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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EST

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and i like you thank you very much for being with us today now some experts would argue that. that economy has considerably weakened after they cannot make prices using the mafia have become more powerful in light of that the black economy i mean in some countries yes. but i would not generalize economic craziest was provoked by cleaning the uterus and this is the most important contribution that organized grain gave to the situation created the east ability creating one happiness in the many countries of the ward well how are you dealing with it not trying to cut down we have a first of all to stop with the source of instability and financial crisis and
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organized crime. act or you provoking financial crisis all over the word. i was saying many times that water russia was in the ninety's with the mafia going all over exporting russia money. money laundering corruption bio and is now or curing in the several countries of the word which countries or you have an hour. hungary. or. albania was being recently struck by a big financial crisis so you have all these countries that. experience dramatic negativa. situation you got to be a good sample to tunisia and egypt where the two families of the two presidents became reach stosh their money abroad the familiar over mr ben ali. the
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failure of obama. to be due to have a touch of the broad to between six billion dollars for now they create a big problem because when you go to. the country to record this money. that was a product of all of the corruption most of the money laundering or sometimes also relationship with organized play well here you are now a torrent to afghanistan. do you agree with american ambassador eikenberry who says that president karzai is brother is a major afghan opium trader but this is a very old story i know but no one ever gives an answer and that this is a very old story when i was in the united nations this guy was already no. major traffic so it's true of course it is true but this is just one. out of many problems what about you work so closely with afghanistan that's why i'm
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asking revelations for example in diplomatic cables to u.s. diplomatic cables it dry disastrous picture afghanistan for example is it true that afghan minister to buy with fifteen million dollars in cash are like other cabinet members have probably seen palm trees already in dubai it's a trip that is absolutely true. but this is just one the piece of the truth. he made a party you will find many figures and one important figure is this the. forty billion dollars that lived in afghanistan for the civilian aid only eight of these forty went through the afghan government so the corruption of the african go a month is big so what does the rest go to the government officials know that there is international corruption so they're all intertwined you know so we choose never to address international newspapers particularly western newspapers now. speak
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about this big piece of the cake they speak all the time about corruption which is there of course but this is most likely. the biggest corruption. that i discover the steel of afghan people eighty percent of the international aid . the program is that is not visible. to africa ministers of the fifteen million dollars us with kids you have soft corruption i call it this way software option means. waste. useless consultants people who were paid three hundred thousand euros a year for doing nothing just to. stand addressing the problem would be surely or we write this. totally useless with. me
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and this money absorbs a disproportionate amount of the international aide who goes to afghanistan but no one speaks about it well what operation on a bigger scale for instance and they tell us anti-drug. policy in afghanistan has had any impact. in two thousand and one up to now why may two thousand to. six operation. the contribution of a military occupation by the need. of any stand is different. their contribution to corruption is the military logistic. they subcontract military logistic you know from any star to private companies. these companies. the military with just the. business of a couple billion dollars. companies who are comprised by world roads sometimes even by the taleban. they go to the security of. voyeur trucks
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goes from kabul to anywhere in afghanistan in exchange of huge amount of money and the money that is taken from the military nato military logistic is more i calculate the takes from drug trafficking well now you as an executive director at the office for drug control and crime prevention i know that your policies almost brought about a collapse in afghan pop it trains did you directly negotiate with the taliban to kill the poppy crop or i spoke with the taliban leaders in one thousand nine hundred seventy when they just concluded. the country about the limitation. of poppy cultivation in exchange for international aid for the africa base. they did not abide to the agreement
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we got. and change the strategy. of the security council to give them sanctions they got the substance also i repeated them politically from the countries that surround the for against the fifty percent of. before arriving to russia or before arriving to europe. after going to heaven stays in the region goes to pakistan. to the six countries borders of i created an alliance of these countries to put pressure on the taliban on stopping the cultivation. of this fact or blood a certain point the taliban would be to the production in the year two thousand and one there was almost zero production for the start this is important because. i showed that it is possible to eliminate the drug cultivation of any stone it is
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not something that is beyond our possibilities for example in a recent interview with russia today his recent interview with how many cars are he said that you know and promises that we are in control of there is no poppy production where we're not in control we you know we can't be responsible true it is true that. cooperate with the international community. to provide africa business of the livelihood. drug production can be eliminated i'm sure that to the point that with even up. we would between russia and the e.u. we are going to launch a plan to eliminate production in five years you're talking then your resume details a life long fight corruption organized crime and drug trade it seems like afghanistan is like a perfect storm in that respect yes yes we're going to be in the basically destroyed
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by the storm. that is lasting since ten years plus another twenty years of civil war poverty in afghanistan is. more widespread today than it was ten years ago you have a fifty percent of children while. you will ask why if international community send it off every year more than five. billion euros. just for c.d.n. eight his money goes. most of his money is lost eighty percent of the of his money is lost. but also the international waste. that. most of the body that. said. thank you very much. thank you.
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near los. lobos a little wear uniforms that damage is now the black memo that but very little damning the wife. and they are the key to our problems are all right. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia.
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we've got the huge earth covered. download the official. you know i phone or i pod touch from the i choose our. lunch on life on the go. video on demand ati's mine broadcasts and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the t.v. dot com. in
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this way any other politician is facing up to two years in jail for denying the official state line pollak his claims of local authorities were responsible for the death of fourteen for testers in vilnius twenty years ago and not saudi troops. our team has found evidence the western media is finding it hard to abandon the bestselling cold war stereotypes when it comes to depicting russia a country still often portrayed as an evil to tell a tarion state of the barest vodka innovations for world domination.
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and soaring food prices are highlighted as a major trigger behind the rest in the street rallies in the middle east and the problem could also be spreading to the world's richest countries. well those are the headlines here in our sports next with richard. hello and welcome to our viewers in the south as always with the headlines. leaving adelaide's peter crimes his eighteen minute goal of spurs victory of the. control of the lindsey in the champions league. russia's most successful ever noticed the chair again and has his retirement. turning on the soles of wayne wade and le bron james and fine form. indiana. peter crouch grabbed
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a vital away goal for tottenham hotspur ten minutes from time to give them a one nil victory at the san siro in the first leg of their champions league second round match up with ac milan striker struck the all important winner with time running out of to getting on the end of an aaron lennon cross and then firing pastimes through goalkeeper i mean here is this had a goalkeeper for a sure goal is to think that he can bend in the game as the brazilian produced a couple of warcraft ses in the second half right on the break a marriage thought he'd pull of the syrian leaders level in some time how the his effort was ruled out for foul great when the visit is that harry redknapp says it's a long way to go. we have done half the job you know the. way through we have another half to play now. we know dangerous they have dangerous forward taken school goals but. it's only half of what we had the advantage. of but. it is very important to go through this leg and even if we have lost
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tonight we are going to prove the return match with courage and tranquility and it will be a completely different match compared with tonight and we have a chance to go through. meanwhile over in spain shall go came from a goal down to a one one draw at the end of a given the home side believe in seventeen minutes of the german side hit by a camber second half thanks to former real madrid striker raul shall come forward and leveling the tie just after the hour mark in the process of taking the points are going to become a high score ever way to competitions. i already said yesterday they would have liked to play against a new team this is a stadium that gives me luck and i was lucky to schoolgirl with the most important thing is that the team has worked world and we go back home in a good mood in three weeks time we will play a complicated game because we lose here has great players we would have to play very well if we want to make it to the next day. meanwhile big spending manchester
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city failed to get a valuable away goal of. the first leg of their europa league clash the last thirty to tie finishing up goalless in greece for both mentioning sends out the strongest available team and i am claiming only city's second ever european trophy that's triumph coming in the nine hundred seventy cup winners' cup but they were unable to break the deadlock. over the champions league action continues on wednesday with a house for game of the entire round taking center stage. delicious fixture to our designs of a club game going head to head possibly the arsenal two one in the tournament final back in two thousand and six or title they also want to years ago again against english opposition right to the beat and finalists of the capital side of it on five domestically this season winning historic sixteen straight games before drawing at sporting the all over the weekend then i have
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a lot of respect then arsenal so i have an idea. of arsenal seeing the bulls games we played the last season but it's just an idea so because many players have changed in indian friends in the game off of them purses is a lot. so but. the lesson here if you see if you saw the game. in the blame for selling always we try to attack four four four spec for the game in s.l. same days the play in the thing the same so that's that's why i thought the last season it would be a very very good bulls game so it would be the same indices we order against arsenal furthering their participation opposition to london as ends of a clash as underdogs but then again any team in the world taking on bass of the moment would not be wrong to spay brits and being as men sit second in english premier league seeking revenge for last year's six three aggregate loss to the same
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opponents a quarter final stage. i think everybody expects an exciting game because there's two teams who. are and that's what we want to achieve two more is to be free food to those a few to make sure drew dominate the game or to pass the ball but we have the possession of the ball are we capable to do that we have a very good chance to beat. meanwhile shakhtar donetsk of arrived in rome for their last sixteen first leg champions league clash with roma and the crane in champions have won just six hundred twelve mansions against italian teams and european cups and none of them away from home an even worse reading for them from the last time the two sides met in two thousand and six are for their loss in rome or lack of match practice certainly won't help eva. the problem is that we played the last game in december and eat the games burger we played a great match then
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a month of all of the tsunami to mean you lose the physical preparation but you really lose the games organization or the field of play need to get to the synchronisation not all perfect some assyria our sides come romas last year results were defeats by napoli and then away by into base it eighth in the league thirteen points behind city our leaders ac milan. also with a ball in ticket prices have meanwhile been sent the euro two thousand and twelve championships in poland and ukraine forty dollars will get you into some of the group games if course very seats available stadium work still very much underway across the two countries with tickets due to go on sale next month somewhat surprisingly you could actually possibly get a sense of timing clear from july the first twenty eight twelve for just fifteen dollars seeking a better view though that price rises to a hefty eight hundred dollars a lot of the world cup in south africa last summer tickets of the games will be sold exclusively for of the away for websites. so to sports now where multiple
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dakar rally champion by the machar again has announced that he's going to retire the russian unveiling the news at a press conference here in moscow which again won the dakar competition seven times in the trunk section which is a record in one category of forty one year old winning an astonishing sixty three rally stages in total despite finishing his driving career charity and will continue to work with the comers master team. excellent results in the decoy really it's no time to end my career i would never have done that if we hadn't such gifted youths on the team who can replace us and wish to not only repeat the results of the herd but also to improve them. motoring the world but moving to the ice now where russian races have dominated the second stage of the speedway world championships until you have seen the last think of retaining top spot in the overall standings after finishing second on the night when
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a plant stage was dimitriy on the syringe and closed the gap will be able lead to eleven points from of a russian column of whispered in the vent speedsters excelled in sweet stuff and spencer was better than the rest of form parent but he did so only managed to finish in a poll that not all the participants managed to complete the distance crashes part of the course so the surface. for it so i'm told a france we're now but a concert always been cleared to compete again after the spanish cycling federation accepted his appeal and overturned a provisional one year doping ban the twenty eight year old spaniard was a splendid in august started testing positive for a small amount of the bond anabolic agent clenbuterol during last year's tour. we're speaking about it's not only the spanish circulus but to burst circulus in the world it's all this that for the spirit should ration into a spanish cycling this is good news. one way to tie the franchise record in the
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n.b.a. of thirty one points and finish with what you want overall as he held the miami heat record one hundred ten points one hundred three victory over indiana on miami came into the game hoping to avenge of a defeat to boston last time arms which snapped an eight game winning streak that looked more than likely early on especially when wade and le bron james here. such stunning form of visitors raced into an early lead in indiana picked up the pace in the third is very managed to time the game is anyone's game so in the fourth he had other ideas starting in presides asian. we go on to see a one hundred ten point one hundred three victory to stay in touch with boston at the top of these conference. and the boxing where money and shane mosley are gearing up for a fight fans hope will be a blockbuster in boats on may seventh in las vegas pac-man will enter as big favorites against a thirty nine year old sugar shane with the w.b.
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welterweight championship belt on the line at the m.g.m. grand these my first day. born in. brooklyn. in. i mean. i'm really happy for this in what i said to him you know in the ring. we forget that we were friends we had to do our job. to give a good faith in him to make people happy we're going to say i'm going to be really amazing i mean. a good many bacco who's in who's a great. warrior and these are. being in iraq today more support coming up and around to us on the stage into r.c. weather's coming up next.
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culture is that so much on the same you're going to need to get a lot of people a variant of burgers because the world facing a serious and sustained food crisis prices are at all time highs and tens of millions of people are joining the dinner. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all today . hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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if you need some from funds to parachute. stunts on t.v. dot com. freedom of speech versus the official why politicians facing trial for denying that saudi troops were responsible for the deaths of protesters inabilities twenty years ago. bears vodka and the bishops for world domination are team sports how western media seems reluctant to abandon the bestselling cold war stereotypes when it comes to depicting russia. also soaring food prices are being seen as a major factor behind people taking to the streets of the middle east but to the
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world's richest countries to the next. and the russian markets a slightly low way to trade up today before retreating from early gains holdings is be able to make it into positive territory but look at that that is weighing on the markets. this is art you live from moscow mayor in a joshie a bitter rout over freedom of speech has broken out a list when he as a local politician faces jail for his views on deadly and read. in the country's capital twenty years ago the official account is that fourteen protesters were killed in the shootings by soviet troops by an opposition party leader could now be tried for his claims it was orchestrated by a with when ian spear oliver has a story. oh on january nine hundred ninety one.


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