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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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there are demonstrations happening in alexandria in suez in a number of other different cities the rallying call is the same this is a protest to say mubarak's d. day they want him gone by sunset which is just a few hours away now they have so far been no sign of those pro mubarak demonstrators this doesn't mean that all concerns for violence have been abated but we're certainly seeing a lot a lot of excitement out of the streets and a lot of a common situation the army is maintaining a presence on the periphery a short time ago i'm a musette who is the secretary general of the arab league and did attend the protests in toughness where people there welcoming him there were also prayers that were given by him moms who were calling for calm they also said the army was with god because it had promised not to state fire and get involved in these demonstrations with me i have professor i am an ice climbing a from cairo university thank you very much for joining us do you think mubarak will step down today we hope for the e.c.
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i was born forty three years ago and now you've course lived in the time of president. president sadat then president mubarak and i can tell you this is a big day in my country's history we hope that he will listen to the voice of wisdom and he will listed down and leave the office today what do you make of the american involvement and there's a lot of american diplomatic activity with them speaking now to almost solomon and other top egyptian officials is there a sense that they have betrayed a man who they've backed for thirty years or no it's politics you know i mean for thirty years we have the same gentleman and same faces same policy ok and what i think now what the american trying to do right now is to steal that air force and actually word to the youth of the april twenty fifth did you try to steal their victory and claim it to themselves but you know it's the effort and the blood. and
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this creaming and tiredness of the young people of egypt why is the american administration not supporting mubarak anymore because simply i think mr mubarak has lost his credibility the entire nation actually thinking that is time to go so no credibility no support i mean what are the american going to support nothing what does the average egyptian make of america's involvement because they're still so involved in what's going on in internally gyptian affairs it's totally rejected and people actually into his square and every single part of the country calling in this story in powers no matter what i mean without naming any particular power to keep away it's our affairs and we'd like to keep it our interferes but accepting the rallying call we're hearing from protesters mubarak has to leave today but among those protesters those that i spoke to about that involvement in the international community some saying that the united states has been hypocritical in
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supporting an ally such as mubarak and then today turning its back on him and my colleague laura emmet filed this report from england in terms of what has been what is perceived by people here u.s. meddling in egypt in affairs. president obama started it is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful it must be peaceful and it must begin now and then faithfully one after the other one the other governments followed suit and that these democratic change has to start now. it needs to happen now the growth of freedom and democracy in egypt and it seems the theme was contagious as the call for a new egypt spreads uncontrolled across the western mass media there were hundreds and fifty thousand people in the streets of cairo protesting for democracy this is how democracy happened but was. right to u.s.
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and european leaders have to get involved in what's essentially domestic unrest about dissatisfaction with a ruler who cares what they want in egypt certainly not these demonstrators at the egyptian embassy in london basically you feel regime for such a. regime and now they're talking about democracy and respect the from the right side of this and so obama's speech. could be seen on the face so much. i mean it is not the same going overboard on the sand as we experience for a transition where is this peaceful transition there are shades of past conflicts in the world's attitude to the situation in egypt egypt is a sovereign state but what they've always done for the west they've used this humanitarian or came and said oh we can intervene in. we can intervene in byelorussia we can put sanctions for example this week i put sanctions on.
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election. in some way invalid or there was some irregular as well they're all sufficient irregularities in the british elections without your knowledge opinion putting sanctions on. it's a complete turnaround for the western world which is always supported hosni mubarak is a force for stability in the region the u.s. gave him one and a half billion dollars a year for his armed forces alone and it was western support that kept mubarak in power betraying an inherent misunderstanding of the way society operates according to chatham house the way regimes like survive. is by making themselves useful. to do west they have to convince the world that. if they leave it'll be the muslim brotherhood. in egypt and it's the worst case scenario so the. minute you can see beyond the over the fall of all of which
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suggests that western countries should stand back and let the egyptian people exercise their sovereignty the president of the united states would call us to move immediately and instantly to make changes as if we are the fifty third state of the united states we are not trying to play a role in egypt's future is a dangerous game for western leaders hosni mubarak enjoyed strong support from america and co for many is that now at the first sign of trouble their support is conspicuous in its absence it sends a message to friends and foes alike in the region when the going gets tough don't count on us a message that's likely to further destabilize an already deeply unstable part of the world's. majority. and later on in the latest edition of cross talk people a bell and his guest the sculls in detail on the turmoil in egypt could affect the
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wider region has a pretty groovy. in the future of this relationship it really all depends on what type of government ends up emerging in egypt i think that we can say for certain that this relationship will never be the same unless we see the emergence of a nother dictatorship in egypt very similar to the mubarak regime of course that is what the israelis would like to see their preferable candidate is the newly named vice president in egypt are slim and who they have been working with very carefully and he has been sort of the architect an overseer of the siege of gaza from the egyptian side but it's unlikely that a new government in egypt whatever that government is will be able to ignore the will of the egyptian people in the way that previous governments have.
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to. offer more analysis i can. all three of the book humanitarian imperialism using human rights to sell war and he joins us live now to brussels that if we can all many thanks for being with us here on see now if mubarak does step down immediately what's likely to fill the power vacuum that will be left behind. or if you don't immediately. we leave. but the question is whether suliman going last because superman is so close to him that they don't know if he can last and then after that nobody knows what will happen now members of the muslim brotherhood nother groups viewed as extremists in the west abound in egypt reportedly helping those injured
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in this armrest that we've seen unfolding over the past few days even providing food safety you would think they are extremist elements that people should be worried about in egypt. i think what we're seeing now is the total collapse of american and western policy in that region and israeli policy in that region which was always to support dictatorship that were supposedly friendly to the west and friendly to israel but of course as you have seen. seen in eastern europe if your friendly government that unpopular then in the end it turns against you because the people are against you in the government and they're being overthrown and that's what's happening now so you know you can call them extremist if you wander there's nothing you can do about it with these so-called extremist by supporting our own extremism because why isn't it extremist to support a government which is vastly unpopular as mubarak has been for many years and why isn't it extremist to support israel as we have been doing for so many years which
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is not accepted in the region and doesn't care to try to be accepted in the region . egypt is second only to israel you mentioned there in your own say in receiving financial aid from the u.s. but now where in this thing at the u.s. turning away from supporting them about regime do you think that all the u.s. allies in the region should be concerned that this may happen to them in the future . where i think they should be concerned that i don't think they should be concerned about us they should be concerned about their own people and the situation is different from different counties you see for example syria is not supported by the u.s. the sanctions against syria lebanon are supporting the allies but not the present government so the baby and the gulf states a bit different because they're rich and they are actually supporting the united states rather than the than the other way around so the county which is clueless this is jordan which also is in peace with israel and is somewhat supported for that reason but of course the fact that they're supported you see. in the help to
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egypt are very different to egypt goes in or is a sort of a help to israel in disguise because they're helping the egyptian not for the sake of the egyptians but for the sake of the pieces. it is you see to me the peace treaty acceptable to the egyptians that this you pull them giving two billion dollars a year to egypt does not do very much to alleviate the suffering of the masses and the problem is that the money goes into the pockets of the elite anyway so i don't think it's you know it's the bill is the situation and if the we go there it's maybe because they want to but you see there the friendly regime that would presumably heed and of course if there were an unfriendly regime then they would do the same thing with a show of hands now mr believe that the peace treaty between egypt and israel and israel we know is tightening its border security amid the some arrest that we're seeing in egypt do you think those are fears are justified we know that the muslim brotherhood said that they will cancel the peace treaty if they do come into power
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of course but there's a difference between canceling a peace treaty and actually going to war you see i don't think they will go to war with israel that would be foolish for them but israel may preemptively attack them as they have been doing since nine hundred fifty six and one hundred fifty six israel has consistently attacked the others but it was a deeply into really attacking the others they did it in sixty seven and later than the invaded lebanon several times so they might preventively attack israel egypt to be totally foolish for them but i don't see the egyptian attacking israel on the other hand of course if a democratic regime comes to power in egypt whether it's the muslim brotherhood or other people it's bound to be and because the people in the region and i mean that's a symbol is that. there is no way that they can have offended regime which is the mccarthy well let's talk about what might fill the void if mubarak does step down as to the full circle now we know that made european powers have a supporter that u.s.
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stance of asking for a peaceful transition of power in cairo do you think they're united in calling for that for a democratic transition or are there any separate agendas that pay. it's very difficult to see very difficult to know what you hope will be in things because they don't really think you see there's a problem of the european construction is that created a vast bureaucracy which in fact. is not leave the possibility to thing in the time of the goal or the time of all of even the christian democrats in italy they could have a foreign policy which may matter or not maybe didn't matter very much but at least you could have a foreign policy but now of course it's very difficult for in policy because they claim to be united but they don't have the possibility to be united because there are just too many countries you see in there too many different histories different interests and so on and then what happens is that they follow the trend and the trend said by the united states and to a large extent by israel and their supporters in europe so we don't have a foreign policy in reality that's
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a tragic thing we don't have even the reflection on what happened in foreign policy could be or would be in europe that's a problem well there has been consensus in asking for a peaceful democratic transition of power in egypt but do you think egypt is ready for democracy. what does it mean i mean it was the french france credit for the most of the time of the french revolution where the british at the time of the british. the american revolution i mean what does it mean you see the history of a county is complicated if you take democracy in america where it's going to be slavery for decades so how do you know what does it mean if you don't know what it means it seems to me that it's a an ongoing poses there's not a point where you can say now this is democracy in the office is ongoing and it has to start somewhere and i don't see how it could not start by having elections free elections in egypt that would be the beginning now whether the people who would win the election we look democratic to what will happen later i don't know but. i
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think the basic fact to me for me is the following is that if you look at the history of the twentieth century or at least since world war one of sins of omission of evolution we can see that the europeans and the west in general always put itself on the side of the action in the countries outside of europe on the side of the way to doing the russian revolution then there was the german invasion there was the same thing with the chinese revolution with vietnam with south africa with our pastor in there with israel and mubarak and company and it has always failed we always support the rich in the end makes it very unpopular over to and we have no way to impose our will to the rest of the world we have the possibility in the colonial period but this finished and we should realize that we just don't have the will to impose our will and the will that we want to impose is usually. we have to we have to get the only advice to the hopi and the americans is to leave
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the other people leave their own history it may be tragic but there's nothing we can do about it i came. back and many have to thank you they are literally running from the thank you. now u.s. lawmakers are pushing for renewal of the patriot act which allows security agencies to carry three private telephone and e-mail records the majority of congressmen said that a lot of plans the public from the threat of terror but as long as he began it if you can reports many people view it as a violation of civil liberties. major provisions of the patriot act about to expire are due to be extended by lawmakers brought in by the bush administration as an emergency anti terror measure the act gives sweeping powers to the authorities to spy on people but the u.s. senate's judiciary committee is in a real hurry to rubberstamp rather than discuss and debate the far reaching measures they expire in three weeks and i think there is not time really to go
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through. a major change in those there was no time either for real debate back in two thousand and one when the patriot act was adopted weeks after the nine eleven attacks according to congressman dennis close senate lawmakers hadn't even read what they were passing what happened once the patriot act was passed the fourth amendment rights to. reasonable certain to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure just thrown out the congressman was one of the very few who openly oppose the act we have a challenge to the essence of our democracy with the very existence of the patriot act and of course its name the patriot act who would want to oppose the patriot act because it makes it sound as though you're a patriot if you're for it but actually. idea of tying patriotism to destruction of cherished constitutional privileges needs to
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shelf to be challenged although lawmakers insisted that the patriot act would be used just for anti-terrorism federal authorities have used its powers far more broadly the senate's intelligence watchdog found that without any judicial checks government employees journalists anti-war activists and others had been spied on over the last six months more than twenty anti-war activists around the country have been subpoenaed after the f.b.i. raided homes in chicago and minneapolis reportedly using patriot act powers to round up american citizens there's ample reason to believe that when you create massive databases of politically potentially very useful information about both innocent and guilty people eventually someone with access to that information will misuse it and we see all the time how people who become politically engaged politically threatening are subject to disclosures of sensitive information about
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them the patriot act allows security services to lawfully spawn by wiretapping large groups of phone numbers and monitoring e-mail addresses in ball instead of needing a warrant each time the national security agency has even intercepted bill clinton's private e-mails later said to be an inadvertent mistake among millions of other pieces of correspondence snooped on a privacy watchdog suggest that since two thousand and one the f.b.i. has intelligence investigations have compromised the civil liberties of american citizens far more frequently and to a greater extent than was previously assumed supporters of the act say it's needed because of the terrorist threats that we've had thirty six stored in terrorist attacks since nine eleven well do you know for a fact that it was thanks to the patriot act that the attacks were prevented it's difficult to say that for sure because when you look at court records and other documents that are available you can you say in these cases. there were cases
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where patriot act like tools would be useful and so we can surmise and suspect that they were useful and some of them congressman could sanish says the act is supported in congress due to a climate of fear so you have a whole nation of fearful people promoting fear you cannot have a democracy if the democracy rest upon fear you cannot walk in faith in freedom and fear at the same time americans have a great deal of respect for their founding fathers and one of those wise men benjamin franklin said quote those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and of quote it seems that piece of advice is largely ignored by today's america reporting from washington i'm going to check out our team. a series of ultranationalist attacks in ukraine has once again shown up a society divided by ideology the west and the east of the country hold very
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different views on what it is to be ukrainian and the. reports that are often expressed in violence. an innocent joke or deliberate disick ration recently activist of a ukrainian radical nationalist party cooked eggs and bacon on the eternal flame in caves memorial park a monument to the red army soldiers who died liberating the country from the nazis rather deputy to seize little surprise as to why this happens in more than day ukraine. the nation was brainwashed by five years of you should as a rule actions like these are an attempt to write off the sacrifice this country made to be liberated from the nazis in the result of pro fascist propaganda like the rehabilitation of nazi collaborators like you keep it and don't dare to produce them the two nationalist army leaders to ban one there and i mention here which were made heroes of ukraine by former president. their groups are seen by many as
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nazi collaborators first they fought the german invasion then turned against the soviet troops at times using gruesome tactics against civilians the former president's decision split open ukraine ideologically now with victory and a cause which in office the author proved in court that done better had no right to bear the heroic accolade. the laws that only a citizen of ukraine can become a hero and been there wasn't a ukrainian citizen but the law doesn't matter to some people here they believe the really crane is in the west of the country and they don't want to find any compromise here. the court's decision caused a massive public outcry in the west of ukraine and the nationalist hot bed from renaming the streets after been there to raising funds for new monuments people in this part of the country stressed that their loyalty to been there will stand firm better. than daryl walls is and will be our hero this is what we believe in and no
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court decision will ever change. but at some point words turned into actions nationalist wings organized a series of extremist attacks this summer during russian back to arc's visit to ukraine they bombed the church and have also vandalized soviet era monuments and the country is left to wonder what reaction would follow should an other controversial world war two ukrainian be deprived of his hero status on february the sixteenth according to keep will decide whether i'm secure which will also be stripped of his medal and while experts say he is most likely to follow been there as food stamps they say no matter their decision ukraine will still remain divided over its perception of the past let's see russia ski see reporting from kiev ukraine. time now for the case of business these with shireen take away.
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welcome to our business program i'm surrounded. inflation in russia has already climbed two point four percent in the first month of two thousand and eleven exceeding analyst expectations that experts say should this trend continue inflation could reach double digits by midyear alexander mazzaroth h.s.b.c.'s chief economist for russia and the c.i.s. agrees with this prognosis but believes inflation will fall by the year's end. inflation outlook for next two miles also expect of the reach of double digits as early as and of itself quarter on all in the second quarter we see what is some chance according to all model but inflation will do to the way back to single digits towards of a year and this is why we're still expect inflation of nine point five percent is he had to somewhat to december according to official projections or. for this fact inflation russia below have as low inflation as of was in the medium of course to
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some extent that's a structural problem of the steel prices mused the prices go up to be raised in russia but i would argue that still inflation of four percent is quiet for the ball and that's possible to achieve bets on afford it there is indeed should take moffat's to get this done within the next two or three years. and russia's to begin selling grain from the state reserves in a move to curb food prices and support domestic markets the plan is to sell two and a half million tons of grain within five months of the next harvest the state's current stockpile stands at nine and a half million tons and authorities banned cereal exports six months ago following the country's worst drought in fifty years that devastated the harvests industry watchers say prices have now started to stabilize thanks to the positive outlook. let's take a look at the markets russian markets closed in the black having climbed for a third day energy majors are the early gainers as oil is trading above one hundred
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dollars a barrel in london amid political unrest in north africa and the middle east. and also nickel and spear banks both closed trading down on the day rosneft however added close to two percent on both horses after the oil giant stated that its fourth quarter net income saw a nineteen percent jump over the previous three months. the russian company has also posted a net profit of ten point six five billion dollars in two thousand and ten a sixty four percent increase year on year beating analysts expectations according to u.s. accounting standards russia's largest oil company has also reported a fourth quarter jump in profit while its overall debt fell twenty six percent the improved results were mainly attributed to increased output tighter cost control and rising oil prices meanwhile rosner's president has denied that his company's negotiating to buy out half of russian british joint venture t.i.n.k. b.p. . and that's all business news for now but you can always find more stories on our
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web site that's r t dot com slash business thanks for watching. wealthy british style it's not on the front. of the. market why not.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. this is our team protesters in their tens of. calling on the president to step down a what they've dubbed final friday. so major political figures in the west bank demonstrate is trying to the egyptian leader leading to criticism taking sides in an internal law provides a. kind of. resolve the craving is nazi collaborators have stripped of their hair a status but their followers refuse to give up their idea. of sacrificing freedom for patriotism u.s. lawmakers a slow down for denying essential lives and civil liberties with the renewal of the
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patriot act allowing it media are limited spying on censor some. expose the rich tapestry of russian culture in great britain. hello and welcome to the show will be visiting different cities exploring russian life history our culture we begin with one of my favorite cities in the world. london one of the most visited cities in the world and to the cultural scene here you see how in many areas russia has been a huge influence in fifty years in the past bush on the west may have battled it out with that.


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