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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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this is all to moscow this week's top stories now egypt's military dissolved the previous parliament. and hands power to the army. as a triumph of democracy and an external agenda could be behind events. terrorist claims of responsibility from. last in january exposed lapses in the country's security of major transport hubs. and those who. is in legal limbo waiting to see if he'll be extradited. to face questioning.
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claimants washington's attempt to. mourn their stories in less than thirty minutes from now in the meantime we explore the remote caucasus nature reserve a barely accessible mountain range declared a unesco world heritage site stay with us for that next. southern russia. this faraway place. special permission to travel around here.
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to film the landscapes. this close read it's all set up i can't tell you how beautiful. weather is right. this place.
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a long time ago the people of the caucuses used to shepherd droves of sheep across the a bug of lambs were often targeted by hawks even today their primal instincts occasionally bring hawks back to this past. this is a bearded vulture. of this kind because nests on low lying logs of thirty or forty kilometers from here. when they go hunting they might cover up to fifty kilometers in search of food. they're interesting creatures. the above go is situated close to the greater northern slope of the caucuses mountain range from the grassland you can get a panoramic view of the mountain ridge of the caucuses nature reserve.
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there is also a clear view of mt fished one of the highest points in the western caucuses. let's try to get the mountains in for. filming is best done from the highest point on the bargo it's about nine hundred meters above sea level here dimitri is teaching a son killed how to set up for the filming. look. so you can see that the lighting is on one side of the mist covers most of the valley where. we don't want to fill only the mist we need to focus on the foreground look at the grass gleaming in the sunlight and it's light of the valley is dark. so the light strips will show this shot to the best advantage of.
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the great in northern slope is a continuous chain of mountain ridges tops by snowy peaks millions of years ago there was a vast sea in this place the smallest part of it the black sea is now hidden behind mountain ridges they form a shield in the way of warm breeze is blowing from the sea the warm air creates a sub tropical climate in the foothills of the southern slope of the great a coaxes ridge there is a moderate zone further upslope they kingdom of eternal snow an ice on the mountain tops is more than three thousand meters above sea level. which is it's the opposite i'm going to film these magnificent landscapes we never know in order to show them. to the hundreds of people who never venture here. either because they have no time. when you go because they don't understand the meaning of nature. to live side
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by side with the pass translated from a sick ass in language means the mountain of caucasian goats the reserve is the only habitats of western caucasian goats in the wild here they don't move about very much a small herd might well stay for decades in the same area high in the mountains one thousand nine hundred metres above sea level. the only trail leading across. the pos begins in the embargo grassland. caucuses reserve ranges often use it to make rounds of the area they always do it on horseback a round trip usually takes one week. where they come across perches interests on this path. in europe is the only way here the rocks on one side are in effect a tangle of red as and right on the other it is very difficult terrain. who
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. all. the ranges camp out in small pots it's always cold in the mountains at night. or. shortly before dawn the metering killed head
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to a small flat mountain top according to an old caucasian legend do you often meets the sunrise in the mountains lives a long and happy life. real you can now see mode you go on you're right. the sun will rise from behind the asp it pass. we're going to choose the highest point for filming we only have ten to fifteen minutes for that. you.
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guys is a mystery. no single one is ever the same good. it's truly wonderful. the nearest settlement is far away radio is the only means of communication with human civilization. hey folks you're listening to our movement of radio show us your house once again and you katrina and look at it last term and talked about in the history of the congress is nature reserve the small studio broadcasting the movement show is in a town of scores of kilometers away from the above go for schoolchildren tell locals about the caucuses reserve journalists. oversees the programs the children talk about the reserves animals surviving trees mountaintops and rare
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plants. they draw on their experience as reporters and engineers working in various protected areas therefore they always fully prepared for the program when they go on air. and i think when people look at it and they try to imagine what they see truly saw a long time ago. as for me i always have this uncanny feeling that my age and stature martin significant in front of these or inspiring giant. one of the most famous parts of the caucuses nature reserve is the growth situated close to the black sea coast the oldest tree here is over
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a thousand years old. the grove has survived several generations of tourists and many natural disasters. according to scientists the greatest of them took place some eighteen million years ago. a rupture. in the earth's crust created a natural labyrinth and the gorge the gorges bed was filled with water from mountain streams. this landscape has undergone no changes since then. visitors are fascinated by the mysterious origin of the grove and the ancient trees there in they think of it as a living relic of the distant past. well i can tell you that i really do feel mystical about it was that people rarely break the rules here they're not eager to destroy or cut things down to the bush that some people might say i'm crazy but i honestly believe nature herself is at work here and i think this place is protected
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by higher forces it's. a small canyon on the outside edge of the grove mocks its natural boundary in the north the west and east in the horns of an infamous mountain river called the hostile joint where the canyon is at its most narrow and the never ending war of war is a sign of its dangerous allure. and you'll know. this canyon is notorious because the water rises quickly when the snow melts or up to terentia already. though the whirlpool formed a strong water splashing against one side of the ravine and then against the. anything that falls into the whirlpool gets sucked down to the bottom people trying to swim will walk across and end up drowning were. there have been several deaths as a result. that's why this place is infamously known as the devil's
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. bottle. there are four major waterways in the coaxes reserve a river is one of the deepest which is down has been put up but the small hydro power station supplies electricity to the hots in the upper reaches of the reserves northern sector ranges stay for the night. but the. claim of there is a. wherever you can get from any spray. you're more. international competitions take place on the river every year the route is extreme the rapids a near impossible to clear. wealthy
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british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports on. morning news today. again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are today.
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a cargo helicopter flies through a mountain gorge before it reaches the weather station and to go to good is situated in the mountains of the caucuses nature is a as an altitude of more than two thousand mixes above sea level it is the optimised station in the western caucuses its total square is two hundred eighty two thousand hectors our reserve is the only one in russia that occupies the territory of three russian regions it's really unique. the directive the coaxes reserve personally oversees the rotation of stock and food
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supplies in this remote area the helicopter rarely stops at juga for more than twenty minutes but even such a short period of time is enough for dimitri says just some kid to get several shots on take. most of the world's weather stations located in major cities recalled changes in the atmosphere resulting from industrial waste and vehicle fumes the data collected juga and similar stations is important for fundamental research into how the earth's climate changes in areas situated far away from manmade sources of pollution. now the temperature of juba is fifteen degrees above zero but
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a couple of days ago trees were falling to the ground under the impact of strong gusts of wind which by the way. the snow is usually one made a day piron this time in december temperatures were unusually high in november and it may well turn out to be the warmest november in twenty five years and. each day course is reserved staff recorded temperatures wind velocity humidity and amice ferric pressure. one team is on shift for two months. i. on its way from to go to the grand old and slow the helicopter passes by now fish
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to the highest point of the western ridge. after an hour's trip by air dimitri and as some kid will walk about the northern sector of the caucuses reserve in the company of ranges the jugo weather station is now scores of co much as a way. people and animals share the only path there is in this area. to the bison let humans approach them most of the people traveling around there as granges and horseback. short while ago patrol g.t. in a different area. it's a short distance from here they can seem on show there came across nine bison.
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the lettuce come quite close to them. were only fifteen metres away. by. simulation coaxes research has no enemies sometimes humans can come very close to them provided they are on horseback but as a ranger dismount the bison instantly make it clear they're poised for attack. horses are the most reliable and indispensable companions when people go on long trips in the mountains only horses with good training eligible for the job well. this one is called chetan ish. he's my favorite. but we became first friends. reading him is no problem he does what he's told to do.
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but this one is still a young stallion. so that it will let anybody touch him. bloke. is scared of everybody. to. show in the red chair on his one of the remotest areas of eastern sector of the caucuses reserve several reserve staff and their families live here on a permanent basis. even if the weather is warm it's only possible to reach this
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place with an off road vehicle school. children from a nearby village upset by often visit reserve ranges they have organized an eco movement called the little bison. hello hello glad to see you. to be our guests. that's. the that's in the top machine we are. chosen and richa is the starting point of a circular route for high just only visitors with a permit and a map are allowed to enter the reserve they gear is inspected and ranges teach them the elementary rules for surviving in the mountains children from the little bison oh always welcome here they already have experience walking cross country children from the little bison often cross the river in that way but it's risky in winter
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time so today we're going to take a detour we'll cross the bridge and forest work and we'll take care of all stuff. pikas can choose between several popular routes in different areas of the coaxes reserve. close to the trail stands no table used by ranges it's meant to hide just because somebody wanting to rest for a moment chosen fundamental points in the club are gathered here on the bank of the stream to discuss major george hood auctions testament we all know that on the eve of the new year celebrations many local people pick up axis and go to the forest to cut down on green beauties. but save the green beauty is the name of the movement organized by the children that they make leaflets bearing the image of
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a food treat you right now they write text on the leaflets and display. them prominently into village. the children hope their peaceful actions will help prevent fur trees from being cut down illegally. preserve ranges however take more radical measures against slow breakers their main task is finding and detaining poachers. one of the most challenging jobs takes ranges to mount yet. each time they go there under a veil of secrecy regardless of day or night or weather conditions very painstaking job requires special knowledge and staying power they need to be skilled horseman as well as able to discern telltale signs showing the presence of trespasses and have no difficulty finding their bearings. new voters will always be tempted to
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enter the reserve because beasts are easy prey here. they're not as much afraid of humans as they are elsewhere because they're under constant protection. cultures see them as enticing tidbits because hunting for them is so easy. as the path reaches higher out a cheese one climatic zone in the mountains gives way to another here the fog that enveloped the forests in the foothills is now a distant memory there is snow on the slopes and it is much colder the coke asian mountains gradually come into view.
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after several attempts to find the best point for filming the landscape dimitri suddenly comes face to face with a brown bear one of the rarest and largest animals of the caucasus reserve. the ranges did find fresh tracks they were close to the huts where the rangers put up for the night they reported the find of a walkie talkie could even use. there are wolf tracks here now the store was done
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from a wolf yes. keep still the workers let me see them what initially go with the trucks no just those. bases here they are two three three. eight calling one zero four eight calling one of four everything's ok no poacher tracks only some left by animals the latest tracks are those of wolves three of them over announce. different people visiting the coaxes nature reserve are often different things some seek shelter from the hostile and bustle of big cities others around the thrills only a few are able to blend in with this wonderful place and become possibly. just
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invested by old and yet i feel i'm an integral part of this world at large and to do well no crazy romantic. i'm nearly drowned almost frozen to death and full of cliff's body and. nature is wiser than we are yet even if our ingenuity is all pervasive. she is the creator that gave birth to us about enough but i do not and may bring us to ruin unless we come to our senses. they have led them i think that's what people should devote their lives to. let's go get the book i don't know if i can cope with the task but i'm going to try.
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