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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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two chemical dioxin on vietnam cambodia laos and thailand not just jungles were sprayed three thousand one hundred and eighty one villages and as many as fifteen million people were also directly sprayed this spring continued long after the in the east and american doctors began reporting the destructive effects on the roads and for nearly two hundred years after american scientists proved the agent orange connection to birth defects general william westmoreland was picked to run the war . i can say categorically that never and the history of warfare certainly never in this trail of the use of american arms. have more attention then given to the thought insists of it in casual is the way he did it up . from the top down the orders came and then the body count became the most
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important statistic of the war and search and destroy became the operational method for increasing it. if a battalion commander or a company commander figures cade we're told that everybody's enemy. and we can get this big body count which was the number one career in a hansom and statistic in vietnam. for example we get this report of a v.c. . but we don't have any evidence that it was at the scene no weapon no equipment no nothing you know just a suspicious situation if it's just counted which it is counted and condoned then there are elements of people. down at that level that would figure hey that's an easy way to get
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a body can. testimony at the winter soldier hearing in one thousand nine hundred seventy one revealed some of the atrocities this policy led to. some testimony here on the burning of villages cutting off of ears train up with korean artillery on villages for games women raped napalm on villages could you go into just a few of these to let the people know how you treat to be enemy civilian. the calling of artillery for games the way it was work but being the mortar forward observers would call in art and big out of certain houses and villages fairly quickly and mortar forward observers would call in order to until they are in that house and then that artillery forward observer would call it artillery till he destroyed another house and whoever used the least amount of artillery they were going to get back some would have to buy something else fear that. in this video we
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used testimony from many sources to bring home the ground truth of the war in vietnam this is what it was like on the receiving end of an artillery game. i'm safe how they directed artillery fire into the area where i live. yeah absolutely they call you all the houses and trees were destroyed and that. i am. not also to. keep. peace kerosene and gasoline and so their homes first into flames when they were hit by the rockets the yellow but some. do not now. yeah. old folks children and pregnant women should not need to burn them in their
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homes to keep it to. you must tax dollars went directly to increasing the body count to the vietnamese and became the currency of the kill. king so most emaciated scary looking individual i think i've ever seen in my life. he was a mercenary and. they got paid by the years that they produced pairs of years as a navy seal p.r. you advisor makes clear these rules were set from the top p.r. you was the enforcement on of the phoenix program and the phoenix program was the cia organized program of assassination and terror in vietnam among other things americans on these teams would often carry out operations while dressed to look
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like the vietcong they brought back a gun they got paid for it if they brought back a prisoner they got paid for. bring back the whole prisoner they used to get paid for bringing back identifiable parts ok i didn't set these rules up this is the rules that they're that they played by when you try to change those rules you're going to resistance i didn't want people bringing me back years and me having to pay for it. i don't want to live people dead people don't talk. here's a story from a cia agent in vain long. i was sitting in there and we had an old french villa we lived. with these irregulars came in with the district girl as she just you know. just come back from a battle they had five or six weapons and they threw the weapons down and they were just discussing with the whole situation they were going to prove something came up
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through a bag on the table and the bag had eleven ears on it and he said you don't need to try. and. well. the winter soldier hearings looked into the treatment of these p.o.w.'s this one might be helpful for prisoners. i've never seen a drawn out. behind me but. we had a couple of guys. from philadelphia. used to blindfold the guys with safety wire and pull. out the light. and bind and save the life and i used a contest to see if they could throw the bodies out of the airplane and throw out
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a surprise again you know. the american soldiers they took care of p.o.w.'s in vietnam like to take pictures so the winter soldier hearings involved a few slides. ok there is an interrogation going on here it's a big production and these are all the marines sitting around giving the various cheers this man here is a warrant officer a. typical vietnamese. these are national field police this man came over. and put a. ten spoon it's a vietnamese boat and he put it in my fire and he's burning the skin off the back of the man's neck. and finally the man in fear of his life method that one time he had given text to the v.c. but you can't prove that i heard earlier today that they used c.s.
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well marines used about a c.s. this particular man wouldn't come out of the hole and they threw to c.s. going to say that i personally a score of this man back to division and he died gas doesn't kill i don't know it killing. to show them that you did you really want to show. the first slide you're going to see. shows a prisoner of war and the way that they try to get him to talk. is by making him stand in front of a pile of ican by that we picked up the same p.o.w.'s forced to sit. for probably from six to eight hours by the style of bodies in the hot sun. the shadow of five or six g.i.'s going through the body looking for souvenirs in the spirit or there's a lieutenant in
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a captain overlooking what's going on. all for says were present at all times yes the old great officers were present were present. and the next slide is a slide of myself. i'm dreaming shameful of and i'm showing and hope the new people never been involved ever let this happen to you don't let every let your government do this to you come. to. the slaughter was organized from the top you. can't defend a place like that by setting on your daddy box you've got to get out and aggressively patrol and that's what our people are doing and one thing i am precise tell them all i was out there was to find these the common carrier.
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one time i went there to the headquarters for some reason and they had all these boards drawn up are showing the kill ratios in each brigade and seems to me like this. and i'm going on your honey or something and the. search terms people can work and keep the territory and he was trying to find them. and kill him and listen to him from the trade and from our lifetime errors. back in. good numbers the first big hill a copy of a war and that's how much of the killing was done. i was a helicopter. a cobra gunships pilot. i worked with another aircraft at all times in what is called a hundred killer teams. i was told. by the other pilots in the unit how to tell a v.c. from a civilian. because they were running their obviously if they were standing there they were well just well disciplined v.c.
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shooting many. they also told me that when we were flying over a village or near a village. people started to leave the village civilians. those beside as they were v.c. in the area for they were expecting a fight. while speaking with those with my coach me she says one american helicopters come through people run they think they're going to be killed. so we put these two things together and see no civilians are in kind of a bad spot. the offices go by helicopter support. the temperatures ninety five inside into the air conditioned the music is always to.
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be a. november of sixty eight in an area called the wagon wheel which is northwest of saigon on a routine search and destroy mission gunships were to be providing security and cover for us in case we had any contact or circling overhead no contact was made and the gunships got bored. so they made a gun run on a coach with many guns and rockets out when they left the area we found. one dead baby which was a young child. very young in his mother's arms and we thought. we found him a baby girl about three years old they were dead. some people fell in love with the technomage. prisoners that.
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we captured are having had to say it is fair to weaponize that if you do. not have an issue we carry. the evidence of it out and we can say our station. as many us soldiers in vietnam were infantry their main mission was search and destroy we were given orders whenever we moved into a builders to reconnoitre by fire this means to them or we step into a village or to fire upon our houses anything to our discretion it looks like there may be someone hiding behind behind or in a under well sometimes when we come to a village there will be a demeter going out of the bomb shelter you know power of fear being caught so consequently this surprise would start of any going to vidual and they would automatically turn to fire thereby uselessly killing civilians but i'll give an
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image before he opposed the iraq war in the u.s. senate jim webb was a combat marine in vietnam people would flash you have really good people and one individual who was a terrific marine who. we were in one operation and his best friend was killed and we made a sweep two days later through a village and this guy killed a civilian sort of as payback and in his own mind he was sort of justifying it and one village we won't. women and kids going into the villages and we got in there and we got in the village i mean another guy we were treating two unconscious babies babies like five six year old kid and a woman lying in a hammock and i told all ten of these people have to be evacuated because not evacuated this lady had shrapnel one and the kids had shrapnel in them they want conscious that in a bad way the gonna die he said well forget it doc will have time to stay and wait we went up on the hill right about this same village we fired down on this village
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the next day while people trying to bury the dead we fired down on the village at the people while they were doing here a burial ceremony and we and they killed another face they ran out they say but another of perth in the village. also went down that same that same day to get some water and there were two little boys playing on the dice and one sergeant of police and sticks to the shop where the bike the other boy tried to run . he shot the little boy up. and like lying on the ground kicking i'm going to make sure he's dead. many of the refugees created ended up in the squalor of saigon where morning schaefer opened the c.b.s. news bureau in one nine hundred sixty five. first appeared that the marines had
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been sniped at and that a few houses were made to pay. an officer told me he had orders to go in and leveled a string of hamlets that surrounds families village and all around the common paddy field that cedes these hamlets. five hundred fifty homes were leveled in retaliation for a burst of gunfire. on the first operation that i was on and country. went into a village called five fingers and it was that typical koran in search which is you surround a village and then you sweep through it and hopefully when you're sweeping if anybody's running from you they're going to run into the of course the surrounding troops on the other side and they get wiped out but we received fire as we walked into the village and we took no casualties but we did end up with
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a body count no weapons were found so poorly they were civilians the next day in the morning should i say they rounded up the entire village. all of them. and marched them out you were all prisoners of war all of them men women children made no difference we've got to do some apps they were just relocated man just moved away. i have hardly ever heard the term vietnamese they were always. there is no difference between a good one and a bad one except the good one at the time is train no weapon but he still fair game . the games that some of the marines in my outfit played myself included would be to find all the long whiskers and which i guess was a symbol of his identity in their culture and they would just be cut they would brutalized anybody who complained. we would move into
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a village and we would just step down we own the village while we're here these people would do what we told them or they wouldn't be allowed to stay in their own how are they would be beaten inside the house we were on our first operation and it was it was an operation so it just followed this procedure they were used to and we were just shown how you destroy a village and they just cried and carried on we don't know what happened to them that was the only pillage. immediate vicinity so we clear the area more or less everything is set on fire my squad leader personally ignited the first two and then just told us to take care of the rest. when we went out i would say fifty percent at least of the villages we passed through would be perm to the ground there was no difference between someone we burned and the ones we didn't burn it just put some we had time and we burn.
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we came here today to begin an operation aimed at clearing this area and mopping up the view of course to bring security to all of you. we understand that among you there are some who have naively listened to the viet cong propaganda and have joined the rebels among them are some of your husbands your brothers so please advise them to come back we are ready. during this pacification program to admit them back to society and to assist them. in ninety one children around as did comic suspects. and a lieutenant around him up as call the caps on the radio and he asked what should be done with them the captain simply repeated the order that came down from the colonel that morning the order came down colonel that morning was killing the moves
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which you can take any way you want to take it and when the captain told lieutenant this then i rang up i got up and i started walking over to the captain thinking that the lieutenant just might do it because i'd served in his platoon for a long time as i started over there the captain i think the captain panicky thoughtfully damn i do it too and this was a little more. atrocious and the other executions of our company participated in only because of the numbers. but the captain tried to call him up try to get him back on the horn and it wouldn't he couldn't get a hold of him. and i was walking over to my turn i looked in the area i looked to where the v.c.s. were supposed to be c.s. . and two men are leading a young girl broccoli nineteen years old very pretty out of a hooch she had no clothes on so i assume she had been raped which was pretty yes
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ok. and i would stare operating procedure for civilians. and she was thrown out of the pile over one thousand women children and five men around the circle open up on full automatic with her i'm sixty. three. we're still here for a real interesting illusion very very it's all right there's no currently really traitor to the people who are really really inside really just really really like the newspaper said operation stir lake world war two movie there we just set up there with them or we wish. to remain equally. the americans well they burned and destroyed and killed. i didn't see anything really. only believe.
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that out of one hundred seven villages in this area hundred and six were burned to the ground some of them many times over. this area was a free fire zone. anything that moves could be shot. these are good standard ten feet away we got to. the people are aware of one of our bodies doing so not sure if they try to hide the two young girls. we found one night in a bombshell or in the sort of the basement of her house. she was taken out raped by six or seven people in front of her family. everybody most of the villagers. as far as i just want to this is just the first one i can remember i know or. at least. they enemies or turks they're all. we didn't
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just call it a syrian. or vietnamese were on our. air or orientals and our they were inferior to us where americans wait we were a civilized. and out it we think about those people. sadly most americans are not how many of the in these were killed in the us in series men you put numbers less than a hundred thousand the shameful facts that between three and five million vietnamese were killed. and the vast majority of them were civilians. after the first gulf war george bush announced that. in the.
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vietnam syndrome presidents reagan and bush. quick military victories against small countries in which thousands of civilians died in grenada panama nicaragua. and el salvador. in reality the vietnam syndrome is a code for to induce a kind of national. about the true history and facts of the vietnam. as we witness to the buckle of the iraq war has become we can see that they have been largely successful. and especially. the results. in the iraqis most of them civilians. killed in another. school. motivated by greed. and the policies that created continue. those who refuse to remember their history are condemned to repeat it.
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this one must in. this coliseum must in fall time must not forget. we must learn from it and proceeds. paths.
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on arrests in egypt turns violent as the the embattled president hosni mubarak take to the streets of cairo to class with those whims an amount of thirty years of. u.s. a president obama has assigned the new strategic arms reduction treaty with russia the deal already approved all levels by moscow we would use both of the country's nuclear arsenals by about. all and is expelling a russian diplomat say the allegations that moscow intelligence stole irish identities first spy work russia has responded with a warning that serious consequences will follow.
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a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me on his head but there's been more violence in cairo this time between opponents and supporters of president hosni mubarak for the first time while huge crowds continue to protest demanding he sounds down some of the servers in cairo have claimed those backing him on the streets have been paid to show. clear how the latest from the egyptian capital. the focal point of those clashes came at around midday three thirty cairo time it's not clear who actually started the clashes whether it was pro barak demonstrators or anti mubarak demonstrators but both sides with were in stones at each other people were standing on ledges taking up and throwing whatever they could at people down below they were they were into incidents of people actually picking up road signs and using the poles of the science to actually hit and strike at other people there are ambulances still on the scene there are mobile clinics that also.


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