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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2010 2:00am-2:30am EST

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documents produced by the senators and these commit washington to missile defense systems and modernizing its nuclear arsenal but did not affect the main body of the treaty the deal was signed in april by presidents with the f. and obama as an education reports being hailed as a major diplomatic victory. in the vote. on this american on this sort of resolution are seventy one days twenty six nays two thirds of the senate president having voted in the affirmative the resolution of ratification is agreed to. and we disapprove all russian the u.s. will start the new year with a treaty that has become a symbol of trust and cooperation between the two nuclear superpowers i am glad that democrats and republicans came together to approve my top national security priority for this session of congress the new start treaty this is the most significant arms control agreement in nearly two decades and it will make us safer and reduce our nuclear arsenals along with russia. both states have some very
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significant reductions underway over the next ten years the countries will cut their nuclear arsenals by a third down to some fifteen hundred fifty deployed warheads on each side the deal also limits the number of delivery vehicles and launchers but even with those cuts both russia and the u.s. will still hold more than ninety percent of the world's nuclear weapons so many agree that the value of the new arms reduction treaty is not just in reductions but i think it's also important to say that the significance of the treaty is much larger than the implications for arms control it really does give a lot of momentum and boost to the broader us russia reset and i think puts obama and medvedev on course to cooperate more closely on a whole host of issues and it may well be that this is seen as a turning point in which the russia us rivalry of the past is finally laid to rest for weeks and months the president of the united states all members of his administration the military all living former secretary of state and of defense
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were calling for senators not to ruin this reset opportunity for us russia relations and the message did resonate with many senators every senator knows when you're trying to get things done relationships matter and the relationship between the united states and russia has been critical since we fought together in world war two and will be contin and will continue to be so this is an on parallelled opportunity to enhance that relationship and to say by signature and by ratification of this treaty that yes the united states of america wants to work with russia despite the huge support the treaty has received on many levels a number of republican senators nearly sabotaged it their actions provoked an avalanche of criticism from the country's top six. already experts who feared that the treaty
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could become a victim of political games on capitol hill the arguments the treaty adversaries brought up on the hearings ranged from there's no earthly way to do all of this within the time that we have to even more unsubstantial ones like we don't have to have this treaty if we don't have a nuclear treaty with the u.k. and one we don't have one with france in the final days of debates on start some republican senators trying to rewrite the deal which would have actually killed it they wanted to take out the line in the preamble which makes the connection between offensive and defensive weapons start straitjackets the united states' missile defense capabilities but all of those from the military who testified before the senate said the connection between offensive and defensive weapons is obvious they also maintained it's not start to step through make the us weaker the treaty itself explicitly says either side can pull out of it if at some point they deem it
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threatens their national security for russians this new start is about balance and equality and they will be in it as long as the u.s. respects that balance in russia the outcome of the vote in the u.s. senate has been well come from many in moscow it's a signal that the u.s. and russia can now open a new page of cooperation with the militants president obama did a really good job under rather difficult conditions if you managed to get the senior contributor who's been the senate leader and security for the next few years will be only street and in general i can say that it's easily me to work with the president who you know it's of police you can really listen to him and he is not impeded by stereotypes and what is probably the most important thing for politicians which is he keeps. the russian lawmakers made it clear they had no objections to the treaty advocates of the treaty see the outcome of the vote not so much as obama's victory but a victory for the whole world which on the one hand is. going to have considerably
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for you were weapons of mass destruction and on the other hand tools nuclear superpowers former adversaries actually trusting each other and looking to work in hands to provide their security going to check on our team washington d.c. . and moscow has repeatedly said that of washington goes ahead with plans to build a missile defense shield in europe without considering russia's stand it will pull out of the start agreement to meet resource law from the council on foreign and defense policy here moscow says russian legislators are keen to emphasise this can . unilateral suggestions parliament's resolution will follow the line of the preamble of the document and they will stipulate to the facts of the linkage between the offensive and defensive weapons that are a nuclear weapon so the missile defense system basically and second i think the russian parliament will repeat perhaps more strictly. the stall of the russian unilateral statements that was about missed by the russian foreign ministry on the
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date of signing the treaty in prague. might consider pulling out from the new start treaty if it considers if the development of u.s. missile defense system reaches the level that russia will interpret as the threats . and north korean soldiers who reportedly took part in the shelling of a south korean island last month sept young and was provoked by so was war games it's the first time northern troops have spoken publicly about the violence they appeared in a talk show on state television marking came danielle's nineteen years as the country's top military commander ahead of the anniversary coming here and your native would launch want to call the sacred nuclear war again so while the sounds president promised retaliation if attacked last month north korea shelled the south island of young killing four people in response to souls and drills in the area and alice say south korea and the u.s. are seeking to destroy north korea as an end. and state. the united states' policy
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for the last sixty years has been to seek the collapse of the north korean state and its absorption into the south. the league government is more closely aligned with u.s. foreign policy goals on the korean peninsula than say the governments of presidents rowe and president kim. in south korea. president lee is oftentimes seen as a puppet of the united states and the area around his office is called by many south koreans the news united states of south korea south korea certainly seized on any opportunity it can to escalate tensions the sinking of the south korean corvette cheonan which is immediately blamed on north korea over north korea and denials and there are many in south korea who do not believe the official inquiry then we have the artillery exchange that happened on november twenty third which has been blamed
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on north korea however the exchange was triggered by a south korean marine garrison on an island that lives very close to the north korean coast you consider that you consider president leaves hostility towards north korea. is a policy of confrontation the escalating war games and it's hard not to conclude that south korea is trying to precipitate a fight to to pick a fight and trying to provoke its northern neighbor. and this week the brother of the late polish president killed in a plane crash in russia has claimed the body buried in krakow does not belong to live. has not yet announced whether he will ask for the remains to be zoomed moscow was startled by the comments as the polish side had been involved in all stages of the identification last week warsaw rejected the results of russia's investigation to april's plane crash report concluded that pilot error was among the main causes
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of the accident that killed all ninety six people on board the jet the polish prime minister has called the findings delivered by russia unacceptable and they report as and you have been made public education expert cruciate says the russian investigation was thorough and no further international inquiries needed. i think the key is to you for the polar side is probably quite a significant amount of criticism of the polish air force and in particular the captain of the aircraft and his copilot operating that aircraft on the day of that tragic accident and i think that's primarily the major cause for concern and what we'll see you soon with the draft report which we passed on to publish got i've looked at this issue since the accident and examined the
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cockpit voice recording transcripts and so on and i can't fault any of the conclusions that have been leaked by the russian authorities i don't believe personally that if we bring an international investigating team into the equation that the findings will be any different to what they are which seems to be the pressure was brought to bear in some way shape or form on the pilots and copilots of the aircraft to make an attempt to land at an airport where there were no conditions at all to land too much fog not enough visibility and a lot of pressure being brought on the pilots conspired to cause that accident. and coming shortly on r.t.e. carving up the desert the israeli government pushing arab tribes off the land that's been thier home for over a century find out why. by
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a bomb shell and chapman becomes a government bad role model for russian youngsters. iran will decide next week whether to sever diplomatic relations with the u.k. and the islamic republic's lawmakers voted for to iran to cut all ties after the british ambassador to the country criticized its human rights record this week iran saw the commons as interference in its internal affairs relations between the two countries half the tearing rated system france claimed the british intelligence was involved in the assassination of a top iranian nuclear scientist last month political commentator cam atari says the threat to break off diplomatic ties is a warning that iran will not stand for britain's meddling iran doesn't seem to have a problem with britain and the us for as long as. i could i make sense onto some altos us and it did in broad daylight in tehran seems to still be you know
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a person funeral type of. it feels that it didn't speak out against the domestic affairs of other nations it will whereas the iranian lawmaker has disagreed but this is too strong a morning well those strong warning this is to send the warning to to britain. iran is prepared to go as far as if such language and such actions such as alleged actions by proxy terrorist organizations are not stole and record breaking billion dollar military deals and high tackling caps or just some of the results of which are going to be out of a visit to india this week the russian president also steal agreements on nuclear power to meet the growing needs of the world's second most populous nation artie's current saying it was following failure strip. financial crisis that shaken the group politicians and well why question. anything through the previous
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quarter dominated by the u.s. and europe is being left behind by the rising giants russia india and china and indeed struck the president medvedev during the annual summit between russia and india. recently we've done a lot to promote cooperation between russia and india but yesterday i spent the whole day in new delhi and we held talks we prepared and signed quite a number of documents on cooperation between our countries. yet in india russia is seen as and or friends it is india's number one supplier offering it cutting edge weaponry such as beings and money. and now the countries have signed the biggest defense home correctly guess history thank you billions of dollars in talking it's a deal to jointly develop a fifth generation fighter aircraft costing nearly one billion dollars apiece the jets to be able to compete with the american if we do the cost to the dying as much
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at present the u.s. is the only such technology which should even this it's like the new aircraft by russia and india would have stepped features and the will for the ripley to be built for forces energy is another sector the two countries are basic together russia has agreed to build more nuclear power stations for india but the atomic plants is already building the country will come online next year and will provide much needed energy for india's growing economy i am particularly big. time cooperation. and gas sector flecked become the mentality. the strength of the. nation ship is is that it off.
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to. their relationships that countries have with the west you know we can all fall down a bit of ways of thinking on one various things whether it's on climate change whether it's on science and technology it's on space with the financial up evil we've been witnessing the rising economies are being seen as the dollar store of the new world order and as we enter the mix. russia and india are embarking on the next phase in this strategic partnership god and saying r.t. . and you can always find more stories on our website and here's just a quick look at what's online right now. a way to escape we take a look at africa rehabilitative vanity and more than one million heroin addicts. and russian prime minister took time off from wrestling with diplomatic issues to just watch the judo blackbelt give a master class and same school. you
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machine on t.v. dot com. china's has a stake in concrete action to help struggling european economies combat the financial crisis at an economic forum in beijing the country's fice premier appraise the use effort to reduce debt in a china said it wouldn't reduce its holdings of european bonds but economist mark opiate for poly says beijing's support is not a permanent remedy this extends china's political influence in europe by making a lot of european states dependent on china to buy to buy their debt but it doesn't get away from the fundamental problem in europe europe has a big big sovereign debt crisis and bases if you like a patch to try and help the situation until the europeans managed to put together
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some some proper reforms some proper fundamental structures to help the euro stay together moving forward and to date they've been very much dragging their heels in and patching up greece and ireland rather than coming to the table to put together fundamental reform of how the euro actually operates the senior american military commanders are reported to be pushing to expand their afghan campaign into neighboring pakistan washington already regularly conducts drone attacks in the country as lombards has a public backlash is likely if u.s. combat troops begin operating there kathy kelly who campaigns against u.s. led war says america's military establishment is simply holding more money. it seems to me that the united states would have an effect similar to what has happened in the past here in afghanistan along with the drone attacks the invasion
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of a sovereign country. a united states joint special operations whose means of attack include death squads and assassinations and night raids would exacerbate the tremendous almost tidal wave of anti-american sentiment amongst the public united states establishment the military industrial complex companies have learned that you can make an enormous profit you can still fear financial portfolios and run to the bank and that you can do this in another limited way and they've learned that lesson and they would like to continue it but as far as what the united states might have learned from listening to people on the ground who are in touch with those who bear the brunt of the united states work there i'm talking about the families first loved ones who have been slaughtered i'm talking about families
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where people are now widow and orphan the united states doesn't learn from listening to the cries in the pleas of people who beg us to stop the killing. the israeli government is uprooting uprooting arab tribes from the desert they lived in for over a century and the jewish state says the better when it's built their homes without permission but local activists say that the crackdown of arab villages aims to replace them with the jewish settlements are supposedly or has more from the negev desert. in the middle of nowhere the remains of a kid village for the third time in two weeks israeli police came with a few visitors and in little more than an hour demolished sixty houses. from a flood no this is my land i have a paper i have a document this is my land i ask this government how do i live and how can i afford to buy the same land elsewhere in israel and i can't what they want me to sell my land i won't. and as long as he and hundreds of others won't the police will
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continue to raid seven times they've come so far backed up by a government whose official policy states this is their land but i think the unofficial policy underneath it is that the land should go to the jews not. the big ones on a medic arabs who've lived in the negev desert for more than one hundred years they claim they used to pay taxes during the autumn and period in british mandate but off to israel took over in one thousand nine hundred eight they've been hard placed to prove their ownership of the land they don't have any legal documents proving that this land is there's been evergreens of buying and selling between themselves but according to the law of the state of israel ownership of land can only be proven by registering the land in a public office israel says it's built alternative cities fill them with all the facilities they could hope for but they keep coming back to the desert. they're not
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abiding by the law they live inside graveyards with horses donkeys sheep the animals mess all over the graves and make it difficult for us to move them but we have to because they need permission to build on the lent and they don't have it. i think that. the government they would like to push them into the town troops could become simple workers they would like to give the land to the army and jewish settlements. who will change the demographic status of the negative just look around here at this vast uninhabited is it is home to only seven percent of israel's population several years ago the government launched an ambitious program to the value of six hundred million dollars to try and attract new jewish immigrants and israelis to live here it aims in the next three years to have more than a quarter of
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a million of them living in the desert but just because the desert is it seemingly not big enough for jew and arab jew mel torme he has lost his way hoss and seven houses but he hasn't lost his resolve and. we are man of peace we don't use the gun the man who came to destroy our houses with other bad phases of this land we did not fight back when they came but the fights will continue because tomorrow when the sun comes up do you move will build again and in a few weeks these raids will return. in the negev desert israel a subject look at some other stories from around the world and violence follow me i rico's you to presidential action has forced some fourteen thousand people to flee to neighboring liberia at least one hundred seventy people have been killed in clashes so far most of those being are supporters of opposition leader allison atar whom un has recognized as the winner in coming liril around babo is refusing to quit. or venezuelan president carlos andras paris has died of
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a heart attack at the age of eighty eight he was in hospital in florida paris nationalize the oil industry and survived two cooler temps but was finally forced from office he was a firm. latin american leader to be convicted of corruption and illicit richmond. an indian rocket carrying a communications satellite has exploded just minutes after its launch officials say an error caused it to adopt a steeper angle is an intended and break its second space launch failure this year so more walking develops a fault. russia's flame married to former agent tal anna chapman is making a new foray into political life this time as a leader of the ruling good night of russia parties youth movement at a recent meeting chap and made a speech called no party members to transform the future of the next generation at
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a chaplain shot to fame during a spy scandal between russia and the u.s. in the summer when the f.b.i. uncovered a russian espionage ring she was one of a number of agents in the port of from the us in a cold war style swap. and a couple of minutes we hear president of speak about the ups and downs of twenty and as he sits down with russia's major news channels first i'll be back with a recap of our top stories though.
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that you. can. switzer told. me gloats going. to take a turn. on this week's news top stories the historic arms reduction deal between russia and the u.s. goes ahead in both countries the lower house russia's parliament voted to give initial approval to the agreement on friday after he was approved for ratification by the u.s. senate a few days earlier. tensions fly high on the green peninsula and threatens a sacred nuclear war if sold carries up war games speaking on state t.v.
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the north troops have accused the south of provoking them into attacking young island last month. or so questions russia's findings in a plane crash which killed a former polish president and ninety five other people a wave brought her claims the body buried in a krakow doesn't belong to me but experts say. that they are. from wiki leaks to the springs polish plane crash the russian president has given his frank views on the events that shaped twenty ten sitting down with the country's leading t.v. channels me look at the highs and lows of the passing year and we'll bring you the highlights next. village. mr president. it's crazy.


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