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tv   [untitled]    February 22, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EST

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if africa and in the arab world how possible is it in your opinion that they might have been incited from outside. i think we can safely discard foreign involvement as a factor these are purely internal affairs after they began however other countries definitely became concerned about what was happening i was in washington d.c. when the riots in egypt began with meeting with state department officials we had a bilateral meeting on the middle east settlement i saw that my american counterparts were really shocked by the scale to which the events in egypt had escalated and incidentally the cia and other intelligence agencies were quickly criticized for not predicting the possibility of such an rest almost immediately though they became very active president obama called mubarak several times he was still president mubarak at the time but they also maintained contact with general omar suleiman the u.s.
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chairman of the joint chiefs of staff maintain contact with his counterparts in egypt all the channels were immediately activated even former diplomats who were well connected in cairo flew over to egypt to help the embassy there why did the united states abandon the box so quickly for him and you know this was america's position from the very beginning in his conversations with mubarak president obama strongly recommended that president mubarak step down before september because mubarak said initially he would step down in september that was leaked to the media and reported by several u.s. newspapers gets at the same time it was clear that the u.s. found itself between a rock and a hard place on one hand it had to maintain its image of a country that supports democratic revolutions. the riots in egypt were democratic not islamic there were no islamic slogans no green flags all people wanted was to
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put an end to corruption and to allow normal economic growth to develop the primary protest was against the regime so the us had to maintain its image by supporting the riots it on the other hand they had to do all they could to retain their influence in egypt and other countries the u.s. strongly relied on the barracks regime in egypt and on ben ali's regime in china zia so they were looking for a way out of this predicament at first they hoped that general suliman would remain in power this was obvious since hillary clinton said that he might be the interim ruler until the election that it turned out that people didn't like him because of his close ties with mubarak then the military stepped in. some say that the united states was actually happy to see unrest in egypt because it diverted attention from the sort of mission mission of the new what do you mean it diverts attention from israel israel too is now facing serious problems due to the riots for instance
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they've opened the rafa crossing in fact it was opened some time ago they just closed it during the crisis so now israel doesn't know what the new egyptian leadership will do whether they'll maintain the gaza blockade only sin eyesight along the egyptian border. i read an article in the wall street journal that said the military and intelligence communities in israel are in favor of preparing for re occupation of gholson at the same time many experts say that would put israel in a position where a large scale bloody war would be inevitable. so we can't say the situation was instigated by israel or that its purpose was to divert attention from israel this was a social explosion and that's the way we should view it more but this process is slightly different in different countries take bahrain for instance trying to percent of the country's population a sunni eighty percent a shia the leadership all sunni shia muslims consider themselves oppressed now they
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want to be represented in a coalition government there in talks now and they may find a modus vivendi in bahrain in other countries the phenomenon is purely social i'm sure islamic groups will take part in it but we have to differentiate between a minute we shouldn't paint everybody with the same black stick if you take the muslim brotherhood in egypt finster it is a movement that now wants to become a political party and they already have twenty percent of seats in the parliament they're proposing a social program with the movement is actually a combination of different forces there was a very interesting story in a local newspaper about the muslim brotherhood having a youth wing and a women's way member of these two groups detach themselves from the rest of the party and joined the protest is that to mean something we should not view the world
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in black and white it is very unwise to marry rose of a person still everybody is wondering if there is uprisings may islam assize the region instead of democratizing it. nude you name them we should go with no ident thing that's possible let's look at what brought about the riots many people believe that all arab states sooner or later and up having an anti colonial revolution not so those revolutions and not just anti colonial they directed against the authoritarian regimes also we probably underestimated the way new technology effects arab countries why did the riots happen in june is here in egypt because these are the most advanced arab countries the internet television and mobile phones helped organize people there is a youth group called the april sixth movement in egypt and has approximately
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seventy thousand members of the movement is internet based these young people spearheaded the street protests when the internet was invented a long time ago why are these uprisings happening now and why are they happening in such close proximity if you use the riots in egypt i think happened largely because people saw on television what was happening ange you knew zia that so it's a domino effect i think so yes. he also mentioned that this uprising is with fact the israeli palestinian settlement do you think that new forces may emerge in the middle east and that they may be able to dominate the region. it is hard to say what is going to happen at the moment we've seen the statements made by the prime minister of the palestinian authority saying he is ready to form a coalition government with a mass that is also repercussion of recent events at the same time it helped
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relieve pressure in the region when the egyptian military which is currently the defacto government announced they would observe all the agreements previously some . mind including the nine hundred seventy nine treaty with israel. so it's hard to judge the situation right now and i can give a direct onset i think it will become clearer after time has passed in any case i think it might force the israeli leadership to give up their policy of maintaining the status quo in the middle east so far the israeli leadership has been leaning towards preserving the status quo and abandoning the idea of a peaceful settlement despite numerous un security council resolutions and president obama's cairo speech israel kept building new settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem sabotaging all attempts at negotiation i think recent
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events may cause them to reconsider their policy because global trends and not in favor of israel's anik sation policy would in fact they cannot really an exe the west bank or not. if they were to annex the west bank israel will cease to be a nation state it will become a state of two nations and they realize that that's why they want the status quo they want to preserve the current state of affairs. when this series of uprising started some comparing them to the color revolutions in though these two things are very different what lesson can we learn from these uprisings in the arab world. a lesson we should learn things and never completely calm they like to see always rippling and it's not just the israeli palestinian conflict or some other conflicts between various arab states when you discontented
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people especially young people can also create waves they don't have any prospects for the future so they go out into the street they staged rallies in terri a square and in similar places in other arab countries this is something we have to take into account thank you very much for this interview.
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party's top stories anger at the government reaches boiling point in libya with clashes in their strikes against protesters reported colonel gadhafi denies fleeing the country and with fuses to step down. president dmitri medvedev born two decades of turmoil if the protests continue this comes as moscow sends and planes to pick up hundreds of russians working in libya. and the political unrest in north africa and the middle east is prompting many people to risk their lives and lead to european countries locals claim immigrants are bringing violence and instability with them. plus the red planet sees its last gasp for now as a six man crew makes its final walk on a mock martian surface a part of
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a simulated mission to mars and the volunteers are heading back to earth to complete the remainder of the five hundred and twenty two day experimental and tumble somehow what. next for the sports highlights with kate and our attention tonight i understand is on european football where sales car flying the flag for russia in the europa league yes that's right and goalless draw will be enough to send to sky and the last sixteen while there are also two champions league ties with heavyweights chelsea and while madrid in action well the latest coming up. hello welcome to the sports news on this night and a big week of european football here the top story is targeting europe to sky to become the first russian team to reach the last sixteen of the europa league as they take a one million lead into that tunnel types of monaco. loses their domestic season
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starts as chelsea need to be established syllable as they get to copenhagen in the trial he has made. to how much strikes debutant thomas edsall schrag is one the goal ignites westbound is a fresh twenty five one in the f.a. cup now to avoid the draw in the premier league. and start with local and say sky looking to become the first russian team to reach the last sixteen of the europa league with a hose pipe salonika later this chews day and as richard reports the muscovite side of thirteen favorites to go through having won the first like one million grace last week. so this guy has been irresistible so far in this season's europa league they breezed through their qualification campaign unbeaten winning five and drawing just one game or thomas needs his goal a week ago and some more nicky gives the argument a clear advantage going into tuesday's return leg movie theater in the fourth and i thought we played well last week in greece of course we tied in the second half but
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that is understandable due to our season only just starting however we didn't take all our chances and had we done so this time i would already be over that because we didn't still have a chance just as boring for power will be serious counts home form in this year's competition the army men have won all four games and averaging more than four goals in the process the home side will be strengthened were both father loving because ricky honda back in contention after missing out on last week's trip to greece. in the love and considered honda both back training with the first team and that has obviously given us a boost and more options i can't tell you at the moment if either player will start but they are certainly both contention. this will be only says second game of the new season the russian lead campaign doesn't get underway into the middle of march nevertheless despite a distinct lack of match practice the armament looked impressive against power class timeouts and could have won by a greater margin than just one goal over lack of match practice isn't ideal head
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coach leo needs through excuse says his team just has to get on with it the with all the cisco players they used to starting the season in february and i think if you ask any player they much prefer when there is a short pre-season and he suddenly starts have to play rather than having to wait the players are more than used to this but then again there is little we can do about it or to make matters worse for the visitors and also have to contend with the freezing cold that's descended on moscow the last few weeks last week's much here in the capital between rubin and f.c. twente it was touch and go as under u.a.e. for regulations games can be called on if the temperature plunges below minus fifteen this game is likely to go ahead as scheduled but playing in such conditions certainly won't be easy for the players new comoving new confident in the coping and it's not comfortable for anyone to play in temperatures of minus seventeen of course it's difficult to not ideal but there's nothing we can do about it because
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we have to play we need to win and that's exactly what we will be trying to do here at least powell going have to deal with a hostile crowd on tuesday as only ten thousand fans are likely to brave the bitter cold and turn up to the stadium however the greeks will certainly have a job on their hands to try and make the last sixteen against assess our side will start as firm favorites to do just dance was frankly a good deal warmer here in moscow than it was this time last week when rubin played their europa league match absolutely freezing conditions or should be any problem about this much going ahead. in a great position to try and reach the last sixteen after a fantastic one nil victory in greece last time outs which run porfiry to r.t. moscow. so the sides of the mediterranean climate are expected to struggle with the moscow cold but pat could be trying to turn their trip to russia into a productive one the visitors have a magic wand trying to a will hold the one in the first leg deficit they need to score at least twice in moscow something they haven't done so far in a tournament
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a few travelling fans will be cheering for them on tuesday night though hope that their squad composed of sixteen different nationalities get lost this time. meanwhile there are two first like ties from the last sixteen of the champions league taking place on she's day night with chelsea looking to boost their flagging domestic season with the european success as they travel to kate and hagan are making that made an appearance in the knockout stage call on chalabi has pledged to remain in charge of the police off to seeing his side squander a five point lead at the top of the premier league has that to fit twelve points adrift of leaders manchester united and out of the champions league places while on saturday the f.a. cup holders were knocked out of the tournament after losing four three on penalties at home to have it in however he remains confident his side will get back on track . wait this isn't is not finished or. maybe it could be the best season that we come across. a lot of. a memory would be the bushies or
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maybe could be the worst. i don't know but. wait we've judge is not there it's their life. well standing in the way the place in the last state for chelsea are capen hagen a team that surprised many in the group stage after a draw with barcelona and wins against russian champions rubin and greek cyprus unlike us the danish league is now on a winter break so a lack of match play could work in the west london side's favor but despite this confidence is running high in their hometown. some of our players saw it was sold off that they think they are a better side than chelsea even so maybe i should talk a little with talk them down a little with. hurst played in this team for the first time i have really lost all the while there are two games. so they think that it is as easy as this so i think that the confidence is very very high in the team. well elsewhere french
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runners up we all play host to spanish run as a real madrid the visitors are in fine domestic form coming off the back of three straight victories in the league and believe you seen here in training have history on their side they have recorded a drool all better in all of their six previous encounters with rail in this competition and it was the french side that put an end to the spanish giants run last year also in the last sixteen so coach there's a maria and his men may be the favorites but i'll be a little odd. in the way everyone knows how important is the champions league for the club for ourselves and when to go to so we have to blame both. melero. and they do in the game describe their way out so away from home is important so tomorrow when delta described and to get the results moving to english football now and west ham's thomas hitzlsperger believes his side's f.a.
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cup victory over burnley can give them the confidence to avoid relegation from the premier league after they triumphed five want to set of a quarter final clash against oak but grant's side remain in the league's bottom three the german midfielder made his hammers debut after a six month injury absence and opened with a trademark thunderbolt after twenty three minutes then calls and called out to be offside to handle the ball when he started home just after the restart just two minutes later this classy lot of apart steepened grant made it through email winston reid then headed in his first goal for the club as the home side to be crazing however a shocking defensive ric's up and gifted jay rodriguez a consolation for the visit is this but pretty soon as fine high finish wrapped up a comprehensive five on victory however west ham now face liverpool stoke tottenham and munched united as they battle to retain the premier league status. and hold those tottenham are also in action is james day night following up their famous
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champion. victory over seven time european champions ac milan with a trip to blackpool in the english premier league the home side have managed only one win in twenty eleven have slumped to sixteenth collecting just four points from an available twenty seven the last time that for be taught in the bloomfield road was a four one win in september nineteenth fifty six. possible now and in the n.b.a.'s most talk about transfer carmelo anthony has finally learned where his future lies the small forward is being traded from the denver nuggets to the new york knicks in a move which also sees russian rookie to a famous goal go in the opposite direction but it's before all the business took place it was showtime in los angeles the all star game once again pitted against each other the west and the east on sunday and once again it was kobe bryant who stole the show the self-proclaimed black man back top scored with thirty seven points and fourteen rebounds to help the west win his impressive effort fell short of wilt chamberlain's all-star record forty two points in one sixty two but it was
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still good enough to give primaries correcting time for in v.p. title bron james start for the east that is crippled double of twenty nine points twelve rebounds and ten assists are there to be too little by the west one hundred forty eight two hundred forty three of the latter transfers being done the n.b.a. returns to regular business this tuesday night. and finally london twenty twelve organizers have unveiled the first completed venue for the upcoming olympics and the velodrome track cycling venue is deemed to be the fastest in the world seventeen months ahead of the twenty twelve games and the first stadium is now up and running in southeast london the venue was opened on tuesday with the help of great britain cycling team construction cost one hundred fifty two million dollars to twenty four months to build and amongst those getting a feel for the timber track which is made from siberian pine is four time olympic champion so chris hoy. well i think it's a fantastic facility in terms of writing it's it's very smooth it feels fast it's
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a spectacular venue you know you can just get a sense of what it's going to be like on the day when you walk in here and there's six thousand screaming fans hopefully a few union jacks there too and that's all the sports news has been as and i think . hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our team.
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thousands flee from political on grass in north africa in the middle east but after they arrive in european countries looking for safety they're accused of bringing violence and instability with them. at least you should listen to the rest of the middle east could shatter into pieces the situation is extremely tense. president dmitry medvedev warns of decades of turmoil if the protests continue in the arab world as the government plans plans to pick up hundreds of russian working in the yard. plus the red planet has seen as a last gasp for now as a six man crew made their final walk on a mock marson surface as part of a simulated to mars. and our top business story or prices climb to the highest
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level in more than two years as libyan crisis fuels concerns over crude supplies but the oil price rally is giving the russian government new options more on that and twenty minutes. at seven pm in moscow this is r t coming to you live first up this hour thousands of refugees are fleeing their homeland in search of a safe haven in europe as political unrest escalates across the arab world faced with a deluge of immigrants italy is raising concerns about security on its borders our teaser group is going though a visit an island struggling to cope with the influx no who will and no guarantees the wife of the refugee. to leave i can give them i should. want to see a familiar story.


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