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tv   [untitled]    January 4, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EST

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get us life least of all it chief economist from do each a bank thinks the ruble has chances to strengthen in two thousand and eleven do not foresee a complete. free float for the ruble in the next several years i think given the dependency on oil prices given the volatility that we see in the markets the central bank is likely to be cautious although i have to say the flexibility of the ruble the volatility in rubles movements will certainly increase in the coming years but when it gets down to it the ruble is still have a lead depended on commodity prices afterwards to diversify the economy are slow in bearing fruit that so many analysts expect commodity price inflation in twenty eleven particularly as u.s. authorities print more dollars and that bodes well for the ruble minds in the business r.t. . and that's all the business update for this hour join us in fifteen
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minutes from war. now. no longer. early. enough backyard i'm not landed we will not i'm not trying to crop up and then spread all over the country.
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virtually all terrorists today are muslims do we have the right to make such provoking of statements and the muslim schools have the right to exist. indifferent or new york city. this is all a lie from moscow headlines now the israeli army is trying to take out leaders as classified contacts and damaging pictures comicon their way onto the internet the problem appears to come from within their ranks with young tech savvy soldiers posting secrets on social networks. to russian ice breakers are racing to rescue some five hundred.
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the money. talks with. goals for two thousand and eleven. with the country's president. to hear more about . europe and the challenges the nation faces to stay with us. thank. god is that the church is serbian president thank you very much for being with us today thanks a lot mr president it's been two years since kosovo's independence was recognized
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and back then there was a lot of talk about the don't know a fact about the threat of destabilisation in the region and that none of that happened why do you think was it right to make such a fuss in the first place in the beginning of the domino effect is still existing as a threat for everybody not only in the region of southeast europe but those everywhere and from that there is a real concerns both to the king for the consideration of probably the reality of the army unit about the declaration of independence i think that we are trying to prevent problems. i mean should be a has a consistent policy that means we are totally against partition or for all countries of the member states of united nations that means we are against partition of the countries that the existing in the region in that respect we are fully supporting for example and integrity integrity of other countries. and in that respect to be a contributing to the stability even though we are very much affected because if
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you look through the caribbean of independence just recently kosovo as prime minister suggested starting relations from scratch ways. is that possible i mean what would it take for serbia to actually i think dialogue i think the dialogue is a very important that look can bring some solution i mean we have a confrontation between serbs and albanians not between should be and costs because we don't preclude the score so independence we have a confrontation between serbs and albanians for almost. fifty years and then the end. they we have to solve that kind of call for it to come from blocking not only certain sort of single being is but also whole region in terms of progress and development only trade dialogue we can achieve some sort of you shine that can be acceptable for grades so the pretty sure foreign minister with a mistake sat that serbia's actually putting in chances of joining the e.u. under threat by refusing to cooperate with kosovo and you're facing
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a really tough choice what's your priority kosovo or the member so i'm not making that kind of differencies been. participating on elections the last time and the first time when i was elected for president of serbia having in the mind two main sort digital goals to become embassy to fewer people and to defend to be totally taken so going into my country i'm going to continue my efforts in that direction while in two thousand and eight in every single one of your interviews you set that seventy priest per cent of your people off serbs thought that kosovo was the main problem major problem in the country and like your later this number dropped to six percent why is that i mean if you're talking about people that. mentioning course was a main problem of the country different opinion polls in boss fewer you have to know that serbia is very much affected because of economical crisis and in that
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respect the old serbian people and the cities and such thinking that economic crises. unemployment and the kind of problems to talk before are joined and this is a totally true without strong economy and the real development you cannot defend your state and the national interests and that is why we are trying to solve the problems like all other countries all around the world but people are not thinking that costs always are not the problem anymore costs always existing on the problem not only between serbs and. binion's but those with regional policy globally thinking because of caving in the mind the real possible press of the can create many many turmoil sold around the world you're absolutely right the international court of justice in the hague recognized the legitimacy of course of this independence and this is the first president now to that what do you think are the consequences for some other european countries in the decision of the international
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court of justice has been legitimizing you know that through a declaration of independence not independence of course. being in the mind the group of the people that the declared you know not truly independence didn't have a right to do that they came to the consideration all legal framework which was adopted on course so before and there is very controversial decision but we are not going to interfere in decision so for international court of justice we accept that and we are going to continue all efforts in the erection to defend territorial integrity and sovereignty or serbia but that cannot be really. the. without dialogue between serbs and albanians between prishtina both agreed and we have to hear some kind of compromise on the end of the day solution is not one side that means course will be getting everything and the other serbia and sort of
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serbian people losing everything i'm totally sure that we have to have a some compromise despite their urging the european parliament to recognize this independence as spain has graced theirs for mania they refused to do so do you think it's more because their apprehensions about their own intentions are it's just solidarity no no no no they're there. all governments all around the world are they finding their own interests not only those three countries but also cyprus and greece and i appreciate very much that kind of approach because that was very helpful regarding serbian position but those guys. most of the founding interest so they citizens and the national interest and we understand that very well be on the side that perfectly well you have always stronger promoted the pro-american image of your government and that one of the costs of the issue emerged when it came down to it turned out that russia was your only ally to ally how did that happen and i'm pro serbian. president this government is going to be ollie's if i'm going to be
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leader of the country i'm sure that i'm going to continue my work serbian government we want to have the best possible relations we deny the states even though we are facing with a real challenges for especially because of course that is a crucially important achievement in my talks with the vice president biden and clinton and she came to belgrade and we agreed that we disagree on course so he should and this is not very easy to achieve that kind of. relations in the very difficult circumstances in which we are living second we do not want to become member state of united states we want to become a member state of european union we are leaving the europe and we are going to continue our efforts in the direction but no one can make very strange or not the future condition symptom so frequent as in kosovo. because of the intention to become a member state the future puno be should know that the pro-choice european union countries very much taking to the consideration our relations with the russian
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historical relations very close relations and culture relations no one can make any problem seeing death respect this is not changeable policy and be sure to serbia is going to be very very close partner of russia true future and future history and we should have and continue to have special little course i have extremely close relations with your president to your prime minister we have a very very good conversation and we agreed on many many issues and we are going to continue our force in that direction so this is a quote from your end. that balkan integration into the e.u. is de only way to settle the disputes and we should all be integrated into europe and look for pragmatic ways out singleton is there now why do you think it's possible to settle the issue that one country couldn't solve on its own within the e.u. boundaries only true that we can solve the problem that is that is not the think only serbs and albanians only serbia but those the whole region and i think that is
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becoming a globally extremely important issue and that is the reason the. only sixty countries recognize corso independence until today we have more than one hundred ninety countries so that the member states of the united nations that is this is also faith that we have to take into consideration so that ultra right moments are gathering pace and here and now under this conditions how do you see settling the problem of living side by side with muslims in your country i mean the religious issue is a very very important issue muslims bush next have people that have a muslim religion are living in serbia for centuries and i appreciate very much the achievement of my system and bush culture in my country and in the original policy in that respect fully respecting older rights for all religious communities old national minorities and we are going to continue that kind of policy europe is
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a facing where the problem with the challenge is how to define themself in terms of the influence of the moslem culture on european confidence in the that is between turkey and europe we are not very strong country and we cannot to decide what has to be european policy and that they were actually have to decide where are the board to surf european union are not how to the. many different is that existing between christians and muslims but. if you want to my. opinion i can see staying on the extreme religious groups that we have all relieved us right now not only among the muslims but those some of the christian science facing the serbian president would rather call this. very very often insisting on christian identity but very strong and very extreme
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religious organisations becoming problems everywhere on the globe sir sir big government that its utmost to have and that it's to the hague what's your assessment of this process we have to continue that process first of all this is all oh this is in accordance with allah just lay ssion we are spending all those otherwise we'll be in a very difficult situation and second in terms of frequency leadership area one who is accused has to be and he should be. i'm not talking about serbs croats abortion exelby any others but because of war and terrible whole consequences we're facing with only ways in terms of frequency lieschen the people that really accuse because of the war crimes during the night the night this has to be faced with a justice in the hague tribunal but then ten years ago when that i was doing it was acquitted of all charges he sat there tribunals decision was
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a major blow to the whole international justice system and also to the hopes of balkans for reconciliation saying that you considered a biased and incompetent that was really very tough momentum for serbs and serbia for me as a serbian president. fortunately that is a continuing process against the mr hardin are right now in there right now he's in the hague tribunal once again and the human rights watch is a human rights organization demanded that you put pressure on serbia to actually make this a. more effective what do you say to that but i am not changing my my and my approach on everyone who is the reason they teach us to be in the hague tribunal that is a very strict and not changeable pockets mr president thank you retching you very much thanks a lot. more
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news today violence has once again flared up. and these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all day.
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the headlines on our t.v. the israeli army is trying to cap the leak of classified contact. making their way through the problem appears to come from within the ranks with young tech savvy soldiers posting secret lists on social networks. to russian icebreakers are racing to rescue some five hundred people trapped off the country's far usually several ships. in the bay of such. billions of dollars down the drain but you are serious pouring more and more cash into the afghan war but
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experts say there's no telling where the money really ends up. more news coming your way in less than fifteen minutes but for now it's the sports with. hello there thanks for watching the sports this is what he's coming up. magnitogorsk suffer a shock three one defeat at the hands of the belief and make a. class it's farewell to fall of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time calls time on his career. while the big names of tennis make a splash and better and look ahead to the season. well let's go straight to the metal though of course missed the chance to regain top spot losing three one to
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after moby least in a catherine berg. like me. given the house in the early lead but after will be back in front in the second if before sydney called wrapped it up a great win for them it's only their eighth of this season elsewhere you could have defeated trackball in a shootout and the big close in on my feet of course in the table after their victory over. well the english premier league clubs are waiting to hear if david beckham will be released on loan by his american club l.a. galaxy tottenham you castle blackburn are among the side's interested in the former england captain is the close season in the states and galaxy are considering whether to release their star man before their new season starts in march backseats thirty five is keen on the move to maintain his fitness under the previous chance of playing for england. not just banks he could be on the move on the news agency says the brazilian is looking to leave ac milan and return home the thirty year old is in brazil at the moment and been told from a very good i mean. he's only made
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a handful of stars race in milan this season but one consecutive fee for world player of the year awards in two thousand and four and two thousand and five while playing for barcelona this mashad incidentally. during a training session with incredible skill he helped them lead helped lead boston to the champions league in two thousand and six and also won the world cup with brazil . remodeled munching on the hoping to put some daylight between themselves and nearest rivals man city united league the premiership on goal difference from a cross the time i was under the only top four club to play on tuesday night when they entertain stoke at old trafford and alex ferguson's men hoping to stretch their unbeaten run this season to twenty games stoke have conceded nine goals and scored only once on their last two trips to the track. well you know the games on tuesday night blackpool could potentially go eight victory over when there's a real allegation battle every other match fullam could move out of the drop zone
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at the expense of west ham if they. and on wednesday the rest of the teams played a pick of the place are still against second place man city five points off the top player britain and chelsea held to a three three draw by further on sunday night away to bottom side all. the regular season is over in the n.f.l. in the playoffs kick off this weekend with the wild card random one team people are probably the most surprised not to see in the postseason at the new york giants the g.-man traumatization prince hoping the packers would slip into chicago and they sure did their part there in the third quarter manning from the baseline to marion manning him and that's the giants longest scoring pie all season because manning and goes all the way to put them right now but the redskins showed they can might learn he plays as well backup quarterback rex grossman the sixty four yard touchdown delivery and the armstrong washington within a field goal with the giants. the clock called only for the win but it was
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bittersweet because green bay. and crowd in six final playoff spot in the end that saved. time playing both communities were another team hoping to win and hope. another of those right up against the saying sea really on looking strong and hoping to get the number one seemed to see that the game turned around when to use bumble the pool three yards from the ends i understand dan hill to the defending champs in their own just freeman three two touchdowns that one of them put the bucs up and. however then six tampa still whole sure success by the giants and the packers one meg this is the playoff picture indianapolis the reg guests in the wild card brand new york jets on saturday the ravens and the chiefs of the other wildcard have an a.f.c. top save the patriots instilling in the divisional round super bowl champions new orleans and coming in number five seats will travel to seattle while the eagles the
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hives the packers atlanta the surprise topsy in the n.f.c. i joined by chicago in the divisional. meanwhile one of the greatest quarterbacks ever brett farve has announced his retirement to sit at the vikings final regular season gang i didn't make the playoffs and lost to detroit and afterwards decided to call time on his career this is the third time he's announced his retirement he's come back twice before but this one will probably stand for good he will go down in history as one of the best ever to play in his position a fierce competitor who holds records in almost every department the most notable is amazing streak of two hundred ninety seven straight starts in the regular season and that isn't including the playoff. title of the experience for me if it's ever easy but. i'm sure as. throughout this year. the government is has been you know while you can see all the history.
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but. i'm ok with it. you know it's. it's never. i love doing it is never easy for a lawyer. but. but. you know. now the news that some of the world's top some is have been competing paid is back in the annual vladimir sound week of cup it was started four years ago in honor of the fourth time in pick champion and world record holder who predicts more records are about to for his own cost of f. reports. that lattimer sidekick of couples established four years ago with a straightforward plan to make swimming more globally popular while there is no way to gauge the empirical facts of this competition on swimming worldwide in itself it has grown to three hundred fifty participants from fifteen countries and labor's suddenly got himself promises further advancement of this event next year will push
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for going to you know if i can guarantee you that next year we'll have even more stars because this year many athletes said that they do they can't make it now they will definitely come next year and we're talking here about real ale east athletes i shall not disclose their names but i can say that the total number of the gold medals they wanted their limpid games if put together exceeds ten. despite the gruelling world championship in dubai recently the swimmers managed to put on a good show for some it was another chance to better their result for others an opportunity to close out the year on yet another high note russian olympic silver medalist nikita love and serve and alexander did i say man yeah from bill arose one of the tournaments and it's prize the silver shark. i'm really tired after dubai or worse when more than everyone competed in the mornings and evenings i really like this pool however this is where i became the champion of russia for the first time and got a major push from my career but swimming is the most important thing in my life
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says the legendary soviet swimmer bloody in their side of the gulf recently appointed president of the russian swimming federation he faces a tough task in raising the national team out of the so-called slump which made it pundits believe it said by the fourth time olympic champion is certain the country swimmers are evolving along with the rest of the world. of the five world records were sent to their world championship in dubai which is a breakthrough for our athletes set a world record two this is a tendency that proves the crisis has been overcome some pessimists were saying that base would be a long crisis and we would not see any new world records before their lympics i'm convinced that record olds will be set at world cup in shanghai the russian swimmers finished second behind the united states in the latest biannual world championships in dubai the result was a strong statement which showed that russia is back hungry for medals and
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a far cry from the team that only managed six place in the same competition so years ago back then russia also disappointed at the beijing olympics finishing in ten overall place the athletes will be looking to stay on course for the podium and that's one hundred twelve london summer games and it's no secret that early preparation could be taking the virus. it is the last competition of the year and the final chance for the athletes to get an exceptional performance in front of their home crowd is the competition for here it is safe to say that. the four time olympic. gold has been instrumental yet again it is important not only in russia but a broad as well. st petersburg. and fun even you tennis season has started not mean george ephedra rafael nadal begin another chapter in a great rivalry in the first told him and for them twenty seven is the day. the
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past started their preparation for the tournament interesting fashion to you want to call constructed right in the water that. the first matches will be on wednesday in preparation for the first grand slam of the season the strike you know put in between them they've won twenty one of the past twenty three major singles and melding the doll with attention come the first place in front of a nine hundred sixty nine to hold all four grand slam frankie's one time federer you can take at least seventeen slam titles. really prepared for it the break wasn't very long which i think in this case is quite an advantage for me because i've played so well at the end so much you haven't lost much of my game and i feel like i should play pretty well the way to the best of the history. of. will be. here so want to be really interesting for sure. but if the. man is always well but with
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