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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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ross you know many kids the real good debate is a landmark nuclear arms reduction treaty with washington the long awaited deal is now on the verge of getting the green light. state duma deputies promise to ratify the news that you carnes adoption treaty before the end of the month join us for the details later in the program. potence says it will launch its own probe into the plane crash that killed the country's president more for eggs said the majority of the blame for the tragedy which found pilot error of among the causes but described the report as incomplete. washington and american n.g.o.s stand accused of supporting both governments and opposition movements worldwide in an attempt to hijack democracy. and russia has become world's third largest
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country in terms of international reserves after china and japan more in business in twenty minutes. a very warm welcome see this is the line from moscow analysis here but it's russian lawmakers have reopened debate on a key control deal with the u.s. the new strategic arms reduction treaty will start has already been a raft of followed by the u.s. that are small it needs now is the green light from moscow. has more. yeah it was because he doesn't think it was going to be here it's going to the world's biggest nuclear power is significant to me. at least if they're. there to do it maybe it was by nearly the soles of their important step for their
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relations between russia and the night that is significant in their relations but this last year one of the seats was starting to leak this tendency to mean that there is education of the speech but that's applying the new start treaty changes and the united states are giving an example to other nuclear powers powers in the world including them and have the words and new players playing. footsie she was such a nice back in the pale of the statement at. the ready to read immediately but the us state senate wasn't up to now missing their decision they're up above the opposition. like to see their pictures cheated by trying to mend a men's it's safe to do so they eleven pages worth of marks and visions to stand by the state duma deputies are meeting to mark.
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ballas them there. to see if she was accepted by the states it is in the first meeting state they are proceeding with their second meeting the last one the third meeting will take place in the spring to pick their civil action deputy concerned the one to make sure the she can get out to the streets in case the united states violates any terms of the trip to kosovo their belief. that the player has. to be concerned that nato is planned stupid deploy it sometimes so defense shield and you also the deputies bolted. sure of that so that's according to c.c. would not mean decreasing the country's defensive capabilities and president barack obama has promised while reducing the number of nuclear warheads to more than my state grades the remaining one sounds to be split onesies president to make the
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same promise to the last cd you visit before it will take place in the spring see fifth of january and hopefully shortly after that would see the rest of patient care. ok let's get a bit more analysis now on the new start treaty i'm going to be joined live by the head of the state demon's foreign affairs committee constantine shelf because the two of many thanks for being with us so what amendments have already been made to the last location or i want to know the tell you just can we still expect. well first of all the man these specific ation draft move was not our choice we were following the actions of our colleagues in the american senate and reverberated we have been really really ready for it between the result in a further amendments or conditions unfortunately our american colleagues made their
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own choice they amended with the senate resolution just very dramatically and they left no other option but to amend our decision to d.v. have made their conduct of the second reading which was involved here it is occasionally. more related to case of a resolution as it is hold that we will be able to proceed further on with this served reading to be here to be hold on the twenty fifth of january and during the surgery we are going to rectify the treaty as it is and. to add two more statements by the state duma. it will be included in the rectification document and the communist party it was in has had to stool discuss the treaty well that was voted down and why they is so weekends the deal will have no. reasonable explanation for that unfortunately
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because during our professional so to say professional discussions in the committee i could never hear any arguments against the certification which i. would accept. the committee was right friendly and is no big disagreements while as soon as this discussion is in the plenary hall our colleagues in the communist fraction i believe start to work not on the issue itself but on how people will watch this discussion on t.v. and this is to my mind what. we wanted to know not to. do to mix our views or discussion on the drift of the treaty as it is has been supported by the vast majority of the state duma so looking forward in assuming that the duma
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does no good in favor of the truth the third reading in ten days time what comes next for the new start when would it finally start working. well the new start treaty will start working when the two presidents have exchanged the british occasion certificates about the levels of war heads of the levels of carriers. or in the text of the treaty are to be well through field in another seventy years and i hold that during these seven years salute be able to reach better understanding. and clear missile defense systems on other types of. armaments. nuclear armaments so that we may keep these. damaged result and then further changes this is our ambition from the
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russian side but even then will it be a done deal mr constituents do you think that the us could at some point in the future actually risk violating the terms of the treaty and therefore forcing russia to pullouts well this risk. exists. believe. the americans they will proceed with the strategic not original but strategic. defense system small not the current president not the current government but probably the next president the next government has a completely different strategy of on this issue and in case it happens yes of the region may be damaged and yes. the conditions for us are to to to pull out of this treaty but again we're not there yet and we still have time to do it to make better agreements and to avoid any misunderstanding so that will be our world which has to consider. many things as speaking to us the head of the state duma foreign affairs
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committee that many thanks thinking. moving on now and poland has acknowledged its responsibility for april's plane crash in southwest russia which killed president lech kaczynski and most of the country's political elite however warsaw will carry out its own investigation into the causes of the accident after it described the interstate aviation the committee report as in complete well the report published in moscow concluded that pilot error of bad weather and pressure to land from passengers were among the main cruisers on the tragedy in claims russian air traffic controllers should have bound the plane from landing but moscow says under the existing regulations it's up to the captain to take an independent decision concerning takeoff and touchdown david eliminate from the flight global magazine says lou through maybe looking for a scapegoat because you can't find fault with the report. i think that the
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polish government is i think desperate to put at least some of the blame in somebody else's direction but incidentally i completely go along with the russian verdict on the on the air traffic controllers. powers incidentally the air traffic controller did not clear this aircraft to land he had with with hold clearance for the aircraft to learn and he wouldn't have had permission to stop an international flight like this one anyway if it had been a russian air force aircraft the controller could have told it to divert but an international flight especially of this status the controller would simply go along and do everything that he could to help the captain achieve a safe approach now russia is among the world's twenty five least free nations when the u.s.
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gets a perfect score for washington a back to what freedom house of the level of the see around the world has declined for a fifth consecutive year with moscow listed as an all for tarion regime but one american author says as long as the u.s. is seen as a standard bearer for freedom the findings will lack credibility. well anybody gets to say anything we don't have to take it seriously i think such a report can be of some value but it is heavily biased in appearance because most of the funding is from the government of one country which scores a perfect score has as do many others it's a very simplistic account you're free or you're partly free or you're not free it's hard with such a simplistic report to make sense of the scores that some countries get to including russia and it overlooks the policies of the countries that are getting perfect scores it clearly has a very low standard for perfection rule of law comes into play in the analysis of
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many countries in the united states we now have the president able to announce the policy of assassinating us citizens and anybody else by the way we we have the absolute lack of the rule of law for those in power they can go on book tours writing about their crimes and we have one issue meant of organizations like community groups like acorn and potentially of people like bradley manning and potentially of wiki leaks for no crime at all. well us of funded n.g.o.s seeking to promote democracy around the walls have come up with a unique policy give money to organizations on both sides of the political divide but it's all if you came in for it's been a fun day out it really works as planned. when it comes to u.s. foreign policy in the developing world backing one side apparently isn't enough. from the middle east to latin america to eastern europe the u.s. government has made it a policy to fund the regime and the opposition and when it publicly can't it turns
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to a network of government funded n.g.o.s for help i think the strategies of funding the right wing but also funding the resistance movements in order to co-opt them go hand in hand and they have for quite a long time. following the cuban revolution the kennedy administration funneled money into a project camelot a controversial research project to write counterinsurgency manuals and people's revolutionary movements in latin america in order to co-opt them. the endeavor was a band then after students in chile found out about it shortly before the nine hundred seventy three chilean coup. recently florida international university teamed up with the u.s. military's southern command to write similar reports on what it calls strategic culture but critics like adrian pine say south com is returning to camelot they're trying to figure out how to manipulate the different populations based on different
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cultural elements to prevent rebellions for prevent any sort of you know what we really can see is in many cases democratic manifestations. democratic opposition to the u.s. backed mubarak regime in egypt is actively courted by u.s. funded n.g.o.s like freedom house the international republican institute and the national endowment for democracy any d. also founded in finance the electoral monitoring group. the egyptian democratic academy and its two storey cairo office the group then recruited formerly militant activists. to. the motor city is before sobering to i totally believe the worst of democracy it's an international issue. domestic issue . that the obama administration spends twenty million dollars annually on what it calls democracy promotion and good governance programs in egypt and sixty five times that amount in impressive one point three billion dollars in military aid
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fact the understand the american approach to a very clear american everybody. we or some or things of. the us continues to send millions of dollars in aid and military assistance to the government in honduras while a network of u.s. government funded n.g.o.s actively pushes to finance the opposition. lawyer and there's no oppose the two thousand and nine military coup that ousted honduran democratically elected president he sees the current government as an extension of the coup and what he calls master organizations as trying to portray hunt duras today as democratic. it's not a democracy when a president is elected by only twenty five percent of the voters in the country seventy five percent of the population is part of the popular resistance there are more than five hundred thousand people in the streets in protest pine says that while working as a professor at the american university in cairo freedom house tried to co-opt her
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students in a bid to silence them on certain issues like egyptian complicity in human rights violations in gaza once people accept this money they accept the conditions that go along with them and those conditions force them to stop talking about the political the underlying political causes of the violations. but while grant's of a thousand dollars can go a long way in poor countries like honduras and egypt. money is hardly without strings attached many of these u.s. government funded n.g.o.s a focus on financing human rights work around the world without ever recognizing the underlying political military and economic causes for human rights violations many of the result of america pursuing its own interests abroad but when these organizations pay big popular movements lose out at the cost of real human rights change around the world healing for the r.c. washington d.c. . ok let's cross to your knowledge spade has put forward
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a proposal to change the e.u. these are regime which could make it easier for russians to travel in underground europe it would mean. that we've given all of first application a two year multiple visit visa on the second and a five year these are all this would come under the shang and visa regime which covers much of continental europe in return moscow says it's ready to widen the list of specialists who can enter the country with out of these or the russian foreign minister expressed hope progress will be made to be used during a television interview will stay. as a keen on making it easier for russian tourists to visit. ok check in now once while the world news in brief this hour and of town rooms of and government protesters have gathered in the tunis in capital tunis demanding the president steps down immediately it comes a day after president ben ali announced he would give up power when his term ends
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in twenty fourteen a crucial of a century and this the move follows the greek civil unrest over high unemployment and food and fuel prices human rights groups estimate at least sixty people have died in the widespread violence. rescuers are being joined by the victims' relatives in the mass for survivors in remote areas of the brazil ravaged by floods and landslides mountain villages have been badly hit by heavy rains which happened where he claimed a good five hundred light poles of the left who visit in the disaster which is the worst ever experienced father country officials say the number of dead is expected to rise. the u.n. says the number of its fear that attacked in the ivory coast main city of abidjan by supporters of the country's incumbent president the all ballot bowl he's refusing to see. to use wrong labels following the vendor's disputed elections
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despite international condemnation last month he instructed all foreign peacekeepers to leave the country the un ignored the orders saying he doesn't have the authority to make such decisions. to check out all teams are calling for more and all the stories that we're covering as well as blogs and videos from our contributions a quick look at what's online view right at the mess. by corey amount and then erroneous claims he was wounded by a fall when he was hunting a local police say that's skeptical. if you feel like you need to get away from the big city that he might fancy be to the make believe town of cardboard here where everything is made you know you get very culpable.
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now over ninety percent of the world's mammoths remains are found in russia's far east republic of giant tusks of being on earth and called into exclusive pieces of all their homes explains how the prehistoric bees contribution to society thousands of years after they lost the. these artists are hard at work creating masterpieces from one of the earth's most rare and unique substances mammoth tusk. it has been a long tradition in ukraine to make things out of mammoth task we know that from history in ancient times these things were taken by ships to russia and other countries since we have these rich resources it is only natural that we should make things from this material. the use of ivory is a controversial issue as it has been linked to savage hunting techniques and
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dwindling elephant populations these practices have led to an international ban on the ivory trade but the people of you have found a loophole of sorts leading them to say mammoth ivory is perfectly acceptable. it is fossil which cannot be restored have been dead for ten thousand years most of the fossils are in northern regions that's where the material is delivered from as far as we know a lot of these fossils are dug up but we are the only ones doing it legally because it is so scarce each year large expeditions are sent up north when there is a break in the weather to search for newly exposed tusks. during the. beaches surface and that's where we dig and this is hold labor you have to work with a shovel and a cactus you can't always tell a toast from a tree you think it's a tree but then you know can it with a special stick and realize that it's a tusk the biggest sixty killers but they can be as big as one hundred and twenty
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or even one hundred and thirty kilos. did indeed roam the entire planet but ninety percent of the artifacts have been found right here and that's because of the extreme weather conditions found here. to find their bodies largely intact. i took part in almost all the recent excavation project so i was the project leader my first big expedition was to the trans polar reaches of the river very long we excavated and almost. man with a leg and a body of a wolverine when you're digging and suddenly see some flash or hair you get very excited if you found a huge big mammoth in some instances the giant animals are preserved so well the meat itself is still edible. so a mammoth meat preserves its taste back in one thousand nine hundred seventy when we dug out of memphis leg we gave some pieces to dogs and they ate them of course both the taste and smell of the meat a quite foul and it's not advisable to eat it but there are some people who claim
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they ate it and they were even pitches in some newspapers. so you shouldn't expect to find mammoth meat on a menu any time soon the wildly popular giant animal is still contributing to the accordion society today from artistic creation to scientific research the legend of the mammoth lives on in your coots sean thomas our t.v. . but a bit later the. way the pastor thought it time was a modern day moscow first though let's get a cab later if that's one of the business things with the idea. that's right time for a business update pulling in the footsteps of the major international energy holdings russia staged back to power trader in toronto is seeking to start production the company is slated to buy a fortune one percent stake in local gas produced in north gas for one and a half billion dollars the deal is yet to be approved by russia's gas giant gazprom
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which controls fifty one percent of north gets into raw is currently consolidating nine billion dollars of russia's power assets with the government aiming to merge them on to one stakeholder to support the enterprises. and russia has become the world's third largest country in terms of international reserves after china and japan russia's research screw nine percent to twenty ten to almost four hundred eighty billion dollars of sun daily reports international reserves in the world's top ten countries rose around thirteen percent last year the shirt off the dollar has continued to decline as central banks diversify assets and meet and subtlety of the current batch. and a look at the markets in europe stocks mostly lower with banks and miners leading the way holding losses in asia overnight and as wall street lowered in the price session miners were largely low on the wicket committed to prices to see its
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dollars point six percent and the texas losing points twenty percent arm holdings it's gaining six percent this hour to our results from intel on thursday. and here in russia the markets are seeing a slight correction despite securities france thing to the dollar and brother to list a placement of boards spain and italy both indices are down around percent although the strong ruble has given some support to stocks. all those gold is among the top losers on the my success precious special futures for. for the first time this week solace out forming the market on what's to come a cut in place retail sales by thirty seven percent last year elegy majors are trading in the radical course down almost one percent. looking ahead to the next couple of weeks of trading eager for high from troika dialog says rising oil prices and news from abroad will be the key drivers for the russian market oil price will
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be very important and global markets international markets and american markets right now he's expecting the fourth quarter results even those are also good i think a bit longer view so we probably will see some real education from fixing from instruments as an asset class into equities and i think we will see global growth in equities first of all and with strong commodities global equity growth was strong come order to still be very very good environment for growth in russia emerging markets promise to be the main driver of global economic growth in twenty eleven according to the latest report from the world bank how well the bank warns that investors looking to cash in on the growth story could create an asset bubble which bank's chief economist in russia here. believes the risks are real. so the bubbles are always that they're always possible especially after the very
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pronounced world we've seen in say it would ease russian it would ease in two thousand and nine two thousand. significant gains and of course this is something that is likely to be in the back of the mind of russia's policymakers this is a possibility especially after the effects of q two coming from the u.s. . that's your business update for now join me in less than fifteen minutes for more business news and to get more store a small web site r t dot com slash business. children
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dow see about eight thousand murders by the end of elementary school five hundred thousand violent acts by the age of eighteen from movies television shows to video games to children. twenty four hour news channels is now team every day formulate a staples industrials in. those while those who fail. to first think about it while it was a good job the artistic and journalistic future but most of the while it's good to see what i call. god came down from heaven and stopped. at the. moment in a pretty what. makes the pill easier to swallow. everybody
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