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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EST

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you know what form and this is obviously to deal with the government strong that president mubarak cannot step down despite the demand from protesters on the streets that he step down immediately and till the constitution is dealt with the committee has been given one month to complete its work it is significant that the vice president almost sentiment met with opposition groups and that among those opposition groups was the muslim brotherhood the muslim brotherhood is banned here in just a few days ago they were saying that there was no way they would meet with the government until mubarak step down now the brotherhood is it pains to say that its position has not changed that it has called these talks are not negotiations and that's when he said that it went to go and meet with cement to see what was the position of the government how much it was prepared to use to meet them halfway and to put the demands of the people across as long as we can gauge the the media sensation but it's not so much that people are fearing move violence it's really the uncertainty of what comes next today sunday we've met we've witnessed in various places is being held by the coptic christians as well as muslims they've
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come together and they've been praying for the people who died today has been called the day of matches the message that they've been putting out is that this is a people's revolution this is a democratic revolution for the first time we've noticed a real desire for people to get back to work and some kind of humanity the banks were open for us to free up for three hours there have been some businesses would open their doors the figures being bandied about is that this crisis has cost this country three hundred ten million dollars a day totaling three point one billion dollars so there is a very real desire from most people in the country that while they sympathize and empathize with the protesters for some kind of normality to return to the streets of egypt just yesterday the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking in munich saying that the washington the american administration would support a government that is headed by almost one of many he is the vice president that is currently meeting with these opposition groups now some of them is widely regarded here as mubarak's right hand man people prefer him possibly to. right but they
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certainly don't believe that a government headed by him will be anything different to what they've seen at the moment his nickname is mr torture because of the position he held for so many years in the intelligence service here he was the chief of egyptian intelligence so when those kind of statements come out of the american administration they just reinforce the feeling on the streets here that the united states and european powers and the rest of the world really needs to stay out of egypt and if it is my colleague in england took a look at that phenomenon the problem president obama started it is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful. it must be peaceful and it must begin now and then faithfully one after the other one the other governments followed suit . to show these democratic change has to start now and. it needs to happen now for greater freedom and democracy in egypt and it seems the theme was contagious as the calling for a new egypt spreads uncontrolled across the western mass media there were two
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hundred and fifty thousand people in the streets of cairo protesting for democracy this is how democracy happens but what right do u.s. and european leaders have to get involved in what's essentially domestic unrest about dissatisfaction with a ruler who cares what they want in egypt certainly not these demonstrators at the egyptian embassy in london they supported the egyptian regime for such a long time and in fact they are they give to regime and now they are talking about democracy and respect the for the rights of this and so obama's speech i want this but most of it could be sitting on the fence so much and most of that i mean is not the same going on but out there just saying that's the appearance for a transition where is this peaceful transition it's a complete turnaround for the western world which is always supported hosni mubarak is a fool supposed to policy in the region the u.s.
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gave him one and a half billion dollars a year for his armed forces alone and it was western support that kept mubarak in power betraying an inherent misunderstanding of the way society operates according to chatham house. is by making. to the west so they have to convince the world that. if they leave it'll be the muslim brotherhood and you'll have to publish. in egypt. it's the worst case scenario so the. minute you can see beyond never really fall in all of which suggests that western countries should stand back and let the egyptian people exercise that the president of the united states would call on us to move immediately and. to make changes as if we are the fifty fifth state of the united states we are not trying to play
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a role in egypt's you chase the dangerous game the western leaders hosni mubarak enjoyed strong support from america and co for many years but now at the first sign of trouble this uproot is conspicuous in its absence this sends a message to friends and foes alike in the region when the going gets tough don't count on us a message that's likely to further destabilize an already deeply unstable possibly was no rabbits are to be looked at meantime professor sayad mohammad marandi from the university of tehran says the real goal of the u.s. is to prevent the arab and muslim world from getting stronger to protect its closest ally in the region israel. they're not on the side of the people in the people recognize that they're playing a double game they're on the one hand very much on the side of the establishment on the side of. a mouse with a man but on the other hand they tell the egypt and people that they they hear
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their voices and they wish to pray for their freedom but we all know that the ruling establishment cannot last without american support and the chips in people know that these countries do not want them to be free not only because do they want the americans and europeans want to remain in power and have their head germany in these countries but they also know that an independent egypt an independent jordan and an independent arabia meaning sodium rabia is something that would be detrimental to the israeli regime so the united states and the europeans will wish very much to prevent the people of the region from empowerment and that's mohammad marandi the professor from the university of tehran speaking there where you are with the weekly here on r.t. and still to come america's media is turning up the heat on terror on. tuesday the industry your leader in school he's going to do you have something to give you
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good morning to both the movie studio if you think. you can always make your argument as a frenzy over the latest claims of a mounting threat from the islamic state but what's the truth behind the hype. plus russia reboot sets of commercial aviation with a brand new app which has just been cleared for launch we've got the full details in a few minutes right here on r.t. . russian authorities are searching for two people now from the republic of chechnya believed to be connected to the deadly terror attack on the port so he six people were killed and more than one hundred injured in the blast at one of the. two weeks ago. the two men could be linked to the twenty year old who is currently suspected of being the suicide bomber here's a body parts were recovered at the scene of russian investigators say they need time to determine if indeed he is the culprit meanwhile
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a video has emerged showing russia's most wanted man who is threatening an attack on the capital of chechen terrorists went on to promise quote a year of blood. reports many believe it's his way of claiming responsibility. in that video is standing with two other men both of whom universe first to ask his brothers the man on the one side. appears to resemble the man authorities believe to be the suicide bomber who detonated the explosive device at the airport many also believe that this is one way to date the video despite the fact that it has been posted nearly two weeks after the blast of course has made similar videos before he has russia's most wanted terrorist and a leader of a terrorist organization that operates in the north caucasus previously of course he has been found guilty of organizing many terrorist attacks the most recent of
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course being the moscow metro bombings in march two thousand and ten when dozens were killed and injured there has been no official reaction to the video so far earlier this week russian president meeting with a diplomat with the heads of the investigative committee and russia's security service the f.s.b. both these services have reported to the president that they have identified the suicide bomber they believe him to be a young man twenty year old young men are originally from the north caucasus who was quite high on drugs intoxicated with some illegal substances which the security services believe is a one way that these terrorists organize. nations are controlling those that they set up to side bombers they've also said that they could potentially have identified the man masterminding this terrorist attack that of course the details of that are not revealed. the fact the investigation is still ongoing but they've
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also said that they've arrested they've actually detained some other people who they believe to have been involved and preparations for the terrorist attack on the russian president has commended officials on all the steps that they have taken but warned against calling the case closed too soon before every investigative action has been taken. out of the reporting that. well the new deal on a nuclear arms reduction between the russia and us has come into force nearly a year after it was first signed by the two countries presidents the treaty known as the new start is being hailed as a reset between the two countries but. it's only the beginning of a long road to scrapping cold war era stereotypes. words put into action historical. documents and the new strategic arms reduction treaty between
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moscow and washington is officially in force and when it comes to the button that has worried us the most over the years the one that would unleash nuclear destruction today we take another step to ensure it will never be pushed. to last for the next ten years the treaty said the number of nuclear weapons on both sides were birds. which would have appeared impossible even if they go. be presented with a fleet of this historic moment the green light has been given six weeks to russia and the united states will exchange information on all. of the nukes stocks and perhaps most important. the pact was backed by both presidents but it still took months of talks and internal disputes until the treaty was ratified by both the country's parliament and even then only after the two
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sides had made so-called special statements or recommendations but they were non-binding and will not affect the actual implementation of the. original text remains untouched. on both sides but. we see that it. started with a reception also on the table at the munich security another initiative backed by moscow the building of a unified anti missile defense system which includes russia the united states and the european union all sharing responsibility for the safety of the other according to maintaining a balance is essential for everyone security and he stressed this is a unique chance to work get to. other. than agreement to discuss the possibility of a joint anti missile shield doesn't automatically mean russia is reading to you in the program which is being drafted without its participation was of course the idea
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of take it or leave it doesn't work here if we don't work together she will have to compensate like it or not an emerging imbalance. getting rid of all cliches and we received dividing one that's the message voiced by most here in germany a country was learned from bitter experience what you is all about that's the press that it was there which there were a lot remains to be done to irreversibly overcome the accumulated historical clichés phobias and suspicions of all our countries need to follow the principle of the indivisibility of security we already to follow serious collective work in the key area of year the land in global policy the time has come to take a choice between common strategic interests really immediate political expediency. but clearly not everyone is able to get rid of all stereotypes we are proceeding with it because of the threat we face from iran not from the soviet union and. when
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you look on the former. this meeting in munich is fast becoming a major stage for people to look forward to among other issues dominating the talks were the current unrest in egypt the peace process in the middle east iran's nuclear program north korea frozen conflicts and for the first time in forty seven years cybercrime what the security there was that's the nickname this conference has been given by some sense it's a great opportunity for world leaders and top level politicians to share of their views on key contemporary issues and many say every year this forum reveals the true direction of global politics for the near future and this time in the case of russia and the united states for the next decade. we are coming to you live from the heart of the russian capital this is our. snow job here in moscow
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skiers and thousands of slide into the capital enthusiastic over all ages shapes and sizes from across the country to test themselves in an annual scheme find out what attracts them that's coming up a little bit later in our bulletin. let's continue looking at some other stories from around the world now and it's a museum remains a tense weeks after the ousted president ben ali left the country two people were killed in the two new zealand town of cath when police opened fire on protesters around a thousand and one to moderate the resignation of the local police chief who they say abused women in the local community and in the country remain distrustful of police who they blame for carrying out the repressive policy of president ben ali who was ousted last month. the indian navy has seized more than twenty pirates and rescued two dozen hostages from a hijacked thai fishing boat that happened off the southwestern coast of india they will now all be taken to mumbai and handed over to authorities pirates mainly from
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somalia have been highly active in the indian ocean in recent years and three vessels were reportedly captured last year alone. thirty five harms have been destroyed and the hundreds of others evacuated as fires raging in western australia the blazes that were found by a massive cycler that struck the east of the country on friday yasi also exacerbated the flooding continues to affect the eastern region has been the worst our country's worst in decades and has killed thirty five people and caused billions of dollars worth of damage. and three americans accused of spying and legally entering iran have gone on trial in tehran they were arrested last year while hiking near the iran iraq border the hikers insist that they didn't cry. at the border and if they did it was by accident but everyone says they are spies working for the united states the trial has increased the already high level of
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hostility between the two nations. tensions with iran worse stoked in an unlikely way this week u.s. authorities discovered a book instructing iranian suicide bombers but they found it in the hours on a desert they want to quite knows what it was doing in the middle of nowhere but the u.s. media was quick to make their own conclusions as ati's garniture can reports. a book found in the arizona desert has put america's most watched cable news channel on the high alert fox news alert time new terror fears the book was reportedly published anywhere and contained information on suicide bombers that much was enough to trigger sensational suggestions that iranians could be plotting something inside the u.s. they would not give us a picture of the book they would not say it was personalized in any way or you know what trackers may have found basically no facts behind the story but that didn't stop the channel from making a big scary deal of it story although they reportedly in point out of the end could
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mean something and it could also mean nothing the international community is worried about iran but the american media go way beyond that seeking to make the country the all bogeyman scratch on the earth was no politician ever lost a. newscaster ever got negative publicity from your own. industry here in the united states whenever you have something negative that you want to say about the middle east. you can always attack iran every chance is taken to toss the rainy morning that has no international terrorist suicide bombings in moscow to help us in places like iran to get more russian cooperation with afghanistan things like that are they going to wise up and help us a little bit the pick and choose style of reporting which shapes the american usage and it became all the more obvious in the wake of the week release of u.s. secret diplomatic cables despite having vast amounts of material at their disposal
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to troops from the new york times chose to go biggest on he ran with a four page article alone focusing on the country but the demonize they should have you ran is not new in the us media is being going on for years despite no proof tehran was building nuclear bombs. are out to kill us i feel that this is the most dangerous country in. the world do you think the world understands how evil this regime is a nuclear iran can pass on nuclear military capabilities to terrorist organizations why is america sitting here like a patsy waiting to get spanked smack killed what is it a whole city is going to get hit with a nuke some american news outlets have been major cheerleaders in fear mongering which back in two thousand and three landstuhl war that was started on why the same people that want to cause regime change in iraq are now saying we need to do regime change in iran fear mongering can have major consequences creating a climate of scratch which could justify any action in the name of providing safety
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for the american people that's what happened in iraq where a friendly about long range weapons of mass destruction and links fall kaido was whipped up to justify the invasion reasons later proven to be false the question is could the same approach be used with iraq a bit of news about a suspicious iranian book in the middle of nowhere is nothing but is the news reporter pointed out in isolation this is just a piece of information we don't maybe know months from now maybe a year from now you'll hey remember that young poor yeah that's how i look at news very often it's cumulative as far as the viewers are concerned here is also a cumulative i'm going to check on r.t.e. in washington d.c. . on tuesday russia remembered its first president boris yeltsin headed the country during its first a token steps to democracy after the fall of the soviet union and he would have been eighty years old this week president unveiled
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a monument to the late leader in his hometown of katherine buggin the year roles he praised yeltsin for not shifting away from the path to democracy at a crucial time for the country in the ninety's for years and his legacy still divides russians some admired him for promoting civil freedoms will always blame him for the corruption and economic suffering that's. the mayor of ukraine's capital kiev has been missing for months so now the prime minister is demanding somebody finds him one a local official has reassured ukrainians. is alive and well but that's not enough for the government. investigates. meaning if agree that over the past six months ukraine's capital has become a bad place to live but locals are bewildered as to who should take the credit as the man in charge of the city has gone missing. the mere. definitely.
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in five years a city's top dog. has been a journalist delight from singing at a press conference. taking a dive in front of cameras to prove he was mentally sane the eccentricity of key of smear earned him the nickname spaceman among locals the. true if he had gone to space it might at least explain the mystery of where he actually is that's because the last time should not be askew was seen in public was almost six months ago and it is troubling not just ordinary citizens but those at the very top as well. the authorities define sure novitsky in the name of the people who miss him and want him to return to work. off to an avalanche of criticism was dumped and gives mayor following
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a devastating winter in two thousand and nine the city's snow clearing gear was overhauled by the government. post but the real man running affairs is thought to be the city hall of ministration boss alexandre. but he's giving nothing away about the mystery man. villa looks deserted only his mother in law was captured by our camera security guard say they have not seen its principal resident for quite a while. six months. between his. post. this whether it is from a look at the jury. resort in france or italy or somewhere else the location of where exactly any church maybe it's the city from remains unclear but with the prime minister inquiring for his whereabouts the long vacation could soon be cut short forty of some a year this year
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a show of ski reporting from key if you create. a brand new russian passenger plane has been cleared to fly into the lucrative world of commercial aviation but sukhoi superjet one hundred is the first airline and designed in the country since soviet times the plane with a capacity of around one hundred passengers is set to replace rushers aging fleet of short range jets the designers will promote the super global market later this year after it undergoes european aviation safety checks. but we've got all these and many other stories for you on our website that's dot com let's have a look at what's on offer right now for you and using sports to promote religion american churches gather on super bowl sunday to pray for the world to stop watching. the splashing out on the culture in petersburg a famous and theater one of the most expensive beer to projects in the world after
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it's a renovation. this sunday is no day of rest for scores of russian athletes thousands of strapped on their skis and headed to the moscow region for an annual ski marathon this year's race marks the fiftieth anniversary of your historic first flight into space. slid to the starting line. we're here at the most case. annual cross-country skier event one of the largest ski marathons in russia now is a huge event they saved seventeen thousand participants a day for maybe twenty of each and every russian the very really catering to ages sizes and abilities now this year's event predicated the marking the fiftieth
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anniversary of the first manned space flight in these guys again three racing eva three distances he got forty kilometers ten kilometer isn't five kilometers for the children and it's a great event a huge turnout of the said lazy people participating in fact all we need to join in the event is the pairs skis and health certificates so everyone here now carrying out their cross-country slog i look for lots of spectators around to enjoy the event to say. now the second part of our special report vietnam holocaust is coming your way that's after a recap of the headlines in just a minute. download
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the official antti uplink ation on the phone i pod touch from the top story. which all teach life on the go. video on demand on tease money gold coast's and ulrich says feed stock now in the palm of your. question on the dot com wealthy british science. is not on the front. of the. markets
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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. it's an hour seven thirty pm here in the russian capital and you with thoughts he is very running down the latest headlines on the week's top stories now the egyptian government meets the opposition and i've been. to appease protesters and agree to set up a committee to look at constitutional reform. plus as investigators examined the remains of a twenty year old believed to be the airport suicide bomber a video emergence of russia's most wanted terrorist threatening a fresh wave all the time. also this week moscow and washington overcoming the audience and a year's off debate and the new a nuclear arms reduction treaty comes into force with the both sides vowing to shed
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the past and start a. second part of our report on the vietnam holocaust now you may find some of the images in this report just. the sciri was that they were bombing only steel and concrete to do it with a surgical war that they were. you know maintaining planetary instead when i got over there i found out that churches hospitals houses entire villages were being wiped out people just discovered that the united states was fighting an entirely different kind of war than it claimed it was violating all of the international laws of war. for new ten years the u.s. scream or the nineteen.


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