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it would have been doing that for here is that unfortunately is no sign of letting up i just don't understand it do they have no one better to infiltrate the really like a band aid we have a public figures that are pushing for the exact same thing here how are these people dangerous a why do you need to infiltrate them first seven years. it's the question i mean if this is really as a global priority at least in name to focus on environmental issues right everyone so is there an environmentalist but at the same time the people actually doing the work and not breaking the law or using nonviolent civil disobedience or being labeled terrorists this investigation in the u.k. was through their domestic extremism division so it's very parallel to what's going on here the people that are working on the issues that politicians talk about are being labeled terrorists but why do they were they way of what domestic extremism is there anything so extreme that they did i mean what is the most extreme thing that environmental activists to separate up with these groups middle i mean in the environmental movement the u.k.
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are there big groups like the earth liberation front that have used property destruction never harmed a human being but they've done things break break windows and set fires destroy bulldozers so things like that have taken place without a doubt but none of these people are accused of anything like that story although they're very that just so funny well definite interesting story but makes you wonder how much might be going on here well thanks so much for joining us from. coming up canada has suddenly decided that it's offended by one of the most famous rock songs of our generation have worn this translation our tour time segment and the u.s. is currently facing fourteen trillion dollars and national debt which has many politicians buzzing about our debt ceiling we want to know should typical americans have a say in the national debt or should they be left to the politicians in washington for the mistake of business insider's joe weisenthal after the book. is filled with joy. with parades and church. inspiring people with
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insouciance. good was everything really good and what's in the mouths of. those she shared her thoughts with her diary it all became evidence in the trial for counter-revolutionary activity. the evidence which condemned to label. the diary of a soviet school on. you're watching r t seven thirty in the morning here in moscow with more top stories for this hour no more to say russia defends its reporting to the plane crash that killed poland's president warsaw continues with its own probe both sides are
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optimistic that bilateral relations will not be harmed by the investigation. from arms reduction to a reset in u.s. relations russia's foreign minister did say his rundown of twenty minutes sergei lavrov is confident that russia and nato will find common ground over a joint missile defense prague. you wrote. about her the u.s. refusing super taishan is to haiti despite the united arab prices still unfolding in the caribbean state officials estimate that around seven hundred haitians with criminal records will be sent back this year alone. and coming up next it's part two of the only on the show stay with us.
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well it's time for tonight's tool time award and all i've got to say is oh canada and no i'm not talking about your national anthem see the canadian broadcasting hundreds council has deemed the song money for nothing by dire straits offensive the decision stems from a listener's complaint last year calling the lyrics offensive and for the record we are going to play that portion of the video so everybody here knows what i'm talking about i think we're going to pick up on the word that's causing all the debate. now keep in mind money for nothing has been a classic rock stable for twenty five years in fact that are in the band a grammy for best rock performance also the state of the art computer animation video for the song was the first music video to air on m.t.v. europe i think that's pretty epic but the canadian broadcasting hundred council
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says that the societal values that issue a quarter century later have shifted and the broadcast of the song in two thousand and ten must reflect those values rather than those of one nine hundred eighty five but even back in one nine hundred eighty five when the song hit number one on the charts in canada and in the u.s. songwriter mark knopfler responded to accusations of homophobia by pointing out the lyric was meant to be ironic it was written from the viewpoint of a stupid character so i have to ask and are politically correct society is this really what people in canada are worried about if you don't like the song when it comes on the radio turn the station or turn the radio off and whatever happened to canada being more enlightened than the us sounds like they're some uptight people live. in the great white north and that's why you are tonight's tool time where. now a kennedy and woman speaking of was in for quite a surprise when she was stopped at the u.s. border linda burke was randomly searched at border at the border by agents and she
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was alarmed to learn that she might have to pay a three hundred dollar fine for candy that's right she had a two dollar candy in her car called the kinda surprised and believe it or not that little candy can be a big deal now in case you haven't heard of it it's those little chocolate candy eggs when you open it there's a toy surprise in the middle and i have to admit my grandma used to bring me these killer eggs all the time when i was a kid i love them it was like christmas and every candy but they've now been banned in the u.s. for fear of children choking on the small toys inside now and bird first learned that she was carrying a banned material she thought that the fine seemed a bit extreme but it turns out the u.s. border agents take their chocolates really seriously they offered the canadian smuggler a chance to store the egg for two hundred fifty dollars while the issue was resolved or if she decides not to cause any trouble she can officially authorize the border agents can quote destroy the seized candy with her signature on
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a seven page document seven page document all for a candy and that is taxpayer dollars at work. now this here congress is going to have to vote on raising the debt ceiling there's no ifs ands or buts about it we keep spending our debt keeps growing so the ceiling must be raised unless we want to face cataclysmic do but according to a new reuters poll an overwhelming seventy one percent of the public opposes increasing the borrowing off already and near eighteen percent support it but if you really think about it does the public have any idea what the debt ceiling for what it would mean for the u.s. to default should they be able to listen in on this complex matter or maybe we shouldn't even have a debt. joining me from our studio in new york to discuss it is joe weisenthal deputy editor of the business insider joe thanks so much for coming on now you and i spoke about this we touched upon it the other day but just to rehash one more
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time tell me why do we have a debt ceiling again if we just keep raising it we just keep spending. i mean early on it was just part of it you know it's kind of based on the constitution and based on limits to how much debt we can take on but historically it's never been. anything we've used to actually rein in our spending and up until pretty recently when the debt ceiling vote came up which is kind of perfunctory move to raise it and move on like nothing had happened or quite the opposite what we now see is a lot of politicians using the debt ceiling for their political gains to say that this means that they're anti-spending and we see tea partiers opposing it and use that all of it's become just a you know used for political jockeying. you know of the last several times to come up for a vote it's basically all been politics for example broke obama when he was a senator voted against raising it and said it was really irresponsible of the bush administration to go further into debt and back then he was trying to position
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himself as a fiscal conservative and that was an easy position to take now obviously if the shoe is on the other foot and he doesn't want to be the president that presides over do you fault and so you know now the republicans are the ones opposing it but it's basically all just politics and i don't believe there's actually any positive use for it but at the same time right we said that this was something that was rooted in the constitution because then the congress had to approve and essentially that means that it's up for public debate that the people get to see what their lawmakers are approving what they're spending on what they're voting on so does it serve some kind of purpose you know for at least keeping them accountable keeping them in check. he'll this is the argument that people make of the like oh it's really good that we're having a debate about spending right now and the public is getting to hear all this discussion and then the public can weigh in spending and frankly i just think that is total nonsense the fact is i think most people have been since this debate really started heating up in the last couple of months i think actually people have
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just gotten more misinformed and the fact that seventy one percent of the people don't think we should raise the debt ceiling even though to actually keep it steady would require massive cuts to everything that they wouldn't want to cut you know social security and medicare and you know eliminate a major chunk of our national defense just goes to show that people aren't really that informed and politician shouldn't take those polls that seriously there's a decide they want of course politicians are going to cite that stat for their argument but it doesn't mean that people actually having a discussion need to take that seriously but there lies the question right why do seventy one percent of people oppose raising the national debt why do they not understand it because you know it is because it's just too complex for the average american to really get or is it because nobody's giving us the proper information. you know i don't i don't know if everything related to government financial accounting is going to be pretty complex any kind of accounting is going to be
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complex and it's really in politically incorrect to say it but it's ok for us to acknowledge that sometimes the message just don't understand an issue this is to be this kind of a hot button thing like oh we're the wisdom of the american people and they must have their voice heard in everything sometimes people just don't get things and we should be able to have an adult conversation and acknowledge that without being frayed to point out well i mean could you say that the american people maybe don't get the tax code in this country i mean should they also need not be a part of that debate when we see republicans and democrats going at it over extending bush era taxes you know we should not be part of the debate when it comes to social security medicare the way that all of the government spending really is laid out. i look at some to politicians does to decide when you know they should put their finger in the wind and listen to what their constituents are saying and when that makes sense and when it doesn't and you know it does go you know america
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through various ways whether it's through letters or answering polls or voting will push policy in one direction or another and that's a great thing however on specific issues there are just things that people don't necessarily get and i think this is one of them so this is maybe the times when it's good that we have public rather than you know we were talking about earlier today the state of california as an example this is a place where you have referendums but in that sense nothing ever gets done because the people change their mind every year so. that's right i mean the referendum process has been an incredible hindrance in california to fixing their fiscal situation the only way they're going to do it now so the latest proposal by governor jerry brown the people are going to have to vote to extend the sales tax increase but tied with that is going to be this issue with schools on school funding so that people actually have a feel compelled to vote for it but you know the referendum process is incredibly disruptive there and if we go you know it would if we had that on
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a situation like paying back our debts in d.c. that would also be problematic well we've already had tea party groups start to bring up this idea that we should you know change the constitution so there is a system for a national referendum when it comes to federal laws but it does sound like that might turn out to be a little bit of a disaster if you just go with the whims of the masses but is there any way for them to not have a debt ceiling anymore for congress to change that. lot of thing any time soon we're going to eliminate the debt ceiling if we can barely increase it i doubt there's going to be a vote or any kind of structural change to get rid of it but you know the other thing to bear in mind is that this isn't the only way to keep congress accountable look we there is this thing we have called the budget and it's perfectly reasonable to vote to increase the debt ceiling so that we don't run into any. possible issues with default while staunchly opposing any hikes to the budget and making sure that there's no spending increases the problem comes the fact that we have these two separated so you can kind of demagogue one issue the debt ceiling then you fight
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and then you know you kind of use that as leverage for this other fight the budget if you don't want more spending and that's totally legitimate or you want lower taxes or higher taxes whatever fight it out in the budget and not with this other thing which is kind of just a contrivance if you ask me good idea if you ask me joe thanks so much for joining us. well coming up you've heard talk of extra terrestrials and aliens but should the un and other world powers begin to prepare for an alien invasion i'm not making this up stay tuned to hear details on the proposed and we'll discuss with the bush six president bush's attorneys who are facing trial for torture and we'll have details on the case and the u.s. government pressure to fight against it on the right that. they were told is filled with joy. with parades and. inspiring people
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with insouciance. good was everything really that good and what's in the mouths to speak out. though she shared her thoughts with her diary it all became evidence in the trial for counter-revolutionary activities. the evidence which condemned to label. the diary of the soviet school on. culture is that so much different and there's a huge music issue on the mark with lynching and the increased violence and radicalism is generally pakistan apart. can a country that is so pain right. children down see eight thousand murders by the end of elementary school five hundred thousand violent by the age of
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eighteen. tell me show video game show. twenty four hour news channels is now. every day formulate. just sure. those wild since their tales if you think about it while it is a good trigger that artistic journalistic feature but most of the violence you see is what i call happy. god came down from heaven and stopped. the hell out of there. mormon in a pretty while but you are makes the pill easier to swallow. everybody was coming down. there's one question that many of us here on earth always seem to be asking are we
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alone i'm not talking about being single i'm talking about in the universe and today a group of scientists overseas so the world governments should start preparing an action plan just in case earth is contacted by aliens they claim that a branch of the un should be given responsibility for what they call a supra earth affairs and come up with a detailed response for if or when the extra terrestrials arrive now a call to arms part of extraterrestrial themed edition of the philosophical transactions of the royal society which is published today scientists say a big sam and all aspects of the search for alien life from astronomy biology to the political and religious fallout orders up from alien contact. and the report also said that evolution on alien worlds is likely to be darwinian which may mean extra terrestrials share our tendencies for violence and exploitation so basically when they arrive on earth they're probably going to be me i'm not kidding one of
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the scientists actually said prepare for the worst but i think we already knew that thanks to the movie independence day i. i. gotta love that movie now the report also says that if you do come from an earth like world they can resemble us they might have similar biological molecules so hey that could expand the dating pool just say but on the chance of there are aliens out there which i totally believe there are i mean with the scientists on this one and say let's get prepared. now the freedom of expression in the us has given way to many things pornography provocative artists gay pride and political correctness language the aims to offend no one but as a so-called p.c.
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way of speaking stifling americans to a point are remaining silent as safer than speaking our mind r.t. correspondent marina portnoy has a story. america is a country that pioneers freedom of expression but is the rising tide of political correctness reigning in the right to say what you think people do to actually speak their mind it's almost as though you have a sort of a code to fall down sometimes you want to call a spade a spade and sometimes you want to call it trouble according to pull the majority of citizens think the u.s. is overdosing on p.c. turning the land of the free into a nation of hyper sensitive sissies. were even corn chips can cause mass controversy in this add a priest substitute to do read zero for the eucharist the body of christ and the commercial was created for a possible super bowl broadcast but after an uproar among catholics frito lay
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apologized and pulled the plug on the satirical spot during a commercial being pulled is a classic example of americans freaking out about something insulting to do with religion i understand why the catholic league might flip out that's their job however be able to laugh at yourself folks. the purse of humor can end up costing big maybe captain owen honors intrusted with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier worth half a billion dollars was fired over racy morale boosting videos created years ago having survived eighty five combat missions owen was shot down by fertility style gestures and comments as for the man who were. nineteenth century classics not even mark twain as protected from present day p.c. two of tweens books are being republished with the word sleeve replacing the n. word it's about laziness it's not about liberal guilt to not want to do offend or
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conservatives want to want to sanitize or plain vanilla is history and art it's really about laziness we don't we don't want to trust people to look and examine to look at something and then go beyond that so what does it mean or those times like what is the author trying to say when film critic roger ebert took to twitter to criticize the censorship he was criticized for simply writing the n word can white people say they who can speak it has become a battle in court a federal jury will soon decide if a white people can use the n. word at work this as a white t.v. reporter is suing a fox news affiliate in philadelphia after being fired for using the n. word during a staff meeting white house chief of staff rahm emanuel has apologized he's apologized and of course the r word can also make you a glorified villain as was the keyes last year when former chief of staff rahm emanuel privately called a group of liberals retards rahm emanuel and i think he has some indecent and
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insensitive ways of being sarah pailin as of three e.s.p.n. sensitivity surrounding sex has become a touchy subject announcer ron franklin was fired this month for allegedly calling a female reporter sweet baby many say political correctness has neutered the american language and created a super sensitive society incapable of laughing things off a p.c. influence that's left more people biting their tongues for fear that freedom of expression could be more trouble than it's worth more in up or not are to me or. could the bush six finally be held respond. civil on january seventh the center for constitutional rights filed papers encouraging judge alloy velasco and the spanish national court to prosecute the former senior bush government lawyers for violating
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international law by creating a legal framework that aided and abetted the torture of suspected terrorists now why spain you might be asking why it's because the united states won't do it as the obama administration has made it perfectly clear constantly talking about their commitment to move forward rather than focus on the past but we can leaks diplomatic cables reveal that the us put significant pressure on the spanish courts to stop the prosecution and april two thousand and nine just days after the case was opened so is there any hope this time around all those who flagrantly violated international laws for their own purposes get off scot free well joining me to discuss it is catherine gallagher senior staff attorney at the center for constitutional rights catherine thanks so much for joining us now if you. if you could clarify something for me here how is this different from what originally was filed in april of two thousand and nine in the spanish courts what's new about this document. sure what was filed in april two thousand and nine was
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a complaint against the suits lawyers in the bush administration who are alleged to have been architects of the torture program the six lawyers including the former attorney general alberto gonzales john yoo who's now a federal court judge in the ninth circuit at that point a spanish put in a complain saying there is ample evidence against these six individuals in a criminal investigation needs and what happened in the aftermath of that filing was that judge will ask send a request to be united states to know whether the u.s. was already investigating or prosecuting. the allegations in the complaint he waited a certain amount of time he said to remind your requests to the united states and then he sent a third request to the united states. despite sending three requests in the past almost two years the u.s. has never officially acknowledged that it's received requests and it certainly has
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not given an answer on the merits as to whether or not it is investigating that he's so we filed first in a two thousand and ten was just submission sitting out for judge the last two and the many reasons he can safely in this case unfortunately because the u.s. is doing nothing about the allegations of torture we documented statements by allah statements by our holder essentially saying we will be looking into the allegations and lawyer but can i say that they're really doing nothing because as wiki leaks revealed to us apparently right after this case was filed originally they did in fact put a lot of pressure on the spanish court so they maybe didn't feel the need to really answer any of their requests but they did try to scare them out of falling a falling. with the prosecution so is there any more hope for this time around you
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don't think that they're going to put increased pressure on now. well as you as you rightly say while the obama administration did nothing in the court of law it a lot in the political arena in the diplomatic arena it had meetings in april two thousand and nine. the attorney general members prosecutor's office in meetings with the ministry of foreign affairs ministry of. justice and and put a lot of political pressure interestingly judge lascaux did not close the kids. and what many of the spanish officials who are in the u.s. about a need for two thousand and nine just look we have an independent judiciary we cannot instruct them to close this investigation so what is lost judge will ask who is now joining us once again find you saying to the obama administration answer in the proper place in a corner block in what we have put into submissions in last week's one that was documented again in the recent steps in the united states against prosecuting
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torture that includes the closing of an investigation into the destruction of cie chips that are believed to include interrogations using torture techniques and also we laid out on friday judge will ask a very comprehensive legal overview how he can hold the bush six lawyers accountable can you tell him how he would actually hold them accountable because we have seen cases before and italy for example where cia agents were tried they were tried in absentia they were convicted but they live in america and there they're happy and they're free and maybe they can just never go to italy again so anything actually happen to these bush six if they do get convicted. sure that's a very good question and i think it is an important question to ask the submission that we put in with against the bush six was far more of a technical legal argument and what we do hope will come out of that is
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a request to actually call these six individuals to spain and hear their attitudes and at minimum what we can have is hopefully we'll have some subpoenas and then we'll have. so difficulty for these six individuals that they refuse to some legal difficulties of these individuals and they refused but i have a very articulate can you tell me i started cut you off there running out of time but how frustrating is it that you can actually file these types of court papers here in the us that you have to go into another country you have to go to spain to do it because the obama administration refuses. it's it's very frustrating and i should say that this is not the first stop we meet over the last eight years of course the center for constitutional rights and many other lawyers new noted states have been seeking justice and accountability in u.s. court it's we've been seeking redress on behalf of torture victims and so far not a single victim of torture has received his jay in court all the cases have been
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just missed out on the merits so that's what we've seen in u.s. courts over the last one for the last eight years and that policy has been supported by first the bush administration and now the obama administration's argument of justice we've also seen push back strong pushback in the cases of mcquire and he's you know they're filing their requests for he's purpose and the obama administration is fighting knows so it's extremely frustrating. the challenge that we all might in the courts and on behalf of victims of torture we haven't seen that in u.s. courts and that's why we're going to do things like well we'll see if you have any luck in spain catherine thank you so much for joining us. thanks very much now before we go it's time for our tweet of the day a defense department lawyer was asked today of dr martin luther king jr were alive would hander stand why we're at war and laura said yes the king would understand the we live in a complicated world which got us thinking would what.


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