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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EST

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well you know most old you're on the other side and i think i'm just not good. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. from the studio these. stunts on t.v. dot com. for
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thirty pm in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v. easier headlines brushes approval of the nuclear cuts treaty with america on hold while lawmakers spend the holidays mulling over conflicting points in the u.s. senate resolution. yet lithuania give each other a christmas roasting with a row over who is the first to invent the festive decorated three. dmitri medvedev send season's greetings across the atlantic and encourages russia's opposition parties to show some competition as he wraps up the year being quizzed by a leading t.v. show. let's hear more now of what the president had to say in his q. and a session. with mr president. on us to choose a new career weapons i always like to quote my o'henry. that here the united states has to face up to a lot of dick difficulties and a democratic president obama as
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a democratic president has done a good job promoting the new start treaty and the senate why did you speak to him so late to yesterday. you know he had to take some time out he had to rest to like a re out of person he has the right to rest so he took some time out to celebrate christmas that's why i called him so late i think it was eleven pm i fully agree with you he did a very good job under difficult conditions he managed to you make could his senate ready for this document the new start treaty our security for the next two years will be based on this treaty in an arc in same general that it is very easy for me to work with president obama he can really listen to you and hear you he does not have stereotypes he's not limited by stereotypes and probably what is the most important thing for a politician he keeps his word would be a new start
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a with the w. two you'll or the ratifying another important treaty on nuclear cooperation. on international issues he keeps his word saw i hope he has a good rest he did a good job and this is what i told him yesterday i told him barak have some rest no but i could because they would work with cause when you said that our political system as showing symptoms of stagnation on one hand we have this in the official fall attacks on the other hand. the situation in st politics as as we have seen. the protests but you know you said we have to print gay us in the streets and outworked butts. the what do you think leasing response is sufficient here up there that you need him for snow police should at least act quickly and effectively sometimes police should only self the fluid and who he was
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quoting to law but the question i think to deal with our police has demonstrated he was qualities in some cases even though we do you have some problems with our police but our response should not only be limited to police and that you politics should not be taken out in the streets politics jude law and there can be street bolding spittal it should be only within the legal framework of course we can have picket lines and rallies and demonstrations we can but you should they should always be sanctioned we're a little bit progressing towards open democracy in some cases we will reintroduce the years and some institutions are going to have it it's long be forgotten but there should be another dimension to the politics of the bodies should feel responsible at least by for the interview with the authority they have received our
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main party united russia should not just to pull marines to preview. it should be tapped full and strong and should promote the right people as for corrupt officials and those who don't want to work properly with it should be demoted or even punished when other parties should be invited in to discuss all the issues that affect that they're in the opposition does not mean that they should not participate in discussion than you. could have only legislation is a. reason russia's political life is dominated by you and mr putin. can tell me if. any other president of politicians in russia and if there are any perhaps you would like to name someone who you would like to see as an ally in the future or maybe some adversaries so there's a really dark thank you politically we do you have politicians like this in our
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country at that and actually you know some of the names i can remember is some outstanding people like the political faction leaders in our state duma these are well known politicians and i'm not certain about that these people have been for decades on earth political landscape and some politicians are not in the state duma but they are still well known some call them outstanding politicians some people criticize them but they're also well known there are some well known politicians public politicians like the sake of. the more enough cusp are of one there are also public figures of course people may have different opinions about them each one of them has his own base but there are also public politicians but the main basis thought was something we don't mention little because they'd be self talented people in our country and beds where i think we have the future presidents
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future prime ministers future state duma day. vs our country has always been a reach she would tell him that people on the poland. deal to someone they're much completionist the most dramatic event of this year was the events at the village of course shelves. or. russia as we know we've seen many occasions this year in russian and in russia where our citizens are. stuck between officials on one side and gangs are glass crime on the other side of the structures official structures who pressurize our citizens as a circus show stand there was the story and it was for styling the arrest of the mayor and girls how do we fight that. this is a very important subject and i'm grateful to you for raising it if we all remember
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what happened in one thousand nine hundred dead time i didn't work for the government will i was just living in petersburg and many of us at the time had the impression that up there at the federal level which you can from quite often all sorts of people work including criminals and if they penetrated the state duma. in other government bodies i think that over the past two years we needed a very good progress in getting rid of criminals in the can government bodies being up here we were able to exclude. at the federal level and at the regional level but that the municipal level. at the local level with me any people use a very different code word for their conduct and we really need to purge i've course i don't mean the way it happened in the one nine hundred thirty s.
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but we need to exclude those people. from if they often are members of our ruling party. and this doesn't mean that the party should turn a blind eye to that he would know these people should be exposed ideally. i would like you know the case of how the cost of the picture of dorian gray as applied to the russian business every businessman does what is accused of but he is the one taking the blame and his associates latitude as well. do you think. our court systems might be too harsh on these people. as a lawyer and as a person what do you think about that yeah. well first let me say what i think of it as a president well as president i think the following we need neither the president
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nor any other government official. does not have a right to you go through and speak about his or her position on this case or on the any other case before the court gives its verdict this is quite obvious but over that. was a done in spite of what's been practiced in russia of for decades did we recognize it didn't we recognized a surprise for hours on spies are you talking about you know what small eyes what did with. me what conclusions did we make folks from the incidents don't think i'm not saying it became clear to me gods are modern russia has an illegal spying service as it is. you know old people who work for you know our secret services our russian citizens first and foremost they are not
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cannon forder they're not just heroes who are a separate feist by the state in the past and the soviet union and sometimes even russia preferred not to talk about this this was a mistake our priority in this situation was to get our people out of there and we did it perhaps first and foremost because i immediately admitted that they were russian citizens and this is normal furthermore recently i had a meeting with our foreign intelligence service celebrated the anniversary and i told them if they will do the same thing again if you are illegal agents or official cover agents are in trouble because those people are taking care of our each trysts with them now as for me he intelligence there are all kinds of intelligence there is still. official cover agents you have official coverage send
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not official coverage and if you say you don't have a legal agency that you know this probably is a small country without serious geopolitical interests you and your british continuous could very well thank you very much for this conversation of us who did it from ourselves our audience and i wish you happy new year even though i think it would be naive to say we hope it will be better than this year although this year was difficult for us you just have a happy year thank you very much colleagues i'd like to say to all of you and our viewers that we were here to congratulate everybody on the new year and i promised another thing i will do this one more time you know when. i thank you with.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from history the canada. giant corporations are the day. russia's approval of the nuclear cuts treaty with america waits while lawmakers spend the holidays mulling over conflicting points in the u.s. senate resolution. law yet lithuania gave each other a christmas roasting with us wobble over who is first to invent the best decorated tree. and between medvedev send season's greetings across the atlantic it encourages russia's opposition parties to show some competition as he wraps up you're being quizzed by leading keeping track of. more news headed your way in a quarter hour first let's have the sports highlights with natalia.
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hello and welcome to our sports update with the latest news and action there is what's coming up in the program. changes at some cereal into a second manager rafael benitez and things of speculation. homecoming king real madrid demolished eighth meal of the burned out belly in the opening leg of their last sixteen cooper hillary matches. cancelation winces class in the final the early game this season. exit the competition off to the group stage though for the first time in almost a decade. and the winner is rafael nadal's charity foundation as ruffled beats roger federer in their second raising tennis match in madrid. it
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is finally official of the san siro as a lot of eventually they fired manager rafael beneath us on the days of speculation the fifty year old loss to just over six months and will sag despite leading the team to the club world cup title on santa dane when it is was but at his old stomping ground in liverpool as the news of his imminent departure began hitting the local and worldwide press than at this early address team president through the media after the cup when asking the oil tycoon to back him on new signings or terminate his contract as the options and to also manage to reach just seventh domestically and sit thirteen points adrift of rivals a similar in the sciri last as trouble winners have won just six of their last fifteen matches and into our next back on the field on january sixth at home to. in spain real madrid have their
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slides firmly set on the copa del rey trophy they haven't won for nearly twenty years. chargers have the quarterfinals in the crosshairs after destroying live on the eighth meal in the last sixteen first leg it was a gorski watch the action. the home fans would soon be so with excitement dritte prepared to reign under the elements cristiano ronaldo and company eager to win the copa del rey for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety three the spanish capital erupting with joyous karim benzema got things started for ryal less than six minutes in with a stellar solo effort javier charice finding it hard to keep up with a french explosive moves jos a marine charges continue to attack the evening the vonte ronaldo setting up german international missed sukkos zeal to make it to some three minutes later i was only getting started on the night the twenty three year old securing a brace was some thirty two minutes gone by and the match. right
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now decided to get in on the egg just before the break then so must setting up his teammate this time to make the score for new things were as bad for the violence in the second half as they were in the first briefly going airborne as he hammered in another goal in the sixty ninth minute to secure a hat trick ronaldo really got going after the seventy eighth minute and bring in two more goals to match that effort a precision strike from up close in the seventy second adding even more damage to the much demoralized labonte one of law leaders bottom sides would soon feel the boot of one of the world's highest paid athletes again ronaldo not to be outdone as this effort see the treble and made the score seven nil substitute pedre leone hammered yet another goal into the live on net aid nil final scoreline effectively means labonte have nothing to play for in the second leg yvonne's of gorski archie . and i would go fast on the last sixteen of the german cow while byron munich
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edged out stead a good six three a sellout stood the crowd watching byron zagreus or deliver the story in the six minutes meyer gone the scrum play followed of that. for it with one of these zones some two minutes later. russian international five open group now tried his hardest to digs to get out of a hole and the twenty seven year old succeeded scoring a brace and tying proceedings at two apiece was all wired in the sack them the lowest to get bread out of gas six three the final score with byron advancing to the quarterfinals. meanwhile a busy boxing day period coming up in the english premier league with leaders manchester united and their rivals due to play four times within two weeks first up for manchester united this sunderland on sunday having not lost a league game so far this season manager alex ferguson is aiming to continue them
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beaten run and retain the top spot by the end of the fortnight if mr wood took to the gender fortune will have done well i think that's when we'll come in. and be that same you know the top shape most will depend on the weather of course we could develop a sport and share it with us working in the moment and maybe to do think you're going to have the four games you know. if it's a case thing being top of the week by january fourth would be good now in basketball it says moscow's euro league campaign came to an end on wednesday night with victory over fs pilsen the win as little consolation for the muscovites though who had failed to qualify for the top sixteen long before. the story. it's the end of when iraq would say it's gone if we read these your early history books by region eight consecutive finals for this season is proving to be extremely
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difficult but they are manned and then answered these flash storage sites at the spills and without the chance to make the top sixteen stage seal they will focus on the game in alaska who has been playing the best possible the season we just want to continue that trend even though for us to gaming terms of the early didn't mean anything for us just continue to get better as a team and that's always the goal is to continue to be the best team we can be and you know hopefully i will have in say scott were in control from the very beginning to meet basic golf taken the center stage in their attacks in the first quarter eleven points for the big center and the game was over i am. jammin gordon provided one of these games of the season was eighteen points and seven rebounds on the night since scott finished the first half lead invite well billions at his field some started to close the gap later on though thinks their number of that goal jump shot the home side get their composer and delicacies she
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had provided for and sage for base to hand down to give us a sky nine point lead halfway through the final florida but on sage would eventually finish the match with seventeen points gordon and company then played aggressively in defense and brought the game to a meaning and i afterwards they are man said there are lessons to learn after these early season the guys that are here now and i come back make sure i'm sure they're going to be mad about what happened to share and i want to take it out on everybody and now their hard drives are going to get back to the went away for jefferies used to stuff like this happens sometimes in a such being a professional is about always doesn't happen for you the way you want to happen and you know you know this isn't our year to move on we started off slow and if it's in the bud you know we're. sometimes i say happens if you don't start off fast and get up to a good start only ten games you get left behind and that's where i'm to us but you know fortunately you know but now we're going to concentrate focus try to get it
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back healthy stay healthy and in turkey getting better. well it was a disappointment you're really competing for it's gone but there is still too much i don't to compete for the fees and i remain good now concentrate on the democratic change in shape and then be to be elite but it was our team. let's move to tennis where the two main stars of the men's game wrap their mini series of charity matches on wednesday rafael a doll and roger federer moving from zurich to madrid for had to have clashed number two roger was the winner in the fast coming back from a said down to be a draw for four six six three six three so obviously looking for avenging this one the world's top player surviving a set point before forcing a tie break and cruising to race seven for the way and in the opening south however federer have the better of the second set breaking the bell in the fifth game and with his own work perfectly this was able to take it six four with a near full vent and smash reminiscent of pete sampras but
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a couple of breaks allowed the bell to get back on track in the decider the crowds favorite prepping amazing six one win with the money raised to have the luck come from maggie arena to go to his foundation. this event is not really about us it's about helping others that's really what it is about people know that we do get along very well that we respect each other in a big way that we like playing in-situ others and there's a lot of love in the room. in this place so i'm very happy to be here and say. and cricket preparations are in full swing ahead of sunday's style to the third ashes test between angle and australia beaten in their previous meeting in sand with the overall series now tie the wind all for a bench in melbourne both teams have been tight lipped about the possible changes to their sides however paul collingwood's form has been called into question the
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aussies meanwhile must choose whether to keep it all out pace attack or drop bad hilfenhaus or peter siddle in favor of the young michael beer and learn the us live favorites to win it as they currently hold the ashes and one more victory will see them to found their title. there are very excited about this they've got a great chance to win this series it's going to. be right on the see the song that plays best crews going to win. and to the am a child finally that said junior hockey league which introduced its rising stars before heading to america for a series of exhibition games m.h.l. is a youth branch of the cape child with twenty nine clubs from twenty six cities of russia belarus and latvia currently playing in the lead and on thursday the best players were introduced during a training camp before the journey to north america the coaching staff will also travel stateside to take part in six exhibition games in the u.s.
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and canada the series begins on monday and this takes you to the nelson is enough america to. step forth in the parishioners on this american. people very positive. it should be very positive being said than other states and we look forward for the president of the league of these particular. latest for this hour the weather forecast is up shortly before an update on today's main use stay with us. issues that so much given to you each musician playing on your mark with the new exit in species leaving the holy land christians have lived in historic palestine since the adjective christianity alongside muslims.
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discover it.
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becomes very. nature can give you. russia's medication and then you can construct the weights my love makers spend their already smoking over the points. sending out congratulations across the atlantic and encouraging opposition leaders to do a little bit more active these are just some of the topics covered by the russian president during his off the year interview to the heads of russian television channels. live via lithuania give each other a christmas roasting with a squabble over who is the first to invent the festive decorated tree.
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news around the clock from around the world you're watching r.t.i. match it's five pm in moscow our top story russia's lawmakers have launched their debates on ratify the nuclear arms reduction treaty with the u.s. after one backing in the senate the lower house of parliament has already given its preliminary approval and it's set to finally sign off on the deal in the new year and what's being hailed as a diplomatic victory by presidents medvedev and obama. has more on what's happening in moscow. seems so that russian devotees a very optimistic and also along with the all the americans they've been celebrating this tremendous victory the final ready be cation of the new strategic arms reduction treaty on capitol hill we know there have been those long heated debates on pros and cons of this major new.


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