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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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if you just joined us this is coming from the russian capital. points. russia. victims of people gathered to pay tribute to the thirty five people killed and three hundred of those injured remain in hospitals still in critical condition . and he's opening keynote speech at the economic forum in switzerland to meet to me said terrorists are trying to bring russia to its knees with monday's suicide bombing but the president insisted they had failed and called for global solidarity against terrorism. plus russia's upper house of parliament unanimously ratifies the new nuclear production deal with the us the full being signed by the president
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treaty will see each nation's deployed warheads produced by. one ahead of his speech in total russian newspaper what he expects from the world economic forum that the president was planning to put forward his views on the global economy but the. main airport change the course of the interview and that's next on r.t. . i apologize for the delay it was because of the attack of domodedovo. i just had a working meeting with the heads of the law enforcement agencies and the transportation minister this was obviously a terrorist attack planned in advance they used the worst possible scenario judging by the location and other interac signs the attack was well planned and aimed at killing as many people as possible doctors are helping the injured there were many injured i gave all the necessary orders unfortunately in our country we have
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a system for this kind of work in place because we know what terrorism is such things happen in other countries as well and there are a number of procedures that need to be put in place also basically all transportation hubs are on high alert i realize this is inconvenient for people because their luggage is searched thoroughly but it is a necessary measure that sometimes we slack off here whereas some countries are very diligent in this respect passengers from other countries complain saying that this is humiliating but we can tell from our experience that sometimes this plays a key part it becomes an issue of life and death. from my experience i can see that it many airports the procedure of luggage checking is longer and a lot more serious than our country is that you are absolutely right we can use israel in the us as examples we need to be extra careful with everything related to transportation after the events that took place some time ago when planes flying
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out of airports including domodedovo were attacked by terrorists legislation was changed it is a lot stricter now but unfortunately our problem is that we don't always apply even the most important laws so i commissioned the prosecutor general to investigate how domodedovo applies this legislation everyone recognizes the domodedovo is a good new modern airport but what happened proves that there were violations of security measures it is not that easy to bring in such a huge amount of explosives. everyone who is in charge and makes decisions in the company the airport management must face justice it was a terrorist attack a tragedy i hope that law enforcers will quickly establish the main lead and conduct an investigation well we met to talk about economy so let's do that it. will work. this week he will take part in the world economic forum in davos it's the first time in the history of the form that russia will be represented at the top level why did you want to take part in the form personally and what are you
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going to talk about in your address at the opening ceremony maybe some key ideas. because of recent events my agenda for davos will most likely be shortened but our priorities remain the same i made this decision to take part in the forum as the president of the russian federation because i think that it is a very important international forum where we could address our position we established a very good forum in st petersburg i think it is very successful and well promoted but we still need to talk to our colleagues government and business leaders from other places in this respect davos is the best option i first went there when i worked in the government. you asked me there i did like it because the atmosphere at the forum was very good informal you don't even need to wear a tie at the same time you can easily run into a major or not so major businessman
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a president or prime minister grab them by the sleeve ask about things it is important because they have a good business atmosphere there as for my decision i think russia should be represented at these events by top level leaders for different reasons neither president yeltsin nor president putin went to this forum during their presidencies we need to fill this gap and we also have something to say we are not going there to chat with people or even solve serious but individual problems on the sidelines our task is to promote awareness of russia's capacities economic and legislative strength and capacities by talking openly about them but we also should be talking about our flaws and difficulties about on solved issues i think that only such an open dialogue can help people understand the current state of things in russia but we are indeed expecting more investment we hope for quick growth and recovery from the crisis and we do have pre-conditions for this therefore without jumping ahead to my future speech i'd like to say now that it will certainly address everyone who comes to the forum on the one hand but not only then it will also address anyone
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interested in developing economic relations with russia investing into russia in setting of joint ventures in looking for new growth points and ultimately in implementing together with us what we call modernization and here i mean modernization of our country's economic and political systems these are the things i will talk about but i will also address some global issues and this is the nature of the forum it's a global forum and in general you just can't talk solely about russia as this might not be of interest to everyone no doubt russia is an important player on the global market but it doesn't all come to us only and as it's become clear over recent years what really works is coordinated decisions worked out by groups of countries such as the g twenty. in this respect i'd like to reach out to other heads of state and representatives of business circles who will attend the forum and thus this speech must address topics of general interest such as the world we live in what we
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are doing what issues we have confronted over the last ten years and what are the outcomes we are taking with us into the second decade of the twenty first century and when i say we i refer to all the states on our planet all participants of contributors to the global economy. but that mostly for. the form of the grades and so forth. but if we talk about the issues of the last decade then on the global scale the main issue has probably been the financial crisis which started in the united states and unrolled to affect the rest of the world and as far as i am aware that gender of the world forum in davos includes a relevant discussion and there is also a possibility that even closer format of co-operation of the countries aimed at addressing issues with such global impact can be established there could you possibly talk perhaps briefly about what russia has to offer in terms of such cooperation. globally instead in general global tools are
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a very complicated matter because there are things you need to reach an agreement and this is something i've talked about many times and would like to say again i was quite convinced skeptic of the global community is capacity to influence any sort of global crisis as there are too many different interests to many different countries each one with issues of its own but the recent crisis change my conviction that. i'm convinced that our states though very different are capable of coming to an agreement of working out an economic policy on a planetary scale and of exerting influence over us and among other things of taking some unpleasant decisions for example the decision to change the i.m.f. and world bank quotes was very favorable for developing countries where it was not for developed economies because the latter had to give away some of their share. and in general it's just not easy to give away something that's been yours and russia is also a part of this global process we're offering our ideas some of them address the future of the international financial institutions and what is known as the
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financial world order and some are very specific proposals to set up new conventionally speaking bretton woods institutions although that's a large area on its own there are also some quite specific initiatives which are still very important i'll give you an example the louisiana oil spill incident raised the following concern to what extent are the world community's interests protected in cases like this when considering this i came up with the idea of global protection and risk insurance system for such incidents at sea because this particular issue is not addressed by any international conventions there is the safety of life at sea convention a convention on environmental protection and on how to fight oil spills but there is no system which would reimburse the damage it's a good thing at least partially that has happened to a large oil producer capable of paying off its debts and staying afloat despite this although there are different opinions on this and there was a risk but what if it were a smaller business what if it was a situation where the state was claiming reimbursement and the offender was
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refusing if the company would have said no we're not paying you what would they do then well the damage is huge it's of global impact and therefore we need to consider establishing certain economic institutions which would help prevent and in some cases eliminate the damage caused by a global accident how can this be achieved i think there are a few ways to do it including by setting up relevant phones and these might be set up by the world's largest oil and gas producing companies that's one option but i mean by energy suppliers another option would be to think through a special risk insurance system this is quite complicated such risks can't be covered either by any insurer or any reinsurance with that's where responsibility of the global community lies. this is the initiative i have proposed and it's being currently reviewed quite closely by the g twenty and that's an example of our participation in the global affairs just one example. of a global new deal of. the
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top stories this hour on t.v. russia mourns the bombing victims as people gather adama dead of a to pay tribute to the thirty five killed over one hundred of those injured remain in hospitals some still in a critical condition. in his i think you know it speech of the devil economic forum in switzerland dmitri medvedev said terrorists were trying to bring russia to its knees with monday's suicide bombing but the president insisted they had failed and called for global solidarity against terrorism. across russia's upper house of parliament unanimously ratifies the nuclear production deal with the us the final step before being signed by the president the treaty will see each nation's deployed warheads reduced by a third. more news in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime andrews next to you all sports leagues and tennis stars affording like flies of america it
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seems that they're all getting into of yeah the former world number one just in the end says she's quitting the sport because of her bad elbow rough on the dow has crashed out of the all the ivan with a bad leg but there's that better news for russia's appeared as if one of the over the details on that just might. hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up. hearing into this is one of the over sets up the last four clash with clijsters of the all the open. but it paid for anything that the top seed hobbling out to david for their. little rejected terex new coach fails in his bid to sign a scotland international. we start with the aussie open they were russian veers on new york has reached the semifinals beating czech pets record in straight sets and
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admitting afterwards the bombing in moscow how effective her coming into the match the number two seed wore a black ribbon on her sun visor as a mark of respect for those who died but once she was out on court she was fully focused on the game rating through the first set six two and even though you can read her put up more resistance in the second to follow the over still wrapped up american an hour and fifteen minutes afterwards she was asked by reporters whether the bombing had affected her preparation. you know you still have to you here in australia and you have your match coming in you just tried to think about that but definitely there wasn't you know there was a moment where for the bit uncomfortable you calling you know back home and making sure everyone is ok the people that are now and then you know just try to put it away this is it happened it is terrible but you know you try to move on well next up for the russians the u.s. open champion kim clijsters who act passed poll agnieszka advanced the belgian
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world number three had her left leg heavily strapped and did squander some breakpoint opportunities but that didn't stop her from taking the first set six three advance for the set at five four up in the second but clijsters claw her way back to seal the match in hopes to be sharper. his semifinal. just physically for a little tired and just heavy out there today and i think. you know just you know try to recover well and i tried to you know just be a little fresher i think physically and mentally i think. eva you know i fought well and still really focused trying not to lose too much energy on. getting frustrated and things like that so yeah i mean mark rafael nadal is. early on for the world number one against fellow spaniard david ferrer obviously hampered him despite a lengthy stop the medical treatment you could only call the freedom actually using in straight sets by the end could only skate back and didn't put up much resistance
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from match point a great shame for the dow he was hoping to become the first man since rod laver at nineteen sixty nine to hold the foreground titles one. i can say nothing about the injury so. i will talk a lot about. it. first of all i don't know la think and say one thing for respect to the waiver and to a friend that i prefer to talk about. things that are very high level. and discover that. wish him all the best for the semifinal. maybe. because of. physic problems but i didn't my game maybe because she's all the if you see it i'm. sure they were just in game one next up for her in the semi just the number four seed and he married a briton needed four sets to get past alexander dulko pull off he's been
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a surprise package in the man destroyed after losing the first two sets came back to take the third but murray responded closing out the four six three to seal the win and is pleased with how things are progressing in melbourne. i thought. was going well. it was just difficult to get into a rhythm of running and you know you want to go for the points of this first or. you know it was. go. another ten years to use an elbow injury has forced just seeing him then to retire from the sport for a second time at the twenty eight year old how to ride armstrong joined the aussie open by she lost in the third round to russians that danica's nets of before the tournament the former world number one had been sidelined for six months elbow problems. to football now russian premier league side terry gross knee have failed to sign scotland international kris boyd terek have given their new manager route hulet a substantial transfer kitty but this latest target for the dutchman has fallen
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through boyd currently playing for a championship side middlesbrough saying he had no interest in going to the chechen capital hold it meanwhile has been holding his first training session with terry there in turkey at the moment for pre-season training ahead of their first match against reigning league champions and it's unpaid is terry finished twelfth last season and the management say that a nice simple this coming season. for the fire is possible it's well the way we use the camp for. much more on this. elsewhere astray believe that a great chance of lifting their first major trophy they face japan in the final of the aged cup on sunday after thrashing becky stand six neil in the semi's the socceroos are so far scored thirteen goals and only concede once at the tournament sunday's game will be the first ever major final for the strains and the team understands the significance. not going to say this will make up for
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a loss of the world cup this is just a straight as a team going in and trying to win a tournament i think we've had enough experience that we've put the serbs in a winning position and we have to make sure we keep to the strategy of one game at a time and again we concentrate on now is this one. so we get that shot of the thought of japan meanwhile will try to lift the trophy for the fourth time in their history they beat south korea in the semi on penalties thanks to the heroics of their goalkeeper carwash alberta's acar oni's men are one of the youngest sides at the tournament but they have already shown maturity and didn't hope to go all the way. traduce. not only me for the team also we it's really difficult not only me. who is suspended to do so or for the team also it's a difficult no but you know through decision. really growing up as a team so also or in
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a final we. would like to show that we are well let's move to ice hockey in the bars failed to cut the gap on the eastern conference leaders sell about you live to just one point this season with two time. surprising losing to you go on home ice to one elsewhere in armorica overcame to nominate all three in the non russian clash to plato thrashed it is born and sparta see a scar three one in the classic moscow thanks to two goals by stefan. and finally formula one team force india have revealed and huge driver for next season touring car champion paul the rest has been signed up with the same up with adrian sutil on the grid the rest are one the german talk championship from the side this last season and in pressuring a recent test session with force india a scotsman has never raced in formula one before but hopes he can help his new team improve on their seventh place finish in the constructors championship lassie. aims
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for to those no i'm going to certainly just to enjoy and hopefully you know the performance will come on when i actually it's difficult to say your goals going into a year but i suppose you can be sure so when your team it and equally just going forward and making good steps and them hopefully will be setting in this position next year is another rich driver you know i've got to prove myself what i'm capable of the i'm up for the good challenge so that brings us to the end of the sport for the moment so the weather is coming up next. it was the strangest attempt of a military takeover of. the us president trying to overthrow a foreign country's government but his strategic game was lost. and america recognized its defeat. if cuba managed to cope with its
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victory model don't. forget odd. i live in cuba you go but the rajab either live in the cuban missile crisis games and reality.
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