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tv   [untitled]    January 10, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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would be soon which brightened a few. songs from fans to pressure these. stunts on t.v. dot com. couples not monday night here in moscow thanks for choosing all these are our top stories rescuers inside for the remaining vessels trapped in the ice off russia's far east coast from us to greeks on ships already being towed by two ice breakers near the soon to be free but harsh weather conditions are hampering the process. there are
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claims plan cuts to the u.s. defense budget will go ahead of big business gets its way that's despite more than half of americans opposing the country's. other fish no limit to how people retirement in the u.k. shattered by a report which says the elderly is suffering financially will than any other group small pensions and low interest savings is forcing many to put off retirement. next we look at how on the screen violence the straining people psychology to the limit a quick warning for you this program contains some graphic images to. business is booming in john shops across the country one man ready to mart said sell me all the ammo you have pistols shotguns even ammunition are flying off the shelves there may be no better illustration of what gerber means by the mean world syndrome and the fact that gun sales have risen sharply during exactly the same period that crime is dropped sharply the majority of the spike occurring over just
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the past three years alone despite record declines in violent crime across the board crime amy down but for some reason fear doesn't seem to be i've always been pro-gun control and suddenly i'm going. i don't know maybe i should we could fall into chaos well chaos is a good reason to be able to protect yourself you have people that are depressed people have might be upset you know. you feel comfortable you feel like you have a little bit of power you're protecting yourself from americans. going crazy rioting and. i've been through y2k and i've been through nine eleven i have never seen people so afraid the logical question is why well surveys consistently show that upwards of two thirds of the people who believe crime to be
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a very serious personal problem say they get most of their news from television. this is the breakthrough of cultivation analysis a clear correlation between the amount of media we consume and the degree of fear and anxiety we have about the world. especially clear focus when we look at how we view and treat others especially those who are different from us. live rather. than. too many other groups of other races other ethnic backgrounds. most of what we know about other races other ethnic groups you know from television and. some very peculiar. for example while latinos are the fastest growing demographic group in the united states currently representing about fifteen percent of the nation's population they
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make up only about six percent of all characters in television and movies and when they are represented it's overwhelmingly is characters in the world. they hispanic americans are probably the most violent group in american television. latinos are usually portrayed as doing harm to others or is deserving of white violence and justice. and beyond the world of fiction in the so-called real world.
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with little in the world of t.v. . over and over again in popular programs. all in the context of a single issue. and . these one sided representations seem to have.
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more immigration. even though it is the f.b.i. the opposite seems to be the case with crime in historic low over the past ten years in major cities and border cities like los angeles new york chicago miami san diego and el paso where the immigrant population is actually at all time highs. we can't stop all murders rapes and deadly drunk driving accidents but our officials should be doing everything possible to prevent those committed by people who have no right to be here so without positive representations to balance the bad the meanest members of minority groups are allowed to stand in for all the rest creating it distorted and menacing picture that leaves viewers feeling under attack and reinforcing a mentality that feeds and feeds off of anger rage he doesn't. want
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to put that does nothing to do with. the city being deported or in a police chase. the mean world creates people cultivating irrational fear and anger among those whose primary knowledge of latinos regardless of whether they're citizens or legal or illegal immigrants seems to come from media. and. nearly every. country in our stop. this has nothing to do with you now it has something to do with the tree and we don't want to do that people are trying to prove it. back to mexico you heard these that. our our make our neighbor. a minimum number coward that is why. languorous. coward to come here to this.
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country. but it doesn't stop there. the same pattern of vilification and file a backlash also plays out with perhaps our most popular cast of villains arabs. presented disproportionately as they love thirsty terrorists.
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fearing little better in the arena of t.v. news and politics. they in the next century we will have many more muslims in the united states if we do not adopt strict immigration policies where muslims and arabs are reputedly linked with violence and terror calling for muslims to attack the embassies of the us and its allies in the eyes and that's getting several muslim men and possible terrorist training in the washington d.c. area a call goes out for all muslims. and jews setting in motion a cycle of fear and recrimination that bleeds from our news into our fictional forms of back again as violent representations of arabs and muslims in t.v. shows movies trigger even more violent reactions.
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including the increased popularity of torture as part of our evening entertainment tonight. violent reaction and backlash that seems to have played out in the real world as well. born in america bred here in america muslim extremist terrorists spreading various
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chests anti-american and violent extremism except for timothy mcveigh every terrorist has been a muslim there's a theology that seems terrorism now i don't claim to understand it because the collide i'm not the expert in all all those what i'm told all along was a demon spirit even more hamad thought so extremist muslim terrorism but terrorist muslim extremist muslim extremist terrorist and of story. the point here once again is that this kind of fear and hardline condemnation of entire groups of people seems to be based less on our actual relationship with those people than on our relationship with media.
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with african americans the situation is somewhat different this has been a group that has achieved some recognition on television in terms of being a group people in terms of certain visibility on television that. african-americans are about fourteen percent of the television population which is close to the real population but their representation is very peculiar this bacteria. allows itself to be. peculiarly they are healthier they're wealthier they're more successful they're more middle class than characters in general giving the impression that there's no problem the problems have been solved at the very successful. leading to the notion that they african american. civil rights and.
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equality movement has achieved its goal and there is no problem it will be different than it was before a five year old will grow into an american it says an african-american to be president because guess what yes it's as if to say you see that there's no problem anymore there's no race problem. they switch those when african americans are portrayed in the news late this afternoon two men were sent to prison for raping a woman who has a long record of violent a west that may not surprise you if you're old fired more than a dozen shots while trying to get away from authority police tracked down the guy they think was one of the four men arrested for a random attack on a young couple walking the animal just went through surgery after deputies see a suspect stabbed him in the mouth an african-american male is twice as likely. to be seen as in connection with crime with drugs violence is
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a fact in life. with the vast middle of the african-american experience. the result is that black criminals become the face of. poverty and inequality in the process creating an often unspoken climate of fear and anger and resentment that makes it virtually impossible to solve our inner city problems including crime by any other means policing and punishment. if on the one hand there's this glowing image of africa that can make it seem to some that we've overcome issues of inequality. blacks do step out of it's almost as if they're ungrateful and therefore deserve
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the harshest punishment. whether we're talking about blacks and latinos being depicted as violent criminals or arabs and muslims as extremists and terrorists were troubled most was how such rationally fearful view of others and the world could make people more likely to accept and even welcome repression if it promises to relieve their insecurities we have to protect. our society we could do is take these people off the streets. and in the. public will have to be careful not to get into
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a bidding war. on crime why not. if you. are in is. some kind of assurance or reassurance or some kind of protection. to the problems of society like poverty and urban decay and cultural violence not root causes but simply solution. more police. more jails. a shocking was released today. out of every one hundred of. harsher sentences more executions a medieval barbarism that no other civilized country even contemplates anymore.
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given the time and technology. space based. could be the prisons of the future just one of dozens of concepts now being discussed by a handful of penology experts who are charting the future. everything from underwater prison. sentences. and surgically implanted electrodes could even shock them until they return to where they're supposed to be. and don't disobey the law and if you think space. and i have to worry about this but it's not just that we imprison more people be in prison. for being.
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welcome to my community hot springs village we have the freedom and the space to do the things we enjoy there also a secure community access to hot springs villages controlled by twenty four hour manda and electronic security. mean worlds and role contributes to a sense not only of vengeance and repression but the said so many. breaks on security are you all right so it's hard to get a real are you home alone yeah maybe this is another element of the me and world syndrome a. insecurity that makes it very difficult to address our acceptors in ways of fear.
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the flipside of personal insecurity is the heightened demand for national security . in an increasingly dangerous world. even after the first terrorist attack on america the liberals in congress voted to slash now because intelligence operations . and weakness attracts stuff while feeding america omf. fear is now a staple of american politics and whether it's been used to justify going to war there is no doubt. that saddam hussein now has weapons of mass destruction the. nerve agent terrorism cyber attacks nuclear program biological weapons or to
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prepare for new and emerging threats this is the epicenter of violent extremism practiced by. this is no idle danger. the question with all of this as we look at the fear charged political landscape is whether the images of a mean world spiraling out of control threatening to do us harm at every turn have contributed to a sense of anxiety and fear that is overwhelming our ability to think clearly and rationally beyond a reasonable concern for security and the need to defend ourselves. from. what mattered most to was that the violent imagery that fills up every day mainstream television and film and news and reality programming is likely to create in most regular viewers a sense of fear and mistrust with implications that reach far beyond media entertainment into the very depths of how we perceive the world and our place in it
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. from hollywood movies and primetime drama to children's programs and video games straight through to reality programs and the very heart of our news culture what concerned most about media violence wasn't so much its sheer quantity or its brutality not so much whether media violence caused violence in the real world but how it all works in the aggregate to form a culture in itself. a culture of meanness that has normalized and held in place a distorted sense of the world as in rational a. no and dangerous place hardening us making us less compassionate even as it makes us feel more vulnerable ourselves. and spending time living in that world of television breeds in regular and heavy viewers a sense of anxiety fear and anger totally out of proportion with reality.
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in the end george herbert is work forces us to confront the meaning of this mediated constructive world and to ask why have we allowed so much cultural power and influence to fall into the hands of so narrow a range of commercial interests indeed they telling of stories the cultivation of a sense of who we are what the world is like as always been the principal shaper of human behavior. a new task that is to try to do sign a media system a cultural and veyron mental system. which will address the issue of how can we create an environment for our children the stories will do socialising influence it initially grew up that is more fair there is more equitable that is more.
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just and less damaging than the one we have today. i am. oh a problem . the leg.
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length. of. the a. little. the length. of the leg. culture is that so much different and a huge percentage share of ours and find them are left in the system misuses of religion is this warm spot on the misunderstood is the quote on any more violent than the holy books of christians. download the official anti application to go on the phone all i pod touch from the queue stops to. watch on t.v.
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