threatening dispute claims it introduced the world's first christmas tree five hundred years ago but. they are the ones that came up with the idea. now it's time for sports news with. hello and welcome to our sports update with the latest news and action there is what's coming up in the program. changes at some cereal. manager rafael benitez and then days of speculation. homecoming king the real madrid demolished live on the eighth meal of the burn the belly of the opening leg of their last sixteen cooper hillary matches. cancelation winces
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pass in the final the early game this season. exit the competition to the group stage though for the first time in almost a decade. and the winner is rafael nadal's charity foundation has ruffled beats roger federer in their second raising tennis match in madrid. it is finally official have the sun ciro as some lot of eventually they fired manager rafael beneath us off the days of speculation the fifty year old loss to just over six months and well said despite leading the team to the club world cup title on santa dame been it as was but cation ing at his old stomping ground in liverpool as the news of his imminent departure began hitting the local and worldwide press then at this early address team owner and president through the media after the cup when asking the oil tycoon to back him on new signings or terminate his contract as the
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options and to also manage to reach just seventh domestically and sit thirteen points adrift of rivals a similar in the sciri last as trouble winners have won just six of their last fifteen matches and enter our next back on the field on january sixth at home to. in spain real madrid have their slides firmly set on the copa del rey trophy they haven't won for nearly twenty years. chargers have the quarterfinals in the crosshairs after destroying live on the eight kneel in the last sixteen first leg it was a gorski watch the action. the home fans would soon be so with excitement is real madrid prepared to reign under the elements cristiano ronaldo and company eager to win the copa del rey for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety three the spanish capital erupting with joy as karim benzema got things started for ryal less than six minutes in with a stellar solo effort javier taurus finding it hard to keep up with
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a french explosive moves jos a marine charges continue to attack the reeling the vonte ronaldo setting up german international missing old zeal to make it to some three minutes later it was only getting started on the night the twenty three year old securing a brace with some thirty two minutes gone by in the match. ronaldo decided to get in on the egg just before the break then so must setting up his teammate this time to make the score for new things were as bad for the violence in the second half as they were in the first briefly going airborne as he hammered in another goal in the sixty ninth minute to secure a hat trick ronaldo really got going after the seventy eighth minute amerindian two more goals to match their effort a precision strike from up close in the seventy second adding even more damage to the much demoralized labonte one of la leaders bottom sides will soon feel the boot of one of the world's highest paid athletes again ronaldo not to be outdone as this
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effort see the treble and made the score seven nil substitute pedre leone hammered yet another goal into the net aid no final scoreline effectively means labonte have nothing to play for in the second leg. yvonne's a gorski archie. and i would go fast in the last sixteen of the german cow while byron munich edged out stood a good six three a sellout stood the crowd watching byron zagreus or deliver the story in the six minutes meyer gone the scrum play followed up that effort. with one of these zones some two minutes later. russian international political gridlock tried his hardest digs to get out of a hole and the twenty seven year old succeeded scoring a brace and tying proceedings at two apiece was all biron in the second lowest to get bread out of gas six three the final score with byron advancing to the quarterfinals. meanwhile
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a busy boxing day period coming up in the english premier league with late as much to united and their rivals due to play four times within two weeks first up for manchester united this sunderland on sunday having not lost a league game so far this season manager alex ferguson is aiming to continue them beaten run and retain the top spot by the end of the fortnight if mr wood took to the gender for film before well done well i think that's when we'll come in. and do that same you know the top shape most will depend in the weather of course we could develop a sport and share it with folks in the moment. and maybe to do think you're going to have the four games you know it's because the case thing being top of the week by january fourth would be good now in basketball it says moscow's euro league campaign came to an end on wednesday night with victory over fs pilsen they went as
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little consolation for the moscow as though who had failed to qualify for the top sixteen long before. the story. it's the end of when iraq would say it's gone they've rereadings your leaky three boats by reaching eight consecutive finals for this season is proving to be extremely difficult but they are demanding and then answered the splash was darkish side if it spills and was out the chance to make that don't sixteen stage seal they will focus on the gauge you know last week from playing the best baseball the season we just want to continue that trend even though for us the game in terms of the early didn't mean anything for us just continue to get better as a team and that's always the goal is to continue to be the best team we can be and you know hopefully i will happen and say scott we're in control from the very beginning to meet basic golf taken the center stage in their attacks in the first quarter eleven points for the big center and the game was over
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am i. jam and gordon provided one of these games of the season was eighteen points and seven rebounds on the night i say scoffing is the first half leading by twelve points at his field since started to close the gap later on though thinks their number of that jump shot in the home side kept their composer indelicacy ishi at provided for and sage for base to hand down to give us a sky nine point lead halfway through the final quarter but on sage would eventually finish the match with seventeen points gordon and company then played aggressively in defense and brought the game to a meaning and i after wards they are man said there are lessons to learn after these early season the guys that are here now and i come back make sure i'm sure they're going to be mad about what happened to share and i want to take it out on everybody and their hard times is going to get back to the went away jefferies used to stuff like this happens sometimes in a such being
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a professional is about always doesn't happen for you the way you want to happen and you know you know this was in our year to move on we started off slow and nicklaus in the bud you know. sometimes just so happens that if you don't start off fast and get off to a good start only ten games you get left behind and that's where i'm to us but you know fortunately you know but now we're going to prostrate focus try to get it back healthy stay healthy and control keep getting better. well it was a disappointment you're really competing for it's gone but there is still too much i don't to compete for beef season in the army mean girls now concentrate on the domestic championship and then be to be elite but it is our team. let's move to tennis where the two main styles of the men's game are up there are many series of charity matches on wednesday rafael nadal and roger federer moving from syria to madrid for had to have clash number two roger was the winner in the fast coming back from a said down to big draw for force six six three six three so obviously looking for
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avenging this one the world's top player surviving a set point before forcing a tie break and cruising to race seven for the way and in the opening south however federer have the better of the second set breaking the bell in the fifth game and with his own way perfectly the swiss was able to take it six four with a near full bent and smash reminiscent of pete sampras but a couple of breaks allowed the bell to get back on track in the decider the crowd's favorite prepping amazing six one win with the money raised to have the luck come a magnet that are enough to go to his foundation. this event is not really about us it's about helping others that's really what it is about people know that we do get along very well that we respect each other in a big way that we like playing in-situ others and there's a lot of love in the room in this place i'm very happy to be here and say. and cricket preparations are in full swing ahead of sunday's stop to the third ashes
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test between angle and australia. in the previous meeting in sand with the overall series now tied that won all four of bench in melbourne both teams have been tight lipped about the possible changes to their sides however paul collingwood's form has been called into question the aussies meanwhile must choose whether to keep it all out pace attack or drop bad hilfenhaus or peter siddle in favor of the young. beer and learned us live favorites to win it as they currently hold the ashes and one more victory will see them to found their title. there are very excited about this you know they've got a great chance to win this series it's going to. be right on to. the song to play the best crews going to win. and to the am a child finally that said junior hockey league which introduced its rising stars before heading to america for a series of exhibition games m.h.l.
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is a youth branch of the cape child with twenty nine clubs from twenty six cities of russia belarus and latvia currently playing in the lead and also as do the best players were introduced during a training camp before the journey to north america the coaching staff will also travel stateside to take part in six exhibition games in the u.s. and canada the series begins on monday this trip to join us in just enough america to. step forth the parishioners on this american life it's a. very positive. it should be very positive being said than other states and we look forward to further a further development in the wake of these particular. that's latest for this hour the weather forecast is up shortly before an update on today's main news stay with us. i'm sure is that so much to me do you visit is there
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a place on the mark when the new exit institutions leaving the holy land christians have lived in the story palestine since the advent of christianity alongside muslims.
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russia. threats of war north korea has warned of a nuclear strike angered by the scale of. the world's first decorated christmas tree five hundred years ago but. they are the ones who came up with the idea.
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of broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is. to have you with us president obama have hailed of the u.s. senate's approval of a new nuclear arms reduction treaty as historic it's now russian lawmakers turn to consider the deal and they are saying they will have to study washington's documents in full as they could introduce additional conditions are t. . has the details. russian lawmakers say they're ready to quickly follow the u.s. senate in ready flying the treaty unlike in washington both houses of the russian parliament the state duma and the federation council must approve it and as early as a anytime soon here at the state duma the first deliberations could start.


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