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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EST

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you know nuclear dangers that would be much higher on the list thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest in the studio today was collaged cut his august vice president for research at mit and a number of the international academy of astronautics that's it for now from all of us here will be back with more until then stay in and take care. thank you thank you very much it was a pleasure. russian
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investigators report the pilot error was mostly to blame for the plane crash which killed the country's president the global experts say the findings. of united states prepares to kill hundreds of patients immigrants back home to a country still struggling to keep its people alive one year after being struck by a massive earthquake. and
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a ban on selling sex in spanish newspapers that's designed to protect women but is leaving prostitutes seeing red. in business despite only two days of training after a long new holiday from the russian stock market outperforming rival emerging markets or in twenty minutes. around the clock around the world this is r.t. life here in moscow. prime minister has cut short his holiday following the public release of the report on the plane crash which killed the country's president the interstate aviation committee's findings blamed inexperienced crew members bad weather and pressure from passengers but polish politicians want russian air traffic controllers to share the blame. has more on the reaction. this is the
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biggest news story in poland today of course every single news channel devoting a lot of coverage to the story to the reaction of course reaction to the report released by the committee has of course mixed some are saying that it is a truthful report and a necessary all be painful steps in relations between moscow and warsaw that it is a necessary step that will allow the two sides to close this tragic and painful chapter of their shared past and hopeful and move on others of course including the former polish president lech kaczynski his brother are saying that the report is nothing but a joke that it is presenting the polish side with falsified data many here and poland do agree this report does accurately reflect the causes and the consequences and the reasons behind the tragic plane crash on april tenth.
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we all agreed that these reports exists this is a step closer to the next stage finding the circumstances that led to the tragedy. i must admit that the russians are right again i don't want to agree with the russians but this is the truth of course we can look for guilt and blame someone else all this report of course was not only awaited in russia and in poland but also within the international community everybody of course waiting to see what the special committee would list as the causes for that tragic plane crash and admittedly a lot of the experts within the international community do seem to agree with the committee's findings some of them even going as far as to say that whatever of the circumstances be it tough weather conditions difficult airplanes a little preparation basically the bottom line according to some is the. i like it
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is his responsibility that plane and people on board are the pilots responsibility and therefore whatever happens to those passengers and the plane itself flies on the shoulders of the pilot there is no argument about who is in charge when the situation arises in the pilot. and the facts speak for themselves but we should not go chasing after people to blame because they. don't like the result and we've had numerous examples in the past of people. i have got to get into a certain place have got to land in a certain place that's happened in america many many times with business from the big bosses on board and the pilot feels that he's got to get the boss to the next important place it is understandable of course that many are not satisfied with the report specifically as it is a very emotional subject for most polish people therefore attempting to find other
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reasons and factors to blame than perhaps the pilots it is of course a somewhat. darker factor of course blaming the dead for some for such a horrific tragedy but as my colleague and i said now in our reports the understanding of such a tragedy and finding out exactly who is to blame and what has happened is never quite as straightforward as it might appear for the first time the last seconds are heard before polish president lech kaczynski is plane crashed near smile now on securing on one priority.
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the crew ignored warnings from the aircraft automated system to pull up and advise from air traffic controllers to land at an alternate airport in experiencing flying matter whether the interstate aviation committee high minded when they found to be the main causes behind the tragedy in their final. nurse let my failure to make a timely decision to land at the reserve airports based on multiple recommendations about weather conditions at smolensk airport descending lower than the seas minimum heights necessary to me. a second language in a town failure to react properly to automatic amounts those are the reasons which led to the tragic crash of the aircraft into the land and the death of those on board. the findings also claimed passenger pressure on the crew to land as soon as possible played a vital role in the incident here is evidence the crew was afraid of disappointing someone if they didn't land. it's
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not clear whether the navigator was referring to the polish president or the commander in chief of the air force who was in the cockpit and later alcohol found in his blind poland was not satisfied with the draft report compiled by the i.a.c. which found pilot error was to blame and insists various factors at play cause the accident but aviation experts have confidence in the findings my experience with the russian investigators has been very good they're very high quality organization that i believe that it was the investigation was generally carried out in accordance with the international civil aviation organization an expert team which is the international standard for accident investigation who did russia have a turbulent history and it was hoped politics when the investigation i think what the what the polish government wants to be able to present to the polish people is
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that this was not purely the fault of the polish crew and that russia take some blame for it as well i don't think this is very much to do with the facts i think it's all to do with politics the case is far from closed as the next chapter to find those accountable for the tragedy is zero point. the committee concluded that no single person can be blamed for the accident but now that the final investigation report has been delivered a criminal investigation can be launched and perhaps more law. it sat on the crash that killed the polish president his wife and most of the country's political elite and he's now a r.t. moscow. still on the way this hour for you here in r.t. more harm than good find out how a charitable organization is set up to fight corruption is being accused of causing instability and acting in its own self interests. but first ravaged by
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an earthquake that claimed over two hundred thousand lives a year ago haiti is still gripped by the aftereffects widespread homelessness cholera outbreak of brought the island to its knees and now washington has added insult to injury hundreds of patients will soon be deported from the u.s. to face a grim future back home. has this report. see a lot so for most american women can relate to janay montra built locals a working wife and busy mother home with the kids while dad is at work we lay back we work hard so we can provide the best for our children but are also those crime our family or family that care what we make. for the future if the u.s. government gets its way. in just cya janaya and tone will become forever fatherless. engine a will enter the pool of single us mothers struggling to make ends meet after all the output of the home of the cell or maybe it only money
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with the hope that the bills. at any moment jeanne montra bill the breadwinner and twenty five year u.s. resident can be torn away from his family. today the father of four works as a church custodian in manhattan tomorrow the haitian immigrant can be deported back . back to the poorest country in the western hemisphere rocked by an earthquake and deepening humanitarian crisis. going to war to port. you know. you know. this is not a good. community. and i was more for. last year's seven point zero earthquake killed nearly three hundred thousand haitians and left more than one million homeless a tragedy so grave the u.s.
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issued an immediate suspension on deportations for hidden immigrants yet last month the obama administration quietly lifted the ban resuming deportations for those with criminal convictions even those like jean montoursville who paid his debt to society serving eleven years behind bars for selling drugs in the eighty's he was released from prison in two thousand. and. four. used to almost. you know. you know. the very same day u.s. officials resumed deportations of haitian immigrants the state department issued a warning against non-essential travel to haiti alerting americans of continued high crime limited police presence lot of medical care and a cholera outbreak. an epidemic so bad the united nations has made
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a one hundred seventy four million dollar appeal to fight the outbreak it's not good it is now spread all the way across the country because as you know color is a contagious disease it's affected over one hundred thousand people so far. and over twenty five hundred people have perished from the disease. according to attorney sunita patel the deportations are a violation of the conventions against torture and the un declaration of human rights sending someone back to a situation where they are likely to die or are faced a situation where they are. facing the possibility of death is potentially a violation of our obligations under international law yet according to immigrations and customs enforcement up to seven hundred haitians with criminal records will be
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sent back this year. to a nation wracked by violence food shortages and disease a prospect that brings a feeling of fear to this american family a family broken up not by divorce but by their own government. so it's. really nice to take a look at that consideration in the separation of family. because we believe children follow us and the lives of fathers like jean are you believe in danger if or when his home becomes haiti. r.t. new york. and while thousands of non governmental organizations have been set up to combat the problems in haiti some are said to be cashing in on the country's misfortune the un and is home to more and geos per capita than any other country in the world and as for now reports many washington based groups operating in poor
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countries are in fact pushing their own agendas all in the name of charity. greetings from washington d.c. home of the president the congress and the five a one c three call them think tanks policy forums institutes or n.g.o.s through the alphabet soup of tax exempt organizations that influence opinion push policy agendas and lobby washington this is something the. activists refer to as the nonprofit industrial complex and while millions of non-profits provide vital services to people around the world others are created for not so charitable purposes after all having your own n.g.o.s isn't so hard a little paperwork a seventy five dollar incorporation fee and you're in business even if well you don't really exist the arcadia foundation bills itself as a nonprofit dedicated to promoting democracy and curbing corruption worldwide human rights are being violated to different data in honduras but critics say it played
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a key role in the destabilizing efforts that led to the two thousand and nine military coup in honduras but although at least this chevy chase address on its tax and corporation documents the arcana foundation doesn't have an office i was looking for the offices of the arcadia foundation a man named robert carlin a boar hog he's long away nor does it have a working phone. box and at any of its nine offices around the world we try again with according to the d.c. bureau of consumer and regulatory affairs the arcadia foundation list only one person on its board robert carmona boreholes and since its charter was revoked september thirteenth two thousand and ten legally speaking the arcadia foundation no longer exists but arcadia is still alive and well and the web critics say that's all it ever was a tangle of websites and the ambitions of one man but he has managed to create an
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important strong pro. while for his agenda which is fundamentally an agenda of supporting the far right wing throughout latin america in preventing democracy from taking hold still the arcadia foundation has its fans from ryan gosling the likes of join me in supporting arcadia even former colombian president alberto do you weigh. you see something you can joe it's also important for the big telecommunications companies with serious money to make it one during that carmona bore has signed contracts for. the poor of the country the more influence these washington based non-profits have over its policies investigative reporter jeb sprague says that haiti is a prime example the nation of ten million is home to an estimated ten thousand n.g.o.s. that's one ngo per thousand people haiti has sometimes been called the
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republic of n.g.o.s that actually has the most in any country in the world among them is the haiti democracy project a washington based think tank that observes elections and lobbies the state department the group receives sizable donations from members of the tiny he surely deep ties between d.c. non-profits and trans national leads means sweetheart deals for big donors one of our member board members found the board members who is an industrialist and he has a pharmaceutical company. who contributes from time to time i want to rudolph who blows was under investigation for the two thousand and two murder of john domenici a haitian journalist who exposed how booze his pharmaceutical company poisoned sixty children in many ways he. is the model of the future not afghanistan not iraq and those countries would have spent hundreds of billions of dollars worth thousands of lives of u.s.
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soldiers and male soldiers have been lost. by comparison haiti has been done on the cheap but what is all in a day's work for a seemingly insignificant ngo in d.c. can change the political future of a country thousands of miles away and those who are forced to live its reality every day in fort r t washington d.c. . the u.s. is being accused of willfully allowing the huge inflow of drugs from south america into the country and it comes from a man who should know. he's freeway ricky ross who was once one of the west coast's most notorious drug barons. government needed this money to fight this war when a grunt work are going to send him east is russia he gave the senate leases hundred million dollars to fight with congress to cut off all the money from the contras so now the sandinistas had an event reagan and bush had made the
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contras their pippi they felt that if russia took over nicaragua they would be too close to america they would be in our backyard i believe that they felt it was more valuable to sacrifice a particular sector of america and a race of people in america and order to save the whole country so they let these guys open up pipelines bland on norman masses and the rest of the crude it did work with the nicaraguan action. the full interview with freeway ricky ross is ahead for you later this hour. well now let's update you on some more international news in brief this hour officials say a roadside bomb has killed two policemen in the district of bamboo in northwest pakistan the blast come a day after a suicide bomber targeted the police station in neighboring mosque in the same
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region killing at least eighteen people many of the victims including security officers and civilians are being treated in there by hospitals. u.s. president barack obama has paid tribute to the victims of saturday's mass shooting at a memorial service in arizona six people were shot dead outside a supermarket and thirteen were injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head is said to have opened our eyes for the first time the suspected gunman. has been charged with the killings and faces life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted. the death toll from flooding and mudslides is risen to over two hundred fifty in the brazilian state of. rain causing a number of landslides destroying mountain religious figures are expected to rise as rescue efforts continue more than eight hundred rescuers are searching for survivors. the choosing government has deployed a night curfew in the capital tunis following violent anti-government protests.
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activists say at least fifty people have died only ongoing rights over food and fuel inflation and high unemployment the u.n. has criticized the government's heavy handed response to the unrest after police retaliated with live ammunition and take out. a battle prostitution ads in spanish newspapers is getting people hot under the collar it's designed to protect women from exploitation but some sex workers say it's depriving them from the only living they have what is just a silly investigates the dark corners of the back pages. soundscan the headlines other school straight to the sports section. then there are those who are simply interested. so you open a newspaper and public it may seem like you're doing some serious reading catching up with awareness political developments but you may very well be looking at a page that's causing much debate in spanish society and in most cases these classified ads serve as a cover up of the work of crime. the prostitution mafia to be precise i said that
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seventy percent of girls and young women were held i kept in confinement in apartments and the only way to contact them a story to the sense that if the ads are banned they can't be helped. with others hold a different view with some saying that banning the ads will not hurt advice mafia but will hit those who willingly work in the sex trade and if there's not one of our research shows that i must use these girls become prostitutes on their own aquarium banning the ads one stop human trafficking members of some feminists are going to say she's things that prostitution is not the worst that can happen to a woman this is an issue for women section feeling many publishers and editors argue that because prostitution is legal in spain they are within their rights to run the ends badger's was run from l. place one of spain's main newspaper says that until there is a law making it illegal to publish such ads this practice is unlikely to change if
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we knew that they are on the piece of advice me where shouting in the thing bad ok i will fight again against it and the other times when these are completely from parts from being from asia i mean we will have to wait until the government decides something about where this is the touch me this week we can do it whether or not her ties and ban will stifle the mafia's illegal activities is being debated but for the newspaper business that struggle through the arrival of new media and the vsam financial crisis a ban on sex ads is most certainly going to hurt just her sylvia. t. madrid. just remind you more stories on our website at r.t.e. dot com online all the time here's some more for what's there for you that's the moment be careful what you tweet i'm out in south korea ended up in jail for sharing with the world his praise for the north. and the so-called white plague of
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victorian england is on the rise again we report on what's driving the tuberculosis infection rates of some trace labeled as western europe's tb capital it's all online as well as plenty of other stories on our team dot com. and a possible in germany has become a worldwide internet sensation the cross-eyed two year old named heidi you know this is yet to make a debut at leeds exude but already she's attracted over one hundred ten thousand facebook fans that's more than the german chancellor is the name just in the line of much loved creatures to be given celebrity status by the german media to commute in from the polar bear and pull the psychic octopus.
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well i will be here with the latest business news for you in just a few moments stay with us here on r.t. . hello and welcome to our chief business update russia could resume its oil supplies to better routes by the twentieth of january as the latest price dispute appears to be reaching a conclusion but a russian state controlled all company belknap to him says the talks have been successful and supply contracts are ready to be signed the energy spat erupted as
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russian world produces insisted on increasing the price of a ton of world by forty five dollars that's after the men's decision to raise the transit tariff charges for shipping oil to europe by twelve and a half percent. russia my question is will outperform brazil and as the global recovery spur as a fresher percent rally in the emerging markets index the cme but according to a forecast by banking major citigroup russia has been raised to overweight from neutral for the first time since october while brazil moved the other way citigroup signed their russian markets low price to earnings ratio as being particularly attractive while brazil is hampered by rising foreign costs and political uncertainty. let's hear a quick look at how the markets are performing so far i usually stocks are trading in the blood boosting your equity gains and portugal's successful bond auction wednesday japan's nikkei touched a new eight month high supported by an easing of european debt concerns and begins
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recent weakness against europe indexes now up point six percent with the top gainers being among banks and real estate hong kong shares extending their gains but stocks exposed to european markets such as h.s.b.c. and fashion retailer asprey being among the leaders. and here in russia the r.t.s. has started a strange obsession in the black mice it says just about to open the figures that you see on the screen out of yesterday's closing on wednesday both m i six on the r.t.s. posted strong gains. usually is because land a uni credit they built for a controlling stake in the bank of moscow which is on the city of storage is privatization list that of us to newspaper says the only declared beaches so far is russia second largest bank to be lost because authorities would sell the bank to the to be without a tender all right its interest in the deal could boost the price.


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