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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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egypt's battling a renewed violence with protesters filling the streets following the dissolution of the cabinet some political experts claim this week's uprising was directed by the west. it's a money the first is journalism in the united states. is funding the media leading many americans to look for the truth from unbiased sources. and russia is on a mission to step up security with a new alert system being debated as president gets calls for record protection against terrorists.
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around the world around the clock and this is ati. the u.s. government has been a planning to topple the egyptian president for the past three years that's according to diplomatic cables released by wiki leaks the files show washington had been secretly backing leading figures behind the uprising at least twenty six people have died and hundreds more injured in nationwide demonstrations since tuesday protesters have returned to cairo's central square this morning reiterating calls for president hosni mubarak to step down earlier the president dismissed the government but refused to quit in egypt comes weeks after a month of chaos in tunisia which saw eighty deaths and the president being toppled before fleeing into exile investigative journalist webster tarpley told r.t. that washington wants to put new leaders of power in the arab world in order to follow the us agenda. i think what we have obviously is there is the cia no doubt about it they are playing the card of mob rule the technical term is our clock or c
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across the entire arab world it looks to me like a vagabond quote it's a double or nothing strategy they seem to be shooting the works for destabilisation mubarak is not dependent enough he's not dependent enough on nato he's not dependent enough on the i.m.f. above all they're looking for some kind of end there jerrick regimes that could be played against iran or for other other purposes they're also trying to appeal to this generation of young media lists across the arab world whose imaginations have been captured by a sun you know i don't know if that there were real grievances there for price the gasoline price the unemployment but those really have more to do with the wall street depression than with somebody like mubarak then of course there is the question of political oppression and repression which has been going on in egypt look at the weakness of the u.s. the u.s. could not determine the government in iraq even though the u.s. was occupying the country they wanted allow we they got more leaky the pro. in
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lebanon the u.s. has tremendous influence on. that's another country that's heavily dependent in this case the the new government is more controlled by hezbollah than by the united states so it would seem to me now that we're going to find out soon enough whether the weakness of the us has reached such a point that they can no longer overthrow a government like egypt and of course in iran in june and july of two thousand and nine there was an attempt to have the twitter revolution yet another called a revolution that one failed similarly in lebanon whenever you're dealing with a with a well organized force that opposes the color revolution the cia people power coup has a very very hard time in succeeding if the army and the police continue to support mubarak and the internet stays turned off then it looks to me like the the smart bet is probably that this is not going to be a cakewalk for these demonstrators and the other question of course is what's their program do they have any solutions or anything their solution seems to be down with
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mubarak some people would say that if the muslim brotherhood gets the upper hand the army might step in some people in the in the demonstrations seem to want the army to take over but that would simply be a new mubarak investigative journalist webster tarpley he was talking to our. on the horrific bomb attack at moscow's busiest airport the kill thirty five show the rush hour is dealing with a very serious threat we ask people in the street now how the world should react to such terror and what measures should be taken that's coming your way shortly but the president. obviously horrible what happens but these people that's what they're trying to get they're trying to get the reaction he can't let them have that kind of power over society and be scared all the time. disappointment and lack of trust in the media some americans turning to alternative
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sources for news they claim big corporations are pushing their interests out of the public rather than the facts he is anastasio chuck and i went to find out who's behind the information being broadcast in the united states. everyone seems to know that he who pays the piper gets to call the tune. in the us paying the piper and running the show are corporations that you may call what american see hear and read it's a money maker it's a cash cow people don't think that that there's any money in the media i mean aside from health care these days there's probably the media is is the industry of the twenty first century half a century ago fifty corporations rammed a major networks and newspapers since then a rapid concentration of media ownership has resulted in a near media monopoly spearheaded by a lucky few pumping money from the news cash cow and piping corporate interests to the viewers and readers the danger of this kind of media concentration is that it
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robs democracy of diversity that robs viewers from being exposed to a wider range of views. and always see the us is living in the golden age of media bias. it's never been easier for them to find out exact. who's behind what where the conflicts of interest are topping the list of owners of rupert murdoch and his empire the news corp you having a global media enterprise maybe you shape that agenda at all you know it in terms of i mean we tried. murdoch stands over fox news channel the wall street journal and the new york post the fox channel is definitely seen as the most partisan and the most focused on advancing a particular political party and a political interest so is this because of rupert murdoch's personal interests definitely there's no doubt about it. general electric one of the largest military
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contractors for the u.s. government plus comcast one of america's largest cable providers are joined by the hip running the n.b.c. network the floor of the hudson river is covered with carcinogenic p c b s these toxic genic dangerous chemicals that were put there by general electric general electric owns n.b.c. and a.b.c. has not taken any trouble to report on this massive environmental story with the innocent face of mickey mouse as their trademark disney is the proud owner of a.b.c. when a.b.c. was bought by does the and there were some a.b.c. stories about improprieties that disneyland is the world disney killed those c.n.n. and time magazine belong to time warner joining the media giants are c.b.s. corporation towering over c.b.s. news and viacom a global entertainment content company running among others comedy central they're supposed to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted but when you have
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journalists treading lightly around corporate and governmental elites it almost defeats the reason for their even existing the purpose of existence for corporations is profit meaning investors interests are police to head of anything else that would matter in journalism good business is bad journalism good journalism is. bad business broadcaster laura flanders says counting on getting facts from the corporate media is simply naive because be reliant on military contractors. to bring us news about the war any more than we can be reliant upon television networks that are run by disney to bring us the truth about what's happening in our economy our media are increasingly monopolized the number of voices interested in bringing their viewers a little something called truth has decreased as a result instead of representing journalism the media have become louder mouthpieces for corporations if that's the truth in our hearts. because of this
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doubt in the media more americans are turning to the internet and other alternative news sources to find out the truth but radio host alex jones says the world wide web is in danger of becoming manipulated by big business it's another issue is that you have the old dinosaur media now owned by five or maybe six major conglomerates and they're really teaming up with the government and getting secret payments so this came out five years ago famous cases of reporters being given hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece by the bush administration armstrong williams is one of the famous instances to go out and promote new federal initiatives that bush was pushing and this really exploded under clinton expanded under bush and it's now just gone into warp speed under barack obama so it's not just that you have these five to six mega corporations that have all these other corporate subsidiaries and they won't report on things that put them in a bad light you have direct government payments of taxpayer money she currently
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being funneled to them this is outrageous and we've seen massive viewership drops on cable and broadcast t.v. and in newspapers and you've seen sites like info wars dot com or other alternative media exploding to now google has announced that they're going to start filtering all the alternative. exploding media websites and foreign news outlets that are becoming so popular because they give a different perspective doesn't mean they don't have agendas but there's a different perspective and so now they're announcing the internet kill switch and she she regulation over the internet senator jay rockefeller and one of the key committee says we would have been better off without the internet so instead of just having a something where the egyptians shut the internet off in five minutes we have this shallow strangling of the internet because the old dinosaur mega media is losing credibility and it's a government mouthpiece and so they're now moving in with a perfect storm to restrict free speech the internet is in danger russia and the
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world remain in shock of a suicide bomb attack at moscow's dome of the head of airport last monday thirty five people were killed and still over one hundred remain in hospital president dmitri medvedev has called for a much tougher approach towards tackling terrorism and in an interview to bloomberg he said russians should stand closer together in the face of such danger. consolidating all public forces and we vanquish this evil we have no right to get hysterical phone terrorism and spread out who this will make terrorism stronger look at the way americans came together after the events of nine eleven even those who are not very fond of president bush said which yes he's got to be at the helm he's got to be tough it's got to be the same for our country that's the only way we can defeat terrorism but that wasn't looking. now you can watch the full interview with bloomberg on dmitri medvedev to find a website that's auty dot com now russian lawmakers are already working on stepping up antiterrorism measures they've drawn up a draft law to introduce
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a new terror alert system in the country and he warning of an impending terrorist attack will be assessed on a three level color scale with the red alert being the highest security services with and take preventive action in accordance with the level of danger the system is already being compared to a similar one in america lawmakers promise it will not affect the right so freedoms of russians u.s. intelligence expert fred burton says fighting terror is all about balancing technical and human resources. there has to be a careful balance in essence you need that very granular intelligence to tell you who to look for and also need the technology to help you there are some very good technology that's available to do that they can be deployed but at the end of the day in essence if you look at a lot of these catastrophes it boils down to human failure blood boils down to very good human intelligence on very specific terrorist plots the problem is
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most intelligence services lack that granularity on any specific threat so your base to a lot of your security ramifications on threat assessments looking at probability and also trying to evaluate your intelligence gaps when you look at this kind of threat what you don't know is almost as important as what you do know i mean time web journalist laura hoffman is also known as the resident she asks people in the big apple how do we challenge terrorism and whether we actually have the answer to even stop it. the suicide bomber in moscow the car bomb in iraq the shootings in tucson considering the recent spate of violent acts around the globe are we doing enough to prevent terrorism this week let's talk about that i think we could be keeping
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lines of communication open and i think we can be trying to consider other people's perspectives i think we can be thinking more about policy and less about rhetoric are you willing to do more for if it meant the world is going to be protected more like strip searched at airports if necessary i'm i willing to be censors. i think the new machine i have is fine see through clothes you're ok with that ok do you think the scanners are ok if it means we're safe yes your clothes are coming off a nobody stacia do you think it's ever justifiable old you think anyone ever has a good enough reason to get that angry to do something like that no no i think those. there's obviously something vulgar wrong with them to thank about we that it's but it's a good thing to kill people and kill themselves illinois but what if you were being enslaved and you felt like you had no way out when you feel like violence would be an option then. not for other people to suffer no you have to go to these people
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you can't obviously it's horrible what happens but these people that's what they're trying to get they're trying to get the reaction here let them have that kind of power over society and be scared all the time so if the media turns it down a little bit of the coverage it will have an impact on that make them consider whether or not they're going to do it i think so whether or not you think we're doing enough to end terrorism the bottom line is with all the recent violence clearly we have yet to succeed. it's now a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital you without say the deputy governor of afghanistan's a kandahar province has been killed in an apparent assassination and a suicide bomber on a motorcycle rammed into the official's car while he was on his way to work the blast killed abdul latif us now on the spot three of his bodyguards were wounded in
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the attack on friday at least nine people were killed in a bomb blast in the capital kabul a recent u.s. intelligence report paints a rosy picture of the ongoing war showing it will eventually be won but oxys military contributor says that's just not going to happen unless washington changes its approach to beating that's how about it another year another january and yet another article in the herald tribune yet again from the cia sources it's bruce riedel the famous cia analyst claiming that eventually i kind of will be definitive uter that president obama charm offensive these are the muslim community all around the globe while the terrorist threat is real it is not confined or even closely related to ghana stan itself the terrorist threat comes along the afghan pakistan the bad land take out the war alone afghan pakistani
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badland and substituted for a cross and that instantly will finally start making sense until the washington decision makers real accomplish these linguistic exercise they are doomed to play all along this vicious circle paying lip service to the threat coming from pakistan while ignoring the clear and present danger both narco terrorism that comes from afghanistan. here with r t let's get to some other international news making headlines this hour at least five people have been killed by a bomb in a busy road tunnel in northwest pakistan nineteen others were explosion many of the injured were taken to a nearby hospital in peshawar and thought either the taliban or al qaeda militants are behind the attack. yesterday and union says it's forming a panel of heads of state to solve the political crisis in the ivory coast within
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one month the move came after three days of talks in ethiopia following widespread unrest since november's disputed elections former ivorian leader laurent gbagbo is still refusing to step down despite calls from the international community who say that the opposition candidate is the rightful winner. the european union has begun a preliminary probe into allegations kosovo's prime minister once led a ring trafficking human organs and follows a council of europe report alleging that she was the boss of a criminal underworld gang involved in the grisly organ trade business during the one nine hundred ninety nine war against serbia the report also implicates the cause of the liberation army in the crimes which are said to have involved killing prisoners. because former president nelson mandela is now resting at home in johannesburg after being discharged from hospital the ninety two year old was admitted for two nights with an acute respiratory infection his stay provoked
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public panic over the health of the anti-apartheid icon mandela's office says it received over ten thousand messages of support from well wishers. well we are also one line for you twenty four seven with plenty more stories to explore here are some of the items you'll find right now at dot com if wearing armani isn't quite enough for you you can also stay in an exclusive emporio armani hotel the fashion group now plans to open a design a hotel in the brochures of southern region all star for all but be warned just like his clothes want to be a cheap stay. in one of the most famous clowns in the world. is now back in moscow with his snow. but this performance is going to see to melt anybody's heart. plus a claim to a russian author. has turned out to be an authority on insects as well after his
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fifty year old series on butterfly migration have proven to be correct and much much more on t.v. dot com. all right now with the lead here on our team will be exploring how russia can attract more foreign investment but first let's check out the latest business with you. that's right time for your business update hort on the heels of his economic speech at dollars where the eno economic forum is in its fourth day calling for legislation which would vote if his promoting a draft bill to create an integrated financial service regulator which will supervise both the financial markets and insurance companies these are the two
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industries which were previously wanted to by different states but it's so that. the regulator will exercise control and monitor all investment and insurance companies it will also determine the rules of their operation eventually the financial regulator will be responsible for creating transparent and comfortable conditions for the business the respective draft bill has already been prepared. and the world economic forum is more than halfway through by has been more than intensive for the russian delegation of the many major deals being announced it's now time to turn expressions the will into action more from our correspondent. let's start with the president's speech his ten point plan very precise very appreciated by the audience in its precise dissent conciseness he spoke about no more nationalizations the creation of a sovereign fund on the country to help private investors the government would pool
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and share the risks and costs of foreign investors investing in the russian economy he also spoke about if you're joining the w.t. over finally the world trade organization this year and then the o.e.c.d. the organization of richer developed companies countries and then creating a common economic space with the european union very exciting talk of a common unique an economic space from the atlantic to the pacific and then minutes to shave all of was a bit more general talking about that russia would guarantee foreign investors rights move to a people based knowledge based economy and the u.s. business leaders that i spoke to rural very enthusiastic very appreciative i don't much different mood from last year when there was still some suspicion if you like about russia its motives and distrust ability and i've really seen today and over the course of this form pretty much the transform ation if you like of russia from the ugly duckling if you like of of world vestment in the economy into the swarm of
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world business parties daniel bushell reporting from the annual gathering the world's business leaders in davos and the head of russia's largest lenders burbank's says dollars has been a great success for russian business. these kinds of events crucially important for a better understanding of russia by international investors and i think the key point to business audience took from yesterday's discussion of russia's investment climate is the personal commitment deputy prime minister has shown this is a very good example of how we can demonstrate our belief in our country and explain what steps we're taking. and russian authorities have approved pepsico three point eight billion dollars acquisition of the country's de rejoined wimble down into a new way perhaps because see. russia is a perfect platform for further global expansion. using women down i think we can expand into cia central and eastern europe because those markets can all be
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serviced out of wimbledon and russia we have to decide how to take the technology develop a whole range of products that we can sell in other parts of the world so we can leverage the wimbledon value added their expertise our partnership with the saudi arabian dairy company and figure out how to bring the expertise of both companies together to build out their platform for the company how much can you grow wimbledon as a company our nutrition business which is about ten billion today and with wimbledon becomes twelve twelve billion plus can grow to about thirty billion by the year twenty twenty and russia becomes very interesting because russia's got land russia is called water and russia can be a great source of fruits for us so one of our goals is to develop russian agriculture to be the hub for certain fruits stone fruits in particular the rest of the world differences between doing business in russia they merge in markets india
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russia is perhaps. more developed than india in terms of frameworks exist systems exist so does in india too but in india. when you want to buy land you have to really go through a long process to get it because as a rule of law you can go to small farmer and say i want to learn you've got to go through a process. pepsico c.e.o. introduce their first deputy chairman of b. to b. will become the president of bank of moscow and let's say this effectively means russia's second largest lender has been given the green light to acquire a bank of moscow which was founded and owned by moscow city government should be was first expressed interest in the effort but then alpha bank claimed it wanted to buy one hundred percent of the lender it seems it has lost the race. to despise a terrorist attack of what it was because our ports on monday the russian stock markets experienced a very settled week of trading says stephen to shout scheme managing partner at the
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ship's compartments the russian market is finishing largely unchanged because over the. last couple of years it really has become much more driven by the external events or rather than some internal specific factors and so together with global markets which have been largely flat over the last couple of weeks the russian market has been flat we've seen some activity in gas promise we see people switching out for example out of steels in to solve the oil and gas means they guessed from and their. overall there has not been a lot of activity and that's your business update for now but you can always find more stories on our website that's our two dot com slash business.
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the more people we killed a happier our officers were it's got to be like a game like out exposed to see who gets killed the most people and the different ways you can prove maybe peace killed the guy came off here's a few brought back some serious you know where we have the most fears they will get the most fierce each. beaver's over in a few moments and five men around the circle open up on full automatic for him sixty. furious a man raped by six or seven people in front of. the most of the interim.
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