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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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wait people argue to go to a judge then sometimes that terrorist could already do the dirty deed that. they do here that in an age of terrorism we can't be expected to wait for our silly legal system to work who needs the constitution you know the fox analyst also quickly pointed out the judge assigned warrants twenty four seventh's so her comment was off base but don't you just find a little funny that the g.o.p. the tea party along with fox news absolutely love to cling to the constitution to call things like obamacare unlawful but when it comes to actually having due process following the law when it comes to warrants they could care less it's just a document that protects our civil liberties no big deal so gretchen when should somebody be allowed to violate the constitution only when it suits your political needs you know maybe aggression should reread that document before making any more for a little observations and that's why gretchen carlson is tonight's two all time winner . now it's been over two years since we've heard from the master of ponzi schemes
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bernie made up but in a recent exclusive interview with the new york times the convicted criminal spoke out about life since he's been behind bars and times reporter diana henriques said that made off looked noticeably thinner and rumpled in khaki prison garb and seemed frail and a bit. but what's even more notable is how made up is changing his statement on what happened you see for years made off insisted that he acted alone in his sixty five billion dollars scheme but now he claims that banks which he did not name acted completely he says they had to know but the attitude was sort of well if you're doing something wrong we don't want to know if went on to say that these banks and hedge funds demonstrated a willful blindness with his regulatory filings and they clearly had no problem turning a blind eye then you know what i believe when made up was caught in his ponzi scheme all the major wall street banks were performing all kinds of fraudulent
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activities themselves which we later found out thanks to you know that whole economic collapse and even though federal prosecutors haven't accused the banks or hedge funds speculations are coming out the j.p. morgan chase did harbor some serious concerns over his investment style serious concerns yeah right i bet when they saw what made off was up to they just sort of nodded and passed that paperwork right along and speaking of concerns even the government was kind of notified about something fishy going on but when as you see investigated they never found enough evidence to bring bernie down so what was that thing about turning a blind eye again you know like i said not surprise at all it's just so much easier for our country to blame one single man for the downfall of the american economy rather than take a good hard look at all the people out there all the institutions who are complicit in his deception that would take american holding the biggest and the most established financial firms accountable something that our politicians sadly have
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no appetite for. now it's a statistic that most of us don't even think about the u.s. is the world's number one it prison state with four point five percent of our population behind bars and up to twenty five percent of the entire world's prisoners while the issue generally doesn't get a whole lot of attention in the media one man is hoping to change that by taking his battle against the prison system and onto the streets as they see a chicken they went to meet an ex-con in philadelphia who has returned to a prison but this time it's one that he's made for himself. parking lot with the prison cell with a man inside it the inmate moved in out of his own free will michael spent thirty hours building his prison cell made out of plywood and even parts of his own homes rooftop his generator strategically placed right here keeps the cell lit and warm
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throughout this cold winter months. the main goal of the man once convicted of armed robbery to bring down the number of prisoners in the u.s. slavery still exists in the united states of america to him and his supporters enslaved are over two million prisoners packing jails across the u.s. a country with the highest prison population in the world yet they eat sleep and use the same verse in the same area were. discussed in the movie is not somewhere i want to be mad to be if you're the ex-con is now teaching children about the horrors of prison life to deter them from the future. a message reaching these kids. and one that mike hopes to get across to the masses writing a book with the same title from inside his support to those for whom crime is part of everyday life. right now the self-made convict says one of the biggest problems
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is american prisons are big business thirty three thousand dollars a year. is like is common. for every rock you bring me. how many rocks would you bring and in this diary khana meet many youngsters are stuck between a rock and a hard place. country and especially during the recession you know poverty is synonymous if you want to have michael also cites a flawed just. the system for the high conviction rates especially of the poor with lawyers so when freedom to the highest bidder if you can't afford to pay for the case you're going to get crazy time where the counterpart the money is gone a little bit of time locals are attracted to mike like bees to honey in their town the problem is too large to ignore six or seven or eight hundred it's good to rest
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each day a problem across the u.s. with less than five percent of the world's population but almost a quarter of the prison population of the planet haircuts are mike's big talent a talent he acquired behind bars where his creativity was born and leader led him here the man will remain in his so until the end of the month by which time he hopes his message will have hit home until then look at all saw and we all in the whole instance are churkin r r t philadelphia. how would you feel if you were broken up in the middle of the night by an intruder in your home who then began beating you probably not very good right well how do you feel about intruder who came in and announced and then started abusing you was the police and that's exactly what happened to students at rutgers university who are now suing the new brunswick new jersey police department for the mistaken drug raid but the thing is this incident isn't a one off no not police raids happened between seventy and eighty thousand times
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a year all across the u.s. and iraq warrants were issued by judges one may believe that the element of surprise can help officers avoid danger or keep people from destroying evidence but many critics argue that they create more violence and they avoid and that they don't necessarily seem legal and i think it's a constant one of the record students said it best i don't think anyone should ever be allowed to just come in your house and just beat the crap out of you so i've got to say i completely agree joining me to discuss that is radley balko senior editor at reason magazine. andresen dot com rather thanks so much for joining us are you with me here i mean are you with jake through the is that one should be able to walk in your house and beat the crap out of. its would seem to be common sense right it was i remember reading that i chuckled when i read it as well but yeah i mean look this is. i've been on your show probably i don't know close to
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a dozen times now talking about this new sort of feel like a broken record but again this is you know these are nonviolent crimes and this is a drug war they were going they were looking for a drug i basically college students that were distributing drugs and it's a nonviolent consensual crime these are extremely violent tactics if you look at the photos from this particular raid you see there are marks on these guys shoulders the cops are actually standing on them while they were lying in bed pointing guns at the back of their heads one kid was bleeding from his ear the other had a black guy you know these are extremely violent tactics in this case you know these kids did nothing wrong they were never arrested or charged they just you know had the the the living hell spirit out of them now when it comes to that is no knock search warrants you know like i was saying judges will issue them when they think that the element of surprise might help so do we usually only see them associated with drug raids or whatever kind of crimes come into play but i mean that makes sense if you have with say you know an escaped fugitive or you're you're
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trying to apprehend somebody suspected of a murder or some other violent crime in that case you are you know you're trying to basically defuse a violent situation by using these sorts of tactics but the vast majority of no knock warrants now are used for consensual nonviolent crimes drug crimes basically but also we're seeing them and you know to break up poker games to raid brothels you know all sorts of child pornography is a big one now. and it's just not a these are not you know even if they got the right house every time even if nothing ever went wrong. these are just not appropriate tactics for nonviolent crimes and this is not something that free societies should be doing and you know it happens you know a hundred fifty times a day in this country well i'm wondering you know if there are let's say like you said one hundred fifty of these rapes every day and this country are there any kind of the statistics out there as to how many times they do go wrong how many times you know maybe they will just get the wrong house and beat someone up or how many
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times that you know they really could turn lethal because someone will be trying to defend themselves because they think that someone's breaking into their home and then the police opened fire. yeah well the police departments aren't very keen on keeping track of their own mistakes so it's hard to sort of get a read on you know a natural you don't know how often this happens in terms of press reports i mean i report on about one of these raids every week where they get the wrong person in the wrong house you know i would say probably two or three times a year an innocent person get into getting killed in one of these raids because you know you know in this case you know these kids are both innocent they hadn't done anything wrong what if they had had a gun in their apartment for protections legally owns you know licensed firearm in their own if one of them and reached for it before the cops managed to get inside you know he would probably be dead and that is really the probabilities are confrontational volatile tactics is a very low margin for error and where you when you're using those kinds of tactics on people who aren't suspected of
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a violent crime you know inevitably you're going to get some tragic results what do you think we can place more fault with because the executive director of the national association of police organizations so the onus for you know the fact that also we've seen a huge increase in these no knock warrants lies completely with the judges but so do we do we blame judges for being more lenient and allowing more of these warrants or do we blame the police for being excessively violent when they're actually executing them. i think there's blame for everybody i mean the judges i think i think judges have been really really lax in their i mean they're supposed to be sort of guardians of the fourth amendment and you know in some of these cases a member the catherine johnson case in atlanta from a few years ago the judge literally rubber stamps that warrant i mean she had a stamp with her signature made in rubber and that's that's how that warrant was a group so i think judges aren't doing a good enough job sort of you know making sure that there is adequate suspicion use
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cases especially before issuing a no knock raid that the circumstances there justify going up are actually there when you know the prosecutors that signed off on these raids aren't giving them enough. of a look over first the police are much too quick to swat teams in and i think generally the i mean the politicians are the ones who have been pushing this policy who have put all the bad incentives in place that have led to the dramatic rise of swat teams in the first place so you know i guess ultimately they all work for us so we're sort of responsible for all this is well bad i'm well i'm with you there definitely but i have always comforting the topic that i had that i definitely wouldn't be happy if someone came knocking on my door without any kind of a warning in the middle of the night rather thanks so much for joining us here thanks imam. now still to come tonight fever fever goes political and he got some harsh words put into our system for not only return and fake political twitter accounts they're fun to follow but they really stand out in
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a moment when georgetown university professor christopher change.
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our job. we are going to get. you back all right. we'll have a rally will sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage you the black and them everything but very little damming the white. they are the key to our problem are already.
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it'll eat.
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what is worse scorer who now that's all i have learned so far in the man at versus machine competition. on jeopardy watson the i.b.m. computer program to analyze human speech ran away in the second round and fact it wasn't even close watson netted nearly thirty six thousand dollars in prize money
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and its two human competitors ken jennings had forty eight hundred dollars and brad rutter had a little more than ten thousand dollars so basically it was a rout the computer made a killing but i guess that we should lose all hope not feel completely useless just yet because watson did have a few problems including a big stumble in final jeopardy and the category was u.s. cities and the answer was its largest airport is named for a world war two hero its second largest for world war two battle and both jennings and rutter correctly answered chicago but not so much for watson now who are leader watson going in the final thirty six thousand six eighty one and the response was what is to wrong too with a lot of question marks which means of course that watson had many many doubts and the wager how much you're going to lose all you see right. now
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watson the answer of toronto set off a firestorm of questions and suppositions on twitter and other sites as to how the i.b.m. machine could possibly come up with an answer so out of left field and it does make you wonder so like i said maybe just maybe the human race isn't quite so doomed yet but as new as blogs do point out today all contestants must answer the final question in jeopardy and watson just played only eleven percent confidence level and that answer is so in all likelihood it will he wouldn't have even buzzed in if that question would not have or would have been asked earlier in the show either way the smashing victory of the machines over the best of the human race had too low it was a little bit demoralizing to say the least. now rolling stone interviews always seem to reveal some little known information about people who are famous we learned that stanley mcchrystal is drink of choice is bud light light and insubordination we learned that president obama has some gangsta rap in his i pod playlist and now
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we're learning that justin bieber has no problem talking politics shocking right well in a recent interview with rolling stone he revealed all when it comes to music and girls but he also was hit with a few political questions now anybody who has a crush on this sixteen year old pop star knows that he's canadian even though his songs have won over the hearts of american teeny boppers everywhere so when justin was asked if he wanted to become an american citizen she showed his love for his homeland and its health care system he proclaimed that u.s. health care is evil now again let me repeat i am shocked that he's even passionate about any sort of political issue but then he went on to say canada is the best country in the world we go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him but here your whole life you're broke because of medical bills my bodyguards baby was premature and now he has to pay for it in canada your baby's premature he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to and then you go home so holy crap but
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kid really has a political opinion and from the looks of it i might say a good one now aside from the us is evil comment it does sound like the beeb's has no problem professing his love for equal and affordable health care so now that we know there's a little bit more to him than a few high pitched frankly unbearable songs we're going to encourage him to use his status and his popularity for good just a short while back we told you that justin bieber is the second most followed person on twitter in the world so if he already has a massive fan base why not use that platform to spread positive political messages and who knows before you know it bieber fever could take on whole new meaning although i sort of this is enough to make me like the kid just to be honest. now if you're obsessed with twitter the way that we are here on the alona show you've probably noticed some of the fake twitter accounts that are floating around out there there's a fake one for everyone from al qaeda to kenneth cole but some of the best folk
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ounce have to deal with politicians public officials they don't only take jabs at personalities but policies too and one of the best is a fake account for rahm emanuel obama's former chief of staff who's now running for the mayor of chicago now he's known for his foul mouth and who and where his twitter imposter is definitely taking advantage of it so today rob announced a bounty or a reward depending on how you want to look at it saying that he's going to pay twenty five hundred dollars to the charity of the imposters choice if they reveal themselves may all sound like silly fun and games but what does our obsession with fake twitter accounts really say about us well joining me to discuss it is christopher chambers author of the blog now turn his revenge and georgetown university professor chris think think of what you are being here do you follow any of these fake twitter accounts are going to because it gets a little scary sometimes you can't tell them apart and i want to. that's why you know we have one of really good one from the fake rahm emanuel account which i just
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find so funny you know the next mother f. ing but i better have a f. ing swimming pool filled with ways that is it obvious that it's a joke but it's how larry it's obvious but i mean maybe it might have been from somebody who knows him somebody who was associated with chicago or with the white house and that's part of the danger i mean some of these have a little patina of truth especially if somebody is close to them somebody who might have an ax to grind well you know that's definitely interpretation out there i was thinking too that almost you know twitter could be used in a way for people to have these fake accounts and say what they're perhaps too scared to say in our politically correct world as we've learned satire is very popular and sometimes satire can be the best way to really talk about the truth for example let's look at the fake henry kissinger. diplomacy has changed so
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much today our diplomats tweet their messages to the public in my day where does drive them from ten thousand feet again i mean it's a terrible it goes to some of maybe his core beliefs but you know something maybe he could maybe back in the day you'd say to a friend now it goes all over the world because of social media but this is kind of accurate you're right you're right i mean this is pretty good let's say we have one from a fake mubarak account that was created as well since i'm free now i've decided to promote democracy in egypt i'll start by running for president in september hash tag vote me hash tag you're clearly you know a little silly but you know i mean this isn't the realm of some of the celebrity freak tweets we've seen which are kind of ridiculous kind of a way of poking fun at them but it did come and you know he's gone but it kind of diminishes their brand a little bit i mean you think about tommy hilfiger and all the stuff that he's had to backtrack on because all these fake tweets i mean you know depending on where
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you're a fan of his or not or any other celebrity you're really going to laugh or you just going to cringe why have one more that i think was a good political significance and this is from b.p. had a fake twitter account especially when you know the oil spill was going on and says b.p. has pledged seventy five million dollars towards the forty billion dollars cleanup cost hash tag making it through this is what i love is going to actually calling them out on some of their very lives vertical actions but so you have to think about this we live in a world now we've talked about this before we're everybody websites are all search engine optimization geared and you know people are lazy newsrooms are lazy and people are seeing what's trending and taking some of these tweets were aggregated on their big news websites which they aren't gathering losers aggregating bad stuff bad info becomes news and somebody is you know in a p.r. departments going to ads on a hundred for. the character is that's what now becomes news right examined by
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culture now we have a culture but you know this also can go horribly bad let me just give you two examples you know kenneth cole right gave a horrible tweet and then later had to backtrack and because of that you know the someone else created a fake account and then nero's it and yesterday i decided to start tweeting about what happened to lara logan we wrote you that earlier since that he resigned from the board and why you are in some ways this can have very damaging effects because every little thing that you think maybe shouldn't be out there because it could and your career will because this stuff is it's either stuff that you're talking about personally and you don't expect people you know back in the day just a water cooler conversation it's tweeted and boom it's out there to the universe or of stuff that could be policy oriented you could be inventing stuff say about president admitted you have stripped to italy and the news picks it up because they're trying for these quick tagline so you all can be dangerous but it could
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also be very funny and i've heard you keep reading some of those big rhetoric of course they all have a little writing ok looking forward to it now before we go tonight we have our twitter today so as we just mentioned rahm emanuel is offering two thousand five hundred dollars to find the fake person be behind his twitter account so my tweet to ron tonight is so f. it i can fax now send me my twenty five hundred dollars please that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make me come back tomorrow that could hold it back on the program discuss the anniversary of the marjah offensive in afghanistan now in the meantime go get a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around.
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or. mum. mum. mum. mummy mummy. mummy mummy mummy. this history still keeps its secrets but denounced times from the feel that the soviet silence me keaton seems to often like a moment on the hot seat. in the.
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demands for political reform are met with violence. in the middle east and north africa as the domino effect continues on its part. i will not support initiatives that will leave our military less capable and less ready to fight america's top military official stand guard over their budget pushing massive cuts to the rest of society and importing extremism fears grow that the flow of saudi money is turning the self-proclaimed republic of course over into a training ground for radical islamists. problems of the program daniel bushell the under pressure governments of the latest middle east and north african countries to being goeth by
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a wave of protests or resorting to force libya is the latest country to see violence on its streets and in bahrain security forces charge thousands of demonstrators the opposition claims at least two people died tear gas and rubber bullets were used against those demanding reforms by the country's ruling monarchy yemen has seen six days of unrest over two thousand policemen tried to put down rallies calling on the country's president to go and fresh clashes between pro and anti-government demonstrators have erupted in iran after massive opposition protests on monday left two people dead in egypt where the military has replaced the government at least temporarily strikes are gaining force. looks at whether civilian rule is any closer to reality. mubarak's out the army and the question now who's next. to decide. which way the country's going.


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