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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers . again this is coming to you live from moscow the headline. military moves the army takes interim control in egypt the ousting of dictator hosni mubarak as president after weeks of protests welcomed in the west but with the u.s. keeping him in power for three decades questions are being asked about what kind of democracy is real or not but end of the people's choice all require american approval. white house want to be as republican seeking to challenge barack obama in next year's presidential election just south of the limelight at a conference in washington while the u.s. has an economic crisis that we're looking at such as abortion the role of religion
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and politics. and the international group the mosque five hundred mission that has reached a destination in this new nation to land on the right on it after months of make believe space travel experiment which rick raised all the rigors of long distance calls that flight aims to propel mankind for a real trip to mars. well those are the headlines with a sob maze joining the most college team as it looks at how russians enjoying their life away from home in london. for hundreds of thousands of us living in great britain said. listen.
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this. is a. tough issues. much. in fact. one thing is for sure. the british. think well.
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it's celebrations of. street. style. several. times everything. i'm trying to. be fantastic on here one of life's great supply to me here. working in russia i. thank you it's a wonderful place to make sure clients and frank said just a little bit i think you're going to be the one i love my life. from them as well because. i buy that. everything else. that there might. be a sense of style what they do they know what they want. and. they go off trail and we will work very well together. to love ration. that paddy and of their ashes.
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they are going to have a man then that. night the idea that anybody. with more move russians actually moving to the u.k. ever you know went to calling the campus of london grads and in fact many experts say that russians about that this is the crux of the bruising british economy. some might be afraid the relationship is such emerging markets others to. cherish in the new opportunities include trucks they bring. christian playwrights and i can schools have been very popular around the world for decades and the british capital is no exception very stringent pays off performed on the stage used by both russian. companies. whenever there is a play on. usually trickles there is no doubt almost immediately when the
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national trust theatre does it or any private company or even the small fridge companies if they put on a russian play. it's. so certain terms of service there is a huge about for us recently the shelf is has set up a film in staged by the prominent russian director so you are specially titled the marriage the play is a comedy by the outstanding writer nikolai gogol brittleness. three centuries ago the production remains popular still today performed by thieves come from moscow the event was cost the states a festival called russian classics of the theater in great britain. one of the oldest most famous opera system five houses christy's which was founded in london in the seventeenth sixty's a russian sell week twice a year before the ocean itself precedes organizes viewing to give collectors a better chance to examine to learn more about the art pieces on offer additional.
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say tradition in london it's always been. just happens to coincide with crystal with. but i think that is. to say now is doing very serious. and that she take time. and we need to make a decision about what they want and they collect a pretty party for the sounds exhausted by the b.b.c. get a. living aboard including artists and descendants from autistic families as well as collectors of the latest ocean chrissy's through the door more than three hundred lots of russian fine art including paintings imperial porcelain jewelry and furniture which are sold for almost fifty million pounds twenty four million dollars in total. quite a. bit option that we sell off in the eighteenth century right up to the present day so for example in this auction we have nineteenth century rights twentieth
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century right up space contemporary. one of my favorite weston says that she this levittown which you could buy the horses which is a fantastic probably eighteen ninety's through a private collection here and it's really really special saying it chrissie let's meet this week's guest. thank you very much for your time but tell me about your position here at christine's position. the international head of the russian department kristi's. a study to look at christie's twenty five years ago in the russian department i became the head of the department in london in one two one and i believe it became the international head i mean sort of the five seven years ago and it seems that russian art has exploded here in london and paris and new york recently well i think it's the great paradox about russian audience has always been present in the
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old market. yes you have kind of a boom in the field which started five six years ago but you need to keep in mind that you do very straight in a very strange way to second boom you already had the boom in the late eighty's around one thousand nine hundred nine at the time of the perestroika people could grit interest emotional and we got in the ninety's especially well i presume there were many restrictions about was you could take in and out of russia or the u.s. is ours it was that well i mean you're putting your finger on something that was interesting that. at christie's or thing even in a certain way even with over all the auction houses we saw significant put it this way russian of arts around europe around the states that in fact not in russia. and people buy russian or in europe and in
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a certain way bring it back to russia but we're not sourcing this. in russia which explains why us specialists are pretty busy in the russian field sort of travelling around europe or the states and when you're traveling who is by person not the main by is always the russian but to say that it's only russian to buy a russian would be totally wrong you still have sort of strong buyers who are not russian who are interested by russian all it's far more difficult for them to. to be. put it this way during the option but very much present i mean you have to keep in mind that for the meet up to the ninety's the. bods what are we talking about. everything you when you're talking about. the nineteenth century twenty century.
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one thousand century early twentieth century. we used to stop to see. but. everything. to the particular spot so. when the sun. has never seen. every day. to the british. is a great place. just. we
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have here. is one of you actually used to allegedly. has dozens of different flavors of the great. tasty menu. drinks makes me shake in fiction. absolutely delicious. from taking on the newspapers to making major moves in the fashion and scenes it appears the russians are now fixing everyone's lives in the u.k. while some are skeptical of these new storm businessmen and women disney brace the collaboration and opportunity it brings it seems russians and the amazing culture they offer are in london to stay. not just here russia is now closed to many
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european cities that you think i missed on our next moscow our special series we should be visiting demands here and historical city of paris exploring it through the prism of russian influence while listeners begin to understand the well through history of the largest country in the world better or worse is love the fat with all things european shows no signs of the pacing. the longest big game hunting history. she was trying to stalked and dated. but sprung the traps they laid for him. on the radio we have the surge blogs around there are. always free to always miss
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a. one shot turn to tell you. how the global drug industry's godfather became the most want to trophy of the world's bounty hunters. escobar the great hunt and our take. wealthy british style. pastimes. markets why not gonna. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. nature and discover its beauty.
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communicate with the wild. test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you the mean. we've. seen. some. success.
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the military moves the army takes interim control in egypt and the ousting of dictator hosni mubarak as president after weeks of protests was welcomed in the west but with the u.s. keeping them in power but three decades of questions are now being honest about what kind of democracies really on all sides and in the people's choice will return to american political. white house want to bid is republicans seeking to challenge brought the bowmen they see as a potential election jostle to the limelight at a conference in washington while the grads and they can all make plans to bail out of these issues such as abortion and the role of the nature of politics. on the national group of these laws apply nine hundred mission has reached as does its destination in the simulation to land on the right one after months of make believe
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space travel experiment which person would create you know the rigors of long distance calls taking flying to ames to have a kind for a real trip to mars it's all of those are the headlines now kate is not here with all the latest sports. hello welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and here are the headlines. out of the season wayne rooney's wonder strike and cheers united states four points clear at the top of the english premier league beating seeking to want in a man stood on. top of the world kim clijsters i was a comes first challenges world number one she reaches the final of the paris open. and tight as it gets going michael roy's in a three way tie for the lead with tiger woods and a host of golfers not fall be going into the final round the dubai desert classic.
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but we start with english premier league football and wayne rooney scored the winner with a stunning overhead kick as united beat city two on his old trafford in the match to darby stay four points clear at the top of the table late i know it's counselled out by diving silvers deflection off to sixty five minutes yet the game will be remembered by rooney's acrobatics thunderbolt with twelve minutes to go meanwhile in form robin van persie scored a second place also want to know him towards nicolas they get struck in the ninetieth minute as one nil against newcastle finished goalless blackpool drew one one with aston villa in the last twenty minutes or ten man liverpool were held their one one draw by wigan boss the second half price helped west ham come from three goals down to draw three three misreading back at west brom and in the late game. in the second half were not just talking and went full stop but coming back
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to into one of sunderland. was just one game on sunday as a space bolton take on everton a third saints' however the home side has lost five of their long seven league games in the winter this is on sunday which means david moyes. at least for also in the title. monday's west london dolly completes this weekend's english top five paragraphs spelling welcome chelsea king for victory tour de force fought. and defending champions chelsea officially unveils their forty million dollars signing greece on friday despite the fact the twenty three year old brazilian defend the has already made his debut in his five and a half year deal there is came on as a substitute during sunday's one nil home defeat to liverpool the place sevens loss of the season and he hopes the man from benfica confused his side's defense. he has the ability and the skills to play him all the position. in the back four we can blaze and bray like but he never played right back but i think that there's
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a quality to play great but. he's brazilian and so obviously he has a very good technique i think that they can help us to. do to build our play better from the back. i mean while the russian national team is looking ahead to their euro twenty twelve qualifier against armenia on launch the twenty six and head coach dick advocaat spoke exclusively with ak correspondent richard downpours late for wednesday's one the friendly defeats to iran in abu dhabi. i'm also a little bit there's a porter someplace to get a chance to show something. quite pleased that but overall the good thing is well as we lost. but something does that does very important for us we have to do the gears ammonia yeah i mean i mean you know coming up in march is not a lot of time tell my game are you happy when things are going blow up not happy because normally you have to win against iran but you could see that some blows as
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the problems to overcome the fitnesses you can see that the didn't a lot of blows over very tired but also when you play on the russian season leverett even well about a month or so so i mean there's no issues there to be there but also just i mean given this is the experiment worth repeating bizarre talks about russia playing craps in qatar in march i mean is you happier this kind of arrangement going to usual country to play a friendly bit of everybody's playing so we can play as well but we're going to do this why with all of ours we can better train goes where we go a more about training do we go about pop seconds different opponent she would have been helpful to play possible skillful to us a better team probably around. no i think you only do did ok i mean if you're if you win. you did well in school. because i'm a so in that way there was some. some earth things what is the same as to
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a mania so in that way i'm happy i'm happy that really you can see that we cannot do it this way we have to be in a total different form otherwise you have no chance that i don't have so much. tennis now and today after recapturing the world number one spot came close as has reached her third straight final of the season after beating standings can come a play in the last for the parasite been destroyed and i think captain phillips set six one on thanks for the first part of the second south back to back from four one down to see the match in straight sets license plate. try to get to that in the final after the fall season crash while the forty eight seconds sounds six to six loud well to replace caroline wozniacki as well the big one on monday clijsters beat elena dockage six three six love in the quarter finals the twenty seven year old belgian has helped the top spot three times before twice in two thousand. and six for trying to have a baby making stunning return she won the us open in two thousand and nine and
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retain the title last year. for you know it's back to work. we are excited of the brother but i also know that you know it could change i could be back to number two very first soon so i mean i'm excited that i was able to achieve it now and i'm going to work very hard to do to be ready for indian wells and miami and for the clay court season and so my routine them in my season never going to change now because of. let's move on to ice hockey now west sweden have one hand on the home ties all after beating russia six two for their second win at the elegy hockey games in stockholm the whole week traffic only long for different players found the back of the russian net within six minutes and after a score a second period the sides exchanged two goals wanting to win by completing the raps a trick learned at the second of the night while in the other game finland overcame the czech republic three two in overtime. goal and it looks like we're headed for
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an intense battle on the last day of the two point five million dollars dubai desert classic rory mcilroy the champion from two years ago shares the lead with two other players after a wind affected third round while another twenty golfers are breathing down their necks awfully to mcelroy got his third round off to a stuttering start poking the first three holes then came within inches of an economic twelfth went on to card a three over par seventy five which was just enough to keep him at the top of the leaderboard but he was joined at the summits by south africa's times a can and day and is hansen the latter two things are the burden on the gaping hole finished with a one under par seventy one however a total of twenty players are within just three shots of the pacesetters and that includes tiger woods the former world number one making up for a double bogey with an eagle on the tenth which is a level par round of seventy two and stay in contention for his first time i thought you know very. well we got a bunch of little board i mean there's a bunch of guys a chance one of our search. and roy dent didn't pull away. it gave everyone
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a chance going to moral and. raza right now there's about ten guys or so within two or three shots a lead so it'll be interesting more it was a challenge. where i felt as if i you know i held on to the run pretty well you know i was for over three seven if they're going to finish three over sort of play the last eleven holes and one under par was a was a pretty good effort so it was happy without me you know i'm still titled it going into the war which is a good thanks. to the n.b.a. and the cleveland cavaliers finally snaps their twenty six game losing streak the longest in a single season in n.b.a. history after they beat the los angeles clippers in overtime on friday night here's a closer up by a point at halftime after blake griffin sank this buzzer greeting jhumpa but the cavs were up to the challenge and went ahead by six points with three minutes to go in the final quarter after this one called for most wins the clippers though they fought back to regain the lead that williams was there again to tie the game with
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seconds to go in regulations and much went into overtime where the cavs maintained their momentum to finish one hundred twenty three to one hundred nineteen victory for cleveland to finish their run tied with the end if us talk of a buccaneers for the us straight across the full major north american sports. and finally hardly anyone knew him earlier this week but you can arraignment evanson let to prominence on friday after recording the world's longest ski jump and the norwegian is continuing to while his home crowd at the world cup leg in vegas stunned the local hero rewrote the history books during qualification with his record effort of two hundred forty six point five meters and there he fell to repeat the feat in the main event it was just enough to play his first ever walk up the tree and nothing could spoil the joy for evanston it even the fact that he had to share the spotlight around his maiden glory with greg ocean is our the austrian get off the best jump of the day on his first run and finish level evanson after
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the second so there were two men who took the top spot for the son of a man settling for that. and that's all the sports news for this bill isn't by the now. the longest big game hunting history. he was trying to stall and. what sprung the traps they laid for him came up on the radio we have the the surge
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walks around the area. always from the always missing. one shot trying to take. out the global drug industry's godfather became the most want to trophy of the world county hunters. escobar to grace hunt an artiste.
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in india. in the grand central show. the. polish president. mounted beatriz. taj mahal hotel. the same town hotel. to leave the. church and. maybe her tones clearing collection among the plaza. maidens. paul. robeson shift he was conscious the taper cush comments.


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